Liverpool go down to Everton

2010-10-17 16:59

London - Liverpool were beaten 2-0 by Everton in the Merseyside derby on Sunday as the English footballing giants' new era got off to a bitterly disappointing start.

Goals in each half from Tim Cahill and Mikel Arteta sealed the points for Everton, who moved up to 11th in the Premier League standings as Liverpool slipped to second from bottom.

With their new American owner John W Henry watching from the stands at Goodison Park, Liverpool were unable to provide the win their supporters craved after last week's legal drama, which culminated in the club's takeover.

The defeat means Roy Hodgson's side have taken only six points from eight games this year, a grim indicator of the size of the rebuilding task facing Henry and his New England Sports Ventures (NESV) group.

A frenetic opening spell saw Everton take the lead on 34 minutes. Irish wide player Seamus Coleman surged down the right and cut back an inviting cross for Cahill, who blasted high into the net past Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina.

The goal was no less than Everton deserved after they dominated a feisty first half that saw referee Howard Webb book three players - Everton's Cahill and Liverpool's Maxi Rodriguez and Raul Meireles.

Ayegbeni Yakubu forced a smart low save from Reina shortly before Everton took the lead, while Reina had to be alert on the stroke of half-time to save a rising long-range shot from Leon Osman.

Spanish midfield maestro Arteta doubled Everton's lead five minutes after the interval, lashing home a swerving right-foot shot from the edge of the area.

With the clock ticking down, Fernando Torres saw a shot well-saved by Tim Howard but it could not mask another disappointing afternoon for the Spanish striker, who looked out of sorts throughout.

In Sunday's other Premier League game, Manchester City can cut Chelsea's lead at the top to two points if they can secure an away victory at Blackpool.


  • Michael - 2010-10-17 17:47

    poor performance from Liverpool. Everton deserve to win

  • Never Walk Alone - 2010-10-17 20:49

    This is f*^%$g ridiculous. New owners or not - we are now reaping what Hick's and Gillett sowed - as well as Benitez's bad players purchases are coming back to haunt us.Dithering Roy is no better with his fooking useless players he has bought. Loooooooong miserable road ahead for the Reds.I all my years that I have supported LFC - I have never seen them so low.It's time to get rid of the dead wood - yes that means you Mr. Hodgson - as you are WAY out of your depth. What were the powers that be at LFC thinking when they appointed this mediocre mullet - his tactics and team selection is a mirror of Benitez - and I cant understand why the f...k Lucas is still at Liverpool ! If the situation at Liverpool wasn't so serious it would be laughable ! Lets keep the faith be dambed - lets get some people at this club who know what they are doing - and have the balls to stand up and be counted.There no longer seems to be ANY PRIDE in wearing the Loverpool shirt - and that can only mean disaster !!!!!

  • N.Loggenberg - 2010-10-18 08:34

    When it was announced that Roy Hodgson was to replace Rafa as manager, my biggest fear was that he would lead us to similar "glories" as with his last two premiership clubs - i.e. mid table obscurity. But no... from where we currently sit mid table obscurity is but a distant dream. We have a defence leaking goal after goal, a defensive midfied that continues to go absent without leave, an attacking midfield completely devoid of any attacking ideas and a strike-force unable to strike. While all of this goes on Roy sits pitch-side with his head in his hands. Today he as the audacity to tell us this was our best performance of the season!!!! - Maybe it was, but if so heaven help us!! Roy says (On BBC) he can't believe how Liverpool can play this well and lose? Was he watching a different game? No leadership, no tactics, no respect from the fans - put simply - just no idea. Face it Roy, you're just not up to the task. Hopefully he has the decency to leave. Let's face it he won't succeed, the least he can give us is a chance with a better manager

  • Kube$ - 2010-10-18 08:43

    martin o neil needs to come in and do some damag control

  • TRUE Red - 2010-10-18 09:51

    Dear Mr. Henry, firstly, congrats on buying LFC. I read an article recently where it was said there are only 3 global football "brands", i.e. Real Madrid, Man Utd & LFC. Now I'm sure what you saw yesterday looked nothing like the most successful English club of all time & you're thinking "WTF ?!". You may be new to footie, so let me help you out here : 1) When I saw the starting 11, I knew we were going to lose. Why ? Player's like Lucas, Konchesky, Kyriakos & Maxi - whilst not terrible, they are BENCH player's at best, i.e. you only bring them in when you are winning a game comfortably, preferably at home. There are never starting 11 player's for a club like LFC. They showed heart yesterday, no doubt, but lacked ability - nothing new. 2) Manager's formation - now many will argue playing this 4-2-3-1 formation, we finished just 4 points from the title 2 seasons ago, but in order for it to work, you need the right people. And we had the best ! But they are gone (Alonso & Masch), and your lone striker is a) off form & b) hardly get's any decent supply of passes to finish off 3) Square peg's, round holes - you had 2 good player's (Carra & Cole) playing out of position. AGAIN. Basically, it's like have a top quality electrician do your plumbing - you will end up in sh!t ! See, you have 11 player's on the pitch, 1 is your 'keeper, so not really in play (you hope). That leaves 10 - now subtract the 4 bench player's mentioned above, and you left with only 6. Subtract the 2 out of position & you are left with 4, i.e. Skrtel, Stevie G, El Nino & Raul. 1 of them already experiencing difficulty as mentioned above. So you have 3 player's, all who performed well yesterday. But 3 against a good team, your bitter rival's, away from home ? Not a chance You will also have noticed how we started to totally dominate the game once Ngog, Babel & Jova came on & we switched to 4-4-2. We had more shots on target than them & Torres started looking dangerous again with his strike partner. But it seems Roy, game after game, only decides to start attacking once we are down. Had we won yesterday, we could have said we only 5 points away from 3rd place Gunner's & we could make the top 4 & CL next season. Now it looks more like we are 8 points from 6th, and might struggle to make EL ! We CAN fix the situation. Even with the current player's. But it boils down to tactic / good management of the player's. Also, from a financial point of view, if you buy a quality full back & winger in Jan, you will actually gain 4 player's, as Carra & Cole can go back to where they actually should be on the pitch. To the Toffees, well done ! I forgot what it feels like to lose the derby & yes, it sucks ! I'd give RH 2 more league games. If he doesn't start getting his house in order, the only man who can save us is King Kenny. 30 games left, but we can't afford many more slip up's & need a good winning run !

  • Shankly's Kin - 2010-10-18 10:10

    Sack the coach. You have to play to your team's strengths, and ours is pressing when off the ball, and quick passing when on it. Our players are used to it. They don't know how to sit back and let the opposition come at them. They're so used to it being the opposite way way around. If Roy's still coach after 3 more dismal performances, I'll be on the next flight to Merseyside to take him out myself.Hope the owners listen to the fans like they said they were. Many don't want Roy around anymore, and many didn't want him in the first place. We've been patient enough. Bring on King Kenny in the interim until we can get someone world class like Hiddink. YNWA lads.

  • Shankly's Kin - 2010-10-18 10:28

    @ Never Walk Alone: This pains me too mate, but I have to disagree with you about Roy mirroring Rafa. Benitez at least had the brains to change tactics when needed. With Roy, it's the same right through, sit back when we don't have the ball, hoof it up field when we do have it back. It's plain to see for anyone that we're playing differently. Have a look at this article where Paul Tomkins analyzes the differences in tactics between Roy and Rafa in detailu. Anybody can say what they want, but Rafa was and is a master tactician. Should never have been sacked in the first place. Players crying that they don't get a hug after they played well. WTF?? They're professionals. Look where Roy's hugs has got them now? Here's the link:

  • Never Walk Alone - 2010-10-18 14:26

    @ Shanklys Kin - sorry mate - I dont agree with you on the Benitez comment. I have never been a Benitez fan - and although he may have got us some pride in Europe - he was stubborn about team selections and tactics, because if he was half as good as most people think he is - he would have left LFC in a better position than we are now ! His last 2 years at the club he squandered decent money on crap players - and we finished 7th in the league - after he had forced good players to leave and kept playing his love child Lucas (who is still crap re yesterdays performance) Sorry no one is ever going to convince me that Benitez did great things for Liverpool - and we have exactly the same type of managerial tactics in Hodgson - surely there must be a few top people at LFC with above average IQ's to have known that dithering Roy DOES NOT fit the profile of a Liverpool manager ! And this crap supporter attitude "its not the Liverpool way" to rock the boat is utter BS - this is the modern sporting era - and if we are going to sit back and hope things will work itself out in time, we will definitely find ourselves playing 2nd div footie in the not too distant future. Drastic times call for drastic measures - and Liverpool need that RIGHT NOW !! I say that Liverpool fans should grow some balls and protest loudly that we will no longer accept mediocrity from directors, managers and players alike - boycott the fooking games until things improve - or we can sit back and attend the matches, continuoiusly being dished up crap - and get more and more frustrated ! F%$*$k this shite !

  • Gray - 2010-10-18 14:45

    Watching Liverpool yesterday was an embarrasment to the history of the Club to say the least. They couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. It was as if they had taken a cue from Billy Ray Cirus, going sideways, backwards, sideways & backwards. Torres is definitely a LONE stricker and his frustrations can be justified as he never sees the ball and someone should tell the rest of the losers (Lucas, Maxi, Cole etc) that they will not die if they cross the halfway line. We all hoped for the best with Roy but I think the job is too big for him to handle. Come back King Kenny!!!!!!!!

  • shaun - 2010-10-18 15:05

    liverpool needs to get relegated maybe then they will have a different attitude

  • Wes - 2010-10-18 15:11

    @ Never Walk Alone I remember you from last season mate. You're an idiot for comparing Roy Hodgson to Rafa. Rafa has WON titles and European trophies, what has Roy ever won?? You talk about Rafa's tactics and selections, i find it weird because even though he wasnt perfect, he lead us to many great European nights and victories over the top teams in the world. Last season I said that we will regret it if he leaves. I told you so just doesn't quite do it hey??

  • Shankly's Kin - 2010-10-18 15:41

    @ Never Walk Alone: I understand your gripe with Rafa. Even though I believe he was/is the right man for us, there are some things I disagreed with that he did as well. Every football fan has their criticisms of their coach. But at least have a look at the link I posted. The tactical differences are discussed in detail. All the stuff us simpletons are seeing, and so much more. Eto in fact praises Rafa's tactics compared with Mourinho's. He likes the way they press more now, which gives the team a better chance to start attacks higher up the pitch. Just have a look, please, from 1 die hard Scouser to another. No one can put this crap on Rafa. Don't believe the hype in the media. Roy is so shite, but still loved by England's media. Rafa wasn't afraid to take them and the rest of the EPL royalty on (ie: Fergie, Big Sam, etc...). That's why they hate him and try to discredit him every opportunity they get. The media are there to try and mould your opinion. That’s exactly what they did with 70% LFC fans calling for Rafa’s head. I’m not asking you to love the man, but just look at the 2 articles, objectively. That is all. At the very least, admit he is better than Roy.Check this one out too:

  • Never Walk Alone - 2010-10-18 21:14

    @Wes - not you again - you are obviously the fool that keeps singing Lucas's praises - so we know how much knowledge you have on the game of football - nuff said! @Shankly's Kin - I do not doubt (at times) Benitez's ability in Europe - however in all his time at LFC HE FAILED TO DELIVER THE EPL TITLE !!!! Ask any die hard supporter what trophy they would MOST like to see in our cabinet. Thats where Benitez has failed us - even when he had a top class squad - from finishing runners up in the EPL to 7th and out of CL within ONE season says a lot for his skills as a "top class" manager - therefore regardless of all the stats and web links you would like to throw at me ( and yes I have read most of them - being a regular visitor to LFC's website) means nothing if we are unable to secure an EPL title in nearly 20 years - and we aint going to do it under a Benitez clone like Hodgson - whose tactics are similar and destroying top players confidences. I am prepared to bet a small fortune that if Benitez was brought back to Liverpool under the new owners - he will not have the managerial acumen at this time to pull Liverpool out the shite and make them competative !! Regardless of what he is doing at his new club - HE IS A NEGATIVE TACTICIAN - Thats is not the Liverpool style of football that I grew up watching (since the 60's) and thats why under Benitez we did not consistently challenge for top honours in the EPL !! Benitez f#$%^ed up a good squad by his stubborn negative management and we lost good players because of this (and you know who I am talking about) and that is the reason why we find ourselves in this mess and scraping the bottom of the barrel with regards to new players and and even a worse management replacement. One of the top football clubs in the world SHOULD NEVER be in this position ! FFS - never in my wildest dreams would I have realised that my team could have sunk so low ! I was overjoyed to see the departure of Benitez, even more so on the ousting of Hicks and Gillett - and I will be rejoicing in the streets once dithering Roy gets his marching orders (with Lucas) - these mullets should never have been allowed within a 10000 miles of the mighty LFC !!! I am now going to pour myself a fine single malt scotch - and calm down - before I kick the dog !!!!

  • Cant spell - 2010-10-19 12:43

    Lose Carregar (useless), Kyriakos( Useless), Lucas(the only brazilian that cant play soccer), Gerrard (no passion, getting to lazy) New players needed Oh yes and Roy, please play 2 strikers upfront!

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