Chelsea dump Barcelona out

2012-04-24 22:44

Barcelona - An heroic Chelsea survived the dismissal of captain John Terry and a Lionel Messi missed penalty to eliminate holders Barcelona 3-2 on aggregate and secure a place in the Champions League final after an action-packed clash on Tuesday.

The semi-final second leg at the Nou Camp ended 2-2 and burst into life towards the end of the first half when Sergio Busquets put Barca ahead, Terry was sent off for kneeing the leg of Alexis Sanchez and Andres Iniesta made it 2-0.

Barca looked in total control but were rocked when Frank Lampard sent Ramires clear in first-half added time and the Chelsea midfielder lifted the ball brilliantly over the onrushing Barca goalkeeper Victor Valdes into the empty net.

Barcelona squandered a chance to make it 3-1 early in the second half when the referee awarded a penalty for a Didier Drogba foul on Cesc Fabregas and Messi, who was denied by a post late on, crashed his spot-kick against the crossbar.

Fernando Torres, who has a great record against Barcelona despite misfiring so many times for the Premier League side, then netted for Chelsea in stoppage time after being clear on goal.

Chelsea's triumph is all the more remarkable given they sacked coach Andre Villas-Boas last month and Roberto Di Matteo is only caretaker manager. They lie sixth in the Premier League.

"We've done it. We scored an away goal and I think that was the key," goalkeeper Petr Cech told Sky Sports.

"What can I say. We scored goals and fought for 90 minutes. We were down to 10 men and down 2-1, but I think it's fantastic what we've done."

Barca's elimination is a fresh setback for Pep Guardiola's side after they lost last week's first leg in London 1-0 and crashed to a 2-1 La Liga reverse at home to bitter rivals Real Madrid on Saturday. Real are hot favourites for La Liga glory.

Chelsea will play Real or Bayern Munich in the May 19 final, with the Germans holding a 2-1 advantage from last week's first leg for Wednesday's return at the Bernabeu.

Barcelona, who lost Gerard Pique to concussion midway through the first half after Chelsea's Gary Cahill had limped off with a muscle strain, were chasing a third continental title in four years.

Chelsea, beaten at the same stage by Barca in 2009, are looking to win a first European title after they fell to Manchester United in the 2008 final but will head to the Munich showpiece with four players suspended.

Defenders Terry and Branislav Ivanovic will be joined on the sidelines by midfielders Ramires and Raul Meireles. Cahill faces a race to be fit as does fellow centre back David Luiz, who missed Tuesday's match through injury.

Fellow defender Ashley Cole said: "It was hard when you lose both centre halves like that. But at the end of the day we all believed. Not many people did, but we all did.

"Three or four months ago no one thought we had a chance. We lost a few games in the Premier League. We've been lucky, but it shows you can't beat our desire and fight."


  • Hanre - 2012-04-24 22:46

    Chelsea!!! Chelsea!!! Chelsea!!!

      Justin - 2012-04-24 22:51

      What a game! Up the Blues!

      johncarlos.biza - 2012-04-25 00:47

      Blues all the way!!! Our best draw in the club's history, and I witnessed it :)

      Topsy - 2012-04-25 07:54

      carry on backing a team captained by a racist, wife cheating, thug like john terry. you probably have never even been to england, europe let alone london. chelsea dont deserve to win the cup and wont!!!!

      Bob - 2012-04-25 08:03

      Topsy, usually I am in agreement with you but wow you are in a bad mood this morning, the sending off of Terry was a disgrace, I'll agree, his stupid knee to the back of the leg was nothing short of schoolboy stuff, he can count himself very lucky it did't cost his team a place in the Final, he very nearly let his club, his team mates and maybe more than anything the Chelsea supporters down, still not sure how Chelsea got through after being severely outplayed home and away, anyway thats football.

  • Skhona - 2012-04-24 22:51

    Never say never I do support Barca most of our fans were bit cocky going to this game credit to chealse they do know how to beat Barca

  • Niel - 2012-04-24 22:51

    What is a Messi? Can you eat it? Who is Barcelona? No one. Justice. Barca is shockig. Chelsea is everything.

  • GrandMasterFlasch - 2012-04-24 22:51

    Chelsea's victory was written in the stars, as much as it saddens me ,barca have themselves to blame .

  • Dhirshan - 2012-04-24 22:53

    the only solice i can take out of this is that real or bayern will beat this team, captained by a sorry excuse for a person in john terry, and hence not even qualify for next years champions league!

      Niel - 2012-04-24 23:20

      Haha. I get so much joy from this comment DirShan. You've been talking a lot the whole season. Your team was humiliated. Ten men. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahah. Wasn't even a win at the end! Ahahahahahahahahahahahha

      Tyrone - 2012-04-24 23:33

      WAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA Dhirshan. U talk to much smack!!! U got owned!! Eat your words!!! Hahahahahahaha CHELSEA!!!!!

      Kirstin - 2012-04-25 06:43

      I also love it, Big mouth before both games about how Chelsea would get thrashed, proved completely wrong. Barca can pass so well but cannot penetrate a good defence,too small and puny against a team of strong men from the English Premier League. Brilliant Chelsea showed class and heroic guts. Dhirshan should look at the last seven games that Barca could not beat Chelsea.

      Hanre - 2012-04-25 07:25

      Dhirshan you must be a troll that lives in the river of denial! Stop talking smack, you must be the worst analyst ever... all your predictions have been... well WRONG! Do you think anybody is gonna stop Chelsea now after beating Barca with 10 men? Mmmm... think not.

      Mikewright85 - 2012-04-25 07:53

      dhirshan u cant just give it to chelsea that they were tactically the better team! oh first it was barca u and abee were *singing* now u supporting a new team "bayern" u guys are the worst kind of football fan and should rather go support badmington!!! yes terry was shocking bt 10 men bled blue and beat the best team in the world! nuff said! *who are ya* suck on that all u haters!

      Hanre - 2012-04-25 08:02

      Dhirshan is everything that he has stated to hate in a football supporter... since being on news 24 I have seen him support Man U, City, Barcelona, Bayern and Real... and basically any other team that has played Chelsea. He only supports a team whilst the sun is shining on them... hey Dhirshan, maybe it's time to jump on the Blues ship don't ya think?

      kooveng - 2012-04-25 08:38

      lol.. Barca who??? Dhirshan you crack me up... Give credit where credit is due... they held their own against Barca, well done Chelsea!!!

      ralph.klopper - 2012-04-25 09:11

      You automatically qualify for champions league if you win it :)

      Vusi - 2012-04-25 09:24

      this is just a sport u win the most but lose some, it was not meant to be 4 barca anyone can c that even the coach he haven't sign a contract, he knew this was coming but surely no one I mean no one gave chelsea chance.Better luck next.

      Shivaskar - 2012-04-25 09:50

      Dhirshan, i wanted Barca to win too, but in the end, the belief that the Chelsea players showed was what earned them the place in the final, against all odds, they deserved it more. And I was so glad that Torres scored because that man is something special when he is confident and in form. Barca have no plan B - the repetitive passing around the box, no aerial threat, physically inept (strength-wise), is what cost them. They are too stubborn to change when things are not going their way. And it is madness, to continue to do the same things over and over again, and expect a different result. They never learn from the 1st leg loss or from the El Clasico loss. Chelsea to win the final.

      Mikewright85 - 2012-04-25 10:35

      great comment shavaskar and chelsea to win the final, the hunger is there they showed the world how bad they want it and i hope di matteo keeps the managerial position he has earned it!

  • luvashnee - 2012-04-24 22:55

    Well when you on top there is only one way to go that's down and when they think nobody can beat them that's when it happens.chelsea deserved the win.

      Vusi - 2012-04-24 23:42

      Amen sister!

  • dbnsfynest - 2012-04-24 23:11

    Messi costs Barcelona for the third big game in a row. LOL! This is fantastic. I love to see that midget cry. As a fan of Torres(not Chelsea) I'm glad the guy scored today. Fitting end to a good game

  • Nickwill - 2012-04-24 23:20

    Thank you Chelsea!!! The end of the Barca reign has officially been confirmed! Hahahahaha

  • africanwolf - 2012-04-24 23:28

    Go Chelsea!!!

  • David - 2012-04-24 23:31

    wat a match it waz._well played 2 Chelsea they had a gud fighting spirit tho their leader waz send early 4 early wash._credits 2 goalscorers and their entire team._Ramires had game of hiz lyf 2nyt._Itz going 2 be England vz Spain in next month final._

  • Vusi - 2012-04-24 23:39

    who would have thought 10 men can do the job! Ha Ha Ha!

  • edwin.phadu - 2012-04-24 23:41

    Chelsea, chelsea jou lekke ding

  • Maemarous - 2012-04-24 23:49

    It's not raining but pouring for Barcelona. Its a lesson to everyone else: ALWAYS have plan B. Why didn't they shoot from range? I'm afraid they are on the way down!

  • goodman.segage - 2012-04-25 05:27

    Etv and Supersport presenters are boring. Most of the comments are 1sided, believe me Chelsea FC wl continue to embarass them. I think presenters should be neutral and hide which team they go for, not showing their personal charecters when comments. Now I don even listen to their bais comments, I swicth off the volume. Chelsea n Torres the underdog you did it babe. You are the boss of EnglishPremierLeagu boys!!!

      Hanre - 2012-04-25 07:26

      Fully agree!!

  • afrikeni - 2012-04-25 05:58

    Eish what a bad day. The political comedian Julius is out

  • Kirstin - 2012-04-25 06:46

    What is better than 11 barcelona players? 10 Chelsea players

      Anwar - 2012-04-25 15:34


  • Cyrus - 2012-04-25 07:04

    Well done to Chelsea. There game plan worked again. Looks like they figured out Barca did what needed to be done. Fully deserved victory. Barca only have themselves to blame, for what ever reason, they just cant change their tactics to a plan B. But having said that, Chelsea will need a completely different game plan against either Bayern or Real cos that tactics wont work against them. Chelsea wont dominate in the air or physically against neither team and their approaches are a much more direct than that of Barca. Just going by style of play, Chelsea should prefer Real Madrid (not because they weaker but because of style of play and tactics), instead of Bayern.

      lesegom - 2012-04-25 07:32

      Yeah, the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong....BIG UPS THE BLUES !!!!

  • Daniel - 2012-04-25 07:07

    \I'm going to Barca to win trophies\ cesc. Haha

  • Mike - 2012-04-25 07:17

    Di Matteo better win or he's sacked like Grant ! Chelsea win and 4th placed league finisher misses out ! There's more to it then meets the eye. There will be a lot of fans cheering for teams they have never supported before - as well as a few selected managers.

  • Ngime - 2012-04-25 07:29

    All the passing and no goals! Chelsea all the way!

      Hanre - 2012-04-25 07:30

      Goals win games, not passes! Up the Blues!!

  • James - 2012-04-25 07:38

    and thats how you break ones ego!!! go chelsea :D

  • Frank - 2012-04-25 07:47

    Got to give credit where its due i am a Barcelona fan but Chelsea played really well. Congrats all the best in the final

  • Mhluleli - 2012-04-25 07:49

    this is i enjoyed the most thank to chelsea they showed us there is nothing but only overrated individuals ha ha ha ha.

  • John - 2012-04-25 08:04

    Apart from the Drogba faul, he was absolutely brilliant on defense! So was Ashley Cole. Well done Torres. Here's hoping for a Bayern Munich vs Chelsea Final

  • Dylan Dario Sciarappa - 2012-04-25 08:12

    Gotta love all these arm chair pundits disrespecting Barcelona you are all morons. This is probably the greatest team in club football history. So what they lost. But their record speaks for itself they have won 13 out of 16 competitions entered. Have some respect man!!!!!!

      Hanre - 2012-04-25 08:18

      I am not disrespecting Barcelona, they are indeed a great team. We are celebrating a great Chelsea victory, don't see anything wrong with that. I am however disrespecting the likes of Dhirshan and Abee, who can't give credit where it is due and who constantly down players from the Chelsea side. I have seen no one here making any personal remarks about any Barca players, except for some Messi comments. But hey, hitting the crossbar doesn't qualify as a goal.

      Vusi - 2012-04-25 09:16

      ur team must also never under-estimate their opponent, after AC Milan they thought it was going to b a walk in park looking @ the blues current form but when that didn't happen then disaster strikes.Who would have thought, hey!

      Prosper - 2012-04-25 10:07

      They are many great teams that have come and gone and Barca is just one of them. The great AC Milan of the 90s was probably better. Ajax, Real, Juve have had similar runs. Football does not start and end with Barca. They have only won Champs league 3 times. Look how many times Real,Liverpool, and Milan have won. Know your football mate before you harangue everyone here.

      Anwar - 2012-04-25 15:38

      Chelsea know how to beat Barca, now it stands at 12 encounters, 5 draws, 4 wins for Chelsea and 3 for Barca, the stats speak for themselves, Barca a great team, but Chelsea know how to take them on.

      Kirstin - 2012-04-26 12:19

      We do not disrespect Barca,they are a brilliant WORLD CLASS team. What we disrespect and are sick of is all the supposed barca fans who disrespected and mocked chelsea before the game and were proved wrong and who now are SUDDENLY Bayern supporters.. LOL. i think we are all arm chair pundits on this forum.

  • Timothy - 2012-04-25 08:14

    It`s all over for Barcelona they had a good run

  • meltoncillin.markgraaff - 2012-04-25 08:35

    CHELS- CHAMPS!!! the final is here!!! WELL DONE TEAM CHELSEA

  • Michael - 2012-04-25 08:40

    Chelsea did very well. Barca will have to change their tactics, every other football club playing against them will just overload the box and play on the break. it sad and ugly football, but it beats Barca's increddible playing style. Well done Chelsea and grats. Barca fan...

  • Nirosha - 2012-04-25 08:48

    The greatest match of all time...Chelsea did it. The best is yet to come. Chelsea will win the Champions League Title. The 90 mins+ was mindblowing. Awesome. Go Chelsea go!!!

  • Willem - 2012-04-25 09:05

    Who the FARK are Barcelona???

  • tchikotora - 2012-04-25 09:15

    Sleeky passing game failed to unlock ..............,

  • Sam - 2012-04-25 09:39

    After the Liverpool-fiasco a few seasons back (where they won the Champions League, the one season, but failed to finish Top 4 the next), I see to remember FIFA saying that they won't allow an extra team into the Champions League, even if they are the holders. So, should Chelsea win this season, what is the EPL going to do? Tell team no 4 on the log "Sorry, but you STILL don't qualify for Champions League"? Or will we see a Champions League tournament in which the champions are not represented?

      Cyrus - 2012-04-25 10:01

      Good point. Here is an Idea, there should be a playoff between the winners (lets assume Chelsea finshes outside the top 4 the CL but finis) and the 4th place team. Just an idea

      Bob - 2012-04-25 13:05

      No way, common sense has to rule, the defending champs have to be given a chance to defend their title, any other decision would be ridiculous, the FA must clear this rule up, I know it could be tough on the team finishing fourth but alsong as they know the rule beforehand I don't see any problem, a team would have to finish in the top three to guarantee a place in the Champions league.

      Kirstin - 2012-04-26 12:21

      Team no 4 will not qualify

  • Jay - 2012-04-25 12:08

    After his PENALTY miss, MESSI should be admitted to an ASYLUM too. Barcelona finally got "worked out". Their 'pinball machine'style of possession play was shut down by a very resolute 10 Men & Gary Cahill-less Chelsea. Let us not forget how much "NERVE was HELD" by Fernando Torres to score the death nail goal. The world were on the edge of their seats hoping and praying he DOES SCORE... and DID. Well played Chelsea, and well deserved.... Nobody will remember the 70% possession of Barca. What is better than 11 Barcelona Players ? 10 Chelsea Players... I Rest My Case

      Bob - 2012-04-25 13:09

      Come on the salaries these guys get paid, if Torres can't hold his nerve in a one against one situation then he shouldn't be earning that type of money, there was never any doubt in my mind he would score and I don't believe there was any doubt in his mind, that's what he gets paid for.

  • Bongani - 2012-04-25 14:37

    yes barca play good football and they are the best in the world, but their greatness let them down with a one dimensional football style that's so highly praised, the same style costed them the match. Over 70% of ball possession and yet they felt the pressure worse than chelsea, big ups to chelsea for proving that the best in the world are beatable. Great game though, back to the drawing board barca, new game plan is urgently needed, it's not all about messi afterall.

  • Trevor - 2012-04-25 16:09

    The problem barca has is this:against lesser teams they may well score 5,6 goals,but against better teams like chelsea and madrid they're gonna struggle.Why?these teams know barca pretty much does all the play thru the middle,so the cut them off there.Barca simply doesnt have the power and height to play from the wings and whip crosses in.As great as puyol and mascherano are,the simply doesn't have the height,strenght or pace to deal with lightning counter-attacks like the one's from madrid.They are the best club side in the world,but they need two big and mobile centre backs and a left back,and also a classic nr 9 as a target man and to hold up the ball.@ the moment they're too one-dimensional

  • Nkanyiso - 2012-04-25 20:29

    lost R30 on barcelona hope chelsea fans are enjoying there victory

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