Bayern knock out United

2010-04-07 23:42

Manchester - Sir Alex Ferguson launched a scathing attack on Bayern Munich's cynical stars after Rafael da Silva was sent-off as Manchester United crashed out of the Champions League on Wednesday.

Ferguson felt Bayern's players contributed to Rafael's dismissal for two yellow cards, which proved the decisive moment in a dramatic quarter-final second leg at Old Trafford.

He also claimed Louis van Gaal's men targeted Wayne Rooney, who returned ahead of schedule from an ankle injury before coming off in the second half.

Brazilian right-back Rafael was booked in the first half for kicking out at Mark van Bommel after being fouled by the Bayern midfielder and then saw red for a foolish tug on Franck Ribery five minutes after the break.

Ferguson, whose side won the second leg 3-2 but lost the tie on away goals after a 4-4 aggregate draw, felt 38-year-old Italian referee Nicola Rizzoli had been influenced by Bayern.

"He's (Rafael) a young boy and showed inexperience, but they got him sent off. They all rushed towards the referee. Typical Germans. You can't dispute that," said Ferguson.

"The key issues were the goal before half-time and then the boy getting sent off, but it's still taken an exceptional goal to win the tie."

Ferguson's side had raced into a three-goal lead thanks to Darron Gibson's strike and two fine finishes from Nani.

But Ivica Olic reduced the deficit and, after Rafael was sent off, Arjen Robben got the crucial goal in the 74th minute.

Ferguson insisted he had no complaints about his side's performance.

"I think we've done well, performed well. It was a great performance. We were very unlucky," he said.


  • Man United 4Life - 2010-04-08 01:30

    Come on all United haters, I can't wait to hear all the United bashing now... Congrats to Bayern. United only have themselves to blame.

  • Supafly - 2010-04-08 03:57

    My G@d! Can this guy ever own up to any thing and congratulate the winning team when they've done well. Have you seen fletcher and/or Scholes tackle, before? Granted, utd played well and should have won really, but they went to sleep, kinda like the same way Bayern did back in 1999, which give him (Sir Alex) the victory which immortalised him to the scores utd fans across the globe. The fat lady has to sing first in this game before you can start celebrating, that's while we call it the greatest game in the whole wide world. I'm a utd fan who's realistice enough to know that the team lacks quality to compete at this level and mostly due to this guy's arrogance (i.e. showing gud quality players a finger and not replace them). Ja...ja...whateva! Some think he's the best manager to ever grace the game. I beg to differ. For all the dominance of the EPL that utd hav done over the yrs, how come they haven't done the same in Europe. Mourihno's in his third semifinal in Europe (possibly his third final), with a diff team. To Be Continued!

  • Rob - 2010-04-08 05:57

    If you won the referee would have been fine LOL.

  • GUNNER - 2010-04-08 06:13

    bye bye united ha ha ha

  • Alan - 2010-04-08 06:28

    Fergie take it like a man and do not blame the German way, Whenever the United drama class is out on the pitch then we hear that we are jealous of the best team. Wake up ManU, make the circle bigger????!!!!!!! Bayern 4Eva

  • Mickey Naidoo - 2010-04-08 06:47

    Alex should kept Rooney on the bench and after half time watch the situation and then brought him.Very poor management decision. After Rafael's first yellow card Alex should have substitued him as Rafael always gets himself into these kinf of situations. I totally blame Alex Ferguson for this loss.

  • Bemused Bystander - 2010-04-08 07:14

    What a sore loser this plonker is - all the excuses in the book and this coming from the man that practically invented gamesmanship.

  • Man U - 2010-04-08 07:17

    Well played Bayern, again, we (Utd) could not deliver the knockout punch and it cost us dearly! Nani is definitely looking good and I look forward to seeing him play next season. Big ups to Fergie for playing the younger guys, i liked that concept especially after the loss to Chelsea. However, Da Silva's lack of experience showed but i'm sure he has learnt massively from that. As for Rooney playing, i think the gamble payed off as he did have critical touches in both Utd's goals. Pity the Germans attacked his ankles throughout the game! Robben's goal was superb and well taken corner from Ribbery! Good luck to them in the competition! @Supafly: You must be smiling from ear to ear this morning!

  • Fred - 2010-04-08 07:22

    It's always the ref when Man U lose, Ferguson is an old fart who has lost the plot as well as his marbles. United where beaten by a better side over the two games and he just can not accept that there are better sides than Man U.

  • Justice - 2010-04-08 07:24

    mmm... it was a great performance - by Arjen Robben! What a hero! The mighty Man United with their mightier egos are learning that success is not granted... but earned. Watch the above space... there will be complaints of poor referee's, unfair opponents, long grass, bad luck, wrong moon phases, poor TV angles, horrible lighting and not enough Energade... and i'm sure they'll find more to make excuses with. In short, you weren't good enough, you took it for granted and you rely on a very select few players to win. You're out of Europe, you're falling behind in the Premier league and you've got Chelsea ready to rub it in your face. A quality team you are, but you need to come back to earth without making an excuse... what is it when you don't win... you lose... Unlucky folks, but can't say i'm upset...

  • MIke - 2010-04-08 07:29

    Ferguson is a big cry baby

  • Red Devil - 2010-04-08 07:36

    Fantastic performance and a great display of attacking football. Come what may, United is still the greatest English side as proven by the side's progress in the Champions League. Barca will probably take it. Now lets concentrate on the EPL....

  • Ricky Bobby - 2010-04-08 07:39

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! what a great day - never thought i'd be the first person making a comment today but hey we all know united fans - arrogant c**** - well Shrek didnt show up last night - fergie tried his old tricks in he prematch conference stating boldly that rooney wont make the game to throw off the oppossition - it didnt work - Bayern did extremely well after the red card, united didnt look a threat at all - thats what happens when only one player can make a difference, you cant rely on anyone else to step up the plate without that player - sorry guys -

  • Danny - 2010-04-08 07:44

    Good point Fergie...oh wait Ribery or Robben are not German...nice one. Anyway good to see that other countries are producing good teams too! Barcelona will win this...they're a machine.

  • TruBlu - 2010-04-08 07:46

    Yes Fergie - like no ManU players ever dive!! Christiano perfected this "art" - never heard you complain when he was playing fot ManU!! SUCK IT UP!! douche bag...............

  • ShAyA - 2010-04-08 07:46

    ROTFLMAO...Typical Germans!! Fergie and the girls was outplayed and outwitted and definitely outlasted by those typical Germans, well on the bright side of things maybe you gals can now concentrate more on the League which you will also not win.

  • Julius - 2010-04-08 07:54

    haibo, I predicted a 1-0 win for Manu, but the 3 -2 win was much sweeter, nani scored some great goals, and all of this without Rooney scoring, and some people were saying that nobody but Rooney scores for us. Well done on the win man U, you make all us fans proud. Glory Glory Man United, and the reds go marching on.

  • Bernard - 2010-04-08 07:54

    The agony of defeat. He will always find something wrong with referees’ decisions after his side has lost crucial games. Get over it Mr Ferguson!

  • Hopkins - 2010-04-08 07:55

    When the going gets.......the tough gets....... .

  • Albert Einstein - 2010-04-08 07:56

    Stop blaming Bayern. You were beaten fair and square. Rooney should not have played in the first place, he was not fit. Always moaning the old shit when they (MU) get fu@#$ed up. Why don't you say for a change: "We were beaten by a better team".

  • Nthalrhi - 2010-04-08 08:01

    I'm loving it. I gave up watching while Man utd seemed to be cruising to the semis only to wake up today and see the unbelievable. Bayer Munich versus Barca in the final. I can't wait. We were simply tired of english teams in the finals every year.

  • sjoe me - 2010-04-08 08:03

    eish why start with rooney, let him make the last difference give him 30mins to play. fletcher, so not a champions league player. why not play park

  • dumkofp - 2010-04-08 08:04

    Any team that comes back being 2:0 down you should congratulate you wank and not come with kak like typical German. Bayern was taking the game away from Man. United after 25 minutes. Super performance. Alex, if it gets to hot in the kitchen, get out and retire................

  • Alex - 2010-04-08 08:12

    The Germans played dirty tactics. They took the ball away from M/U players and used it to their advantage. I think the ref should not have allowed this. The goal scored by Robben should not have been allowed. Van der Saar did not have a chance to get to that ball because there were some players in the way. I demand a replay in three month time when Rooney is fit again because with out him we are useless........

  • Supafly - 2010-04-08 08:12

    @Man U! Hey man, what can I say? I do feel vindicated, but I don't know about being happy. I am a critical utd fan/suporter who doesn't let his emotions cloud his judgement, at least I think so. It's a bit hard to follow the game frm Aus, so I heard to make do with highlights and does appear that, even Bayern came back, UTD had a gud game and deserved sumthin out of the game, but bearin in mind these tourneys R played over two legs, one wud argue that Feggy left him too thin upfront when he let two of his best forwards (Ronaldo wanted to go, granted) go and didn't borther replacing them with potentially gud players. Barbatov, my G@d! I hope he didn't play, cause I won't take it!

  • Kube$ - 2010-04-08 08:19

    @manu - sorry bro, but you guys have yo self to blame. Sir Alex must have kicked Raphaels head in man . No doubt MANU will come back with a bang next season. On another note, sureley Capello and England must be pissed Sir Alex played Rooney?

  • DENNIS - 2010-04-08 08:19

    sorry to my fellow Man U faithful, we will have to work hard to win the Premier League

  • Man U - 2010-04-08 08:23

    @Julius: WTF? I am glad you support Man Utd but how do we go marching on after this? We might have won the game but we lost the battle! No more CL for us until next season. Let's hope we march on in the EPL! @Ricky Bobby: From one arrogant c*** to one stupid c***, you ain't the first to comment, CHOP! Also, Rooney did not even score one goal out of the three so enough with this one man show crap you plank!

  • Georgie Best - 2010-04-08 08:25

    Now they can also concentrate on the EPL, if chelski makes one booboo now, game on. Gerrard said they going to win the remaining 5 games to finish fourth, for once I bloody hope so!!!!!!!

  • BM - 2010-04-08 08:29

    I suggest that Mr Ferguson is stripped of his Sir-title. I always respected him as the greatest coach ever, but you have to be more diplomatic when giving comments. Yes I agree with him: BM concentrated on Wayne. That is normal as he is the danger man. Furthermore there was an Italian coach who maybe favoured the Germans. But a win is a win;11 years ago Mr Ferguson did not complain. You win some and you loose some!

  • Deon - 2010-04-08 08:36

    A very dissappointing way to go out, but come on guys, Fergie wasn't to blame for the loss. He picked a team and the team did a excellent job. 3-1 at half time. once Raefal was sent off that allowed Ribery and Robben to come alive due to a extra player. That wasn't Fergie's fault. We had plenty of opportunities to bury the game. SUPAFLY why don't you go support Inter if you love Jose so much. Just remember how much Fergie has done for our club.

  • Sello "Two-Two" Jelle - 2010-04-08 08:40

    @Julius - wake up and smell the coffee...Man U is marching to nowhere!!! They are out of the Champions League as it is and will not win the domestic league. I bet they'll come out after Arsenal! Rafael deserved the red card. I hope Sir Alex Ferguson will have a good look at the game - on TV just as we saw it and apologise to us. He was rough and arrogant - the second booking did not come as a surprise...I was actually expecting it!

  • chosen1 - 2010-04-08 08:43

    fergie is nothing but a sour looser,never giving credit when due,always blaming the ref or a lines-man,when will this clot accept defeat gracefully: you cnt win all the time,but respect to NANI ! though he was brilliant ! the youngsters were great : fergie should get rid of that old farts like giggs , shcoles,neville those pensioners should retire period!! united so full of talent but yet he relies on useless players.

  • seeps - 2010-04-08 08:45

    Twits!!!! United won 3 -2 have we missed this point? The youngsters are coming through now. Gibson, Raphael, Nani, Rooney and Fletcher all 26 or younger. We looking Good United not to mention some other youngsters not used. Future looks good and reality is we can't win them all..... Lyon will sort Bayern out and Inter will win it from here.

  • Nash the Gunner - 2010-04-08 08:46

    Wow where are those Man U supporters that says Arsene is a whigner,Saterday it was the ref, lastnight it was the Bayern players (who imo done their jobs). I mean what did he expect? the Bayern players shouldn't tackle Rooney or Rafael shouldn't get booked, such a hypocrite this asshole who wanted Eduardo to get banned after the qualifier against (his) Celtic

  • Gustav - 2010-04-08 08:49

    Jawol Mr. Fergie !! Blame the Germans for bad sportsmanship - you are a senile old fool - as you always complain when you are outclassed - nothing bad is said about refs or opposition when MU win. You see in Germany we also have our Robben Hood - and his band of merry men are now celebrating a most deserved win, and possibly play in the final. United have serious problems - financially as well as a lack of depth in team selection. Football is a highly paid professional game - and ALL teams will try to exploit their opponents weakness - so dont cry if Rooney is targeted - that's the way it is - and if you are dumkopf enough to play an unfit player in such a game then you must suffer. However by playing an injured Rooney definitely sends out a message that you have no confidence in Man Utd most expensive mistake - Barbaflop ! ! Wunderbar - you played right into Bayerns game plan - and were outsmarted by a better coach !

  • Big K - 2010-04-08 08:54

    Im not one to make excuses when we loose, but Rafael will grow up, he is a young boy and he has done things like this before, it cost us dearly but before the red card, bayern were not in the match!!! Nonetheless, well done Bayern, i hope you guys go on to win it this year!!! Nani has now earned everyones respect far and wide, glimpses of Ronaldo creeping in and he is getting beta and beta!! Gibson is awesome and iv been saying the hole season that SAF needed to play him more than Carrick, his has proven his worth!!! The first half was amazing and exactly what the doc ordered but how can you let them take a corner and not Mark Robben, that was poor to say the least!! In a way im pleased we out cos now SAF might jus go out and spend a few quid on a decent striker, midfielder and defender and maybe a keeper, but VD Sar is still legendary!!!!!!! It was so good seeing Sheasy back, he is definately what we need for the last 5 games cos of his versartility!!! To all u united haters, let me remind you that from all the english teams it was the gunners and united that went the furthest and we technically did beta than Arsenal cos of the goal difference so i guess that answers the question of the stronger english team in Europe this year!!! GGMU and we will def be marching on from this, i guarandamtee it!!!!!!

  • ToffeeZN - 2010-04-08 08:55

    I said it after the Cheslea game and I'll say it again, Ferguson is a sore, sore loser. How many games have United won in the 8th minute of extra time, how many games have they wone because Ferguson intimidated young refs? My how the wheel turns. And hey @ Julius: The Reds are marching NOWHERE right now, even the Premier League title is looking a long shot now!! Ferguson should just retire and stick to horse racing and red wine!! Bwahahahahahaha bye bye Man U...

  • Slacker - 2010-04-08 09:01

    United had the tie all sewn up, but they self destructed. Take it like a man Fergie you old moaning scottish plonker!

  • The Oracle - 2010-04-08 09:09

    Glory Man United.

  • Dipsy - 2010-04-08 09:09

    MANU forever... They were a tad unlucky last night but as the saying goes...You cant win them all and Congrats to Bayern !!

  • Man U - 2010-04-08 09:14

    @Kube$ and Supafly: I also think that Carrick had a shocker! He gave away possesion in midfiled which resulted in the break for Bayern which then eventually resulted in a corner for Bayern which they brilliantly took advantage off! Also slipped to allow Olic to score in the first half! None the less they took their chances and burried it with ease!

  • Gunning gunner - 2010-04-08 09:14

    Please tell Whiskey Nose to stop crying!!! Every time they lose he blames the referee!! At least my manager said it was playing Playstation!! Give credit were it is due!!!

  • tman - 2010-04-08 09:18

    Less yada yada alex (sir left out on purpose): so Ribery and Robben are German now..even if they were, did they force rafel to those fouls?..u lost the tie nw plz deal with it, silly old man this

  • Larry - 2010-04-08 09:22

    Now the Champions League begins, no fakers, skilless clubs now. 1 Italian, 1 Spanish, 1 French, 1 German & ZERO English...yipiiiiii now we can watch some quality football. Damn these pommies & their commentators irritate the hell out of me, overratted muppets!!

  • Julius - 2010-04-08 09:23

    No matter what anybody tells me, manu is the best team eva. Don't come tell me here about this and that. The ref was obviously against us yesterday. When the Germans wearn't scoring, he gave them a chance, and only after we were 10 men could they get the ball. We won last night, this away goal rule is stupid, the score was 4 -4. a penalty shoot out should have happened, or extra time. and what ever happened to the rule at old trafford, did nobody tell the ref that we play until manU scores, how could he end the game?

  • Nash the Gunner - 2010-04-08 09:27

    Come on Big K, how can you say Man U done better then Arsenal considering the opponents and injuries we have at the moment, on the night i think Barca would have done that to any team...

  • dumie - 2010-04-08 09:33

    Ferguson is right to complain if he sees something bad in the field of play, Why should he keep quite? would you arsenal guys keep quite if you find another man fucking your wife, keeping quite is good defination of a fool.Any manage has a right to complain and in that the game is improved . The refeers become better after correcting weaknesses people point to them. so shut the fuck up.

  • GIULIANO - 2010-04-08 09:38

    man united,especially madam alex fergie,such a bad sport and a master of cheats,you were outsmarted by the typical Germans.playing Rooney was a huge mistake ,i can imagine how Cappelo and the rest of the English supporters were cursing you you old goat.

  • Red Dev - 2010-04-08 09:44

    Nobody likes losing but one has to say ; Well done Bayern . I do agree with SAF that the Bayern players did target Rooney and Rafael but hey , that's the game of football I suppose . In hindsight I think it is fairly obvious that SAF made a monumental blunder by playing Carrick ( again ) , both of Bayern's goals were a result of Carrick's errors . Nani and Gibson were awesome and keep improving with each game as does Valencia . Sadly Boobatov was his usual self - ineffectual . I cannot understand SAF bringing him on when he could have played Marcheda . Anyway , water under the bridge now , United need to refocus their energies on the league and hope that Chelski slip up along the way .