Club fined for Eto'o taunts

2010-10-19 14:25

Milan - Cagliari has been fined $35 000 by the Italian league for its fans' racist taunts directed at Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto'o.

Sunday's match was suspended briefly after three minutes when fans insulted Eto'o every time he kicked the ball.

While racist incidents are fairly common in Italy, this marked the first time that a game has been stopped for that reason.

Once the match resumed, Eto'o scored the only goal in a 1-0 victory for the European champion.

When he played for Barcelona, Eto'o once threatened to walk off the pitch in protest following racist chanting by Real Zaragoza's supporters. Such was the abuse Eto'o received that the Cameroon international stopped bringing family members to matches.


  • fraud - 2010-10-19 14:37

    The things we do for money. Imagine, one of the best strikers in the world having to endure such abuse year in and year out.

  • bakayawo - 2010-10-19 15:10

    whites they r superior than everybody,they dont know some other black pple these days they r smater than them.we going 2 c in 10 years to come whites are going to b down and blacks are going to b up.i promise u.Eto bigup my brother,do wat god has given you.we respect you my guy and you wil never walk alone

  • disgusted - 2010-10-19 15:16

    It is absolutely disgusting at what levels fans will drop to!! It needs to be sorted out by FIFA

  • Freddie - 2010-10-19 15:16

    The opposing team's fans only do this to put him off his game. By making a bigger issue of it he is only encouraging them and others to carry on. Glad to see he score the only goal, that should shut them up a bit.

  • Elvis Rikhotso - 2010-10-19 15:18

    fifa is trying to burry such bad practice,but it shows that other people are not prepared to accept blacks as friends in their midst.the question is what more must be done to abstracts such bad acts towards other people.

  • WHAT? - 2010-10-19 15:20

    Please get my violin...

  • Solly - 2010-10-19 15:32

    The fine says something about the leagues perception towards blacks, i think the club should have paid aboud 3 to 4 milion dollars. Clubs will teach to stop racism.

  • Coettie - 2010-10-19 15:37

    Only $35 000, imaging how Eto must feel everytime he gets such abuse. The fine should have been more to make an example.

  • reds - 2010-10-19 15:43

    He should just get on with the game

  • Humiliated - 2010-10-19 16:08

    Is that the going rate for African humiliation these days??? Unbelievable!!

  • human black - 2010-10-19 16:10

    I keep asking myself what a black eva did to caucasians for hating us(blacks) so much. the weird thing as we (blacks) don't stop loving and supporting the eorpeans even thou they hate so much. @ freddie Iam sure if this was applied to your race you wouldnt understand. neway white or black the blood is RED amen.

  • thabo mofutsanyana - 2010-10-19 16:14

    I know exactly what would put paid to such sickening practices. When fans start abusing a player of the opposition team the team they support must stop play and perform some gesture which will embarass the ill disciplined fans e.g. create a tunnel and let the abused player walk through it or just suspend play for a minute or two at the instance of the offending team. It would have the opposite effect of what the fans are trying to archieve. Imagine the news around the world.

  • robin - 2010-10-19 16:23

    He should move to England. He'll probably get paid more and not have to endure this abuse. Italians, Spanish and Portuguese are racist PIGS

  • Peter - 2010-10-19 16:34

    What action has FIFA taken against the fans who taunt and are racist to non-white players??? R50 000 fine?? What's that less than a week's wages for a junior player. FIFA need to step up to the plate. R1M for first offence, R5M for second offence, Demotion for third offence. That will put a stop to the racism.

  • al - 2010-10-19 16:35

    Shame! Poor Eto His is earning bucket loads of money while playing in those racist countries. Selling your soul , or rather your football skilss, comes at a price! Come one Sammy, the money is much better. You could have been playing for a third string African side earning peanuts. So endure, brother, endure.

  • LTKZ - 2010-10-19 16:52

    At Chiefs(SA), they resort to cabbage throwing...

  • snakes - 2010-10-19 16:52

    @bukayawo - that's clever mate. Combating racism with more racism

  • kgosi - 2010-10-19 20:26

    i think the italian federation must be fully resposible for anything that is happening within the area,those supporters must be fined as well as the team

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