'No Rooney' for Bayern decider

2010-04-06 14:53

England - Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has been ruled out of the Champions League second leg, quarter-final against Bayern Munich by manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ferguson said on Tuesday that he was "not prepared" to risk Rooney's ankle injury on Wednesday against Bayern, who won the first leg 2-1 in Munich last week.

Rooney opened the scoring for United last week but suffered ankle ligament damage after landing awkwardly on his ankle in the final minute of play.

He was expected to be out of action for two to three weeks. However recent reports claimed the England international had responded well to treatment, giving fans hope that he could make a shock return to the United bench for the decider against Bayern.

United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has said he would not risk using Rooney if he was not 100% fit, and reports late on Sunday said the club's medical staff had given the striker only a 40% chance of playing.

In Rooney's absence United suffered a 2-1 defeat to Premier League title rivals Chelsea at Old Trafford on Saturday.


  • Julian Masua - 2010-04-06 16:11

    It's a pity that United is going for such an important second leg without Rooney. Wish him a quick recovery.

  • NKHENSANI - 2010-04-06 16:47

    that is very bad for man united

  • Rajen - 2010-04-06 18:44

    Man United will win 1 - 0 and progress. Have faith.

  • thomas d lemera[mw] - 2010-04-06 19:41

    its good 4 man u bcoz thts da time whn sir will proof how good he is afta da game,man u keep da fire burning

  • Ronnie Ginindza - 2010-04-07 00:12

    it bugs me to rely on one man when so many people are on the pay roll for what,sell theses guys and buy quality mann.we cant afford to rely on one man all the time i think Alex is growing old the squad of today is so average ,gonna the days when anyone would score.

  • sagren - 2010-04-07 08:13

    manu united will win and balance will be restored to the universe - glory glory as always - our team has always struggled for everything, this is life

  • Ryan - 2010-04-07 09:04

    @Ronnie Ginindza , my sentiments exactly dude . It really does seem like Rooney is the only one capable of scoring goals . Our only hope is that Robben and Schweinsteiger are not fit for tonight's game . We are lacking that fizz in midfield that has won us so many trophies . Fletcher seems to carry the midfield battle on his own most times with Carrick just a spectator . Park is an industrious player but there is no end product . Scholes is no spring chicken anymore . Cracks are beginning to appear ..

  • Exodus - 2010-04-07 09:48

    As a Bayern Munich fan, I think MU are completely over-rated. The defeat last week was to a Bayern side that was without Robben, Schweinsteiger, Gomez (not fully fit), Klose, and a first return for Demichellis (post injury) playing with a face mask. Contento, an excellent left back, was also out. This is also van Gaal's first season with Bayern, so unlike Fergie, he has still to mould a squad into his liking. We expect he will buy / sell players accordingly in the transfer period. All MU fans are complaining about 1 player no being available - Rooney. So what? MU have been coached by the same man for years, who has had plenty of opportunity to mould the team to provide alternatives. On paper, in terms of names - Bayern's depth overshadows MU by some distance. We can still win games without the top players - and have 60% possession against MU without Schweinsteiger. As final good news, I can confirm - ball magnet - aka Schweinsteiger is playing tonight - and so is Robben & Gomez. Contento is also available - as is Ribery, Klose, and Olic (who I'm sure England fans will remember from the Croatia game). Watch Bayern next season: already the world's 4th largest soccer club, but unlike United, have NO DEBT! They are now the wealthiest club according to Forbes - as MU, Real, and Barca (above them in turnover) - all suffer with debt. Oh - and in terms of pedigree - Bayern have won CL 4 times vs. MU's 3. MU are a debt-riddled 1-man band... and next season will show that.

  • Big K - 2010-04-07 09:52

    Relax guys, SAF shudnt risk Rooney, our squad is strond, have faith, we'v had some great nights in Europe at trafford, dont worry itl be a cracker!!

  • Julius "JU JU" - 2010-04-07 12:32

    Us Man U fans must stick together guys,I'll be behind my team to pull through with a 1-0 win tonight. Glory Glory Man United.

  • @Exodus - 2010-04-07 14:00

    Agreed, MU are not as they should be this season BUT please bru dont talk shit about how wonderfull Bayern is!!! It's not like they are cleaning up in the Bundesliga, a league that is very average to say the least. Yes they have some quality for sure and they could well win tonight but they are far from special. Anyway, just how many of your mentioned superstars will be there next season..........Ribery definately gone, Schweinsteiger and Klose possibly gone as well......anyway best of luck tonight.

  • AL @ Exodus - 2010-04-07 16:27

    WTF has Bayern done over the past few years??? When the `over-rated, no depth` Man U send you guys packing then the team that you are trying to mould will all leave at the end of the season. That `one man` you are talking about is the most successful manager of all time. All the new young players he finds, he turns them into superstars and then they get bought for some ridiculous price - but, at the end of the day, the team keeps on winning.

  • Exodus @"Bru" - 2pm @AL - 2010-04-07 17:39

    "Bru" from 2pm posting: Please do not over expose your low IQ on this forum. Here are the facts: The Bundesliga has the 2nd highest UEFA coefficient (points) this season, based on all achievements in Europe. Only Spain's La-Liga has achieved more, not the EPL. Secondly, the Bundesliga provided more international players to Euro2008 than any other European League. Thirdly, the EPL is the league with the highest debt in the world. After the sub-prime crisis, the chickens have now come home to roost. Clubs such as Portsmouth are in Administration and West Ham is on the brink. Germany is the biggest economy in Europe and was officially out of recession before any of the other European countries (in fact, England is still tottering there). The Bundesliga has the lowest amount of debt of all the major leagues. So "Bru", if you are able to read, try and do some real research - go back to school in Boksburg - chop! AL: I was referring to Rooney - not SAF, who will shortly retire. As for great players leaving at the end of a season, can you provide comment on Tevez and Ronaldo? Ribery is still with Bayern. Perhaps comment on the great replacement - aka Michael owen and how much he cost the club? Sad when you have to depend on useless freebies as replacements. PS. Have you read the site You should be more worried about your own club - where supporters, never mind players, are walking out. As for tonight, I have not suggested that Bayern will walk it, or even win it. I have suggested that the team will be better placed next year once van Gaal has had a season to manage the strengths and weaknesses of the team he has now. There is a fantastic and growing pool of talent - along with the financial muscle to back it up. As for great coaches - has SAF ever won Champions League with 2 different teams? Ottmar Hitzfeld, the GREAT former Bayern coach (known as "The General") has. He has also just got "non-rated" Switzerland to qualify for the World Cup in SA. Which National Team has SAF helped to achieve this? Again, please keep the uninformed "Gary Baily" propaganda for the "Bru s" - not me.

  • Bemused Bystander - 2010-04-08 07:21

    At Exodus - well done on an intelligent and well put argument. The points that you made are probably too difficult for the average EPL supporter to understand. And its such a pity that the level of ignorance around other European Leagues is so high as is the popularity of EPL. Lets thank the idiots at Suipersport and the likes of Terry Paine and Gary Bailey for that.Now lets see what excuses the Man U supporters come up with.

  • AL @ Exodus - 2010-04-08 10:21

    Firstly, thank you for taking 3 hours of your evening researching UTD so you can post an essay of what happen in the past 20yrs - loser. Ronaldo left because he had an offer no-one could refuse. Ribery is still with Bayern because of a `contract` BRU but wait till the end of the season. I think UTD might actually know how to handle the debt issue and over the past years, how have the EPL clubs done compared to the Bundesliga clubs in the CL? You can`t even compare the two BRU. Go smoke another one!!!!

  • Exodus @ AL - 2010-04-08 13:14

    AL, you spend way too much time on "I think". Frankly, no one cares what you think - concrete facts are what count. So let me help you out: Glazer incurs 44M pounds of interest debt per season. United made a BIG loss last year, even with League success, had it not been for the sale of Ronaldo. Ronaldo was vital to balance the books. On the Tevez issue, MU had no money to buy him out of his foreign held player contract in order to make him a contracted MU player. By contrast, Man City did. As for Bayern, they received countless big offers for Ribery, but as Rummenigge stated, they did not need the money. So where Glazer was easily swayed by Real's big spend to help out his thunderous overdraft commitment, Bayern are cash flush and the Spanish moola meant nothing. That's why MU lost 2 great players - and Bayern still have theirs on contract. The next fact is that Glazer recently issued junk bonds (useless rights shares if you like) to raise 500 Million Pounds. The junk bonds were underpinned by assets such as Old Trafford, and the club grounds itself in order to protect the buyers thereof. Now to help you out on this one, junk bonds are issued out as a last resort by shareholders to secure funding without having to sell the actual asset, in this case - the entire club. Glazer does not want to sell. By contrast, Bayern sold 9.1% of their shares to Audi this year - which earned them 200M Euros over a period of 3 years. Some of which was used to pay the last stadium debt off (for added renovations) for the new and superb Allianz Arena. The other shareholders of Bayern included Adidas - also 9.1%. The Bayern Executive Board consists of CEOs and Directors from both these Multi-National businesses, and Deutche-Telekom, and people such as Rummenigge, Hoeness, and previously Beckenbauer (retired this year). Bayern is in fact run like a business. MU have the Glazer family (ie. Malcolm and his sons) as the senior Directorate. Wow, grid-iron football fanatics - so much for the value they can bring to the football party. Hence why they are becoming so unpopular with the British fans - and you have MU hate websites around. Now back to your point - Mr "think": after the issuing of junk bonds; having to sell Ronaldo to balance the books to prevent a massive loss in the previous fin-year; and the fact that Glazer - as shareholder - is borrowed to the yield and paying big interest on borrowings (money he needed to buy the club) each season... please concretely explain (in other words, forget the "I think" crap) where your evidence of this positive handling of debt is? As for the EPL competing well in the CL recently: Yes, all on borrowed money (ridiculous transfer prices for players) - with clubs in the EPL not giving a damn about their balance sheets. Even Bayern cashed in on this stupidity by selling the always-injured & useless Owen Hargreaves to MU for the exact same money that they paid for Ribery (25M Euro). How's that for business acumen: 1 x crocked Hargreaves to buy Franck Ribery)! How have you found Hargreaves to date? Useless? Injured? Both? LOL! Back to the EPL clubs current saga: one is in administration, another is following, and barring Chelsea & Man City (for obvious reasons with very wealthy owners, but both make losses), every other EPL club is in a desperate financial position. Again, do your homework before you issue another splurb of "I think". Sub-prime arrived, and oops. The bubble has burst. So how many EPL teams left in the CL this season - Mr "think"? How many great transfers can you name that took place this season in the EPL - compared to previous seasons? Now be a good boy, and go write rubbish with your school bru s. PS. I did not need to read the internet for 3 hours - I actively spend my time learning about football, clubs, and leagues as a passion. This is what you should be doing after school too...

  • Exodus @ AL - 2010-04-08 14:15

    PS. As for "loser" - that's exactly what the sorry arsed Fergie is today! Forza Bayern!

  • AL @ Exodus - 2010-04-09 13:33

    HAHAHAHA - you are such a LLLLOOOSSSEEERRRR!!!!!! I read the first two lines and almost fell asleep. Respect for being more interested in UTD debt than football though. Send them a mail, maybe they can give you a job. I`ll await the next essay that no-one reads.

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