Reds legends back Hodgson

2011-01-06 17:14

London - Former Liverpool stars rallied to the support of beleaguered manager Roy Hodgson on Thursday as speculation mounted that the Anfield boss could be fired after yet another defeat.

Kevin Keegan and John Barnes insisted Hodgson was capable of turning around Liverpool's season in the wake of a 3-1 loss at Blackburn on Wednesday which edged him closer to the exit.

Liverpool's owners New England Sports Ventures have reportedly begun searching for Hodgson's successor after deciding that the former Fulham boss is not the man to lead them into a new era.

But although Liverpool's loss to Blackburn heaped pressure on Hodgson, Keegan believes the 63-year-old can revitalise the club's fortunes, starting with Sunday's FA Cup tie against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

"The opportunity comes at Manchester United to get back on track," Keegan said. "It's a tough one. Liverpool are a big club, big expectation, underperformed over a number of years - way before Roy Hodgson went in there.

"The decline at Liverpool has not just happened in the past three to six months. It's been going on for a period of time.

"They've got to give him time but it's the one thing you don't get, as we all know. The clock ticks on the wall and managers don't get time.

"They thought he was right four months ago and he did a great job at Fulham, so they've got to back him."

Barnes believed Hodgson could yet win over the critics if Liverpool's results improved.

"You know what football's like. It's results driven and pick up some results and the tide changes," he said.

"As much as Liverpool aren't doing well now, if they put some results together, beat Manchester United in the FA Cup, hopefully, and then do well, things change.

"But in football, generally speaking, if you lose, you're going to be under pressure, particularly at a big club."



  • Zaahid - 2011-01-07 07:38

    Really rate this guy....can't see what the fuss is about. He clearly inherited a deteriorating squad which started under Benitez - We can now clearly see what Benitez did with Inter....... Hodgson has the credentials but needs to get the players to play to his 'tune' not his predecessor.....

      TRUE Red - 2011-01-07 08:59

      Salaam, are you crazy ? The majority of that sqaud is the same squad that challenged for the title 2 years ago & were consistently a Top 4 club & a force in the Champions League under Rafa - he simply can't motivate them ! Yes, there is some dead wood, but there are some really good players besides Gerrard, Torres, Carra & Reina. All they need is a TOP CLASS manager who can guide & drive them - what has Hidgson ever won ? People forget that last season RAFA had the worst injury crisis i have ever seen in 25+ years of supporting the Reds - and while he finished 7th, in terms of POINTS, he didn't finish too far behind 4th. Woy isn't worthy of shining Rafa's shoes, and he was appointed by the old b@$tard owner's who wanted a "yes" man & wouldn't ask questions. Rafa was sacked an Inter for the same reason he left LFC - he wanted funds to strenghten the squad - in the 6 month's at Inter, he won 2 trophies & look what he did for Eto. A new high profile coach would be great, but Rafa + the new owner's would be BETTER - they seem committed & willing to invest in the squad, and all those who opposed him, and knew NOTHING about footie, are gone. NOW is the time !

      thundyr - 2011-01-08 11:14

      What credentials? 2 of the last 3 EPL clubs Hodgson managed were relegated because of his mis-management; and one of those (Blackburn) had won the Premiership the season before. He averaged 35% wins at those clubs, same as currently at Liverpool. He has won 11 out of 85 away games in the EPL in his career; no surprises then that Liverpool's away record in the EPL reads W1 D2 L7. He has the credentials for a mid-table manager at best, and is performing exactly as he has throughout his career; rubbish! The Liverpool squad left to him had more representatives at the World Cup than any other club on the planet. Can't have been such a bad squad, eh?

  • VERNON - 2011-01-07 08:45

    Barnes and Keegan are legends ,and their knowledge of the game can not be questined,but look at Woy record for away games throughout his carreer and you will see he is a schoker , however i think we going to shock United on Sunday

  • webomig - 2011-01-07 10:12

    Chances Man Und is going to show liverpool how soccer is meant to be played.

  • David - 2011-01-07 11:08

    Liverpool are gong down.

      Bandit - 2011-01-07 13:27

      Dude - after selling last year fixture to Chelsea Liverpool are going to the Championshit to fight it out with Portsmouth etc. Rubbish players at this club tarnish the proud history - Get rid of Gerrard and then you can build the club - he is the shit

  • Rudy Bailey - 2011-01-07 14:25

    I must agree with all of you on the above comments, however I feel that I cannot bear to watch Liverpool's games any longer. Gerrard is under pressure working way too hard in all games as they simply rely on his input which results in him being injured more now than ever in his entire carreer not forgetting that his coming to the end of the road as a player. Liverpool sold all their quality players in a short space of time this will definitely have an effect on the squad hence their current status, what were they thinking????????????????????????????? The main problem is that Liverpool should have dismissed benitez a long time ago as I believe his tactics was not delivering the results for some time in his reign as manager as this is truly what resulted in the clubs downfall. Big clubs need to let managers go if they not achieving results, As far as Hodgson goes I really feel for him taking on this big task, it's only a matter of time before the club lets him go if his dismall run continues.

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