Benni: Enough's enough

2009-12-30 13:52

England - South Africa striker Benni McCarthy wants Blackburn to let him leave during the January transfer window.

McCarthy is unhappy at the Premier League club and was booed by Rovers fans after a disappointing performance in Monday's 2-2 draw with Sunderland.

The 32-year-old has also fallen out with Rovers boss Sam Allardyce and admits he is no longer prepared to put up with being called in for extra early morning fitness sessions.

McCarthy believes a fresh challenge at a new club would revitalise his career and allow him to go into next year's World Cup on top form.

"Enough's enough, I feel I've been stepped on too much and it's best I go," McCarthy said in the Daily Mail.

"I feel I'm being singled out unfairly. I wasn't any worse than the other lads, yet I'm the only one on duty from that game (against Sunderland) being asked to come in at 07:00.

"Yes, I admit I've had issues with hitting the weight targets the manager has set and that's my fault, but I put 100% in on the pitch and always try my hardest. It seems I'm being punished more than others."

However McCarthy, who joined Blackburn from Porto in 2006, is keen to stay in the Premier League.

"I'd like to stay in the England. This is a great league," he said. "I'm just unhappy with my situation and need to feel wanted again. I'm not getting any younger but I know I can still make an impact.

"This is a very big year for me. To come from South Africa and have the chance to play for my country in the World Cup is massive.

"I can't risk that by playing the odd game here and there for Blackburn. I need to play and I hope they will allow me to fulfil that dream.

"They got me for next to nothing and they've had a good return with more than 50 goals in about 130 games.

"Hopefully they won't ask an unreasonable fee and let me go when the window opens."


  • JustinD - 2009-12-30 14:14

    Bothasig FC are looking for a few quota players to make up there numbers. The pay is kuk but the stukkies are lekker.

  • kamo - 2009-12-30 14:22

    GOD will never let you down boy, i wish you get a team that really need your services that will give you game time "Gud Luck"

  • Houston - 2009-12-30 14:30

    Benni, face it, you're useless, has been, I mean have been for ages, and hopefully this show will put an end to any stupid thoughts you may have had about playing in the world cup

  • Phuthi ya Kgwase - 2009-12-30 14:38

    How easily we forget! Benni McCarthy is a spoiled brat. Remember how he used to complain during the tenure of the previous coach AND he was baffled as to why he was not being played! Then Sam Allrdyce arrived and started giving him game time and he was happy. Now that Sam Allardyce has seen what the prevous manager saw which made him bench him, he believes the fault is with the manager once again. It is Benni McCarthy who was singing Allardyce's praises for playing him whereas the previous manager was not playing him for "unknown reasons"! It is time that Benni looked at himself and sorts the proble out ionce and for all....But then, the boy thinks he is God's gift in football! Enough said!

  • ken - 2009-12-30 14:42

    Don't think that they could give hime away. Has a very high opinion of his own worth! Probably not the same as Blackburn value him now. Hope Bafana understand Sam's rationale. RSA does not need him!

  • johann - 2009-12-30 14:45

    its probally because you are black benni , racissm raises its ugly head again!

  • Proudly South African? - 2009-12-30 14:50

    Is he actually going to pitch for the practice sessions for his "beloved country"? Benni is the typical ex-pat who is an absolute hyprocrit! Stay where you are! We don't want you. We are not interested in REJECTS! The money and status has gone to your head and you've lost the passion for the game! Shame on you! You're a has been....hang on...let me watch what I'm saying...he might just end up playing golf with the musketeers(JZ,JM,SS)...after all he is Brakenjan ....WOOF! and then might just end up being our NEW Minister of Sports! HELL NO!

  • Simon - 2009-12-30 14:52

    Benni, stop eating, do your fitness and SHUT UP! You are doing early morning fitness because you are fat, not because you are being punished. Fool.

  • Wiggle - 2009-12-30 14:57

    Liver Pool should buy this boy - he and Torres will make Man United like Boys Divided - come now playa

  • Keelvol - 2009-12-30 15:25

    Benni, oh benni it's that kind of attitude that brought bafana bafana to the "heights" they reached. You can't play soccer and you shouldn't be allowed back in SA. Please stay there and take the rest of bafana with you. Perhaps some morons from our current cricket team could join you on the dole. JM could be your leader.

  • hertzel brodovcky - 2009-12-30 15:48 your own admittance you are over- weight....even at this stage of the season There is no excuse at your age not to be 100% fit and to be upset that your Manager is unhappy with you when the Club is paying you &40 000 pw leaves much to be desired regarding your mind-set

  • Dirkie - 2009-12-30 16:25

    Break a leg BENNIE

  • Michelin Man - 2009-12-30 17:10

    Fatso, I watched you "play" against Japan. You are a fat prima dona and we do not need you. No, we do not WANT you. You upset the team and pattern because you cannot run off the ball and that is space creation necessary in soccer. Jourzinho and Gary Linekar showed you how to play this game. So mudguts, get to those 7.00 am sessions and stop eating so much and go for a dump more often

  • Sello "Two-Two" Jelle - 2009-12-30 17:16

    Well, well, well Wiggle I agree with you and in fact he should have been chosen FIFA Player of the Year beyond Lionel Messi. Maybe they should consider him for the FIFA Player of the Century! Let us admit it...Benni is finished - It does not matter what he says now. He obviously has a very high opinion of himself and it is just not taking him anywhere serious! I have always said it and I will still say it…Bafana Bafana do not need Benni – and I hope even Mphela himself is aware now – if what we read before the last two games he played with Benni was indeed said by him! His bad attitude is now paying dividends and he must accept it – he asked for it! Indeed, SAFA needs to find wisdom in how Blackburn Rovers is doing about “fat benni”!

  • Shamrock - 2009-12-30 18:31

    Fatsowho has done almost nothing in the past 18 months wants to stay in this league??? Oh, please, he should maybe go for try-outs in Russia or Finland, somewhere where no-one will notice his belly hanging over his shorts. Please, oh please, do NOT select this over the hill fatboy to further humaliate our country in the world cup.

  • talif - 2009-12-31 06:27

    Good shot!! Benny is a former star, not current and this should be born in his damn mind. His next move is probably to China, or Saudi Arabia. As for Bafana he should just forget. We cant afford to use him with his natural weight, for the game is now too quick for this ageing pre-madona. Much as we need xperience in the team, Benni's should be thanked, for it will cost Bafana a great deal. I appeal to SAFA to make an opinion poll on this dude. I bet that less than 20% of South Africa soccer-understanding people still believe in Benni. Flush Benni!!

  • David - 2009-12-31 08:16

    He's sacrificed his place for Bafana Bafana many times to play for his club. Its time he's been sacrificed from his club altogether. He's getting his own medicine back! All dedicated and committed sportsmen excercise religiously to get back on form when things are not going their way. He wouldn't have been earning such a salary if he was playing for a club in SA. He's always been selfish to Bafana Bafana when required at crucial stages!! Deserves what he gets!!

  • Amos Lence - 2009-12-31 08:22

    Keep the faith benni, Things will soon map up for you - you will see... Forever your fan...

  • sports fan - 2009-12-31 14:34

    Benni what you sow you reap.

  • D- money - 2010-01-04 11:25

    Benni's is an excellent striker and player if he was not then I don't think he would feature in England. It is though evident he has an attitude problem, who doesn't, check Rooney if he gets substituted he throw tantrems on the bench.Benni only played a couple of matches in SA before he went to Holland and from there he was picked to play for Bafana, he was an itegral srtike force for Blackburn before Santa cruz and unfortunately things went downhill from there. I hope he gets released and apply his talent elswhere, no mattere what anyone say his got a strikers mind, unlike our local strikers who play for Bafana. GOOD LUCK Benni!!

  • T-man - 2010-01-04 11:46

    Personally, i don't feel sorry for this idiot, I have long been saying we must stop bending backwards to accomodate this guy. He has long past his sell by date. You can't use a player's past history as a reason for him to be in the national team especially if the very same player is arrogant and thinks he bigger than the national team. Now that is career is almost over and the world cup is in few months time he is suddenly available for the national team. I wish this Sam guy should block this anticipated move and let him root on the bench.

  • Thera - 2010-01-05 15:24

    Benni will always be our best export player whether some hipocrites like him or wish to see him fail. They can never take from him wat he has achieved. He is still a good player far much better thn all the players we have in bafana bafana. he just need to regain his fitness and happiness thats all.

  • Mikhail Gorbachov - 2010-01-06 11:39

    Eish first Rovers fans boo FAT BENNI and then Pompey fans boo Moegoe Mokoena. It seems we as Bafana fans should follow suite. And yes Benni has been in talks with PdV about a possible berth at scrumhalf for the reserve Boks.

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