Chelsea humiliate Stoke

2010-04-25 20:00

London - Chelsea's Premier League title bid was boosted by a 7-0 demolition of Stoke on Sunday with Salomon Kalou scoring a hat-trick.

Frank Lampard scored twice, while Daniel Sturridge and Florent Malouda added late goals to give Chelsea a one-point lead over defending champion Manchester United and a goal-difference advantage of eight.

Chelsea will win its first championship title since 2006 if it beats Liverpool and Wigan in its last two games.

"I thought 7-0 was a fair scoreline because of the chances we created and how we played," Lampard said. "The goal difference is to our advantage now but we still have to go and win our last two games."

Chelsea was briefly toppled from the summit on Saturday when United beat Tottenham 3-1, but a victory over Stoke never looked beyond Carlo Ancelotti's side.

Captain John Terry, who was suspended after being sent off at Spurs, was not missed in central defense with goalkeeper Petr Cech never troubled.

Chelsea left back Ashley Cole had a comfortable return to action after 10 weeks out with a broken ankle.

Stoke's afternoon began badly when Abdoulaye Faye limped off in the 10th minute with a thigh injury. But his replacement, Ryan Shawcross, immediately made a decisive block as Cole hit the rebound after goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen had parried Lampard's 30-meter (yard) strike.

Soon after, Drogba had a header saved by Sorensen and then volleyed over. The Ivory Coast striker provided the assist in the 24th minute for Chelsea's first goal, with Kalou almost on the ground six meters (yards) out as he met Drogba's cross.

Kalou was on target again seven minutes later when Lampard's shot was parried by Sorensen, sliding to send the ball over the line with his left boot but appearing to catch Sorensen's elbow with his right boot.

The Denmark goalkeeper was carried off on a scretcher and received oxygen after being treated.

Kalou played a part in Chelsea's third goal, earning a penalty after being hauled down by Robert Huth. Lampard slotted the spot kick into the bottom right corner past replacement goalkeeper Asmir Begovic.

The fourth goal came in the 68th when Kalou charged down the right flank. Begovic blocked the initial shot from a tight angle shot, but Kalou fired the rebound into the net.

A fifth should have come when Nicolas Anelka crossed to Malouda at the far post, but the France winger sliced wide.

Lampard was on target, though, in the 81st when he volleyed past Begovic after latching on to substitute Sam Hutchinson's cross.

As Stoke completely capitulated - with the team's Premier League survival already guaranteed - Sturridge was fed by Drogba and rounded Begovic before slotting home. Malouda turned home Joe Cole's cross in the 89th.


  • Lamps_8 - 2010-04-26 07:55

    What can I say really,Chelsea Dominated from the first whistle.It was just Attack after attack.If Malouda hadn't missed 2 Sitters it would have been 9!!!

  • Thami, Kempton Park - 2010-04-26 09:22

    Come on Lamps_8, spare a thought for teanms who are struggling to score; 7-0 was more than enough. Why you want the other two as well... you want to surpass the Spurs vs Sunderland [9-1] score?? All that is left id for Chelsea to win the remaining two games [as Lampard said] and the rest will be history. For their part, Man United have done ever so well to keep the viewers glued to the screen for the remainder of the season. [Toobad my beloved Gunners couldn't do the same]

  • Sello - 2010-04-26 09:22

    Please Chelsea dont flop in your next two games, otherwise u will give those red ants the trophy on a silver platter, and we all know the noise they will make for the whole year if that happens. Go Chelsea Go!

  • chelsea boy - 2010-04-26 09:22

    BOOOOOOOM BABY BOOOOOOOM and thats how you play football manchester

  • rico - 2010-04-26 10:21

    great result for chelsea....goal differnces not going to be a issue if u lose or draw to Liverpool.......nice to have a close race when everyone wrote us off...United for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AL - 2010-04-26 10:30

    This is the only time I`ll ever say this but C`MON LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man U`s hopes lie in your hands.

  • MANUTD TILL I DIE - 2010-04-26 12:20

    @chelsea boy did watch on saturday how to beat tottenham. with our so called PENSIONERS.

  • chelsea boy@man united - 2010-04-26 12:41

    i did...and the score didnt really reflect the game...BORING...should we ponder the first half or the second...either or it doesnt actually matter...a boring game...6 shots on target incl of penalties..yeah,you really showed up...

  • MANUTD TILL I DIE - 2010-04-26 13:31

    what was the final score and who won compared to spurs chelsea game. you wannabe supporter.

  • chelsea boy...united idle - 2010-04-26 14:19

    take it your a member of M.U.S.T and have a newton heath scarf??? be careful son,the internet is global,you have no idea where this is coming from...for all you know i might just be a chelsea fan living in manchester...with more knoweledge on your own team than you shut up and stop questioning peoples support...bring sumn to the table...or should i enlighten you on the happenings of your team tonto?fresh from the M.E.N

  • Never Walk Alone - 2010-04-26 15:01

    How about some intrigue ! LFC beat Chelsea - therefore handing MU the EPL on a plate - so MU go on to beat our record of league wins ! They have been bad mouthing us the whole season, and we help them win the title !!! Naah I dont think so - Benitez will get the team selection wrong, make stupid substitions - Liverpool will lay down for a Chelsea hiding, thus frustating Fergie and MU will have to wait another year or ??? to claim dominance ! MU supporters are sucking up big time to the Scousers hey boys ? But I think we would rather have Chelsea win it !!

  • man united for ever - 2010-04-26 15:12

    lol chelsea actually playing well, but united not totally out as yet so dnt get your hopes to high chelsea. wow its been long since you guys took the league. every1 said united wnt finish at the top without ronaldo but guess they wer proven wrong we fyt till the end... its an exciting league so either way who ever wins really deserved it. glory glory man united :-)

  • Big K - 2010-04-28 09:31

    @ NWA, i hear what you saying and its true url will hand it to us, but i dont think Liverpool wants Everton to finish ahead of url and if url do beat Chelski, 4th spot not far away!! I will go against my beliefs for 2 hours on Sunday and sing You'll never walk alone (some help with the wording) and il be vouching for the red half of Liverpool on that day!! This brings me back to the saying, Keep ur friends close and ur enemies closer!!! GGMU, you'll never walk alone, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malouda - 2010-04-28 15:51

    Just last week all the Bookies had their money on United and how quickly the tables have turned .. Truth be told either team that wins the league deserves it but to the Man U supporters "STOP WAITING ON LIVERPOOL TO BEAT US JUST SO YOU COULD WIN THE LEAGUE" .. Win it fair and square .. And i know already if they dont take the trophy we will be hearing all those lames excuses .. Chelsea is winning the league

  • Never Walk Alone - 2010-04-28 17:26

    MU and LFC supportters - Wishfull thinking if you think we have the capability to beat Chelsea ! We have no strike force upfront - Kuyt is running around like a chicken with his head cut off - and Ngog is just plain useless in front of goal (another Veronin) - our back line is dodgy, with the likes of the Gangly Greek - who will be turned inside out by Drogba, Malouda, Anelka and Co - a right back (Johnson) whose marking in the penalty area and on crosses is non existant, and does one realistically think that he is going to be able to keep Malouda in check - and an ageing Carragher thrown into the mix - I have seen milk turn quicker than him this season !! Gerrard is lacking form - no Torres - and the doos Lucas - make up some serious opposition for the likes of an on song Chelsea !! Benitez will screw things up as usual with his dumb ass tactics. F^#@k - I think we are in for a torrid time come match day.

  • TRUE Red - 2010-04-29 14:00

    NWA, the more I read your posts, the more I'm convinced you're a Manc - how do you expect a 20 year old lightie (Ngog) to be a Torres replacement ? For his age, the kid is promising - watch his movement & runs - he will score more only with experience - what's Berba's excuse ? Ngog cost us 2 mil, not 31 mil like Berba cost the Manc's - Tevez only wanted 25 mil to stay - who would you have ? This is not a dig at the Manc's, but rather to show you every manager in the world makes mistakes. You're also contradicting yourself - you say we had an awesome run last season but you also say Rafa is useless - which is it ? Did he not keep the 6th most expensive team in the Top 4 for 5 years staright ? Did he not make us a force in the European Cup / CL for those 5 years ? (2 finals, 1 semi & 1 quarter). YES, he made some bad decisions this season, but I suppose everything else he has done goes out the window hey ! You want us to compete with Utd & Chelsea every season ? Then pray for new owners with some $$$, coz' that's the only way

  • Never Walk Alone - 2010-04-29 14:58

    @True Red - I have been praying for the past 3 years - and maybe my prayers will be answered !!! Defintely not a MU supporter in disguise - but a realist who has supported the Reds for 30 years - but I have never seen such crap being displayed by the club in all my years of watching them play. It's time that we stopped living on past results and achievements, and making excuses for mediocre performances. I dont believe Benitez is the future for the club - he is defensive and negative in every facet of his game plans - New blood and ideas are needed to shake LFC out of limbo !Benitez had fairly good money available to spend on players - however his purchases and sales were dodgy - PERIOD ! So lets stop defending the fool - his time is up and he needs to move on - simple as that. Also, please dont spew forth bs about the talents (lack of) and skills about Ngog and others - and compare them with Man U - what most people tend to forget is that MU are not a great team at present - and are also a shadow of the former greatness - however they have a manager who is capable of bringing out the best in mediocre and old players and making the team competitive every year for top spot - Chelsea have done the same with an ageing team - so lets cut the crap and stop looking for excuses, because its not going to make us into the great team we were ! I am tired of spineless supporters just accepting the crap we are dished up week after week and season after season. LFC need to improve drastically and they need to do it sooner than later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hopkins - 2010-04-30 08:57

    What can i say it was vintage Chelsea. Go Chelsea this one ours.

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