Benni to join Portsmouth?

2009-11-01 16:29

Cape Town - Blackburn and South African striker Benni McCarthy is set to join Portsmouth on loan in the January transfer window.

According to, Spanish clubs Espanyol and Deportivo La Coruna are also interested in the South African, who is keen on regular first team action to keep his slim hopes of a Bafana Bafana call-up alive ahead of the 2010 World Cup.

If McCarthy had to join Portsmouth, he would team up with his national skipper Aaron Mokoena who joined Pompey from Blackburn earlier this year.


  • colin rosenkowitz - 2009-11-01 20:14

    McCarthy needs game time as I am certain that he will be recalled to play for Bafana Bafana. They dont have any other choices, do they. LOL

  • Themba Nel - 2009-11-01 22:00

    I thought he was such a big deal and such a star. Now, he is moving around to get first team action? I cannot imagine him getting first team action in Espanyol or even Deportivo, though Pompey routed on the bottom of the league might give him 5 minutes per game. This is a has been and perhaps should retire for the 10th time in his career

  • bornwise - 2009-11-01 22:48

    benni needs a stable team where he will play in every game so that can be able 2 maintain his effort 2 be ready 4 2010, he's such a grt player dat de country doesnt stand a chance 2 loose his appearence in de field and its all about confidence n nothng else

  • bafana fan - 2009-11-02 00:31

    I think Benni will surprise most people at the world cup 2010

  • DAN - 2009-11-02 07:38

    i think benni deserve a second chance

  • dan - 2009-11-02 07:39

    i think benni deserve a second chance

  • andile-port elizabeth-summerstrand - 2009-11-02 08:42

    im glad and happy for benni.he needs regular game time to achieve match fitness so as to stake a legitimate claim in the 2010 team.his country needs and its high time his highly disputed patriotism is put to rest.

  • Bantu - 2009-11-02 09:24

    He should join a spanish team not portsmouth, i believe he will play better in spain, he once played there.

  • Dumisani Xulu - 2009-11-02 11:43

    Aaron Mokoena is no longer the Bafana Bafana Skipper. He is not getting a call up this time. We are sick and tired of him I do not know what they see in him. At least Niel Tovey and Steve Kompela are in agreement with us as spectators. He has never had a good game since joining Bafana Bafana through the useless Jomo Sono.

  • medias kgatla - 2009-11-02 12:04

    I think Benni is great and he will make it and maybe Carlos alberto will call him in the Bafana squad. we need him tobang those goals because we play good football butwe can't score. Let him do the job

  • SHAVULL - 2009-11-02 17:19


  • Mzondi - 2009-11-02 23:30

    He loves Bafana when he is off-form and turns his back on them when he is on form. We are sick & tired of him. There are better players than him if the midfield players can support them, feed them with quality passes

  • Tyson - 2009-11-03 07:29

    Benny is a great but pompous player who needs discipline. He vowed that he will never play for Bafana again!! Why should we crack our heads about him. S.A. is pregnant with talent, the only problem is that we are one of the teams in the World that do not apply FORD's manufacturing ideology. One person does one thing and passes it on to the other until the car is complete. Every player wants to score, even the defenders and everybody wants to appear on the front page

  • Kingkaizer - 2009-11-03 11:24

    It serves him right. I wish he could fail there too just like Quinton Fortune who is wandering all over the teams in Europe. You cannot desert your country and think that other countries will be good to you.

  • trevovo - 2009-11-03 11:25

    We don't need McCarthy and should the likes of Parreira and Safa decide to call him then they will have to support and attend the games of Bafana Bafana while we will be watching spanish league insted of Bennie.

  • zamikhaya buya - 2009-11-03 11:43

    if he's on form we can call him,i know he is fooling us but we've got players that are patriotic but not quality strikers.

  • Dlobeni - 2009-11-03 14:33

    Benni is such a quality striker, he was good on Sunday when he came on as a substitute. He was unlucky not to score, to move to another team will increase his confidence. I am one of those who did not want anything to do with him but I think I have changed my mind. Yeah I hear people say SA got talent and we do not need Benni. which talent do we have? Today boys from the premier league are on form and the next day are worse. Benni is one of the people who sit on the bench but when call for duty he performs. I think it will be fair to the Nation to give him a second chance. It must also be remembered that SAFA too is to be blamed in the exodus of these players, but we are not told every side of the story. SA have talent but not those players are not groomed properly and they remain on form for two or three season. Look at the likes of Teko Modise, Terror Fanteni, Benedict Vilakazi, to name a few, are they still on form that they were couple of seasons ago? the only good thing about them they never retired on national team because they never had logistic problems with SAFA (SUFFER) regarding their travelling from Europe.

  • Dlobeni - 2009-11-03 14:50

    If SA got talent, how many goals have we scrored in 10 games? Common guys, we do not have a striker liker Benni. I don't say he need to be begged but if he is available, let him be selected. I pray and hope that Parreira calls him for the camps in March or so, and I am sure people will be surprised and we will score goals, and I mean goals, did just read goals, yes I mean goals, scored by Benni and create goals for the other strikers. Can some1 imagine the combination of Benni, Nhleko or Mphela or Mashego, upfront backed up by Pienaar and Modise (hope is on form) with Dikgacoi/ Sibaya and Siphiwe Shabalala in the middle and Mabizela, Gaxa, Khumalo and Nasief Morris/ Booth at the back.

  • Steven - 2009-11-03 20:07

    Whether we want to hear it or not benni is certainly the best striker S.A has produced in the laet 20 years and i think he should leave blackburn to show hiss class again.The media did not do him any favours aswell ,but to be hinest we need the guy and im sure he would keen 2 maybe its e blessing that parreira is back

  • John - 2009-11-04 10:54

    Benny has had his time. Let him go away quietly.

  • MZ - 2009-11-04 16:46

    @bornwise, Yah I agree with you he will be ready in 4 2010

  • Elvis - 2009-11-04 18:37

    Benni is not a team man. He disrupts bafana players because he thinks he is bigger than the game. In any case he has not done a hell of a lot for us in recent years. He deserves nothing. He has become an average, unwanted player.

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