Liverpool stay in the hunt

2009-03-14 16:46

Manchester - Liverpool breathed new life into the Premier League title race with a stunning 4-1 win against 10-man Manchester United on Saturday.

Rafa Benitez's side came from behind in an explosive clash at Old Trafford to move within four points of leaders United, who still have a game in hand on their bitter rivals.

Cristiano Ronaldo's first half penalty gave United the lead, but Fernando Torres equalised and Steven Gerrard scored from the spot to put Liverpool in front before half-time.

In the 77th minute, Nemanja Vidic was sent off for hauling down Gerrard and Fabio Aurelio scored from the resulting free-kick.

Andrea Dossena completed a memorable day for the Reds when he lobbed in the fourth in the 90th minute, handing United their biggest home defeat since QPR ran riot at Old Trafford on New Years Day 1992.

A rush of blood from Liverpool keeper Jose Reina had gifted United the lead in the 23rd minute. Carlos Tevez clipped a pass towards Park Ji Sung, who was going away from goal, and Reina rashly charged off his line to send the South Korea winger crashing to the turf.

Ronaldo made Reina pay for his misjudgement as the Portugal winger stepped up to lash home the penalty.

But United's lead was short-lived. In the 28th minute, Vidic allowed a long punt forward to bounce over his head and Torres nipped in to rob the United defender and stroke a cool finish past Edwin van der Sar.

Just before half-time Torres sent Gerrard surging away from Patrice Evra into the penalty area. Evra could only hack Gerrard down and the Liverpool captain picked himself up to slot in the spot-kick.

Vidic's nightmare day was complete in the 77th minute when he lost possession to Gerrard and hauled down the midfielder, earning a straight red card from referee Alan Wiley.

Aurelio rubbed salt into Vidic's wounds as he curled the free-kick past van der Sar. Then Dossena ran clear to chip in the fourth, condemning the hosts to their first league defeat at Old Trafford since February 2008 and sealing Liverpool's first double over United for seven years.

Chelsea, seven points behind United, can keep alive their title hopes with a win at home to Manchester City on Sunday.


  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-14 17:43

    The Manure fans never listen. After the Chelsea win I warned these clowns that come March 14, the theatre of dreams will turn into the theatre of miseries. They wrote a lot of unprintables and I kept quiet. Who had the last laugh? Hard luck boys, hey! Wat's the time in Manchester? I think its 4 past Van de Sar.

  • Dee - 2009-03-14 18:00

    Howsit George!

  • Art - 2009-03-14 19:29

    The invincible Man U. got thrashed in their own back a superior team on the day!!! Go LIVERPOOL!!!!

  • Selwyn - 2009-03-14 19:41

    Well done Liverpool, but the race is far from over, as usual Liverpool will do well for a while and then loose to the clubs further down, inconsistency. Whats the bet they will never win the title this year. Pity you guys hide behind your "ANONYMOUS", but it figures when a team has not won a know the rest, i would also hide. You were the better today no doubt but lets talk again in a couple of weeks time OK?

  • Kaya - 2009-03-14 20:07

    Amazing stuff, what a game ...who would have known? brilliant football from Liverpool.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-14 20:31

    Yes liver beat United to day but Man Utd is still on top and thats all that matters. Once liver can start winning those games against hull and stock city those weak teams, then maybe you can celebrate.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-14 20:40

    well done liver whoopi but man utd is still on top with a game in had. That was your biggest mistake cos now u just made the red devils angry. liver aint winning anything this year once again.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-14 22:14

    Anonymous User - you are a twat. You write "powerfully" yet you hide your name. Your jokes are weak. Your wit is witless and most strangely, you support a team holding no connection - You do not even live in Liverpool. You are plastic my friend. Blah Blah Blah A U

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-15 12:30

    The shopping malls are empty,not a MANure shoveller in sight! HAHAHA....we dont care about the titles because we are not doing the record chasing..MAN UTD is...we are just here to shut them up and remind that they exist because we do!....Fergie wokes up everyday since 1986 of his miserable existance to find ways to chip away at a monolith! I am just content to wait every season to whip them...trophy or no trophy. If the fates are kind we can make it 3 for 3 in the champions league....hehehe...Im getting greedy!

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-15 18:08

    Anonymous 10:14 (14/3). If he's plastic then u're human manure, shame on u. U must be Julius brother, no brain, big mouth. Hey, stop taking viagra, u,ll soon become a donkey, if u know what I mean.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-15 18:23

    Where is the fake Ryan Giggs? He must have hanged himrself. Pity he'll come back as a manure worm in his next life, simply stinking!

  • Michael - 2009-03-15 23:03

    "A rush of blood from Reina"? What game were you watching? He realised he was to late but caught Park with his elbow. Park was just faster to the ball. Same as the comment about Evra hacking down Gerrard. You make both tackles sound malicious. Both however were legit penalties.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-16 07:46 champs, euro champs, premier league champs, current owners of the worlds best footballer, and they lost by 4 (FOUR) goals to 1 against a team with a lone striker carrying an ankle injury and who coulden't beat middlesborough....and at HOME nogals....sies sies sies what a disgrace!!!!!

  • SergĂ© - 2009-03-16 07:49

    A manure fan said when we ran roit against Real Madrid that it was an average Liverpool that beat a poor Madrid side... I guess we can say the same about this game... An average Liverpool TEAM running roit against a very poor man united. I believe that Liverpool gave away the Premiership this season with a lot of draws, good progress against the other big teams. Home and away wins against Chelsea and Man. Arsenal still to come, lets hope their dismal form continues plus we still have Villa which is also good. We need to continue playing like we played the past 2 weeks...

  • Nazeem - 2009-03-16 09:55

    Enjoy your moment Liverpool fans, we wont argue considering our performance on Saturday... We WILL however still win the five trophies we are after this season and de-throne you guys as the only club with 18 premier league titles, and this defeat wont hold us back much... Enjoy your rare big moment in the sun.. We at Old Trafford will hear about this for centuries to come I suppose... :-) Sad when your only goal in life is to beat but a single GREAT team...

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-18 13:42

    The Reds turned Old Trafford to a Theatre of Nightmares and the toll free number for Rafa will be 0800 40 41 42,come this week-end!We smell the throphy 'coz king Rafa will bring it to Anfield!!

  • hoosen - 2009-03-19 12:22

    yes, liverpool could have sealed the premiership with all their draws and losing to the bottom of the table clubs, but what matters is they thrashed manu in their own back yard, just be careful, they may just win the league, then we will see the united fans

  • LFC4EVA - 2009-04-21 13:05

    ManUre won't be winning any 'big' titles this season,they just got booted out on Sunday by Everton and I'm sure they won't be winning the Champions League either,let alone the Premiership which is coming home to Anfield this season!!! YNWA

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