Glazer: United not for sale

2010-05-28 14:30

London - Manchester United's board has announced that its owners will not listen to any offers for the club.

In a statement as the club released its latest financial results on Friday, the board said that "United is not for sale and the owners will not entertain any offers."

The Glazer family owners recently rejected a 1.5 billion-pound bid from a Qatari group.

The announcement comes as a group of financiers, calling themselves the Red Knights, try to form a bid to buyout the Glazers, who have enraged United fans since their 2005 leveraged takeover of the English Premiership club.

United has around 700 million pounds of debt.


  • Dgs - 2010-05-28 16:17

    What these blasted greedy Yanks want to own EPL clubs for, is beyond me. They know nothing about the game and probabaly don't even have an interest in it. All they do is get the clubs into debt which they previously never had. They do more damage than good and I just wish they would butt out.

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