Liverpool sitting in drop zone

2010-10-03 18:23

Liverpool - Blackpool continued their amazing start to life in the Premier League with a 2-1 win away to Liverpool at Anfield here on Sunday that left the 18-times champions in the relegation zone.

It was Blackpool's first win at their north-west rivals' once feared home ground since 1967 and left Liverpool with just a solitary win from seven league games so far this term.

Charlie Adam fired newly-promoted Blackpool into a 29th-minute lead from the penalty spot before Luke Varney doubled the Tangerines' tally on the stroke of half-time.

Liverpool's Sotirios Kyrgiakos headed in a 53rd-minute goal to reduce Blackpool's lead before Tangerines goalkeeper Matt Gilks denied the Greek defender an equaliser with a superb save in the closing seconds.

Victory saw Blackpool climb to ninth in the table.


  • MadMike - 2010-10-03 19:19

    Now, why does this give me so much joy, makes me even forget about my beloved Arsenal being beaten by Chelsea...

  • MikeG - 2010-10-03 23:51

    @ MadMike, I suppose when you have nothing to show you have to get your kicks out of outhers failures!

  • Maverick - 2010-10-04 07:50

    Don't worry, Pool... You are too strong a team to stay down for too long. We will welcome you back to the Top 4 with open arms, as long at it means the debt-infested ManUre team looses out! Will that not be a lovely sight to behold? From a happy City fan! CTID

  • Danny - 2010-10-04 08:13

    @MikeG, oh we Arsenal supporters have lots to show, we up on the log and lost to the champions AWAY. haha sournuts

  • Collz - 2010-10-04 09:15

    Whatz up with those fools...I hope all the supporters now realize they are facing relegation and it might just get worse.

  • TRUE Red - 2010-10-04 09:33

    let's see, let's sell the likes of Riera & Riise, not to mention pi$$ off Alonso & Masch enough to leave, loan out a very good player like Aquilani & bench another one in Babel. I mean afterall, we can then buy the likes of Konchesky, Lucas & Poulsen ! WOW, talk about going backwards ! In the meantime Rafa's team are doing pretty decent huh ? Happy Yank ba$tards ? As Rafa said, 'I asked them for a table, and they gave me a lampshade" Last week was Shanks' anniversary of his death - if he could see what has happened at his beloved club, he would be turning in his grave ! Worst start to a season in over 50 years. Losing, at home, to a newly promoted team ? I mean they came to L4 with a more attacking formation than us. Does that even make sense ? Alot people around Melwood need their a$5's kicked, properly ! The only positives to come out of this nightmare have been the fans. Firstly, when they appluaded the Blackpool team for the win. And more importantly, when they started calling King Kenny's name - sure, might p!$s RH off, but one can dream ...

  • Thami, kempton Park - 2010-10-04 09:46

    I am Gunners' fan; The only teams I am eager to see being defeated are the teams ahead of Arsenal, which, at the moment are Chelsea, Man City and Man United. and of course, *Spuds*, no matter where they are on the log!!

  • N.Loggenberg - 2010-10-04 10:18

    I have supported Liverpool since I was 6 years old.I am now 47 years old. In all those years I have never been embarrased to be a Liverpool fan, until now. I know we need a few more good players, but this team should be doing much better. We have international players in every position. All these players should hang their heads in shame , they are not fit to wear the shirt. We can blame the Americans for what''s going on off the pitch , but on it,its down to the player''s plus the Manager. As for Hodgson he seems to be taking us backwards. You are telling me the players we have at Liverpool are not better than what there is at Fulham? Come on Hodgson sort it out. We have some decent players and should be doing much better. If there not good enough bring in some of the players that don''t play everyweek. Hodgson has to lose the mindset he had while working at Fulham, which was not to lose and to avoid relegation. That cannot possibly work at a team with aspirations for a top four finish every season. The only difference between a top four team and a bottom three team is the quality of the player and that gap is closing year on year. They will be as fit if not fitter and they will be set up to stifle the more technical teams. Add to that the mental element, where most have been written off as not premier quality players in "relegation favourite" teams and you get a certain determination to give a one fingered salute to the media and pundits. If you sit back and set up the same, you get stung. No team has a right to win and this ridiculous attitude of "its only Blackpool", or "its only Sunderland" is going to get you into trouble. Unless Hodgson can move away from negative football and start attacking teams then we are where we deserve to be. We might not be as good as Chelsea or the 2 Manchesters, but we should be good enough to be challenging for European places with the squad we''ve got right now. We may be a bit light in certain departments, but there is enough quality to compete and make a go of it. I''m sorry but it is a disgrace at the moment and although Hodgson must take the majority of the flak, the players need to take a long look hard at themselves in the mirror. A couple more losses and the relegation place becomes harder and harder to escape. If we are still there after 10 games, Hodgson must go. He has three league games to get maximum points or bye bye Roy. Some will say that is a knee jerk reaction, but how many games do you give? 20, 30? By then we could be doomed to go down and the person coming in has no time to turn things round. Conspiracy theorists might look at his appointment as a way of driving the price of the club down. If an asset is performing poorly, value generally drops off. Alan Hansen summed it up....this is a disgrace that Liverpool are in the bottom three! I have tried to get behind RH as I thought he would be up to the job, after the start we have had it just goes to prove that he hasn''t got it in him to manage a big club like liverpool, if you look at his history the most success he has ever had is with Fulham, no disrespect but this is LFC not Fulham and we expect,no, we deserve better than what RH is making us watch week in week out! It''s time for him to go and to take the owners with him and get a manager who has a calibre of taking the club forward and not backwards. We are in freefall and a top 4 finish? That just makes me laugh we will be lucky to finish mid table the way things are! We as fans are very patient with our managers, but it has gone to show that he isn''t up to the job he is making us play like a pub team....time to go,take the owners with you and shut the door on the way out!

  • ToffeeZN - 2010-10-04 10:37

    Best news of the weekend.

  • Liverpool supporter - 2010-10-04 11:24

    It is incredible to read all the comments from the Liverpool haters out there. What you people need to realise is that we all have our favorite players and teams who we support! but do we really need to bash other teams and players?! all you supporters/haters out there act as if youl own the team or youl have shares or money in the team! grow up losers, its all about the whole package the team have....from the coaches to the budget for players. In case youl didnt notice, no team is invincible, they all go through phases based on the above combinations of circumstances...but at the end of the day, a liverpool supporter is no different from a Man U supporter...youl are just get a life, get a decent job, go make you own money, then run a team and then start adding derrogetory comments! until then shut the #$%% up

  • MAN UTD 4EVA - 2010-10-04 11:25

    Liverpool should take heart that they were beaten by a team that wanted the win more than they did. All the big clubs walk on the field and expect to win by virtue of the badge on their shirt! Blackpool play their hearts out every game because they see the benefits of just BEING in the premier league! Liverpool fans can go on about how they need more big name stars - what a joke, Blackpool have no international superstars but they PLAYED AS A TEAM!!!

  • Harold - 2010-10-04 11:27

    The average "Pool fan would rather support any team that plays Man United than watch their own team. I observed this at many of our local pubs where only when United played were the pubs full with both supporters. When "Pool" were playing a not-so-big match, pubs had fewer patrons. Get behind your team and not "anyone but United"!

  • Shankly's Kin - 2010-10-04 11:30

    Roy has got to go. He is out of his depth here. He was appointed because: (a) - he was the cheapest, and (b) - he'd take all the crap from the board and the owners. Hicks and Gilette should pack up and leave soon. It's getting to a point where I actually hope and pray that RBS repossesses the club from them. A mid table manager cannot do the business with a club of our prestige. As simple as that. If you people thought Rafa’s tactics were baffling, guess again. I just cannot comprehend why he keeps playing Poulsen when in fact he should be playing Mereiles in the middle with Stevie, with pace and highly possible width provided by Babel. The whole style is different. We defend like a mid-table team hoping to steal a point, instead of pressing the opposition to gain possession. Once we lose the ball, the whole team retreats into the box and parks the bus. And the excuse of the team not having enough time to gel is unfounded. Most of the original playing staff from last season are still there, and the backline is practically identical, bar Konchesky. The defense should at the very least still perform, as that is where there are the least changes. The way we play is definitely reflected in the table. No question about that. Maybe this loss is what we needed. Roy said we must look at the table after 10 games. That is approaching fast. If we still in this situation after 10, he definitely has to go. Put Kenny in. He must be crying inside just like the rest of us. He should have walked into the job in the first place. Off topic, has any other ‘Pool fans noticed that the comments on the Official LFC page have been disabled? They trying to silence the fans. They know we’ve had it with them.

  • TRUE Red - 2010-10-04 12:54

    N. Loggenberg & Shankly's Kin - been thinking the very same thoughts the last few games ! Yip, give him until game 10, if he still plays for draws, out the door Roy, please ! We should be winning away from home & hammering teams at home. Simple really. Truely disgraceful ! And how difficult is it that our 1st game after the break is the Merseyside derby ? At the Toffees place nogal ? Nice time to test RH's character ... PLEASE, no Carra at left back, no Cole on left wing & Poulsen, please, left OUT, with his mate Lucas

  • Jenny - 2010-10-04 12:59

    It's sad, very sad for such a great club. +27789996558

  • AJ - 2010-10-04 13:25

    @Liverpool supporter: I see a lot of comments from Liverpool supporters that are bashing their own players, coach, owners, the whole package! What are you on about? Don't be a bias knob! Who do you think you are? You are just some insignificant mongrel and you expect us to keep our comments to ourselves? Not our fault that Liverfool's pathetic performances gives us so much to comment about! Go cry in some corner! Your comments contradict everything you have said fool!

  • AL @ Liverpool Supporter - 2010-10-04 13:25

    Is this the first time you have been on this forum??? @ Maverick - ummmmm, since when have City ever been labelled in `the top four`. I know you guys are sitting in second at the moment but please win something before mouthing off.

  • Shankly's Kin - 2010-10-04 15:22

    @ True Red: Those in the know about Lucas will be aware of the fact that Lucas is actually an attacking midfielder, but has been played out of position ever since he started @ Anfield. He is pretty poor at the holding role, but I honestly believe that he is better at it than Poulsen at it, who is supposed to be a specialist in that role. I cannot fathom how it is even possible that Poulsen was given the opportunity to pull on that precious red jersey. He might have been good for Hodgson at FC Copenhagen, but EPL is a whole new ball game. The signs were there that he was shite. Momo Sissoko played him out the Juve team. If Juve doesn't play him, then why should we? This team currently looks like it is shaped to accomodate the passenger that is Poulsen. Think about it. Why has Cole been shifted to play on the left flank and Mereiles to the right? Move Mereiles to the middle with Stevie, and Cole just off Torres, with Kuyt back on the right wing and either Jovanavic or Babel on the left. I know everyone wants change and attacking 4-4-2, but it just won’t work. No balance. 4-2-3-1 can work. We've proved it and I'll always refer to the 4-0 drubbing of R.Madrid and the 4-1 massacre of United, in the season that we were top scorers in EPL, using the "DEFENSIVE" system. They just need to get people playing where we know they can play and where they're comfortable and can do the things that come naturally to them.Things could come together well. Maybe Poulsen has an appearance clause in his contract or something. They should just tear it up, compensate him and let him go. Jay Spearing can do the job ten times better, he knows more than most what it means to wear the shirt of Liverpool Football Club.

  • hadziso christmas - 2010-10-04 15:55

    liverpool thy nids players dose hu can close such gaps like macherano and etc ne and mU thy r not doing very dis season.

  • Shankly's Kin - 2010-10-04 16:05

    Guys check this link out: - How I wish the man was still here. Here's hoping he does return someday when the ownership problems have been solved.

  • Never Walk Alone - 2010-10-04 17:26

    Eish - we are in serious SHITE !! - I am gutted, crying crocodile tears, and walking alone through the rain - but I'll walk on - and hope that my beloved Liverpool rise again !

  • Maverick - 2010-10-04 20:15

    @AL: We are not settled as a Top 4 yet, but like I said, I would rather see Liverpool, Arsenal & Chelsea with us in the Top 4 than ManUre... ;-) CTID

  • Lostboy187 - 2010-10-05 07:47

    Liverpool just sucks, period. Again history shankley this, kenny that blah blah blah.

  • UTID - 2010-10-05 12:27

    @ Maverick. now now glory hunter. City will ALWAYS walk in United's shadow. Until City win something, bottle it, please!! United will always draw full crowds in Manchester, same can't be said about you lot in eastlands. Get with the programme, United will always finish in top 4, it's their mentality, a winning one! Lets see if your beloved city has what it takes to stay in the top 4. Glory hunter! UTID!

  • fish - 2010-10-05 15:01

    what a shame 4 such a great club i think mgt and the platers a 2 blame,Hogdson may be out of depth but we all remember all 2 well when u wanted Benitez out,bet u miss him now...................................

  • Maverick - 2010-10-06 10:05

    @UTID: Buddy, I'm not a glory hunter... I've been a long suffering City supporter since we beat you guys 5-1 back in what, 1989? 1990? So long ago I can hardly remember. Now, finally, we are on the up. You guys, on the other hand, are in trouble. I (believe it or not) actually hope that you don't fall as far as we did (to the old 2nd div), but I do believe that under your current owners that is the way you are going. Liverpool, on the other hand, is as far behind Arsenal on the log (in points) as you are behind Chelski, but they just got new owners. Your owners, however, just saw another mall go bust... Guess who I think have the brighter future! CTID

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