Defiant Tevez still at home

2011-11-15 10:03

London - Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez failed to turn up for training again on Monday with his advisors telling the BBC that he was still in Argentina.

The 27-year-old flew to Argentina without the permission of the club last week further straining already tense relations after the furore following claims he refused to go on as a substitute during a Champions League match with Bayern Munich.

City instructed their lawyers to take action following last week's absence and Tevez was meant to turn up for a meeting with the club on Monday.

Discussions had taken place between high-ranking City officials and Tevez, and his advisors, over the weekend.

City last month fined Tevez four weeks' wages - later reduced to two - for five breaches of contract relating to his behaviour during the club's 2-0 defeat at Bayern Munich on September 27.

Tevez had been accused of refusing to appear as a substitute but the player denied those claims, insisting he had only declined a request to warm-up on the grounds that he had already done so.

City manager Roberto Mancini vowed Tevez was "finished" at the club but recent reports in England and Italy have suggested the Argentinian may continue to play at Eastlands if he apologises to his team-mates.


  • Dave - 2011-11-15 10:16

    Surely the whole football fraternity can see how damaging Tevez's actions are in the long term to the present system of contracts, pay, sell on value, buying etc. Tevez's actions the inability of City, a strong financially stable business to get him back to work through this only shows that he appears to be doing what he wants. That his contract appears worthless, that city's only option may be to sue, leads one to ask if transfer values, need to be erased from the game. Because as it stands, Tevez's transfer value to city has evaporated by his actions.

      Steenbra - 2011-11-15 10:57

      No dont release him from his contract... and follow no work no pay and sue him..

  • Gary - 2011-11-15 10:19

    Fire this prick

  • Dave - 2011-11-15 12:17

    All I can is thank goodness Sir Alex sold him....cause he is not going to fetch the price that was paid for him by MC, not with his k_k attitude.

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