Liverpool stay in the hunt

2010-03-28 19:40

Liverpool - Fernando Torres scored twice as Liverpool produced one of their best performances of the season to beat Sunderland 3-0 on Sunday and stay well in the hunt for fourth place in the Premier League.

After Tottenham Hotspur beat Portsmouth 2-0 on Saturday it was essential for Liverpool to keep in touch and they did it in style.

Spurs remained fourth on 58 points from 31 games with Liverpool fifth on 54 from 32. Manchester City, who have played only 30 and face Wigan Athletic on Monday, have 53 with Aston Villa on 51 from 31 after their 7-1 thrashing by Chelsea.

Manchester United, 4-0 winners at Bolton Wanderers on Saturday, top the standings on 72. Chelsea, who visit United next Saturday, have 71 with Arsenal third on 68 after they drew 1-1 at Birmingham City.

Last October Liverpool controversially lost 1-0 at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light after Darren Bent’s shot went in via a beach ball that had been thrown on to the pitch by a Liverpool fan.

The offending ball now resides in the museum of football in Preston and that defeat seemed like ancient history as Liverpool produced a vintage first-half display.

They led 2-0 at the break and could have 10 after a relentless 45 minutes of attacking.

They set the tone with Torres’s wonderfully-taken opener after three minutes. The Spanish striker cut inside from the touchline, skipped between two defenders and curled a perfect top-corner finish beyond Craig Gordon.

The second came after 32 minutes when full back Glen Johnson’s long-range effort took a deflection.

Gordon had no chance with that but made several good saves as Liverpool poured on the power. Torres hit the post and shot wide in one mad scramble and defender Daniel Agger could have had a hat-trick.

Sunderland were better in the second half without looking like getting back into the game and Liverpool wrapped up the points on the hour with a calm finish by Torres after a good ball by Johnson.

In Sunday’s other game, Blackburn Rovers won 1-0 at Burnley with a first-half penalty by David Dunn to leave their Lancashire rivals still second-bottom of the standings.


  • Damn! - 2010-03-29 07:30

    LOL! Liverpool remain in the hunt for easter eggs! Shame for them, too little to late, don't think they will qualify for the Champions League! AND I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • LFC Fan@Damn! - 2010-03-29 08:59

    Don't count your Easter Eggs before Good Friday- anything is possible at this stage- we can still get the 4th place and qualify for the Champions League.

  • wesmor01 - 2010-03-29 09:17

    @Damn! boet we will see what happens at the end of the season, i assume you support Man united, yes. I believe Liverpool will make fourth and that it will go down to the last game of the season.

  • Wes - 2010-03-29 09:35

    Well... if you managed to do your homework you would notice that Spurs play Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelski AND Man City which will be a tall order indeed. They are also in the knock out stages of the FA Cup which means they will have to play more games in quick succession which could affect them in a negative way!!! Liverpool face relatively easier opponents and Torres is back to his best!!! Our only real tough match is against Chelsea but that game is at Anfield!!! We can still make 4th!!

  • Shiraaz - 2010-03-29 09:37

    wesmor01! leave the rivalry out. Man U hurt them with the win (you know Liverfool supporters can get relegated as long as they beat the Devils). They can still make that 4th spot if Rafa doesn't go into one of his crazy modes. Good luck to them.

  • Damn! - 2010-03-29 11:25

    Hahahahahaha! Did i just ruffle a few feathers! @Wes: I do not do homework, Spurs ain't your only challengers for 4th, you should know that based on your homework ethics? Don't forget Man City and Villa even though they got thrashed. By the way, you should add Birmingham to your list of really tough games as Man Utd, Chelsea, Gunners and Liverpool can contest that. So, homework / drawing board time for Liverfools! TOO LITTLE TOO LATE!

  • ReThan - 2010-03-29 11:48

    its ok... Last season when we finished second 4 points from Man U everyone was quiet. Now that we battle this season cause of injuries and bad decisions everyone has big mouths. We could still make 4 but i am not sure about Benny's modes.

  • Damn! - 2010-03-29 12:10

    @ReThan: Read your comment again! "When we finished second 4 points from Man U" LOL! And you are proud to state that! That's just the point, you guys will always fall short! All 20 teams in the EPL had their fair share of bad decsions, i remember Birmingham having one against them, REMEMBER? When one of your players dived to earn a penalty? SO don't talk about bad decisions! All Liverfool supporters were so confident of winning the EPL this season, what a joke!

  • @WES - 2010-03-29 14:30

    LUCAS SKYWALKER is going to take you to the coveted fourth spot bro...

  • Never Walk Alone - 2010-03-29 16:41

    I reckon we should throw the game against Chelsea, and allow them to beat us - so it makes it harder for MU to clinch the title. A little match fixing could go a long way in upsetting Fergies plans !!! Oh - I forgot we may not have to fix the game - as I am sure Benitez will have one of his stupid team selections by including Lucas - so he will probably screw up the result anyway !

  • Wes - 2010-03-29 16:47

    When on form Fernando Torres IS the best striker in the world (FACT) Wayne Rooney doesn't even come close!!

  • Marius - 2010-03-29 19:27

    Liverpool won, YES ! But as a avid fan of Liverpool i have to concede that they turn off the gas after 2 or 3 goals ! This certainly was not their best game this season, they must learn to play more like Chelsea to say the least ! Chelsea played the full 90 Mins where Liverpool played roughly 70 Mins and the remaining 20 mins decided to allow the game to become as boring as they come ! Liverpool need to show more charachter and desire if they want that coveted 4th spot !!!! Not impressed.............Marius Sardinha East London

  • TRUE Red - 2010-03-30 10:18

    We were unlucky not to have scored in double figures in this game, we played THAT good, especially in the 1st half ! Definitely one of the best performances of the season. Anyone notice (Wes especially, hehe) that once again, there was NO LUCAS & we played simple 4-4-2 at home ? No rocket science & proven again, just like against Pompey, that WITHOUT Lucas, the rest of the guy's WANT to play !

  • seeps - 2010-03-30 11:12

    Liverpool are on course to find the coveted golden egg cos they sure as hell not gonna claim fourth spot. Just prepare for a season In Europa League and that's only IF you qualify. Stevie G and El Nino to go to City, Rafa to go to Real and Ronaldo will NOT play under Rafas so we get him for cheap plus David Silva and Villa. Pile on the misery boys cos as soon as that happens Liverpool will join the Magpies in Championship and United will rack up the Champions Leagues and EPL's for fun. GGMU!

  • chosen1 - 2010-03-30 14:46

    @ seeps united firstly hav to sort out the huge debt they hav and i no one way of doing that is selleing players!! so be aware that soon rooney may nt be there,and you also no what comes with bankrupt clubs,from the richest to the poorest,no wonder fergie baught owen on a special he did nt hav enough money for real players.

  • Kube$ - 2010-03-30 16:17

    El Nino, come to the Gunners, you wasting yo time at Liverfool. More people watch the SA PSL than Europa league.

  • Damn! - 2010-03-31 08:42

    @Kube$: According to the Chosen1's philosophy, you might get your wish of getting Torres, Gerard and the rest of the overpaid clowns running debt that play for Liverfool! @Chosen1: How about you bail Man Utd out? Please, Utd won't be selling anyone unlike the FOOLS!

  • chosen1 - 2010-04-01 15:29

    @ Damn! let me make it simple, you talk of over-payd look @ berbaflop firstly> i would rather spend so much money on trying to sovle some debt problems,berbi is a pro in bench warming and gets paid lmao! rdiculous hey! and @ KUBE my man i would think gunners need quality like stevie and torres as gunners choke too much on the big scene no wonder arsenal has never ever ever ever ever ever ever lol!!! won the champions leauge oh! and watch the wankers take a hiding when goin to barca!!

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