Liverpool crush Hull

2009-04-25 18:16

London - Liverpool kept up the pressure on Manchester United at the top of the Premier League table with a 3-1 win at Hull on Saturday.

With United playing Tottenham in an evening fixture, Rafael Benitez's side moved back to the top on goal difference thanks to a first-half strike from Xabi Alonso and a second-half double from Dirk Kuyt on his 100th Premier League appearance.

Alonso volleyed in just before half-time after his own free-kick had come back off the Hull wall.

By the time Kuyt headed in his first, in the 63rd minute, Hull had been reduced to ten men after Caleb Folan was dismissed for kicking out at Martin Skrtel.

Phil Brown's relegation-threatened side still managed to stage a late rally with Geovanni pulling a goal back,  but Kuyt killed the contest with a close-range effort one minute from time.


  • Shaheen - 2009-04-28 09:40

    No comments? Haha

  • Anonymous User - 2009-04-28 10:38

    Well done to my Reds ! Keep up the pressure guy's ! At the start of this season, Rafa said he wanted us to be in the mix for the title come the end of the season. So far, so Good ! And to think, people said we wouldn't stand a chance against Chelsea & ManUre. Here we are, 4 games to go, and currently sitting ABOVE Chelsea & pushing Utd all the way, hopefully right up to the last game. Even if we don't win the title, the experience these mostly young players will gain will be priceless for the next few seasons

  • Nazeem - 2009-04-28 11:25

    Yeah Shaheen, wonder where the Kop and his ORIGINAL brother have gone??? I guess they are all 'walking together' somewhere.... Anonymous user at 10:38am, great 'we concede to United superiority' post boet... Not sure about the 'above Chelsea' comment... Hahaha... I wouldn't be so sure come end of the season pal... :-) Oh by the by, of the nine articles on landing page of Sport24 Premiership, FOUR are articles on United!!! Says a lot doesn't it???? :-)

  • Anonymous User - 2009-04-28 12:04

    Nazeem, i said at the MOMENT. Also, yes, it does - and Utd fans wonder WHY all non-biased supporters say the media is often biased

  • Carlsberg - 2009-04-28 13:10

    As much as you'd like it 2 the world doesn't revolve around Man united Nazeem... But as usual every Liverpool article has the same old posts... Here's a few facts though for a change: This season was the first in all these years that Liverpool led at the end of December, after 30 matches we had the highest number of points than ever before, and this is the first time we have been this close with only a couple of matches left. In other words we finally have a team that can challenge for the League title, even if Man U supporters won't admit it. If you do claim the title again, well done to you, but believe it or not we've seen enough good signs to be prouder than ever to be Reds!!!

  • Anonymous User - 2009-04-28 14:55

    Couldn't agree more Carlsberg, well said ! We have made great progress in the league this year, and every year under Rafa, so the signs for the immediate future look promising indeed !

  • Shaheen - 2009-04-29 11:29

    @Carlsberg: True, Liverpool have improved compared to recent seasons. It's almost like they were in limbo, Rafa was too cautious in his approach to matches. Seems he's abandoned that approach altogether (even as a Man United supporter, it was sometimes frustrating to see his tactics and team selections before a match). He's getting it right now, and should (I say should) build on this season, because it's not the first time that Liverpool have had a decent run in the League (and other seasons in the Cup competitions) only to fall apart in the next season (under Houllier). United are inching closer to the title but it's not over until it's Mathematically impossible for United to lose. So we'll all just take each game as it comes. To be honest, deep down I'm glad that Liverpool is back... admit it United had the upper hand over Liverpool in the past 6-7 seasons (home and away) and the "Big Derby" was somewhat subdued in recent seasons (however very satisfying to win!). Now the passion is back, confrontations between both sets of fans are in full cry, and the bitter rivalry is back to where it should be (in the past is was Arsenal and Mourinho's Chelsea). And that's what you want, a contest between rivals.

  • Red Blooded - 2009-04-29 12:43

    @Carlsberg - So you're okay with a useless team that will only ever live in Man Utd's shadow ? Good on ya mate ! At least u're coming to terms with reality unlike other scouser fans

  • Anonymous User - 2009-04-29 14:17

    RedBlooded - it's Utd playing catch up to 'Pool's records, not the other way around ;-)

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