Rooney ready to quit - report

2010-10-18 14:30

Manchester - The future of Wayne Rooney dominated media reports on Monday as speculation mounted that the Manchester United superstar was set to leave Old Trafford following a rift with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Although Manchester United officials have dismissed talk of Rooney being sold as "nonsense," the denial failed to halt an avalanche of media coverage stating the player was determined to quit the English giants.

Several newspapers reported that Rooney's previously close relationship with Ferguson had deteriorated irrevocably following a bust-up over lurid tabloid revelations about the striker's private life which emerged last month.

The Times cited unidentified sources as saying Rooney and Ferguson had "not had a civil conversation for weeks."

The Daily Mail said Rooney now wanted to leave as soon as possible, saying the England star felt aggrieved by a perceived lack of support from Ferguson over reports alleging he cheated on his wife with prostitutes.

Ferguson chose to rest Rooney for the match immediately following the scandal, against Everton, and has since left him out of the starting line-up for games against Sunderland, Valencia and West Bromwich Albion.

The first sign of a rift between the pair was exposed last week when Rooney openly contradicted Ferguson's claim that he had been nursing an ankle injury, saying he had not missed a training session all season.

That defiant statement has been viewed as a declaration of war by Rooney, who has less than two years left to run on his existing contract with United and who is valued at around 50 million pounds.

If Rooney is determined to leave, United - who have debts totalling more than 700 million pounds - will be forced to cash in while they can or risk him leaving for nothing in 18 months time.

While Ferguson has not been afraid to off-load star players in the past - getting rid of Paul Ince, Jaap Stam, David Beckham, Roy Keane and Ruud van Nistelrooy - Rooney's exit would be unprecedented, the Mail commented.

"Rooney is different not just because he is the one reaching for the eject button, but because he remains in his prime and the most important member of the United team," the paper noted.

"If Rooney leaves it would blow a gaping hole in not only Ferguson's front line but also in the morale of the team."

The Times meanwhile identified Real Madrid and Manchester City as the likeliest suitors in any race to sign Rooney, nothing that Real manager Jose Mourinho was a long-term admirer of the player.

The prospect of Rooney crossing Manchester to sign for City - a transfer which would horrify United fans - was also possible, the Times said.

"If hypothetically speaking, the situation has not been resolved by January and City offer 45 million pounds for a player who is at odds with his manager and whose contract is running down, could (United) really say no?," the paper asked.


  • vuzzi - 2010-10-18 09:33

    I think its time for fergie to retire, im a great fan for what he have done for the club but its time for someone new with fresh ideas, did he not want to retire atleast 5 yeasrs ago. And manu cant keep losing great players because of fallouts with him.

  • Cantona - 2010-10-18 12:12

    I think that Rooney is an ungrateful twit! Sir Alex is taking the heat off Rooney in the hope that the decrease in media attention due to prostitute shagging rumours dogging Rooney, will lead him to a renewal of form - that has been seriously lacking since March! Sir Alex is THE greatest manager the Premier League has seen and his vision sees United level with title record holders Liverpool. It's not a case of needing fresh ideas. He demands a level of professionalism from his players and in turn will always have their back (as was so clearly demonstrated with Cantona) when it comes to the media and public speculation. He became so hated by the media - and who cares what the media think?! BIG up to Sir Alex for his 100% dedication to United. If his players don't give him and the club 100% then I agree with him - out they go! UNITED FOREVER!

  • Shain - 2010-10-18 12:36

    I think Sir Alex should retire now reason i say so is because i think he must leave on a high and not on a low so everyone says he is the best currently, not according to me i think "The Special One"(Jose M) is currently the best (Taking the Champions League with 3 different Clubs is awesome esp. last season beating the likes of Chelsea and Barca well they were at they peak). I think Alex should retire while everyone has that expression of he is the best before they start and critise the old man.

  • LANCE - 2010-10-18 13:44

    Manchester United is Alex Ferguson and Alex Ferguson is Manchester United. You cant have one without the other thats just the way its should be. Childish arrogant players are not needed the club comes first. We win title after title with or without the great players

  • Zee - 2010-10-18 14:04

    No player is bigger then the club. Giggs, Scholes and Co are true role models for young aspiring players, not premadonnas like Rooney. Let him go. Ferguson maintains a tight shift with the players and rightfully so. Cash in on Wayne and let him become someone elses problem. He wont last unprotected in the wild!!

  • Never Walk Alone - 2010-10-18 14:33

    Heres a trick question for all you MU fans. Who would you prefer to sign a new 5 year contract - Fergie or Rooney ?? Think carefully !!!

  • Lily White - 2010-10-18 14:51

    Ferguson is a great coach. No denying that. However, some of his rules regarding player's private lives are questionable to say the least. This probably works fine for young developing players, still awed by the red jersey, but the older players with a bit more character will always clash with him. This ofcourse excludes the likes of Giggs, Scholes, Neville. Not much of a Roonie fan, but Utd will always lose players who clash with Fergie. Like Beckham, Ronaldo and probably now Roonie.

  • Ryan - 2010-10-18 15:53

    @Cantona - well said mate , I agree with you totally . At a club the size of United the manager has to have autonomy - the Rooney's of this world come and go yet the one constant is the club and the manager which as Lance says is one and the same . @ Shain - I do not think Mourinho would do as well as SAF - Mourinho is the kind of manager that does not bring long term stability to a club , he has not stayed with any club longer than two seasons because his rhetoric wears thin after a while , sure he has achieved glory with several different clubs but the real measure of success is to repeat this feat for as long as SAF has with one club . If Rooney is looking to point the finger of blame at anyone it should be himself - he is a high profile sportsman who has committed an indiscetion and must now pay the price . His performance on the field is also below par because he can't get his head right so now he wants to leave because he can't have his own way , shame ! He has not scored a goal for United since March and he has been given every opportunity to prove himself at the expense of others who have sat on the bench whilst he ran around aimlessly on the field .

  • Scouzer - 2010-10-18 16:21

    Under the circumstances of his private life, i think many would agree that what has come 'out of the closest' would shame most people to near suicide. Right now Rooney needs a coach not a boss in Fergie, i think he knows he was wrong now uncle Fergie needs to put that behind him and stop making the player relive his off-the-field mistakes...let's play ball huh...

  • AL @ Never Walk Alone - 2010-10-18 16:48

    I would have to say Sir Alex. Great players have come and gone for years but the old man somehow always keeps it together. I think if the reverse were on offer, who would other clubs rather have, Rooney or Alex? - I think that most would choose Alex, I`m sure Liverpool would`nt mind a season or two for him to staighten things out!!

  • sagren - 2010-10-18 16:59

    send him back to Juicy Jenni - maybe he will start playing better and scoring goals - I will have word with his wife, I am sure she will understand.

  • Stalybridge Reds - 2010-10-18 20:55

    @ Shain - the Special One is great but has only won Champs League twice NOT 3 times. Also remember that Fergies success was originally not built on lots of cash...the £1 million on Cantona was the catalyst. Mourinho spent €6 million just to get Deco to Porto... I love Rooney but if he doesn't want to play for United he can go. We'll never die. We'll keep the RED flag flying high.

  • Never Walk Alone - 2010-10-18 21:24

    @Al - damn - I was hoping most people would vote for Rooney and oust Fergie - so that Liverpool could bag SAF to get us out of a deep shitehole !!!! Oh well - back to dreaming ! One thing about AF - he does not take crap from top players - its his way or the highway - and even when he has got rid of the likes of Beckham, van Nisilroy, Ronaldo and possibly Rooney (who by the way were all mediocre players until Alex took them under his wing) MU never suffered as a team - or failed to play winning football - says a lot for him as a manager - however must admit, lately he is doing some strange things with team selections - and if MU dont win anything this year - wonder how long it will take the fans to call for his head ???

  • CLEVER ROONEY - 2010-10-19 09:02

    Rooney is getting of a ship thats going down. Clever man!!

  • Charlton - 2010-10-19 09:06

    Tiger Woods , John Terry , now Wayne Rooney , all caught with their pants down so to speak . These are all high profile sportsmen who have a huge influence on the younger generation that follow their exploits and these chaps are just as guilty of an offence as those sportsmen who are caught taking performance enhancing drugs . The youth are pretty easily led and these blokes are sending out the wrong message . Good on Sir Alex for standing his ground ! Early in his career Rooney had issues with gambling and SAF stood by him and offered his support and guidance but at that stage Rooney was a teenager , now he is a man with a wife and a child so he should start behaving like one .

  • Track@Lance - 2010-10-19 10:05

    Firstly, United never won any titles worth speaking about last season (after they lost Ronaldo), they are losing stupid points to teams they should be taking 3 points from (since Rooney has been benched and the loss of Tevez)... Unfortunately United are not losing just any players, but top class strikers... Without them you cannot score goals to win games... And besides, does your private life get discussed at work with your boss? Precisely, this is their job... Yes, they are high profile role models, BUT their private lives should remain private.. If Fergie didn't involve himself I have a feeling Rooney would still be performing at his best on the field and dealing with his private issues off the field... As a professional, you are taught to deal with that! BIG loss to United if he leaves!! MASSIVE gain to whoever secures him next... I'm not a United fan or a Rooney fan, but he is just TOP class!

  • Never Walk Alone - 2010-10-19 10:15

    @ Clever Rooney - very much doubt if the MU ship is about to go down ! If you want to see a sinking ship - look at my beloved Liverpool - now there's a holy f%$#@k up !!

  • Biggy Smallz - 2010-10-19 12:49

    @Charlton 2010/10/19: I wouldn't exactly call "Juicy Jenni" a performance enhancing drug - look at Rooney's performance at the World Cup!

  • Lance - 2010-10-19 13:32

    Few recognize the opportunity a team like MAN U offers any player of building a legacy for himself (not a career) somthing that lingers on long after the boots have been hung up. Ronaldo sadly missed out on that oppertunity chasing fame and fortune he is still a good player but fergie would have made him great. Rooney also in da same position choosing ego ahead of what fergie has in mind for him. If he leaves he sadly too will miss out on creating a legacy for himself at a GREAT TEAM and just become "another player" at some other team.

  • Not that type of poster - 2010-10-19 13:38

    I wonder who the glory-hunting fanboys will support next now that manure aren't what they used to be. It seems that Chelski and the Cuntalans are getting quite popular, people have no shame.

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