Liverpool down Spurs

2010-01-21 07:25

Liverpool - Dirk Kuyt scored twice as Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 at Anfield on Wednesday to move within a point of fourth-placed Spurs in the English Premier League.

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has come in for heavy criticism while the Reds' Champions League hopes have suffered blow after blow and they went into this match with star players Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres missing because of injury.

But despite once again fielding a team that was far from full strength, they took the lead through Kuyt's early strike.

The Dutchman added a second from the penalty spot in stoppage time to secure a significant victory that helped justify Benitez's claim of "guaranteeing" a top four finish that would secure Champions League football next season.

Tottenham improved after the break but failed to end a miserable run of winless games away to 'Big Four' (Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool) opposition that has now reached 66 games.

Liverpool had a minor scare just five in as Pepe Reina took three attempts to gather a cross from Gareth Bale.

But the goalkeeper came up with a long clearance that was flicked on by Kuyt to Alberto Aquilani.

The Italian just managed to tap the ball back to the Dutchman and Kuyt squeezed a shot past Heurelho Gomes into the corner to give the home side an ideal start.

Tottenham were struggling to put together any sustained spell of possession but Aquilani almost let them in.

His loose pass flew straight to Bale and his swerving drive only just missed Reina's goal.

After Javier Mascherano had tripped Peter Crouch, Tottenham had a free-kick in a good area.

But from Bale's lofted delivery, Crouch was ruled to have fouled Greek defender Sotirios Kyrgiakos.

Albert Riera's whipped free-kick from the right was desperately punched away by Gomes, but with the Brazilian stranded, Martin Skrtel failed to make contact with the follow up.

Tottenham finally threatened when Wilson Palacios swapped passes with Jermaine Jenas and then slid through for Luka Modric, whose low effort was blocked by Reina.

Just after the restart, Jermain Defoe thought he had brought Tottenham level after a mix-up between Kyrgiakos and Reina but referee Howard Webb ruled out the striker's effort for obstruction.

Then a Riera free-kick flew at goal with a bit more pace than Gomes had expected and landed on the roof of the net.

The game was far more open in the second period and Defoe laid off for Modric but the Croatian's low effort was held by Reina.

Tottenham were far more of a threat after the break and quick passes from Palacios and Defoe created room for Jermaine Jenas to hit a powerful drive that Reina did well to get a hand to.

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp tried to apply even more pressure on the hosts with striker Robbie Keane coming on to support Crouch and Defoe.

Kuyt was growing more and more isolated and when Liverpool did manage a break away the Dutchman fed Philipp Degen, who chose to attempt to return the pass and the rare opportunity was gone.

With 20 minutes remaining, Aquilani's whipped free-kick was flicked on by Degen but Kuyt failed to get his volley on target at the far post.

Riera also went close with a thumping drive from long range before Spurs' Alan Hutton drilled wide from Bale's cross at the other end.

But in added time, Sebastien Bassong clipped David Ngog in the area and Kuyt converted a twice-taken penalty to seal Liverpool's much-needed victory.


  • liv4life - 2010-01-21 09:19


  • Up the pool - 2010-01-21 09:29

    Way to show fighting spirit guys one step closer to clinching the 4th spot.Lucas is weak and needs to go lets start playing the new guys more often mainly Aquilani and Maxi Gerhard is hopefull back next week so we don't need Lucas in the first team any more.Please Rapha start making the right decessions and drop the weaker links

  • anfield4life - 2010-01-21 09:41

    its strange that no1 has anything to say now! if pool went down then evry1 wud have lots to say! beating tots with our 2nd team just proves that we do have depth, rafa just needs to play the right players in the right position. im not gona get xcited but this can be a start and we can get back on track!

  • Shankly's Kin - 2010-01-21 09:57

    Well done lads. More of the same please.

  • Up the pool - 2010-01-21 09:59

    No liv4life we are commenting it's jut that our comments are not showing.We were never on a loosing streak were just playing weak because the coach sucks he still sucks but at least the players don't want to be loosers anymore so they picked up they performance a bit.I am sure we good enough to take the 4th place we just need to continue playing with heart and determination

  • Looserfools - 2010-01-21 10:11

    What comments can we make? And you are so excited about fighting for 4th place instead of the big one. Poor looserfools!

  • TRUE Red - 2010-01-21 10:14

    What the hell is wrong with these guy's - didn't they get all the critics memo's that we are a "2 man team" & we "can't win without G&T" ?! How can they actually have the nerve to play SO awesome without Gerrard, Torres, Benayoun, Agger & Johnson in such an important game ! Only Lucas seemed to listen & played terrible as usual. I hope Rafa takes them all to task about this win !

  • Up the pool - 2010-01-21 10:21

    Looserpool I don't think you know a lot about soccer but let me enlighten you we need 4th to play champions league and if you seen the league and the way we have been playing I don't think we can challenge the top 3 at the moment or the big one as you call it.So now you know why we so interested in 4th place so rather don't comment

  • TRUE Red - 2010-01-21 10:25

    ok, seriously now, WELL DONE RED's ! :-) Now you guy's have shown that you CAN win, but more importantly, play awesome, without all the big names, in a massive game. Now you have to do this week in week out, and when all the big boy's are back, KEEP UP the performance of last night & don't only rely & put pressure on them to win the game ! Also, we had LOTS of good chances but only finished 2-0 - not really complaining but PLEASE, when you get your chances, take them ! You've seen what has happened to us how many times when winning this season only to lose it / draw in injury time, and we ourselves are famous for late comeback's, so PLEASE do what you did last night & 1) keep possession & 2) attack, in the dying minutes !

  • You'll never walk alone - 2010-01-21 10:55

    Good result and good performance, RAFA must still leave together with his sidekick Lucas...cannot get excited over this result!We will all have better words to say if we hammer Wolves and Bolton next week!Still Rafa must go!

  • Shankly's Left Nut - 2010-01-21 10:59

    Its amazing how all u liverpool supporters (liv4life etc) only comment when url win and not when url loose, wer is all the Rafa haters now???. I think TrueRed is the only one to communicate on these blogs when url loose and hav a decent discussion. I watched bits of the match and i have to say, url werent convincing, but url did need the win and mayb now have a boost of confidence going forward. A big up should go to Carragher, he really played well and motivated ur boys nicely, but dont get too excited, cos its Liverpool afterall!!!

  • Lamps_8 - 2010-01-21 11:07

    Hats off to the merseyside.Liverpool have had a rough season but when they get on a Winning streak they can devastate any team.Eg United.I hope for your sake that winning streak starts soon enough to make it to 4th place.Oh and Lucas is beyond shit

  • ShAyA - 2010-01-21 11:09

    Why the F** does aquilani, benayoun and co get subbed but not Lucas..benitez needs to take his head out of the sand and realise the guy is useless and would never make it in the first team of the other teams. Riera was outstanding, Kuyt as usual worked the hardest and Aquilani is starting to relax and play his game with more confidence. Defence was a bit shaky but we coped with the pressure...only weak link AGAIN is Lucas..(the name alone makes my blood boil). Gotta feel sorry for Babel though, I think there is potential there but he is still looking for that one game to show what he is made of.

  • AL @ liv4life - 2010-01-21 11:38

    Run out of comments to say dude. Only have so many in the bag. @Up the pool - quite embarrassing that the only thing left to play for is 4th place don`t you think?

  • Danny - 2010-01-21 13:13

    What's the best thing to come out of liverpool.....................................................................everton!

  • Wes - 2010-01-21 15:33

    Lucas has been our most consistent player this season. I suppose the 'knowledgable' supporters on here know better than RAFA don't they?? Lucas was voted Player of the Year in Brazil (the year before he joined us) and captained his team Gremio at the age of 19 years old. He is also a regular in the Brazilian squad ahead of Denilson (Arsenal) and Anderson (UTD Scum) Steven Gerrard also recently claimed that Lucas is the most technically sound player at the club. Who are you to argue?? IDIOTS!!!

  • Nash the Gunner - 2010-01-21 15:38

    @Danny 1:13pm: I think Desperate Housewives just started...

  • Up the pool - 2010-01-21 15:39

    Well maybe it is embarassing for a top club like Liverpool but just remeber we might be out now but we will once again rise to being the dominant club we always were just let us get rid of Lucas and Rapha and then watch the space Liverpool You'll never walk alone

  • TRUE Red - 2010-01-21 16:12

    Wes, i don't like shooting down any one of our staff, it's not the "Liverpool way", but I also call a spade a spade, and right now, if I could find Lucas, i would hit him with a spade ! What does he offer us exactly in your opinion ? He can't attack, he can't make accurate defense splitting pass's, he can't defend without giving away a free-kick & he can't shoot at all, nor is he at least a danger from corner's, both in taking them or scoring from them. How he get's chosen over Aquilani is beyond me - look at last night, Aquilani was just awesome ! So, until he add's value of some sort, sorry, he is a huge liability IMHO

  • Al @ Wes - 2010-01-21 17:24

    Are you Rafa`s cousin or something?? Do you not watch Lucas play?? As a UTD supporter I love the guy becaus he is so damn useless. UTD had Diego Forlan a couple of years back. As a first choice striker the guy scored about 5 goals in two years. Fergie kept playing him and everybody thought WTF?? Then he left to go to La Liga and won the golden boot that season. Maybe theres something we cant see in Lucas but he must go if you guys want to see 4th place.

  • Never Walk Alone - 2010-01-22 08:23

    Unfortunately I have not been able to watch Liverpools last few games - due to business travels in the USA - however pleased to read (no EPL soccer shown on US TV channels) that the Reds are starting to show some character and minute form. WTF been away for nearly 3 weeks and the mullet Benitez STILL persists with that doooooos Lucas !!! - Enjoy the BJ's Rafa - they may not last for long ! While I am pover here I might try and find Hicks and Gilletts homes and piss on their front doors !!!

  • Dixie Dean - 2010-01-22 12:17

    Liverpool looked good becos Spurs played ver poorly. Palacois can be better than that. They couldn't put anything together on the night, very disappointing. BTW, Dafoe's goal should of stood, Did anyone know Howard Webb is a Liverpoll supporter? But maybe Liverpool didn't allow them the space to play. Just hope Spurs don't fade away, they must fight for the 4th place, them or Aston Villa who came close last season also faded away to Arsenal a life line.

  • Ruben - 2010-01-23 14:36

    Give Lucas a chance to settle in

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