Liverpool out despite victory

2009-11-25 00:34

Budapest - Liverpool's miserable season continued as they were knocked out of the Champions League at the group stage despite a 1-0 victory over Debrecen at the Ferenc Puskas Stadium here on Tuesday.

The five-time champions needed to win to stand any chance of progressing from Group E but Fiorentina's 1-0 victory at home to Lyon meant the Serie A side joined the French outfit in the knockout phase at Liverpool's expense.

David Ngog gave Liverpool an early lead with a neat close-range finish but Liverpool laboured thereafter and struggled to inject any kind of energy into their play after news of Fiorentina's goal filtered through.

The victory at least secures a berth in the Europa League but it will be scant consolation for a side whose last group-stage exit came in 2002-03.

Fernando Torres's absence has given Ngog his first real chance to shine in a Liverpool shirt and the Frenchman gave the visitors a nerve-settling early lead when he converted with a backheel after Fabio Aurelio's right-wing cross had been headed back across goal by Jamie Carragher.

Liverpool dominated possession despite a heavy, uneven surface but they received a reality shock mid-way through the first half when the stadium's tannoy announcer broadcast news of Fiorentina's opening goal.

Vukasin Poleksic twice denied Ngog, first comfortably and then with a spectacular flying save, before Gergely Rudolf spurned an excellent chance to equalise when he headed wide from eight yards as the hosts began to threaten.

Liverpool continued to dictate proceedings in the second period but they frequently ran into a wall of white shirts as the home side packed the midfield and dropped back to defend the edge of their penalty area.

Steven Gerrard twice came close to extending the away side's advantage, first seeing his shot superbly blocked by Norbert Meszaros and then forcing a good save from Poleksic with a side-footed effort.

The game in Florence hung heavy over the second half, with Lucas glancing a header wide from Dirk Kuyt's right-wing centre and Carragher also nodding off-target as Liverpool vainly sought to quicken the tempo.

Gerrard lashed over from 20 yards after a slaloming run from Daniel Agger, while Fabio Aurelio and Javier Mascherano both tested Poleksic, but there was precious little zip to the visitors' passing.

Benitez elected to withdraw Ngog for midfielder Yossi Benayoun with just over 10 minutes remaining and Liverpool's profligacy was almost punished moments later when Jose Reina had to palm over Rudolf's goalbound strike from wide on the right.

Reina then had to save from substitute Adamo Coulibaly with the last action of the game as Liverpool clung to a faint hope that was swiftly extinguished when the final whistle sounded in Tuscany.


  • Drakkar - 2009-11-25 02:44

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!.....F-ing losers! Can't even make it past the group phase now. Wonder who Rafa will blame for this one. As for all the analfield faithful with their usual arrogance and big mouths..... There's always - wait for it - next year!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Schweeeeet!

  • Nqobile Ndlovu - 2009-11-25 05:42

    This wasnt an unexpected result for me. Liverpool have been poor in all competitions thus far. Management is at loggerheads and the teams injuries, thouh substantial, are not reason enough for them to only be able to win 1 - 0! The players on the pitch were good enough. Benitez just cant get his players up to the task and either he needs to go or the owners need to settle their differences. Unbiased Manchester United fan.

  • alan - 2009-11-25 06:16

    Maybe next year

  • Never Walk Alone - 2009-11-25 07:10

    Not Surprised ! - Especially if your fate has to be decided by some one else. Liverpool definitely do not deserve to progress - as the performances (and luck ) have been abyssmal of late.Last nights game lacked flair and the typical Liverpool fighting spirit - I was under the impression that the players did not really care about the result - Rafa 's substitutions were once again questioned. Methinks one more bad result - and he must go - however I am sure he thinks that his job is safe - as LFC cannot afford to sack him - must be the only manager in football who is guaranteed a job - regardless of results. Come on Reds do the right thing - bite the bullet and get rid of him - so we can start a proper rebuilding stage - He has lost the plot - as well as the CL and Premiership !! - RAFA MUST GO !!!!

  • shaeem(liverpool fan) - 2009-11-25 07:37

    i'm glad liverpool has been bundled out of the champions league. with their spate of poor performances of recent, it will be worse to see them go into the next round and disgrace themselves against quality sides.although they won last night, they had no finish in front of goal and lacked composure. its the worst run of football i've ever seen them play.

  • Show - 2009-11-25 08:23

    LMFAO....can't make the group stage!! Still lingering in the Premier legue and guess who is WALKING ALONE NOW. But all they can do is blame it on the utter poor performance which handed them the boot. Sorry liverpool maybe next year you can do it again.

  • Red Devil - 2009-11-25 08:45

    What a bunch of losers!!! For all you Liverfool fans, I hope reality sunk in by now, you can't just focus on winning Man U every season, how flattering it may be for us Man U fans, you must focus on winning other teams as well. HEHEHE... get rid of Benitez, don't rely on just Gerrard and Torres! I'm sure you'll feel right @ home in the Europa League..hehe..

  • RICO"ERIC CANTONA" - 2009-11-25 08:49

    dont stress scoursers.........u beat united !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that victory must seem so far away.....we will have to get a trophy for the utd game so u can win a trophy..........................tossers

  • RICO"ERIC CANTONA" - 2009-11-25 08:49

    dont stress scoursers.........u beat united !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that victory must seem so far away.....we will have to get a trophy for the utd game so u can win a trophy..........................tossers

  • Red Devil - 2009-11-25 08:49

    What a bunch of losers!!! For all you Liverfool fans, I hope reality sunk in by now, you can't just focus on winning Man U every season, how flattering it may be for us Man U fans, you must focus on winning other teams as well. HEHEHE... get rid of Benitez, don't rely on just Gerrard and Torres! I'm sure you'll feel right @ home in the Europa League..hehe..

  • Brett Pretorius - 2009-11-25 08:59

    @ Drakkar Dude, calm down... reading the comments on this page, the liverpool fans are actually saying we didn't deserve to go through. Where is the arrogance? I sincerely hope you do not reveal who you support, your fellow supporters will most likely be embarrassed. @Show... You don't strike me as a particularly unbiased, objective or mature person...Aren't you supposed to be in school at 8:23am??? @Liverpool fans. Pity, Europa league feels like getting a date with the girl of your dreams, and then finding her grandmother when you arrive instead. We've been desperately unlucky with injuries and have been our own worst enemy in the 5min periods before intervals and final whistles. Let's hope that we can play for the full 90min from now on and that we kick this slump in the crotch. YNWA

  • Thomas Nomhlazi - 2009-11-25 09:05

    Why are the man united fans being so obnoxious? It is a bad reflection on your maturity and your sportsmanship. Sies, aikona ayoba!!! Your club deserves more than that! I'm sorry you are out Liverpool (a champions league final against the old enemy was my hope for this season), I'm glad that we are still in. Glory Glory Man United!!!

  • Shaheen - 2009-11-25 09:14

    Football woes, Financial woes, and the list continues. With money being such a big issue at Liverpool this Champions League exit will make a significant dent in the budget. A possible finish outside the top four will also result in less revenue. Add to that, Benitez signed a long term deal, so they can't get rid of him as it'll be money that could've been spent better, like sign a top class striker. Gerrard might be getting fed up again, and find himself at the Crossroads... Chelsea perhaps? Torres jumping ship to the Catalan giants? Okay, I wasn't being serious about Gerrard and Torres, but Liverpool face big problems, and there's no point in denying it anymore. There's a crisis and they need to deal with it fast. How they'll overcome this, only Rafa will know. So I say (as a United fan)... In Rafa I trust!

  • Big K - 2009-11-25 09:21

    I guess the 4 english teams are not the stronghold in this years CL. I dont see y u L supporters should blame it on luck or injuries. As much as injuries play an important role in any side, its a reality of the game every team has to deal with, look at Barca last nite, no Messi or Zlatan and they ran circles around Inter. The person to blame is Rafa, had he bought some good quality players (to be fare to him, he did in Torres etc) url would have had the depth to cope with the injury problems but url also lost Alonso who i think carried url alot last season. All i can say as a utd fan (who grew up in a home wer every1 supports Liverpool), tough luck, although i did enjoy the english stronghold on the CL the last 4-5 seasons. I would like to say to url there's always next year but url need to pick up some good points in the league to make the top 4, even if url win the Europa league url stil cant Qualify for CL next year. Change ur manager, change ur midfield (Masch, his heart is with Barca now) get another striker or 2, get rid of LUCAS, Veronin etc and url mite jus make it to the top 4, but to be honest, Spurs and Man city mite jus pip url to the post on that spot!! Finally, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN!!!

  • TRUE Red - 2009-11-25 09:30

    Well said Brett & NWA - Luck is something we can't even seem to buy at the moment - even when we do win, we lose ! But yes, those 2 late goals against Lyon due to sloppy defending has cost us dearly. Rafa has done extremely well in the CL in his first 5 years, but this year, not sure what is going on - maybe something to do with the owner's ? His sub's were TERRIBLE & even though we had plenty chances, AGAIN, our finishing was poor. Kuyt NEVER get's sub'd, no matter how crap he plays. Aquilani seems ready, so why is Lucas still in the starting 11 ? Some very questionable decisions, and the team morale is lower than i have ever seen it ! Anyway, see the ManUre fans are celebrating as expected - one would think they won the cup already, LOL ! Don't worry guy's, when you crash out in the knock out stages, remember we have the cup on PERMANENT display (5 times) in the Anfield trophy hall, and we give a discount for ManUre supporter's who want to see it

  • Soccer fan - 2009-11-25 09:39


  • Brett Pretorius - 2009-11-25 10:03

    @ Big K: Sure, everyone has to deal with injuries...but to the same extent??? We've had up to 13 squad members injured at any one time this season, incl Gerrard and Torres. Liverpool is often described as a two-man team. We beat Man U without these two last season btw. actually, quite a few teams as they were each injured for around 1/3 of the season last year....on top of that, Liverpool actually had a better win ratio without G&T than what Man U had without Rooney and Ronaldo last year. History, sure...but I think a point people don't realise this. Rafa hasn't been able to buy better players because the Yanks haven't given him the funding. Surely you can relate to the problems we have as your owners are also yanks and are also much-disliked. Alonso wanted to go, nothing we could've done would've changed that. Same as Ronaldo for you... Mascherano's heart may be with Barca right now, but their wallets are reportedly thin. He may have to stay anyway. Which is why I feel we've seen a return to form for him. Lucas is not a star, but he is young and may become a very valuable squad member and possibly replacement for Masch (altho, that might not materialize as mentioned). Holding midfielders need to mature. I don't think the problem lays with him so much as we have been returning our creative midfielder to full fitness (Aquilani). When he, and the rest of the team, is fit...then we can gauge what the team's performance level is. Winning the league may be gone, but perhaps we can see that this has been a dreadful period for LFC, and nothing more. We'll get top 4.

  • TRUE Red - 2009-11-25 10:06

    Big K, Thomas & Shaheen - RESPECT, some of the few true UTD supporter's speaking sense

  • Martin Tylor - 2009-11-25 10:17

    Liverpool! you are the weakest link, goodbye!!!!!

  • Shaheen - 2009-11-25 10:22

    There goes soccer fan, blowing hot air again :P

  • lfc - 2009-11-25 10:24

    @ Big K. Dude, you did have some valid observations, but please could you refrain from butchering the English language. Your argument gets lost in translation.

  • Marc - 2009-11-25 10:29

    Well its not like Manure will win any trophies this seaon anyway

  • Phemelo - 2009-11-25 10:30

    Are Liverpool out though, technically/mathematically? Lyon is on 10 points, with a goal difference of 3, and liverpool is on 7 points, goal difference of 5, both teams with 1 game to go? so if Lyon lose to that debrechen team on the last match day, and liverpool win against Fiorentina, then they will end up on 10 points equaling that of Lyon, but with a higher goal difference? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...

  • KMan - 2009-11-25 10:35

    Shame. where are all the pathetic Liverfool fans who gloated over the win over Man Utd? - guess who's through to the next round. JouMa - I hope you're following this since you had the most to say about us Man Utd supporters when we lost to Liverfool and Chelsick!

  • BarcaMan - 2009-11-25 10:35

    Pity 'Pool are out as they were always entertaining in Europe., clearly now the weakest PL team left is Man Utd. I really hope Barca draw them in the last 16, pretty much a guarenteed victory for us. Messi,Xavi, Iniesta,Pedro vs Valencia, Berbaflop, Nani, Carrick:should be another slaughtering

  • Shankly's Kin - 2009-11-25 10:36

    Am I missing something here?? The team won last night. Yes we are out, but that was always the probability. @ Never Walk Alone: I'm disappointed in you buddy. Yesterday you were on about how the team must do their best, and now you slating them. I don't know what game you were watching, but they did their best. They were passing well and Ngog was running them ragged. Like you said, it was always out of their hands. I'd also just like to mention that exiting at the group stage is not that bad - happened to United a few seasons ago. Happened to us regularly under Houllier (the few times when we did make it to the CL), when we just happy to make the CL group stage. Just remember who helped bring us back to the forefront of European football, who's the reason why every season we expect to go far in this competition. Show some loyalty and respect guys. We are out of it, but life goes on. This might even end up being a blessing in disguise. The Leagues seems out of reach, but I assure you that if we can go on a run of wins in December and Jan, and no more injuries hinder us. We could be then and thereabouts. The EPL season is far from over. Tottenham, City, Villa, Sunderland, Burnley - all capable of pulling off shocks and will have plenty say in who finishes top. So all I'm saying is get behind our team guys, and get behind our manager - he is in charge - like it or not. And nothing we say or do can change that. All that's left to do is to give our support, through thick and thin. There's enough negativity going around that must be gotten rid of. So let's rock our LFC shirts with pride and hold our heads up high. YNWA

  • sibongile - 2009-11-25 10:38

    Hard luck to my Liverpool. YNWA........ Liverpool forever..

  • Paco - 2009-11-25 10:43

    I would like to encourage all Liverpool supporters to stay strong in this time need.I know you guys are going through a hard time and it feels like the whole world is against you but just remember one thing...Through every dark night,there's a bright day after that.So no matter how hard it get,stick your chest out keep your head up and handle it!! Glory Glory Man United!!!

  • Big K - 2009-11-25 10:57

    @ Brett, as good as u think some of the youngsters r at Liverpool and how strong url r without Torres or Stevie G, ders a lack of experience somewer along the line and no one to step up like Stevie G and spur the team on! Look man, with all the financial woes url r having and stuff, Rafa is not good enough to bring the best out of the current squad. He is a 4-5 season manager and then he must move on!! We lost Ronaldo, which was shattering but expected. We had to change our style of play cos the player we played around for so long was gone, We have adapted and we still taking our Respect from most teams and not to mention that our back 4 is changing weekly!!! @lfc, WTF??? It wasnt an argument, it was a comment, Insignificunt!!!

  • MANUTD TILL I DIE - 2009-11-25 11:11

    Brett Pretorius 11/25/2009 10:03 AM can you tell which manager is right mind will pay between 25-30 million euros for a player that has been injured for 75% of his playing career. and then complains the team is unlucky. also alonso wanted to leave because rafa(the spanish waiter siad he will sell him to buy barry) alonso really did not want to leave. above all things liverpool needed another striker to play with torres not another attacking midfielder because if you look at your team and your midfield you have mascherano, lucas, benayoun, gerrard,riera and then check your defence caragher, skrtel, agger,kyriogos,arelio, insua,glen johnson, and then you got players who do not know what they are kuyt, babbel, voronin and one lonely proper clinical striker in torres. Liverpool got good players no doubt but do your supporters even know what formation your team plays. brett we definately not jealous of you guys after all we are current three times defending premiership champions and 2008 champions league winners and loosing finalists in the 2009 champions league. fair enough you guys beat us in the last three premiership games but before that you guys went like 5-6 years losing to manutd in the premier league. so guys we manutd are arogant and can brag because because our team will back us up. and win major trophies. yes we will be arogant you guys just need to live with it. we have a better manager, a better TEAM than liverpool. and yes liverpool has the best midfielder in england and when not injured the best striker in england, but this is a team sport and we have the best TEAM with the biggest heart.

  • Ebi - 2009-11-25 11:53

    @ Brett Pretorius - yes, to the same extent. Here's a copy of a comment i posted on another article..." The fact of the matter is still that liverpool don't have a good enough squad. True, they have A LOT of injuries, but all that does is expose their true worth. I can recall at least two periods over the last 10 seasons when Man Utd had just as many injuries. To be honest, i can't quite remember how we did in the league those seasons (I'm pretty sure we won one of them because i seem to remember how satisfying it was), but what i do know is that we definitely weren't in as bad a position as liverpool are now. Last season for a long period we had our entire 1st choice defence out injured, yet in that very period not only did the stand-in players cope admirably, it was mainly due to them that we went on to set a record for time without conceding a goal! This is a simplification i know, but it does illustrate the character and depth in quality of the squad. Character liverpool have to a certain degree, and even that is debatable because they hardly ever show it unless gerard plays. Quality, as a whole, they don't." How can you complain about money when rafa has spent MILLIONS on USELESS players, instead of saving and spending on a select few quality players, like Mun Utd and chelski? He is an idiot and is to blame, as simple as that. @Shankly's Kin - don't be disappointed in NWA for having the guts to honest and sensible, he earns respect. Be disappointed in yourself for making non-sensical comments. And the crap about it being out of their hands is a load of BULL and just a smoke-screen to hide the overall patheticness of liverpools performances this season. Qualification doesn't happen with ONE game, it happens with SIX. It was always in liverfools hands but they FAILED to win when it mattered and THAT's why they are out. To be proud of winning 1-0 with a poor performance against one of the worst teams in the CL (who both Lyon and Fiorentina thrashed 4-0) is really quite sad. You have to really be clutching at straws if you actually try to take positives out of that! Jeez, shame bru.

  • Brett Pretorius - 2009-11-25 12:06

    @ MANUTD TILL I DIE Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not implying Man U are jealous. Both clubs are proud clubs with a rich history full of accolades. Neither needs to be jealous of any other club. I was just saying that if you remove the two best players from any team (even money-bags chelski), then you will find your win ratio drops. Man U without Rooney and Ferdinand really do not look quite as unbeatable. Same goes for Arsenal without Fabregas & v Persie. Of course, Chelsea without Terry and Drogba have often struggled. My point really, is that there is an unfair perception that if Liverpool are without Gerrard & Torres then they can't win...but that this also does not ring true to the same extent for other teams... I feel no team in the world can easily fire without two of their world-class players in such vital positions. That's all I meant. In terms of the money spent for Aquilani, sure...he's been crocked. It is a well known fact that Roma's medical staff are not the best around and that Liverpool's are one of the best around. The feeling is if they can get him fit, then they have a good chance of keeping him fit. Time will tell if the gamble pays off. I would love another worldie of a striker, but we needed creativity in the midfield. it's vital to the 4-2-3-1 system LFC employs. With Kuyt (who's off colour at present) and Ngog to cover at striker, I do feel there's enough there. I don't think the finishing is the problem, it's the creating of chances to finish!!! Hence, my validation of attacking box-to-box midfielder as opposed to another striker.

  • neutral - 2009-11-25 12:11

    What's with all the bitter banter from Man United fans? Do any of you so called fans even know anything about your own club's history? Do you even know where Manchester is? or are you simply one of the hundreds and thousands of sheep who support Man united because they're the most popular club in the world...note, i said popular and not BEST club in the world. I wonder if Man United were to get relegated would they still have so many "supporters"..i don't think so, you will all probably claim to be Chelsea supporters then.

  • Brett Pretorius - 2009-11-25 12:11

    @ Big K I ask you with tears in my eyes...Who would be able to get the best out of Liverpool when up to 13 of our squad has been injured simultaneously??? Take away 13 players from Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, Villa or Citeh and see how well their managers cope. Do the exercise, I'm sure you'd be able to empathise afterwards... I'm not saying we'd be cleaning the floor with other teams if we had all our players, or that we have injuries and no one else has to deal with injuries...That would be ignorant and stupid of me. Just ask yourself, what would your squad look like without 13 of your players (at least 3 of them being key men in your first XI)???

  • craig - 2009-11-25 13:04

    Sure u'll never walk alone, but ur trophy cabinet is. btw this topic was about being out of the champions league, not about freaking how many times u beat man u in a row, go prepare for the Europa Cup coz if you out in the next round i can see Rafa gone then for the latest

  • Ebi - 2009-11-25 15:02

    @ neutral - there's some unecessary gloating from Man Utd fans, but bitter banter?? Do you even understand what that means??? How you can be stupid enough to construe anything here from Man Utd fans as being bitter only an equally stupid person would understand. I can't help wondering if you have an I.Q. above 2, for your entire comment is undoubtedly by far the DUMBEST one posted! There isn't a single relevent or even sensible comment there. But that's so typical, it's all idiot's like you can do when you have nothing logical to say. As my 5 yr old nephew would say, "what's that got to do with the price of jelly tots??" And why be a coward and try to paint all Utd supporters with the same brush? Why not single out who and what you're talking about? I very much doubt you have the mental capacity to focus on a particular, logical point. If only there was a way to make sure only people of at least moderate intelligence are allowed to post comments. Go on, prove me wrong, but me thinks you're either too dumb to reply, or your next comment will be even more asinine! Let's see... @ Brett - See my last comment for the answer to the last question you asked Big K.

  • Never Walk Alone - 2009-11-25 15:56

    @Shankly's Kin - Hey bro - you and me always seem to generate some opposite response on these threads. I want to make it quite clear - I have no disrespect for you or your views - its great to see such a die hard LFC supporter backing his team, no matter what ! However I do not believe Liverpool played well last night - here is some hindsight - If Lyon and Fiorinto drew their game last night - then LFC were required to beat Deb. by at least 4 goals TO GIVE THEM A BETTER CHANCE OF QUALIFYING - in all honesty they played crap - Ngog's goal was jammy - and they never played with any SERIOUS passion to achieve this - you could see that the players hearts were not in this game - like they had already accepted defeat - not like the Liverpool I have known and supported for years ! Rafa's substitions were once again questionable - bringing on a defender, when you need to go forward and score more goals - and bringing Aqualani on for 2 minutes - WTF is he hoping to achieve by this !! He is loosing the plot - and is doing some desperatley stupid stuff. Even SG looks like he has had enough - and you can never question his commitment to the club - but I believe by looking at his body language of late on the park - that he would rather be somewhere else. Rafa has not got the total support of the players in the way he is managing - and it is definitely showing on the field !! I think his lack of managerial acumen has been exposed by the problems - and he is not talented enough to rectify it - LFC have to ask some serious questions of their team - coach - management and owners if they once again want to be respected as a top flight club - and I cannot see things getting better right now with the regime we have in place !!!!! They did not give of their best last nmight - period !

  • Brett Pretorius - 2009-11-25 16:47

    @ Ebi Can you remember which years those were? I've looked through every year from 2005 upwards on: and can't find those unsettled periods you are referring too. It lists the starting line-up for Man U for every game from Aug05 - present. If you can remember, please let me know. I would like to credit you with answering my question to Big K. I just can't see fact, it looks like united have one of the most settled defences. I'll be checking throughout the next 24 hrs for response...will be good for me to see your validated argument. It would give me hope that an unsettled defence actually could do better than what Liverpool have.

  • Ebi - 2009-11-25 17:55

    @ Brett - I really wish i had the time to that kind of research but unfortunately i don't. As i said, all i know is that is was in the past 10 seasons (i remember one particular CL game when we were so thin in two positions that we didn't even have cover from the reserves, and had to include two ACADEMY players in the squad! I remember that particularly because i was so excited to see them play, but unfortunately they didn't make it onto the field). As for the defence in particular, that happened last season, I'm sure if you check you'll find many games where Neville, Rio, Vidic and Evra were out injured. Like I said, I know it's a simplification, but it's just to illustrate a point - that the stand-in players like Rafael, Evans, Brown, O'shea etc did brilliantly well in proving their worth and playing their (major) part in setting the record. Anyway, the fact that i can't remember the specific seaons or games in question doesn't really make a difference and shouldn't cast any doubt on the validity of my point, because whether you have the stats or not, anyone with a good knowledge of football would be able to recognise, accept and admit that both Man Utd and chelski and much better squads than liverpool. All you have to do is assume a reasonable amount of injuries for all 3 clubs, and then look at the stand-in players who would be available and on the bench. You don't need the past to see that.

  • brett_pretorius - 2009-11-25 19:18

    @ Ebi Better squads...yeah, I could see that being argued. Much better...a little more difficult for me to swallow. I do believe our first XI don't have to stand back for anyone tho. Modern game is a squad game though. We will see Liverpool challenging for top honours again. It is only natural that it would take time. Benitez had to overhaul the squad he inherited much like Sir Alex when he took over Manchester. It took him the better part of a decade to win the league, i see similarities. It may be that Liverpool were punching above their weight last season, it would certainly appear so if you look at the value of each squad in the Premier League. Liverpool come in at 6th. Chelsea highest. I don't buy the whole Benitez is a bad tactician (not your comment) any respect. He has a better win ratio after his first 400 games in charge than Shankly, Paisely and Sir Alex. So I do believe it's the squad that needs strengthening, not the coaching dept. Will he build the same legacy as these coaches did...who knows? Anyway, I'm wafting...I do think Liverppol have a slightly weaker squad than both Chelski and ManUre...But I still feel 13 squad members being injured would cripple any squad in the world. We need to strengthen our squad, but with the shortage of money to do it overnight like Chelsea or Citeh, we will have to do it gradually like Ferguson had to.

  • Big K - 2009-11-26 14:52

    @ Ebi & Brett, guys, all 3 of us have valid points, very interesting, lets leave it at that!! Brett, a manager who can bring out the best in any type of player is a good manager, eg, look at Harry "Houdini" Rednapp, he has done it b4 with different clubs and not many world class players. Chat soon guys

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