Mourinho's future is English

2009-11-14 12:35

LONDON - Inter Milan's Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho revealed Saturday that he sees his future in English football.

The former Chelsea coach is doing well with Inter Milan, leading them to the Serie A title last season and they currently have a five-point lead in the championship.

However, after five titles in seven seasons in three countries the Portuguese admitted: "I want to build something.

"Clearly it is unrealistic to expect to stay at a club as long as Sir Alex Ferguson - but I am ready for the next phase of my career. I want to work with a different perspective.

"At Porto my objective was to win to earn the right to go abroad. At Chelsea my ambition was to create a bit of history.

"But I always knew Chelsea lacked the normal English culture of stability.

"I was never under any illusions. I understood the personality of (owner) Roman Abramovich and the culture of the people around him. I knew it was not a job for 10 years."

The 46-year-old, who left Chelsea in September 2007, added in The Times: "I love Inter and would love to build for the future here.

"In fact, I am doing it now, because I am not a selfish coach and I'm thinking about the future in terms of youth development and the age structure of my first team.

"But Italy is not the country for this. England is the country - and my football is English football."


  • Never Walk Alone - 2009-11-14 15:59

    The Special One - there may be a job for you at Liverpool !!

  • Marc - 2009-11-16 07:52

    He is being primed for the Citeh job as he 'wants to build something'. He will be given a blank cheque to 'build' Citeh into league and European contenders...I dont think he will go to LFC, given their situaion at the moment, and I dont see him taking over from Fergie just yet.

  • Nash the Gunner - 2009-11-16 09:24

    And we are happy with Wenger, he might have won cups recently but he has built a good squad and things are looking good at Arsenal again...

  • Caleb - 2009-11-16 21:20

    there is a job for you at liverpool...throw rafa away

  • Enrico - 2009-11-17 14:20

    hes gona cum to manchester sorry guys furgies almost done with us

  • Changed Channels - 2009-11-17 15:57

    Liverpool...??!! He wont go to a 2nd rate club... He will end up in Manchester, either Red or blue...NO doubt

  • Shankly's Kin - 2009-11-17 16:27

    I hate this man's guts. All true LFC supporters should too. Bunch of spineless shape shifters!!! Where is you all's sense of loyalty? Dream on, because Mo ain't coming to the situation (with the board and the owners) that Rafa is in. And dreaming on is definitely what you "LFC" fans are doing, because you are most certainly not Walking On through the storm we are in. Where is the Hope that is supposed to be in your hearts? Where is the loyalty that is not supposed to see Rafa not Walking Alone? I can't believe you guys seriously want this arrogant A-hole to lead our team. He seems perfect for United and has always hinted that he'd like to take over from Fergie when he dies (that dude will never retire - he'll be 85 at the helm of MU, senile, with a cane and still verbally abusing refs). The Devils can have him. He suits the club and it's supporters just fine (arrogant).

  • TRUE Red - 2009-11-18 11:16

    Well said Shankly's Kin - you do your name justice mate ! And on JM, i used to kinda like him in his Chelsea day's, however I lost all respect recently for him when when of his "qoute's" had racial undertones - he will NEVER fit in at LFC, even if we didn't have the stupid yank's in charge, period.

  • Anon - 2009-11-19 08:05

    @Shankly - Fergie may well go on to lead ManU until he is 85 but one thing is for certain - they will still be winning trophies - whether the fat spanish waiter will do so at LFC remains to be seen. And pal there is a fine line between being proud and being arrogant and based on all of you Loser supporters comments over the numerous threads arrogance clearly resides amongst you Loserfool supporters so get with the program and stop living in the past.

  • Big K - 2009-11-19 09:37

    I dont think Mo will go to City! He has hinted at utd and to be honest even Fergie likes Mo and usually Fergie doesnt like anyone!! @Shankly's Kin, grow up mate,dont take Fergies success so personally, im sure you wud have loved him to coach Looserpool before he came to utd if you knew he would be the most successful manager in football history!! @Nash, how u doin buddy? I agree with your comments, i have always admired Wenger and Fergie for making sure their youth system is strong, not many clubs in England do it, Chelsea, lost the plot with youth, dey rather pay for the players they want, Looserpool produced some good crop in Owen, Gerrard, Cara, etc but stop doing so, now their youth is kak!! Mo also is a strong believer in a strong youth team!! Mayb he is suited for utd and can go on another 20year success run like Fergie!! If dat be the case, no prob!!! As for Rafa, he should do everyone a favour and go back to Spain, he mite have success their, he aint cut out for English football!! GGMU

  • AL - 2009-11-19 10:03

    @Nash: "he might have won cups recently", I think you left out the word NOT there dude or you`re living in a dream land.@Shankly`s: "he seems perfect for UTD", he probably does because he also knows how to WIN things which will suit the club and supporters just fine unlike one other manager we all love to hate.

  • Shankly's Kin - 2009-11-19 14:03

    @Al: Rafa knows how to win things too - 2 LaLiga Titles and a UEFA Cup with Valencia (who also punched above their weight in Spain), an FA cup and a UEFA Champions League win with us. Nuff said.

  • @Shankly's kin - 2009-11-19 15:00

    You are the only arrogant idiot here, Mourinho would'nt accept an offer from LFC. You must think he is desperate or hard up. A mid table team will attract an average coach. Cry baby!!

  • Nash the Gunner - 2009-11-19 15:33

    @AL: i guess the BUT that follows suggests that i left out NOT, otherwise the statement won't make any sense.

  • Never Walk Alone - 2009-11-19 16:43

    @Shankly's Kin - No disrepect mate - and I would not purposely diss another Liverpool supporter - but unfortunately you have lost the plot.Granted JM may not want to come to LFC - but if the chance was there - we should consider it. Yes Rafa has won some competitions with LFC and other clubs - but he has NOT BUILT Liverpool into a STRONG SQUAD that can consistantly challenge for #1 in the PL. We really have no depth at the club in 5 years since he has been in charge - and methinks that this is what is pissing all the loyal supporters off !! When JM left Chelsea they were a great team - so any other manager who stepped in had a strong structure to work with.The same can be said for Fergie and Wenger, when they leave their respective clubs one day. What kind of a set up is Rafa going to leave Liverpool when he goes ?????? Great managers are not judged on their short term success - but on what legacy they leave behind !! Shankly and Busby come to mind (and Fergie has re built and carried on the tradition) but I am afraid that at Liverpool our great tradition has been lost !!

  • Shankly's Kin - 2009-11-20 10:23

    @Never Walk Alone: I agree with you to some extent. The tradition has been lost and it all started the day David Moores stepped in (1991 - that says enough). I agree about the whole legacy thing but what you all seem to forget is that 5yrs is a short time. And Rafa is not in the situation that Fergie and Wenger are in. Only recently have we gotten rid of Parry, the a-hole that sanctioned 20 mil for Keane instead of using it to buy Barry. It's clear that Rafa has never been in full control over who he wants to sign. Also regarding legacy, he has from the beginning of this season only been granted full control over the youth set up. So my plead to all true LFC fans is to give the guy support and time, and to keep some perspective. That is all. We live in a world where everything is instant, but something like this takes time to build. All of you have to acknowledge that. 5yrs might have been good enough to produce the goods 20yrs ago maybe. 50 yrs ago you could gain promotion to the top flight and then win the top fight in the 1st season back in it!!!! The era is different. And on Mo', I respect his achievements, and what he does and how he handles his teams, but the personality of the man, or at least how he behaves in the media, just makes me want to puke. And I would not want that trait in a manager to be in charge of my beloved LFC. I agree that things have to come good or else we'll be in real danger. But one can just sense that there is so much more going on behind the scenes with the LFC board and owners, even worse than the mess that's out in there media. And it does eventually filter it's way down to the field. So just look at the bigger picture, not just as far as your noses. LFC4LIFE - YNWA

  • Never Walk Alone - 2009-11-20 11:46

    @Shanklys Kin - Some good points - Noted !! Maybe the Yanks are to blame for a large amount of the problems at LFC - as personally they do not have the clubs long term interests at heart, and yes MAYBE 5 years in modern times is not really enough to build a team - however at present I am not convinced that Rafa has made the right decisions when it comes to buying players or team selection / rotation. The bottom line is even after 5 years of his reign we are still lacking depth in the first team - and he HAS to rectify this come the January transfer window to save us from further problems, otherwise I am afraid the fans are going to lose respect for him !!

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