Big Sam fined after ref criticism

2013-02-06 19:34

London - West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce has been fined £8 000 after being found guilty of misconduct by the English Football Association for criticising a referee.

Allardyce was charged after suggesting in comments to the media that referee Phil Dowd favoured Manchester United in his decision-making during West Ham's loss in a third-round replay at Old Trafford on January 16.

Allardyce denied the charge that he "questioned the integrity of the match referee" and "brought the game into disrepute."

The FA also warned Allardyce as to his future conduct.


  • peter.creak.3 - 2013-02-06 19:59

    You can't blame the referees,they are sh*t scared of giving a penalty against Man U if they did Fergie would slate them and they wouldn't ref there for a long time after. Until one of them grows a pair and gives a penalty against them they will continue to be untouchable,Sams the latest of many to complain at the injustice of it.

  • helen.ludlow.37 - 2013-02-06 22:51

    Fined for speaking the truth - appalling decision - trust Sir Alex will get the same for his comments.

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