Coach backs under-fire Suarez

2012-10-08 22:12

Liverpool - Liverpool coach Brendan Rodgers on Monday blasted what he termed the "vilification" of Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez, branded a diver by Stoke boss Tony Pulis after their draw at Anfield.

Rodgers feels Suarez is suffering from a reputation which goes before him, with the Liverpool boss fearing he will not get a penalty even if he is fouled - and Rodgers has already voiced concerns to referees' chief Mike Riley.

Pulis called for three-match bans for players who dive - making reference to one theatrical fall by Suarez.

But Rodgers said he suspected double standards as he noted Stoke defender Robert Huth escaped punishment despite appearing to stamp on Suarez after the English Football Association confirmed the incident was seen by officials at the time so no further action can be taken.

"As manager of this football club I find it incredible that in nearly all the coverage about Luis Suarez this weekend, very little focus has been placed on the fact that he was actually the victim of a stamping incident within the first five minutes of the game," Rodgers told

"At this moment there seems to be one set of rules for Luis and another set for everyone else.

"Diving and simulation is obviously a wider issue in football and one that we all agree has to be eradicated from our game but there were other incidents this weekend that didn't seem to generate the same coverage.

"No one should be distracted by the real issue here, both at Anfield and at another game played on Sunday, when Luis and another player were hurt in off-the-ball incidents that went unpunished but were caught on TV cameras.

"I believe some people need to develop a sense of perspective and I also believe in this moment the vilification of Luis is both wrong and unfair," said Rodgers, who after the match praised Suarez for a "terrific" performance.


  • sagren.narain - 2012-10-09 08:31

    The question is - Did he dive ? If yes, then he is a "diver"

  • khathu.rasi - 2012-10-09 09:03

    Jah He is a Diver, he just reminds me of 2010 world cup, when he handled the ball to goal intentionally mxm they guy is boring

  • aadil.esack - 2012-10-09 09:06

    Couldn't have said it any better B-Rod, well done !

  • kbsummit - 2012-10-10 08:02

    Seven games and only six points - As a Liverpool supporter I would be more concerned about the whole team taking a dive! Desperate times for Liverpool.......This team is such a far cry from the heydays of Phil Thompson, Kenny Daglish, Barnsie, Kevin Keegan etc. They didn't have to dive to win games.

      aadil.esack - 2012-10-10 09:21

      well we have been denied 4 clear penalties before this already, unfairly - how much points would that be worth ? Don't forget Valencia's dive against us which won Utd a penalty (as always), which won the game for them. We are starting every game with 3 teenager's & STILL playing fantastic football - sure, the killer instinct needs working on, but overall, the future looks very bright

  • kbsummit - 2012-10-10 09:41

    @aadil.esak. I sure hope you are right, becuase at the moment ther eis no consistency. As far as decisions go in football. Some go for you and some against. It is like this with all team sport. We cannot focus on the what ifs, but rather the opportunities that we have missed at critical moments. Other teams also have bad calls against them, so let us hope Liverpool can silence their critics and start producing the results that will see them contending at all levels again. As for the diving, we shouldn't have to do that to win games. In fact if anyone dives they should be red carded. It is a part of the game which is shameful and unnecessary.

      aadil.esack - 2012-10-10 10:41

      agreed 100%

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