Benitez seeks contract decision

2009-02-16 12:43

Liverpool - Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez admitted on Monday that he is concerned the ongoing talks over his new contract are disrupting the club's title challenge.

Liverpool lie second in the Premiership table, but their form has stuttered over the past six weeks, coinciding with a public spat over Benitez's future.

Benitez's contract expires in 2010. He was believed to have demanded complete control over transfer policy, something he now denies.

"Anyone that has just a year left on his contract does not have anything at all and I have only got a year and a half left," Benitez told The Guardian.

"When people, either within the club or from outside it, realise that the manager only has that much time left then he is dead.

"I've got 10 or 12 assistants whose contracts are up in June. How can a manager lead a project properly if the continuity of his staff is not secure for two or three years?

"I would like to clear one thing up - I never asked for complete control.

"I did, however, ask for the power to be able to make my own decisions and run the team the way I see fit. That is not the same thing."

This may be seen as Benitez softening his stance in reaction to recent events at Real Madrid.

It was widely believed that Benitez would be offered the Madrid job in the summer by club president Ramon Calderon.

But Calderon was forced to stand down last month after allegations of vote-rigging in a club election, leaving Benitez without his easy escape route.

"I am not thinking about leaving and I hope to be here for a long time but of course Real Madrid would be the perfect ending to anyone's career," Benitez said.

"But my career is not at an end yet."


  • Richard Smith - 2009-02-16 20:40

    benetiz should resign or told to go as i believe his love for liverpool is a bluff he is in it for his self appraisel get some who love for the greatest club in the world dont let fergie tie our record help me to get him out all liverpool supporters

  • Shankly's Kin - 2009-02-17 08:37

    Shut up Richard. You dunno what you talking about!! Benitez has made us a force that others fear in Europe, something that has not been done since the 80's. He's also seen us make progress in the league since he came, with half the resources of the Mancs and Chelski. Who would've have predicted 2nd by Feb in 2008/2009? He deserves some loyalty. Don't let the media poison you. They looking to sell papers and get good ratings. Most quotes are taken out of context to put people or organizations in a bad light. It's like no one wants LFC to succeed.

  • Marc - 2009-02-17 08:45

    I can see all these silly little Man Utd supporters coming here to make insults. I honestly believe that Rafa has improved the team, but also concerned at the lack of consistency. Critics say he has taken the team as far as he can, Im positive the is more to come. I do think that we should give him another season after this one. Remember it took Ferguson 6 yrs to turn around Manure

  • the kop - 2009-02-17 09:23

    well said marc and Shankly's Kin i have nothing els to say.......go on the liverpool..bring home the title....

  • ian rush - 2009-02-17 15:17

    You poor slobbering liverfools ! rafa will never win the league , he is a second rate manager in a second rate team ! take away gerrard and torres and what do you have - rafa's liverfools that what ! and remember HE bought most of these clowns like lucas , mascherano , ngog , etc etc . it's not how much money you have to spend and how much power you have , it's what you do with the money and power that you DO have - and mark hughes as a case in point .

  • Philip du Plessis - 2009-02-18 11:05

    I actually agree that Rafa has improved your team. HOWEVER, after all these years you still dont have the depth required to seriously challenge my champion Red Devils. C'mon, lets get real here for a seccie. After tonight you will be looking at those 5 points as if they are 50 and the champions league is about to begin. Decisions decisions, which one is more vital. Good luck to Rafa, with a bigger chequebook at Real, at least he may still win a league trophy, just not the English league trophy....

  • Philip du Plessis - 2009-02-19 07:40

    3 words - told you so....

  • Scouser1 - 2009-02-19 12:52

    WE BELIEVE!!!! Rafa has a good record at LFC, its for all to see.But I do think he is right concerning his contract extension.A person can achieve much more when he feels that the loyalty of the board and club as a whole is firmly behind him.Stuff the manure supporters.They can feel the title slipping.........................................YNWA

  • Angelo - 2009-02-19 14:54

    This is for Ian Rush...with a name like that why arent you shouting for liverpool? Well...I must say I and power is not that important, but rather converting your resources into a well oiled machine. Last year I thought they would fire Rafa and Gerrard would leave, because every year Rafa wants to win the Champions League to be crowned as the One or the best manager in Europe. On the other hand Gerrard in all his career will never win the ENGLISH Premier League if he keeps on supporting Rafa's selfishness. I would love to see Liverpool win the league, because that's the most important throphy in England.

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