Delayed pics puzzle Moon case

2011-12-06 20:19

Johannesburg - A witness testifying in soccer star Bryce Moon's murder trial was told he had brought new evidence only after charges against Moon were withdrawn, the Randburg Magistrate's Court heard on Tuesday.

Advocate Naren Sangham said Mavis Ncube's employer Greg Turner, had brought photographs of the scene only after charges against Moon were withdrawn in April 2010.

"You went about trying to resurrect the investigations," said Sanghum.

"When the charges were withdrawn from the accused, it was because there was no evidence against him until a systematic accumulation of evidence by yourself... and pursuing he be charged," he said.

Turner said he denied the accusations made against him by Sangham.

Turner told the court he took photographs of the scene shortly after the accident.

He said when Johannesburg metro police officer Mphumuzi Tom arrived at the scene, he did not have a camera to take pictures.

Turner said he had used his camera phone to take the pictures.

He asked the metro policeman if he would draw sketches or take pictures of the accident. Tom said he did not have a camera.

Turner then told him he had taken some pictures and that if Tom needed them, he could hand them over to him.

Tom apparently called Turner after a week and asked him to take more photographs of the scene.

Tom told the court there were people in the metro department who could have taken the pictures, but he had asked Turner to do it as he stayed closer to the scene.

Turner also said Tom was with him when he took the second set of pictures. He said it was Tom who pointed out what pictures to take.

"You came in to hand over photos you've taken to the investigating officer and you took it upon yourself to have witnesses make more statements," Sangham said.

"That is not true, they [police] approached me and asked for my assistance," Turner said.

He said he had only handed over the pictures to the police when he was asked to do so.


  • Sharon - 2011-12-07 08:42

    Lock him up........or better still death sentence.............jails to overcrowded.

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