Inter send Barcelona packing

2010-04-28 23:00

Barcelona - Inter Milan battled for more than an hour with 10 men to cling on against Barcelona on Wednesday, eliminating the holders 3-2 on aggregate to advance to next month's Champions League final.

After losing last week's semi-final first leg in Milan 3-1, Barca's hopes of meeting Bayern Munich in Madrid on May 22 were lifted when Inter defender Thiago Motta clashed with Sergio Busquets in the 28th minute and was sent off.

The home fans filled the vast Nou Camp arena with noise and Barca dominated possession but struggled to create clear chances.

A superbly-taken goal from stand-in striker Gerard Pique in the 84th minute gave Barca a 1-0 win on the night but it was not enough to stop Jose Mourinho's men reaching the final.


  • Supafly - 2010-04-28 23:23

    All hail the football managerial king, i.e. The special one (Sir Jose Maurinho, oops he's not nighted). Hey, I'm jst givin credit where it's due. Very few managers can hold off a rampant Barca at the Camp Nou with ten men. Guess who's not a great player anymore (sum of us new that he was a bit overrated, anyway, by virtue of playin for a magnificent team in Barca), i.e. Messi! Well, no player wins this title without being a member of a champs league wining team (ask Thiery Hendrie, what happened @ the height of his career @ Arsenal). Iniesta and Xabi are some of the most unfortunate and underrated players of all time and so was E'to last season, which simply proves that any player is as gud as the team they play for. Look out for either Sneider or Robben to win it, depending on which team wins the tourney. You hav to luv this game (football) which is living proof that anythin can happen. Anyone who doubts Bafana's progress cum WC shud look no further, gentlemen! Playing @ home with a passionate crowd can propell even the most mediocre of teams to punch way above their weight and we're (SA) no diff. I dare anyone to bet against me that bafana can go on to even top their group in the wc and go as far as the quarters & @ that point, anythin is possible, ask Bayern and Inter!

  • Lihle - 2010-04-29 00:02

    This guy has just redefined the meaning of soccer ...... wish South Africa can learn from such: that coacjhed are players as well not gods...... Murino is one, difference with him is that his are not made of steel but of balls or may I say money?

  • junior - 2010-04-29 00:56

    truly jose is the master tactician hope he will consider coaching national team and he must start with SA

  • Brendon - 2010-04-29 01:14

    Masterful Mourinho!. Surely the best football manager around.... wish he would move to Anfield.

  • Deon - 2010-04-29 05:50

    That was a terrible game to watch. Inter were so defensive. How can a team only make 67 passes in a game. The "Special one" my ass. It doesn't take a genuis to put 11 men in the defense. And even after the sending off, 5 guys at the back and 5 in the midfield. Thats not soccer. H7CXF

  • Roy - 2010-04-29 06:41

    Let's hope and wish that Jose Mourinho moves to Livepool for next season !!!!!!!!

  • Kingsley Africa - 2010-04-29 06:48

    Well done Jose Mourinho, it just goes to show that Messi forms part of the team and if the team fails to rise to the occasion then everything fails.

  • TK - 2010-04-29 06:59

    While Thiago Motta should have been given a yellow card for needlessly putting his hand in the face of Busquets, it was not a red card offence. Busquets made a meal of it to get Motta sent off (even checking to see if his act was good enough). It is time that FIFA use technology and hand players red cards (for fouls as well as acting and diving) after matches, based on video evidence as matches are being affected too much by off the balls incidents and acting. It is time this is put to a stop.

  • Magno - 2010-04-29 07:06

    Well Done Inter. Would have prefered a Barca / Bayen final but totally agree on how Jose played the game ! especially after loosing a player to a red card. Very nearly turned off the TV !!! the play acting by professionals is indicative of the fact that this is not real sport any more. Sportsmanship is a thing of the past and the highest paid entertainer should be the ref because he is the one that effectively 'sets the tone.' This is true in rugby and football - cricket umpires have 'back up' which is a big help, but football officials need the refereeing controversy to spice up the game !

  • WTF - 2010-04-29 07:17

    Wahahahahaha! What happended to the best team in the world? Cannot score 2 goals against 10 men for 1 hour! Ja, but they are the best side in the world according to blind Barca supporters! Just like how you Barca people dis Rooney, Messi cannot play of he does not get supply! Best player in the world my A$$! Peace out Barcalosers! As for Inter, well played and Mourinho has shown that he is a great tactician and outsmarted Pep G! Don't understand how Barca could have let Eto go for Ibumrovic, that guy is just plain pathetic! Excellent Inter, Mourinho and his players deserved to run around the pitch like mad!

  • Roy - 2010-04-29 07:33

    The only packing to be done is that Jose Mourinho moves to LIVERPOOL next season !!!!!!!!!

  • Chris - 2010-04-29 07:38

    Barca should leave the theatrics alone,it was pain full watching grown men roll around against Arsenal, last night was another good example where is football going with all these dramatics especially in the European game.Barca are all a bunch of divers Messi included,all I can say Barca is THAT WHEEL IS TURNING you got what you deserve .Well done Inter!

  • Vinny - 2010-04-29 08:12

    Well Done Inter you were far far better over the 2 games -Class prevails always , Goal was clearly offside too and sending off was too harsh , friggin barca player should go to Hollywood . Spain always falter against italian teams and the Flea ???...No show

  • Tembe - 2010-04-29 08:17

    What a game, what a coach in Jose Mourinho, sure he is a special one, what a surpep plan of defence. Well composed well marshalled by the presence of Lucio and company. Wish Inter the best finals with Bayen Munich.. Zakhele Tembe Swaziland Cell: +2687 611 1574

  • Bye bye barca - 2010-04-29 08:19

    hahahahaha Messi WHO?????

  • reagan - 2010-04-29 08:21

    inter milans back is made of iron my word

  • Shaheen - 2010-04-29 08:30

    Close down the Barca midfield, then they don't look so good anymore. They only know one way to play, and that's one-touch passing through the middle. No one can deliver a decent cross. They never thought of getting in behind the Inter defense either. Pep's inexperience showed last night, he lost the plot taking off Ebrahimovic, and couldn't change his tactics, kept playing the same predictable way and at the same slow pace. Mourinho had his tactics spot on. The sending off of Motta (incorrect mind you), didn't affect his game plan. Others may argue Inter played negative football, but, that's the way to beat Barca, stuff your ego and nullify Barca's attack! Inter proved they can play attacking football when required (did so in the 1st leg). Hope Inter goes on to win the Champions League, it's been ages since they took it.

  • Joseph Musa - 2010-04-29 08:42

    The match showed how terribly off the referees can be from fairness. It was clearly 12 Barca men against Mourinho's ten; and the special proved once again his class

  • The stig - 2010-04-29 08:52

    10 inter men prevailed against 90,000 fans and 3 referees. With referees the beautiful game is going to the dogs

  • Mr Barca... - 2010-04-29 08:58

    What a bunch of bitter souls!... Barca is the best team in the world no doubt about that!... Tell me of one team who won 6 international recognized cups?... Barca... Tell me of a team with most number of fifa player of the year?... Barca... Inter knocked us out of the competition but the fact that it was there where most of your teams didn't get to should mean something!... Ohh, Pep has beaten Mourinho twice... And we the greatest team on EARTH!...

  • GeePMB - 2010-04-29 09:02

    I only caught the last 10 minutes of the game and the pressure Barca were putting on Inter was intense but their defence was rock solid! Pique's goal was so far off-side that you could have driven a London bus through the gap!! Needless to say you can't argue with a 3 - 1 aggregate lead going into the game and the tough resilience from Mourinho's boys, The Special One may have over-reacted at the end but the antics of the ground staff who put the sprinklers on to remove Inter from the field after the game, was just poor bad form!

  • Lamps_8 - 2010-04-29 09:10

    Well Done Inter!!!!

  • Ricky Bobby - 2010-04-29 09:13

    not really a good game last night - i dont teally like watching ball when one of the teams are soe defensive minded - any way - i dont think its fair to point any fingers at messi or question his ability - at the end of the day football isnt golf, its a team sport - he's still the best player in the world in y opinion - well done inter - jose is arguably the best manager ever

  • soccer fan - 2010-04-29 09:18

    all hail Mourino and his team. they have beat the best team in the world. the referee was not up to standard at all. it clearly showed that he is a fan of Barca. messi continued to kick, push, Maicon and the referee turned a blind eye to that but a mere hand, someone gets a red card. they couldnt even touch Messi and the referee would blow his whistle. congratulation to Inter but still Barca is the best team in the world and messi the best player.

  • nkosianthi - 2010-04-29 09:24

    Yesterday's game showed that:You can play beautifully without a ball in your feet. As long as you paly according to your strengths and play with your intellect then you are safe home. Bafana Bafana learn the lesson...

  • Ryan - 2010-04-29 09:39

    Nice one Inter ! Good to see Barca knocked off their lofty perch and by ten men as well - reality bites ! No Barca midfield equals no Messi , as simple as that . Just proves what all United fans already know , that Rooney is the best striker in world footaball and not just because of his goal-scoring ability but because of his ability to conjure up something special when the chips are down and even when he receives no service from midfield . Messi was equally conspicuos by his absence in the first leg as well - Inter just played him out of the game . Final should be some game with both coaches tactically very astute .

  • Winner - 2010-04-29 09:40


  • winner - 2010-04-29 09:44

    In six matches, Messi never managed to score against Mourinho... Cristiano Ronaldo at least won the CL when crowned best in the world and even scored more goals then Messi. Messi, Barça and Guardiola are over rated, cheating bad loosers (was that red card and the sprinklers at the end necessary?)

  • winner - 2010-04-29 09:46

    In six matches, Messi never managed to score against Mourinho... Cristiano Ronaldo at least won the CL when crowned best in the world and even scored more goals then Messi. Messi, Barça and Guardiola are over rated, cheating bad loosers (was that red card and the sprinklers at the end necessary?)

  • Kube$ - 2010-04-29 09:51

    When you arrogant and can back yo self up, you must be special, I tip Jose to be manager of Real Madrid next season. Pelligrini will be sacked no doubt... God help us if he does coach Real...

  • Ricky Bobby - 2010-04-29 10:14

    @winner - what are you talking about - didnt messi win the CHL last season - he scored in the final P.s - when replying, call yourself LOSER

  • kiran - 2010-04-29 10:27

    it is really a techincal game. barca played with 11 players + 2 Ref's. still can't win the game. because if you try to cheat and win the game ;it will come back to u.....

  • kiran - 2010-04-29 10:28

    it is really a techincal game. barca played with 11 players + 2 Ref's. still can't win the game. because if you try to cheat and win the game ;it will come back to u.....

  • Supafly - 2010-04-29 10:29

    Kube$! I cudn't more with you mate/buddy! If a guy's fists are much, I mean much, quicker than his toungue, then he's earned my respect. This guy's got ball$ the size of watermellons. Well, not literally! I mean damn, oranges don't have $#it on these ones! Lol! It kinda like Zidane head-butting Materazzi, a few yrs back. No wonder he Materazzi) didn't wake up! If a guy were to floor U like that with his head, wud U stick around 2 find out what he cud do with his fists? Lol......! My point, ecxatly!

  • X - 2010-04-29 11:40

    Barca is the best team in the world... And every team will lose sometime... But Barca was a sore loser dis time. Wat was up with the sprinklers when Inter was ready to celebrate?? SORE SORE SORE losers.

  • Winner - 2010-04-29 12:14

    Messi??? Any best player in the world will make the diffrence when it matters... where was Messi over the past 180 minutes?

  • winner - 2010-04-29 12:18

    Barça's player winking to Guardiola while lying on the ground for managing to get Motta red carded illustrates the type of player, mamager and team Inter was facing... Cheting, losers. Now to Bayern...

  • Dumi - 2010-04-29 12:36

    I have always maintained that Messi is a good player however he is not the sole reason why Barca have won games in the past, he scored 4 goals against Arsenal and everybody was Screaming Messi this Messi that, if you take a closer look, most of his goals are created by Xavi Hernandez, I never heard him mentioned, anyway Mourinho got his tactics spot on, Guardiola wants to use the same tactics for every game that Barca Plays, that won't work - Inter were the better team over both legs, coz they were able to defend and score the crucial goals needed.

  • Kube$ - 2010-04-29 13:44

    I am not understanding why Messi is being bad mouthed, say what you want and Barca did lose but that changes nothing about the boy, he is still world class and what he has done this season will not be forgotten by people who appreciate the game. Karma is a Biaach, Serigio B cheated, no wonder Motta wanted to strangle him, may be thats why Bara lost. As for the sprinklers , perhaps it was a wise move, just in case the fans got outta hand cos Mourinho and the guys were celebrating and the Barca fans may have taken it to heart hey... Just a thought...

  • Supafly - 2010-04-29 14:37

    @Kube$. Come on, man! Messi is just a fairly (average) talent player who's surronded by brilliance all around him and all he's had to do is shine, period! Here's my point. Does he carry Barca the way Ronaldo (Portugal) did for UTD? No! Does he carry Barca the way, Ronaldo (Brazil), Rivaldo, Ronaldohno, etc a few yrs gone by? No! Does he carry Barca the way Zidane did for Madrid? No, me (I and myself) thinks nada! So, what exactly does set Messi apart from the rest of the other players? I'd go on to argue that Guardiola made a huge mistake in letting E'to go and he knows it plus he paid a huge price for it. Granted, the guy (E'to) hasn't the best season at Inter, but Inter isn't exactly what one wud refer to as an attacking force, has I believe tha any player is jst as gud and/or bad as the team they play for. E'to scored more goals in Spain for at least two seasons in a row, but what did he get for it?

  • Nabwera NABII - 2010-04-29 15:32

    Guys. Football is about ideas. True to speak Inter had ideas. Game planning is about responding to the enemy with a working strategy. Destroy his plan and emerge the winner. No doubt Jose is in a class of his own. Look he even turned Etoo into a defensive player distorting the intention of Barca deploying Yaya. This man is a genius. Indeed a genius. Thanks Jose and i am certain Bayern will be minced meat.

  • Kube$ - 2010-04-29 16:33

    @Supafly - good points bro, I do disagree on the Messi thing, but agree on the Eto view. Zhlatan has gotta be the most overrated footballer in the HISTORY of the game, at one stage this oke was the highest paid, he still is one of the highest paid, what a load of crock man.Technically Ibramovich is the most expensive player in the world , cos he cost 60Mil and Eto, thats more than Ronaldo bru.

  • Jimmy - 2010-04-29 20:10

    Inter Milan cant belive what on earth happened last. I mean they last won the Champions League in 1965, & must have danced to the Bettles afterwards, & last appeared in a final in 1972, the time of Discos & Afros.None of the current @ Inter players were even close to been born when they last did anything @ a Champions league final. So bigs up to them.

  • abzhoz - 2010-04-30 11:15

    Well done marhino winning football is much better than playing it

  • Hopkins - 2010-05-01 09:26

    well done Jose and Inter, on the day all you needed was to defend as the job was already done in Italy. Jose Maurinho is the master of the game, well done coach and all the best in the final. Barcelona became big headed like they were the untounchables.

  • G_Va - 2010-05-01 18:08

    Barcelona has a bad history of sportsmanship. They consistently use shady tactics on their adversaries. I've never seen any other team do the things this club does. They obviously are not talented enough which their football skills to win key games without resorting to unsportsmanlike conduct. If UEFA allows this conduct to continue--they should just close shop because their credibility would be questionable at best.

  • senzo - 2010-05-03 10:43

    personally my observation tells me Barca is more of direct football team all they do is pass the ball but the last moves are always directly to the senter back of the opposition then if you got cambiasso as a holding middle two strong centre backs Luccio and Walter Samuels you do not have a chance with direct football especially with the sides marshalled by Zanetti & Maicon who had an easy task of keeping Barca quiet I hope this coach goes to Madrid just an opinion

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