Rooney apologises to Utd fans

2010-11-26 07:51

Glasgow - Wayne Rooney has tried to make his peace with Manchester United's fans by saying sorry for the way his contract talks were concluded last month.

The England striker appeared to question United's desire and left open the possibility he might move to local rivals Manchester City.

It left a sour taste with many United fans who, when Rooney did extend his Old Trafford contract by five years, felt he toyed with their emotions in the hope of getting a better financial deal.

Rooney, before scoring his match-winning penalty in United's 1-0 Champions League victory over Rangers at Ibrox here on Wednesday, said: "I feel like I have apologised to the fans but everyone keeps saying that I haven't.

"If that is the case, then I apologise for my side of things.

"I have made my point clear since I signed my contract that I am committed to this club for the long term. I want to be successful here.

"Everyone is saying that I was definitely going to Manchester City. Believe me if I had gone it wouldn't have been in England."

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson blamed Rooney's agent, Paul Stretford, for giving the forward bad advice but the 25-year-old himself was adamant he never wanted to leave Old Trafford.

"You see so many players leave this club and not do so well so I am delighted to have stayed."


  • Magnoman - 2010-11-26 08:40

    He dissed the fans, he dissed Fergie, he was greedy ... but it shows you he did get his own way and showed them all that without him the team is just WEAK.

      RED MANC - 2010-11-26 13:15

      Ever heard of any player going up against SAF and still remaining at OT ? No , i didn't think so . Rooney wanting to ''leave '' was a cleverly constructed plot by certain people at OT to give the owners a wake-up call and get them to loosen the purse strings and sign new players and generally shake them out of their complacency and Rooney was the tool to do this . It seems to have worked , SAF now has a budget for the January transfer window , the owners have suddenly come up with 220 miilion pounds to pay off part of the debt and United is now valued even higher than previously . Conspiracy theory ? I think not .

  • ramorokate - 2010-11-26 09:15

    Money is always root of all evil

      kendal.brown - 2010-11-27 12:56

      No it's the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil!

  • Lunga - 2010-11-26 10:55

    Forgave him ages ago,

      Preshan - 2010-11-26 11:15

      me to man, his still brlllant player

  • Nomed - 2010-11-26 13:07

    Well for the salary he is earning now, he seriously needs to up his game and prove his worth!!!!

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