Liverpool fans burn US flag

2010-06-04 07:28

Liverpool - Over 500 angry Liverpool fans marched on the club's Anfield ground on Thursday and burned the US flag in protest at the English giants' American owners, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Five-time European champions Liverpool have been saddled with £351 million of debt since American businessmen Tom Hicks and George Gillett took over the club in February 2007.

Spanish coach Rafael Benitez was sacked on Thursday after a season that saw Liverpool finish seventh in the Premier League and crash out of the Champions League at the group stage.

The protest had already been organised prior to confirmation of Benitez's dismissal, however, with fans invited to join a march to the stadium on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook, according to the Telegraph.

"This is another example of how this club has become the biggest farce in town. In a sense, Benitez is just collateral damage. When you look at Liverpool in a general manner, who will want to take the club on?" said Paul Rice, of the supporters’ group Spirit of Shankly, quoted by the paper.

Fans also called for the dismissal of managing director Christian Purslow, who was brought in to secure new investment in the club but has so far failed to do so.

Photographs on the Telegraph's website showed Liverpool fans carrying banners that read 'Thanks Rafa. Purslow and Yanks Get Out Now' and 'Tom and George Tell Lies'.

Another picture showed them burning a hole in the American flag.

Angry Liverpool fans burn the US flag (AP)


  • Eishh - 2010-06-04 08:06

    This world cup would be much better if the England did not qualify. Now our security need to baby sit their hooligans.

  • World view - 2010-06-04 08:10

    Only in Africa...oh wait my bad.

  • Michael Bowery - 2010-06-04 08:18

    I'm London born and this is just one more example of sick Britons in a country where its people have lost their way. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the United States or its flag. Burning country's flags is what mindless mobs who support terrorism do. Grow up Britons and become Englishmen again and don't act the cry baby when you lose your favourite doll..

  • Bug1 - 2010-06-04 08:25

    These American fools wanna take over everything. They think they know everything......well they dont. As for Benitez, finally someone saw the light and let the idiot go.

  • chris khumalo - 2010-06-04 08:41

    The Americans know nothing about soccer. Gillet and Hicks were in it for quick money

  • Dave - 2010-06-04 08:44

    Good . get those Yanks out

  • Mordecai - 2010-06-04 08:45

    Rafa's sacking will not solve any problem. People know the problem but are trying to find scapegoats to it hence Rafa falling the victim of it. Unless the problem is resolved, Liverpool will continue to falter. The real problem for Liverpool's sudden demise is non other than Tom & George.

  • Johnny - 2010-06-04 08:46

    I'm an angry Liverpool supporter in SA. These americans just care about money. No americans should be allowed to buy Premier League clubs.

  • Man - 2010-06-04 08:53

    What a bunch of wimps. Have they not got anything else to do? They will always be dockyard scum. United RULE

  • Hendrik - 2010-06-04 08:58

    The Yanks certainly know how to create DEBT. They will jump ship and leave Liverpool in ruins. Soccer is not an American game it belongs to the British and the fans should have a say in who runs the Club. After all they are the ones buying tickets to go and watch the games. Stuff the Yanks get the club back on track Benitez leaving is very good start now get a decent coach and start winning.

  • Inkwe - 2010-06-04 09:02

    Since when does soccer hooligans perform the same activities terrorist-harbouring countries are knwon for? Sjees...

  • @ Man - 2010-06-04 09:26

    Hey mr. wise guy. Have you noticed that Man U are sitting with double Liverpool's debt and that the Glazers don't want to sell. I'd be careful about snobbish remarks...Man U could end up in the same boat. What a sad day if LFC and MUFC had to go into administration. Let's rather just hope both of our clubs survive and that rivalries and bad feelings are left for on the pitch. Brett Pretorius

  • Brett Pretorius - 2010-06-04 09:27

    I don't like this flag-burning business though...SOS (Spirit of Shankly) are overboard with this manouevre.

  • TRUE Red - 2010-06-04 09:51

    Well done guy's - we need those yanks out ASAP !

  • Ethanamok - 2010-06-04 09:55

    Money laundering at its best - The US owners never lost a penny they have just purified their illicit gains. Now its just sitting somewhere in a US alternative fund. I support Everton but its still a sad day for all in Liverpool

  • dela - 2010-06-04 09:56

    if you want to put your club up for sale dont cry when the new owners are bad managers of it..they saw a business gap and took it, running it badly is their prerogative..the pool fans could have bought the club themselves under a are happy when new owners spend the money and buy new players then resort to burning flags when things dont look so rosy any a huge united supporter..same thing there, if not for the sale of ronaldo we would have made -40 million pounds thats bad debt for you!!!

  • jim - 2010-06-04 10:01

    They've had it. If they sell Torres, Gerrard and the rest they still won't clear their debt. It will be a brave man who takes on the job of manager. Goodbye Liverpool.

  • Confused - 2010-06-04 10:10

    It seems there are people in most countries who do stupid things - In England they burn flags, in South Africa they burn tyres and destroy inferior toilets. Are they making things better....or worse? Do they think they are really achieving positive results, or are their aims nothing to do with helping at all? Do they just like being in the lime-light?

  • Sonny - 2010-06-04 10:32

    Sometimes the only time you get people politically active is when you mess with their team. Sad, but I understand their frustration.

  • joe - 2010-06-04 10:43

    @ inkwe. maybe more people are now realizing on how much damage the yanks cause all round the world.they caused the last recession

  • bhalet - 2010-06-04 10:59

    sorry .........for selfish are censer for the kop.

  • Staalburgher - 2010-06-04 11:27

    I dare say this is what the liberal Brit machine has created. Good luck for the future!

  • Xaba - 2010-06-04 11:34

    read "confessions of an economic hitman" and you realise that the yanks are destroying the entire world financial structure, to try and gain control of the global economy. They should be kept out of every other country in the world and attend to their own mess.

  • Hay-Dee - 2010-06-04 11:36

    Hello people........ These owners were americans hey..... tells me alot! I hope some Palestine Arab buys Liverpool, to put a nail in the TOM & JERRY... Ooops "Hick" coffin. I dont blame Rafa for the clubs distaster but the owners that were stingy! PERIOD! In RAFA I TRUST!

  • Brandon - 2010-06-05 00:02

    All you Brits on here talking @&%$ about the US obviously forget that if not for us you would be speaking German right now. You need to get your house in order before you talk @%^& about ours. God Bless America!

  • Brian - 2010-06-05 02:45

    1776 - 1950 - 2010 ... what do they all have in common? Sissy brits getting smacked down by those damn yanks.. get your kleenex ready

  • aarone - 2010-06-08 03:27

    Idiots. The lot of you dirty scouse trash***es. I've supported Liverpool and played soccer my entire sporting life. How dare you scum cross the line to attacking our entire country with this sickening display. All the shite talking about us as a country and a people make the thought of sinking your shite little island quite enticing. You're all garbage. Go back to your shanties, isn't it time to shag mum? Ignorant forgetful trash. As stated above, you'd all be sad about Ballack and not Rio right now if we hadn't saved your a*** in times past. That's referring to the war for you idiots who quit school to get a headstart on your excellent dock worker jobs. Bitches.

  • Bug1dumbas - 2010-06-08 06:23

    I just love how because two men were in it for the money and just so happened to be from America that means that every single American is trying to "take over everything". Extremely dumb comment Bug1. Also, you think some oil Tycoon from Dubai wouldn't want to buy up a team to make money? Hmmm I think so.,.

  • jtw - 2010-06-08 21:19

    Im taking my liverpool jersey to the us/england game this sat and burn it in your faces. game on! fkers

  • HAHA - 2010-06-09 10:24

    I hope liverpool gets religated. You win some you lose some. accept it. liverpool was good in the i dont even know when. but the game changed and they couldnt adapt to it. so they are getting what they deserve. dont blame RAFA. his going to do great things at inter. poor man isnt a miracle worker.

  • @HAHA - 2010-06-09 15:39

    one word for you friend....P*ES, or if you prefer the actual word....VAG1NA. That can be the only explanation for your logic / lack thereof, u must be getting pounded as we speak.

  • Stephen S - 2010-06-09 21:44

    I think this is kind of classless and over the line. Some countries don't take well to flag-burning. I hope England loses for this..

  • krup - 2010-06-10 05:02

    Americans owners in england? Tell you something. It was wrong to burn the flag, would have been better is they burned the pictures of the american investors. Liverpool we love you. Why is it that all you yanks always think your the best at every sport? You Fu**ing wan*kers, you have no chance.

  • HAHA - 2010-06-10 15:24

    JA the idiot thats called at HAHA. im banging your mother. shes quiet loose. thats probably why you just fell out and hit your head you dumb cunt.

  • American in the UK - 2010-06-11 16:19

    I've fought next to brits, I've drank with brits, and I live next to brits, and for the most part they are great people.... unfortunately this group of complete idiots just gave the entire country a black eye. And to respond to all of these comments about Americans trying to "take over everything"..... you're showing your true stupidity mate. Since when does buying a football team = taking over the world? Anyone with the money could have bought the team.... Hey, I have an idea, why don't you and your mates save you $250/ week paychecks for a few years, ask your mum to quit charging you rent for living in her garage, and soon enough you fellas can put together enough scratch to buy the team yourself. I hope Liverpool never wins another match! Oh.... and for tomorrows game.... my prediction is USA 3 - England 1 . GO USA!!!

  • Habibi - 2010-06-18 23:43

    If they burn a flag or not; those fans of Liverpool are simply white trash.

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