Benni to consider US move

2011-01-03 07:05

Johannesburg - Benni McCarthy could be on the verge of securing a move abroad, according to his agent Rob Moore.

The South African international has struggled to make an impact at West Ham since joining the club a year ago from Blackburn Rovers.

Subject to much ridicule over his well-publicised girth, McCarthy is naturally desperate to start playing regularly again.

The 33-year-old former Ajax, Celta Vigo and Porto striker could make a switch to the United States with a move back to Europe also reportedly also on the cards.

Moore told the Sowetan: "He is frustrated at only being given cameo appearances. We're looking at several possibilities. Benni wants to play. He's not a guy who sits on the bench and collects his cheque.

"He has maintained his correct weight since October. There are options in England and elsewhere in Europe, but I don't think he would rule out an interesting move to an MLS club.

"It would be an opportunity to contribute to the game on another continent. We've had one or two discussions, and we'll see what happens in coming weeks."

McCarthy is yet to score for the Hammers in 13 appearances but was on target 37 times in 109 Premier League appearances for Blackburn. 


  • Marc - 2011-01-03 07:51

    MLS would suit Benni pefectly. He will be moving to a country where donuts, waffles, burgers and fries is the staple diet.

      Bratt - 2011-01-03 08:25

      which is perhaps why the MLS would NOT suit him.

      Marc - 2011-01-03 09:09

      Bratt, the MLS is a retirement village for has-been footballers. Its not like Benni would be putting himself in contention for a national call up by moving to the MLS

      Clive - 2011-01-03 21:58

      I like, i like this comment, Marc.

  • Modise - 2011-01-03 08:40

    Wrong move , food is the order of the day there. Hang your boots . Do some managerial and coaching courses.

  • AloninSA - 2011-01-03 08:42

    Why does everyone hate Benni? This guy did so much for South African football and our reputation abroad. Helping Porto win the Champions League was the most notable of his accomplishments so far! He's had a tough time since coming to England, but this is what happens in football! Let's offer the lad some support, and hope he reaches further success wherever his career takes him!

      Marc - 2011-01-03 09:08

      Benni is only in it for himself. He would get a lot more support had he the kind pf persona as a Radebe.

      Clive - 2011-01-03 09:20

      Nobody hates Benni. I must be missing something here. Benni always had an attitude when it came to SAFA and representing our country. Where was he with the world cup? If you don't know, i'll tell you. Sitting at home eating masala steak Gatsby's!! LOL.

      thandotettey - 2011-01-03 09:32

      Agreed. That is one way of looking at it. He has also made a big contribution to the burger and donut companies.

      perrrleeez - 2011-01-03 10:43


  • Clive - 2011-01-03 09:13

    Benni's not the same striker any more. Good example of what attitude do to you. Good luck to him if they can get a contract in the MSL, but i think he's past his sell by date. IMO, he must pack up his bags and come home, because he's only good enough to come play in the PSL. Sundowns, Pirates and Chiefs might be interested.

      Marc - 2011-01-03 09:52

      I agree with you Clive.. However I doubt he is willing to slash his wages that much to return to the PSL. If he agred to halve it, then Motsepe would probably try sign him for Sundowns.I believe he will pick up his final paycheck in USA or even somwhere like Qatar, and could possibly return to SA at age 37 for one last season with a Cape side like Santos or Ajax

      Clive - 2011-01-03 22:03

      Nah Marc, he's from Cape Town and we don't want him BACK here. He can go via j/burg or any where else, but not here. PLEASE.

      Zukisani - 2011-01-04 21:15

      he is not good enough to play in the psl, this league is for beginners not for retirement candidates , try Qatar , USA or India, and in case you didn't know clive those teams which you have just mentioned are well known in the football world , so don't expect pirates or chiefs to fall for any trash out there , mls is perfect for Bennie, he might just score an endorsement deal with burger king , if he doesn't score goals

  • Mzansisoka - 2011-01-03 09:18

    You are a legend Benni - go for it!

  • bill - 2011-01-03 09:33

    Who honestly cares about this fat has-been?Let him survive by selling the gold in his teeth.

  • Recato - 2011-01-03 21:26

    I always thought Benni was the right guy for me to.... No need to get into further nasty details. But with that stomach! No lost my taste.

      Clive - 2011-01-03 22:05

      You were wrong. He's now an old VETSAK.

  • grocer - 2011-01-04 07:58

    I wish he would transfer to a Chilean club. One near a mine!

      Clive - 2011-01-04 09:13


      Zukisani - 2011-01-04 21:20

      that is the best joke i have heard in a while, but if he falls inside what will we use to get him out, because a forklift will be useless

  • grootwillie - 2011-01-04 09:43

    I'm a big Benni fan, but the way he let himself get out of shape speaks volumes of his commitment to his club and to the game. He should hang up his boots and open a sports bar somewhere while people still remember who he is..

  • Iceman200 - 2011-01-04 13:07

    He should rather get his own Mc D's franchise,he is a has been!!!!

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