Fergie: One of those days

2009-03-14 18:09

Manchester - Sir Alex Ferguson shrugged off Manchester United's 4-1 defeat by Liverpool as "just one of those days" and insisted his side's drive to retain the Premier League title would not be derailed.

"It is a hard one to take because I thought, really, we were the better team and the score does not reflect that," Ferguson claimed.

"But of course when you win 4-1 at Old Trafford you deserve all the plaudits and you can't deny them that."

The defeat cut United's lead at the top of the table to four points, although a game in hand gives them an additional edge over Liverpool, who may have to win all nine of their remaining matches to have any chance of overhauling the champions.

"If the league was starting today, you would take a four-point start," Ferguson added.

United's fate was sealed largely as a result of Nemanja Vidic's mistakes. The Serbian centreback gifted Fernando Torres an equaliser after Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty had given United the lead and then got himself sent off for a professional foul on Steven Gerrard quarter of an hour from the end.

Gerrard had put Liverpool ahead from the spot just before the break and Fabio Aurelio scored from the free-kick that resulted from Vidic's foul before Andrea Dossena completed the rout in stoppage time.

"It was a bad day in terms of the goals we lost but I couldn't argue with the quality of play that much," Ferguson said.

"One or two players were a little bit short today in terms of what we expect of them but I do know the football was good, we kept driving on and they showed good energy, even though we only had two and a half days to prepare for the match.

"Now the thing is to respond. It always is at this club -- you lose a game and you respond. We always do."

For Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez, Liverpool's biggest win at United since 1936 capped a hugely satisfying week following the 4-0 demolition of Real Madrid in the Champions League in midweek.

"We knew that we had to win," Benitez said. "It was very difficult after conceding a goal but we had to go forward, try and believe we could win and we had the quality to do it.

"It was difficult at the beginning but after 30 minutes we started playing better and little by little we were controlling the game."

Benitez believes Liverpool will have to come close to winning all of their remaining matches and hope United slip up badly.

"It will be difficult but at least we have more optimism now and we can stay closer to them. You never know what can happen in football but we know how much experience and quality United have in their squad."

Gerrard also acknowledged that Liverpool would need a bit of luck if they are to claim their first English title since 1990, but that did not stop him savouring the victory.

"I've been lucky enough to win here before but to score as well is a great feeling," he said. "After the stick I've had from United fans over the last 10 years it was nice to score and rub it in a bit.

"It's magnificent. It was a great team performance. From front to back we worked very hard. We showed great character to come from a goal down. They had a man sent off but even 11 v 11 we played like men. We controlled the game.

"It was a very comfortable win. It's not very often you see Manchester United get beaten 4-1 at home."

Torres said clinical finishing had been the key to Liverpool's stunning success.

"We scored all the chances, that is the secret," he said. "We are in the title race again. We have to keep going and maybe United can lose more points."


  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-14 21:51

    what wa ferguson smoking,,,, man u did not dominate,,,, admit that u were beaten by a superior side that took their chances

  • Shaheen - 2009-03-14 21:53

    A bitter one to swallow but gotta hand it to liverpool. Took their chances well. No complaints. We'll bounce back be sure about that. After all the matches united played this year the unbeaten streak had to come to an end. Pity it was against liverpool from a united perspective. Still a lot a work to do for liverpool and with their inconsistency they'll drop points again. Title still ours to lose.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-15 02:54

    We will make sure we beet Man Utd again and again and again and again until Alex Ferguson retires or dies whichever comes first. Their arrogant fans put them in our sights and it will be our sole purpose to humiliate them again and again even if we don't take the league or anything else....MAN Utd are not invincible and Liverpool is issuing notice that their 15 mins are up.This emphatic win will spur even the minnows to do their homework and whip them.....gooormless goormless Man Utd! Terry Pain and Gary Bailey must be at the bottom of a bottle! Hahahahaha.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-15 05:32

    Yeah Baby Yeah, bet you Man U supporters won't be running your mouth off so fast now, 4 goals at Old Trafford, Ooooh the pain you must be feeling, I'm loving it!

  • Star - 2009-03-15 06:18

    No dout that liverpool was superb yesterday, but consistensy will win the big title. let alone the best team of the day win, and it was liverpool. congrets.The title belong to Man u.

  • Jakes - 2009-03-15 06:18

    I don't know if Fergie watched another game, but in the one that I watched, Man U was beaten thoroughly. I mean, 4-1 at home? Only a few of the Man U players looked like stars, the rest were mediocre. I hope some of the other teams will also whack them real good.Long live excellent football.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-15 08:53

    That's what you call a A*SS WHIPPING

  • - 2009-03-15 09:17

    Great win for the Pool....however this is just a small setback for a team that is rampant in all the competitions. ManU will shrug this off and get on with the job at a hand. Manu fans are just as tough as the team they support..... bring the rain Liverpool fans ..... heaven only knows when you guys will get another chance.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-15 09:42

    so liverpool win their "cup final". well done. however, a season is much more than one game and long ball football doesnt bring silverware. keep living the dream. sad how you've accepted 19 yrs without the title. good news is benitez is getting a 5 yr contract. as any utd fan will tell you.."in rafa we trust!". liverpool will finish 3rd. again not good enough. steve gerrard gerrard, he kisses the badge on his chest, he put in a transfer request, steve gerrard gerrard

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-15 09:53

    We are human, everyone has a bad day and this will be a reminder that man utd cant be complacent, they will respond well and they will still win the league

  • Big Boss - 2009-03-15 10:46

    What you Liverpool fans are failing to understand is that losing against the so called big 4 is not a problem but when it comes to drawing and losing against smaller teams Liverpool as well champions that and that is where United triumphs the most and makes them better than the lots. Personally, I believed that Liverpool were sharper and fresher yesterday but we all know that (when it comes to Man United) this only comes up once in a blue moon which happened to be yesterday. No problems, we'll march on and claim our crown anyway and leave Liverpool fans to keep savoring their double over us - we are claiming the grand prize anyway! UNITED 4EVA

  • K.J.T - 2009-03-15 11:03

    Well Done LiverPool you guys deserved it , it was a long time in coming. Our Defence has been Shaky for the last couple of games so we were exposed. Remember Silverware is what counts. Good Luck for the rest of the Campaign as you will need it. VIVA UNITED

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-15 11:05

    Liverpool suck.United had an off day.We will still win the title. Long live Man U!

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-15 14:40


  • Drakkar - 2009-03-16 04:06

    Beating United must and will be the highlight of the scouses this season. There have been other teams that did the "double" over United during the season only to sit by the sidelines in envy as United once again paraded the siverware at the end of the season. Nothing is gonna change this year. Wonder if Rafa will have still a job by then?

  • Philip du Plessis - 2009-03-16 07:15

    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Liverfool on beating us on the day. We were outplayed, outmanned and outspirited on the day. Let them savour this moment as there wont be many more this season.

  • Carlsberg - 2009-03-16 08:01

    It was man u's arrogance that got them so badly thrashed! they thought they could just stroll thru this one, because thats how high and mighty they think they've become! and still the man u fans cannot be humble... if the players react the same way they will keep getting beaten, and they will mess up the good position they're in.

  • terry - 2009-03-16 08:06

    Its funny how when man u looses they have excuses.we will win the league this year. LIVERPOOL are starting to play to their potential. Sorry Man u, on the day you did not turn up. VIVA THE REDS

  • the kop (original) - 2009-03-16 08:13

    sorry to the scum that said whatever last week, put it in your pipe and smoke it!!!!! old trafford was like stealing candy from a baby...... world footballer of the year my a$$ oh and vidic comedy of errors............ unstopable??? where's fred the burnt devil???ryan Q20 giggs??? and nazeen the reserve orange peeler???

  • FRED THE RED DEVIL - 2009-03-16 08:30


  • Shaheen - 2009-03-16 08:36

    One comprehensive victory away from home does not constitute winning a League title. Bask in the Glory of doing the double over United as much as you want. Just shows what levels Liverpool fans have resorted to... They celebrate at the end of each season (3rd or 4th) jumping in a huddle because they made the Champions' League, and not actually won the League Title (pathetic if you ask me)... and now they celebrate doing the double over United for the first time in 7 years. Wow that is a top accomplishment, worthy of plastic medals... because that's what they'll receive at the end of the season. Oh by the way... is it just me, or are most of the Liverpool posters here Anonymous? Such proud "never walk alone" supporters they are hey? Perhaps they all walk together under the Anonymous Banner?

  • Mbuso - 2009-03-16 09:01

    I'm glad this happened. Man U is one of those teams that come back with a BANG!!! Watch this space. Congrats Liverpool FC. This should give them confidence for Europe, which is where their only hope lie.

  • Lance - 2009-03-16 09:03

    Well, well, well - classic of Man fans to look past their thrashing and put what they have left in the face of THE POOL. Your biggest enemies has ONCE agian proved that you're not as invincible as you think. I wish we get you in the UEFA Champions league as well, just to rub the salt in your faces ONCE again. We know who Man fears - LIVERPOOL! Forget about silverware, you guys must still play 9 games, lets see how you get back from the floor when Liverpool swept it with you guys! My prediction - A sorry and sad season awaits you guys...we will beat you ALWAYS, and the sad thing is that you ALL Man fans KNOW THIS! And you try and make yourself feel better by thinking about the silverware when in fact you have to face the reality, LIVERPOOL IS ALWAYS A BETTER TEAM!

  • lobo - 2009-03-16 09:18

    To beat the two biggest clubs in the world in a space of five days, and score eight goals in the process, is no small feat. We made United look ordinary and shut a lot of big mouths up along the way. You'll never walk alone.

  • The Stretford Faithful - 2009-03-16 09:19

    OK so liverpool had a good day congratulations and so and so forth can we please perhaps act like adults now oh wait you support liverpool your balls havent dropped yet, To all united faithfuls bad luck lads even so a loss to the scousers hurts more in our hearts than it does on the table which is really sad for livefool even after a great win away they still cant touch us

  • Shankly's Kin - 2009-03-16 09:29

    Amazing Performance guys. Finally the mancs are shutting up their poor excuses for mouths. Once again Rafa has proved how tactically astute he really is. And all the Lucas critics have also been silenced, and now you know why Rafa sticks with him (BTW, he is 22, still young and is learning, mistakes will happen). This Liverpool team is awesome. The squad just needs more depth in the striking department (another Torres for backup), and we'll be seriously challenging each season. If Torres and Stevie stays fit, why not this season. To all Pool fans: Walk on with hope in your heart. Anything is possible. Bill Shanks must smiling from above. Brilliant week.

  • Shaheen - 2009-03-16 09:40

    @Lance: Seeing that Liverpool are so proud of their history, here's a brief overview for u, Liverpool will ALWAYS beat United? Come on... please... first time in 7 years that you beat us twice. Oh and that was your first victory in 6 years on your precious Anfield earlier in the season too. United with 68 wins, 50 draws, and Liverpool with 59 head to head, you won't beat us ALWAYS, so take it from there. Having already praised Liverpool for their win this past weekend, it still doesn't seem enough.... no they take comfort in losing the league but beating two world class teams in two on week. Liverpool should not make a big fuss out of it, since they are "supposedly" the best team in Europe, so it should theoretically come as no surprise that they won two games in a row... Oh but then again, winning to games in a row is an outstanding feat by this teams standards, given their inconsistent nature.

  • Nazeem - 2009-03-16 09:46

    As expected the Liverpool crowd is really making a meal of this, but, at the end of day, you guys deserve your moment of glory. This is a big loss for us, but we will take it like men.. NO excuses for our peformance on the day... Every great club will experience big losses in their campaigns but what is important is how we bounce back.. We will still win the five trophies we are still on track to win this season in addition to equalling liverpools much punted 18 premiership wins, and as big a loss that this weekends game was, it will not set us back much... Enjoy your moment Liverpool... :-)

  • Pool fan - 2009-03-16 09:55

    Well well well, last week a lot of you united fans were 200% sure that you guys would win saterday past and now after we won we are not allowed to celebrate- whats up with that? what makes this win so significant is the fact that we started the game with Hyppia in defence, Lukas in the mid field and Reiera on the left. when i saw the team sheet - with these three changes from teusday's great win - i prepared myself for a thrashing.i never would have dreamt us to win let alone put 4 past united and only conceding a ify ify penalty must really reflect bad on united and i know roony will have nightmares about this for a long long time, even if you should end up winning the league, which i hope you dont. WELL NEVER WALK ALONE.

  • Shaheen - 2009-03-16 09:56

    Correction there buddy.... they have 18 Division One Titles, 0 Premiership Titles. ;)

  • Man4Life - 2009-03-16 10:02

    Well done pool, good football played from your side, nice wake up for us, thanks for that, Go ManU Go

  • Nazeem - 2009-03-16 10:08

    Attn all Man United faithfuls... Please dont be bothered by or tempted to respond equally, to the many Liverpool juvenile ranting and raving and crass comments about their great weekend win... As much as we would want to take them on, lets just remember one thing.. They may have won this battle, but they sure aint gonna win the war which if they are paying attention, we are STILL winning overall WITH a game in hand.. Oh, and hey, I see they are STILL third... Well, good luck catching us boys... Maybe we can meet again in the Champs league hey?? You never know.. :-)

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-16 10:08

    Where is ryangiggs today??what was that about pound seats the other day? hahahahahahaha

  • Paul - 2009-03-16 10:26

    Great Game of football by 2 really good sides -- Utd have only lost 3 league games and Liverpool 2 this season so thought it would be really tight but was a really open game. Makes the title race a bit more interesting and humbles a few arrogant Utd players but they are still a great footballing taem and we would expect them to bounce back(that said who expected this 4-1 defeat at Old Trafford)??? I watch with interest!!! Paul.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-16 10:44

    Nemanja Vidic The Serbian has, on the whole, been superb this season. Yet his humiliation at the quick feet of Torres and Gerrard was perhaps, albeit with the benefit of hindsight, not that great a surprise. If Vidic has a flaw, it is a lack of pace on the turn and he is slow to disguise it against top-level opponents. His dismissal for hauling down Gerrard with a rugby-style tackle was his second of the league campaign and similar to the offences that saw him dismissed at Anfield six months ago and cautioned at Newcastle earlier this month. And that charge-sheet is generous: in November, Vidic should also have been sent off at both Villa and Arsenal for professional-foul shirt-pulls on Gabriel Agbonlahor and Samir Nasri after his lack of pace was exposed. The leniency and inaccuracy of officialdom saved him then but, all of a sudden courtesy of Gerrard and Wiley, his flaw is finally out in the open and ripe for exploitation. Wayne Rooney What a silly boy. blabing his mouth before the game but playing like Shrek again. Manchester United Such humiliations are difficult to forget, especially against such intense and local rivals. Even if United avoid long-term scarring, their cloak of invincibility has been punctured and the sight of a quarter-full Old Trafford at the final whistle will remain one of the season's enduring images. It matters, too, because the rest of Europe will know the English champions are from far invincible and any claims of greatness proclaimed at the end of the season Their manager remarked last week that winning the Champions League this season has become the club's priority. On Saturday, the importance of that task assumed a new perspective. It will only be by triumphing in Europe - something that can only be achieved with victories over the elite - that the charge of Flat Track Bullying can be refuted.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-16 10:45


  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-16 10:52

    LIVERPOOL had a great performance in this game and I cant believe Sir Alex comes out and says: "It is a hard one to take because I thought, really, we were the better team and the score does not reflect that," Ferguson claimed. I am sorry but Liverpool where definately the better team on the day!!

  • the kop (original) - 2009-03-16 11:01

    lets see come may who wins the title, all these man benders fans are great fortune tellers, all predicted a man utd win this weekend.....and we all know how that turned out. you might be on top...but that can all change.... Stretford Faithful-------- hahaha that end is now known as the gerrard end...... world champs.....more like world chumps......

  • shakes - 2009-03-16 11:02

    i've said before guys after the midweek champion league, that setpieces around the eighteen area are very dangerous and could cost you the game. liverpool deserve to win because they did thier homework, fergie and the guys put this one behind you and stay focused for other games to come, GUDLUCK.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-16 11:03

    Manure fans have got nothing else to say not but we will win the CL and PL and Bla bla bla. days like these are never forgetten. Humiliation, Laughable, Carnage, Whipping, Trashing, Invincible, Legend killers…..

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-16 11:40

    It has been reported the Fabio Aurelio was arrested upon leaving Old Trafford for theft. it appears that as he was boarding the Liverpool coach he was found to still have Christiano Ronaldo in his back pocket. Manchester United were relieved to have Ronaldo returned as they had previously reported him missing to the Greater Manchester Police, 2 minutes after scoring their consolation goal from the penalty spot. Liverpool player Fabio Aurelio was released later that day after proving to Manchester police that he in fact owned Christiano Ronaldo. During his questioning, to the surprise of police interrogators, Aurelio produced a recently signed proof of ownership showing that he had acquired the winger legally earlier that afternoon in a completely legitimate transaction and is now his rightful owner. A police spokesman has stated that there is no reason to further detain the Brazilian footballer, and no charges will be raised. In Related news: Nemanja Vidic was admitted to hospital with an unholy amount of dust in his throat, police are looking for a ginger haired scouse individual who can be identified by his Liverpool themed armband. He has been urged to come forward so they may return his dust to him. In Other news: Edwin Van Der Sar has been dubbed 'The Carrot'... he was 'rooted' to the spot during Fab's Fabio’s free-kick! Finance section: Manchester United fans have registered complaints with trading standards over 'defender' Nemanja Vidic. After witnessing Vidic themselves earlier in the day, many complained the goods were not as described and so unfit for purpose. One trading standards officer commented: "We've not seen such a misleading description since Bobby Robson called Titus Bramble a colossus". Entertainment news: Following his totally insipid display in today’s top of the table clash it has been reported that now Christiano Ronaldo has been arrested for impersonating the world player of the year. Later the rightful owner a Mr. F Torres of Anfield in Liverpool was reunited with the trophy. Food section : LFC’s deadly Gin and Tonic Recipe. AKA Gerrard and Torres ( G+T) Mrs. Alice Ferguson who declared that her team was the better side on the day, has now vowed to give up all alcohol. He told reporters that G + T caused him severe headaches and will most probably result in many nightmares to come.

  • The Stretford Faithful - 2009-03-16 12:19

    Anonymous User@ 3/16/2009 11:40 AM It just goes to show how much free time scousers have creating an entire essay just to show liverpool won we know this you plank instead of living off your drug dealing mom why dont you try earning a living the real way go join your dad in the job centre remember they give out free lunches there ,then again as a scouser you should be used to that

  • the kop (original) - 2009-03-16 12:48

    Anonymous User 3/16/2009 11:40 AM----------------> you are the king buddy..... lets these cockney scums have it

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-16 13:07

    So wut would have been the bulk of the blogs(from Liver-fools) today, had Pool lost that game....We'll see next season!!! Cause that's what they say every year. Maybe it was meant to be that way, so it wont look like Liverpool ends the season in thrid position.....three or even six points behind Chelsea. Lets see who has a team photo with just soccer balls(no tropies) and maybe a 4-1 print on their shirts....LMIMP

  • Shaheen - 2009-03-16 13:07

    Oh scousers... carry on... let the comments fly... and celebrate the single most defining achievement of the season. Milk it for all its worth...

  • CSY - 2009-03-16 13:26

    We give dues to Liverpool for beating us but we will prevail in the end. Man u fans, lets give them thier time in the spotlight and see them in the Chapions League. Well done Liverpool from a very proud Man u fan!!!

  • Crash - 2009-03-16 13:27

    Y is it that wen united beat anyone, its jus an ordinary day. u kno, like a non event. lik wen we won three cups so far in the season. we on top of the log nd in the runing for two other cups. bt 1 win over us nd the hole world chips in. Lets face it, liverpool did out play us, bt the way u guys carry on like u'l won a cup or sumthing. get over it, ull beat the ManU, so wat. lik u'lls Gerrard sed: u'll hav 2 win all the games left nd hope United lose. In other words, u'l require us 2 lose. that the only way u'll can win.the critics havnt sed well done liverpool, dey sed united had a bad game so dnt think ull r so great, coz, u'll cnt win unless we lose. So...get over it.WOW u'll beat us.Wip di freaken do. Im a fan of football, nd lik i sed, u'll did play well, bt, still doesnt change the fact dat we r on top of the log.

  • Nazeem - 2009-03-16 13:28

    Anonymous user @ 11:40... WTF are you on about?????? You talking as much crap as your team are, despite their win on Saturday... Please don't bother posting any more as you are destroying the already bad reputation Liverpool has buddy.... Utd are still tops and you guys are still third, AND Utd still has a game in hand... Try to get your tiny little mind to accept that fact before posting a truck load of BS, which no one has really read to the end anyway... (P.S. I stopped reading after your first line of horse twaddle.....) At the end of the season, Liverpool fans, we will spare a thought to this weekend game, just for a second, right before we celebrate our 18th premier title ok??? I know, you guys will respond saying that you have been there done that, but shame the 19th one sure is elusive hey???? Whats it now... 18 long years since your last premiership title.... WOW!! Rock on Liverpool...:-)

  • LFC 4ever - 2009-03-16 14:14

    The Stretford Faithful @ 3/16/2009 12:19 PM. If you cant handel the heat go read winnie the poo. Leave this post just like how most of the Manure fans left the match before the game was over. You hurting so bad that you resort to picking on someones mother and free lunches. How pathetic is that. What you need to understand is that we will celebrate however we want to, Today, tomorrow and whenever. we have the right to do so. We trashed the socalled "worlds greatest club" twice in 1 season.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-03-16 14:23

    To all the Liverfool supporters...savour the rare moment. Its not likely to happen again for the next 20 years. Man Utd is still coming our with silverware and what is Liverfool coming out with? SQAT! Because they aint good enough!