Terry defends Chelsea 'babies'

2015-03-12 18:45

London - Chelsea skipper John Terry has hit back at Zlatan Ibrahimovic's description of his team mates as "babies", saying Paris St Germain's players were equally culpable on a night of ill-discipline at Stamford Bridge.

Ibrahimovic was shown a straight red card after 31 minutes of the Champions League last 16, second leg tie on Wednesday following a tackle on midfielder Oscar which prompted Chelsea's players to surround the referee and demand punishment.

Television replays suggested Sweden striker Ibrahimovic was no more at fault than Oscar.

"You have to stick up for your team mates. Every side is as bad as each other. It's part of the game," Terry said, responding to criticism of Chelsea's conduct.

Despite referee Bjorn Kuipers being surrounded by almost the entire Chelsea team, Terry said he was only responding to provocation from the PSG players.

"Once they're charging the ref, the only thing we can do is respond," the 34-year-old said.

"You can't as a group of players let them surround the ref, trying to get our players booked.

"For me if I have to run 20, 30 yards, it doesn't look great but when you're standing back and seeing five or six of their players surrounding the ref, I think I support my team mates.

"And once I go, four or five go with me, it doesn't look good at all but that's part of the game. We'll match it if people want to mix it, that's part of our game as well."

Speaking after the game Ibrahimovic said: "It felt like I had a lot of babies around me."

UEFA's disciplinary panel will review Ibrahimovic's red card at its meeting next week.

PSG coach Laurent Blanc said the club would appeal against Ibrahimovic's red card and hoped he would be available for the quarter-final.

The French side went through on away goals after drawing 2-2 on the night thanks to Thiago Silva's header in extra time.


  • Andrew Terr - 2015-03-12 19:08

    John Terry runs quicker to the ref than he does during the game.

  • Justin Afrika - 2015-03-12 19:58

    Its telling when four major English news media organisations use the words "disgraceful cheats" in relation to Chelski. It was an entirely disgusting, unsportsmanlike performance including all the off-the-ball kicking and pushing by Costa. Dirty team, petty and snide manager, racist supporters. Last night ended Football 1 - Cheaters 0.

      Justin Afrika - 2015-03-12 20:06

      So Terry says something like: we all do it. Was this what he was thinking when he was caught cheating with his teammate's wife, slimeball. Then again, what do you expect from the son of a petty criminal and loser drug dealer...

      Justin Afrika - 2015-03-13 00:03

      Wow there's some kind of "wake-up" happening. Have just read two more major British publications refer to Chelsea as "dirty tricks" and "dirty trash".

  • Michael Clifford Georgopoulos - 2015-03-12 20:40

    I'm a Chelsea fan....and they were pathetic!!!.........they played perdestrian soccer........and they deserve to go down..........with that kind of performance they would have NEVER won the CL.

  • Vishen Naidoo - 2015-03-12 21:17

    Heard the following joke in the pub last week: "CHELSEA"!

  • Albert Dangarembizi - 2015-03-12 22:24

    That Chelsea has never been good enough this season even though they are on top of the league, no body is pushing them hard. English football is on a downward trend, Since Ferguson left.

  • Ansu Patrick - 2015-03-13 07:04

    Mourinho is not a coach because any club he handle, he plans evil thought into the players' heads

  • Sibusiso Zungu - 2015-03-13 08:20

    English football can't match European football,even the national team can't...Spain,Germany n probably France will rule

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