Suarez accepts 10-game ban

2013-04-26 16:40

London - Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has asked for forgiveness after accepting a 10-match ban for biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic during last weekend's Premier League match.

The Uruguayan had until Friday lunchtime to contest the Football Association's decision to add seven gamers to the usual three for a violent conduct charge but opted against it.

"I hope that the people I offended last Sunday will grant me forgiveness and I again repeat my personal apology to Branislav," Suarez said on his Twitter account.

"While 10 games is clearly greater than those bans given in past cases where players have actually been seriously injured, I acknowledge that my actions were not acceptable on the football pitch so I do not want to give the wrong impression to people by making an appeal."

Suarez, who bit Ivanovic on the arm during the 2-2 draw at Anfield last weekend, will not be eligible to play for Liverpool in domestic competition until September.

The FA charged Suarez with violent conduct and its Independent Regulatory Commission decided on Wednesday that the automatic three-game ban for a violent conduct charge was not sufficient, adding a further seven matches to his suspension.

Liverpool, who fined Suarez, reiterated their disappointment with the FA's decision to ban Suarez for 10 games.

"The charges against Luis were his to consider and we have to respect his decision to not appeal the 10-game ban," managing director Ian Ayre said.

"We are all disappointed at the severity of the punishment and, in particular, the differing standards that have been applied across various previous incidents.

"Luis is an important member of our team and nothing has changed in that regard.

"We are committed to helping him improve his conduct and he will be given our full support. We look forward to him returning to the team next season when he is available for selection."

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has also criticised the FA's tough stance and there was some sympathy from rival managers on Friday.

"In this case, the proportionality looks very severe considering what other players have been punished for," Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger told reporters.

"I think what has gone completely against Suarez is his history, that is very heavy on the offence front.

"That's why he has been punished so severely, that's the only explanation I can find."

Manchester City's Roberto Mancini told a news conference: "Five or six games was enough, this is my opinion but I don't work for the FA."

It is the second time the 26-year-old Suarez has been punished for biting an opponent after he bit PSV Eindhoven's Otman Bakkal on the neck while playing for Ajax in 2010, earning a seven-match ban.

Suarez was also banned for eight games last season after being found guilty by the FA of racially abusing Manchester United's Patrice Evra in October 2011.


  • Jason Marriott - 2013-04-26 17:23

    What a chop, i really think if he stop diving and doing these insane things he could be a legend. Bale has been the player of the season and Suarez has been 2nd maybe 3rd to RVP yet he hated more than any other player not because he so good its because he cheats among-est other things.

      Gunner ZN - 2013-04-26 17:43

      Silly ,what has Bale achieved???..maybe just a Europa position for Spurs..Rvp for golden boot and player of the season

      Russel William Lunt - 2013-04-26 22:31

      Hard to say whether RvP will win the PotY. The votes were cast before the Suarez bite. It's disturbing that a senior FA official should come out and say that it would be an "embarrassment" should Suarez end up winning the award, so we can assume that he just got a vote downgrade. The FA are falling over themselves to make up enough reasons to expel him from the league, but hopefully Suarez will remain long enough to take them down with him. Anyone thinking Liverpool are desperate to sell him doesn't know the meaning of 'You'll Never Walk Alone".

      Russel William Lunt - 2013-04-26 22:34

      Jason, is your "player of the season" Bale the same Bale who picked up 5 yellows for simulation? Maybe if he stopped diving he could be a legend.

      Mahomed Rafeek Goolam - 2013-04-27 05:49

      Sure Russell,I don't know when people are going to realize that LFC is not just a football club but a Great Family,and family always take care of their own.they must remember that blood is thicker than water and our blood is always Liverpool Red,That's why we are known as The Reds. :)

  • Hilton Hasson - 2013-04-26 17:25

    Between his WC cheating, his racism and now his new found love of cannibalism, Suarez will have served 19 matches ( half an entire Premiership season ) worth of suspensions - yet people still take this clown seriously.

  • Dick Etheridge - 2013-04-26 17:39

    Luis "The Nipper" Suarez is a serial offender...he's lucky to get away with only a 10 match ban.

      Russel William Lunt - 2013-04-26 22:23

      You and Eidel Bock must not have read the report on how they arrived at the 10-match ban. They did NOT take into consideration his prior offences. They also dismissed the two cases of biting in the English leagues in 2006 as incomparable, instead focussing on Hazard kicking a ball boy (for which he received a 3 match ban) as evidence of what was not desirable in the English game. Their focus was on Suarez's position that the offence did not warrant a ban longer than 3 games (stressing it several times in the report), and that the game was seen worldwide and that the bite went viral thanks to Twitter. In other words, trial-by-media.

  • Aidan William Naude - 2013-04-26 18:12

    Jason - BAle has been booked for simulation more than any other player in Europe this last season. Maybe next time he will get a 6 game ban.

  • Eidel Bock - 2013-04-26 18:13

    I dont get it. He is a regular offender for biting and other irregularitie and only get a 10 game ban. Another player get kicked out of the game for life making a Nazi saluut... This guy should be banned for life as well

  • Siseko Bontso - 2013-04-26 18:21

    Still thinking what is he gonna do next time... 'Temper' Mr Crazy!

  • Abner M. Mophethe - 2013-04-26 18:27

    he's gonna do it again

  • Angela Gilmour - 2013-04-26 19:01

    Money (match bans) dont hit hard enough for the rich. Jail sentence would be a deterrent. Make the punishment be a punishment.

      Vishen Naidoo - 2013-04-26 20:34

      Agreed Angela. Jail the twat I say.

  • Gifted Moyo - 2013-04-26 19:02

    This guy needs help. After a 7 game ban for biting in the Netherlands, he should have learnt his lesson. This time he was always gonna get a lengthier ban as the FA cannot give the impression that biting moreso a repeat offender will be treated with kid gloves in the FA. EU countries are so intertwined that you can serve a ban from one country sfter a transfer to another league like Joey Barton did at Marseille. So the first incident was held against him.

  • Stephen Brookes - 2013-04-26 19:50

    When last did Suarez dive?

      Vishen Naidoo - 2013-04-26 20:40

      In the last match he dived into Ivanovic's arm.

  • Stephen Brookes - 2013-04-26 19:52

    I'm not a Liverpool fan but this guy is a football genius... a little crazy but a genius. This ban is 100% inconsistent with similar offences. You can come close to ending a career with a horrific tackle and get a 3 game ban. 10 for biting. Ridiculous.

  • Mike Thiselton - 2013-04-26 20:37

    IMO he should be banned for at least a season. Second time he has bitten another player.

  • Faheem Essop - 2013-04-26 21:05

    Ivanovic : "Suarez what big teeth you have." Suarez : "All the better to bite....... You!!"

  • Richard Stockenstr√∂m - 2013-04-26 22:01

    Boo hoo. He is a bad sport and a cheat and deserves ever second of sideline time he gets. Maybe it'll teach him the rules and etiquette of the game a little better.

  • Selwyn Breytenbach - 2013-04-27 06:16

    Any lessor player would be banned for life!!! The lucky boy got off lightly!!

      Nervern Presence - 2013-04-27 21:20

      Oh really? What about defoe?

  • Shades - 2013-04-27 10:41

    He's a useless piece of humanity. If it were me, he'd never play another game of professional football .....NEVER!!

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