CT 'disappointed' - De Lille

2012-05-04 13:26

Cape Town - The City of Cape Town said on Friday it was disappointed after losing out as a host city for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament.

"From the outset, the City expressed its desire to be part of what we truly believe is a celebration of African football," Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille said in a statement.

"However, at each stage of the process, we have highlighted a number of serious legal, financial and other concerns that needed to be negotiated in order for the City to comply with our legal responsibilities, and to ensure that we did not compromise the interests of the ratepayers and citizens of Cape Town."

De Lille said Cape Town's concerns had been shared by a number of other municipalities.

"We continue to believe that it would have been irresponsible to sign a host city agreement without substantial amendments to the agreement," she said.

"The fact that other municipalities have seen fit to do so is surprising, given the serious problems associated with the agreement."

De Lille said Cape Town, which boasts the Cape Town Stadium - a 2010 World Cup venue - had not received a reply regarding its concerns, which had "fallen on deaf ears".

The government announced earlier on Friday that Mbombela, Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg and eThekwini would host AFCON matches, with Soccer City in Johannesburg set to hold the opening and closing ceremonies.

This met the Confederation of African Football (CAF) minimum requirement of four venues, rather than the six that the AFCON local organising committee (LOC) had earlier earmarked.

Cape Town, which had been vocal about possible high costs of holding matches, would host 2014 African Nations Championships (Chan) matches.

Polokwane, Kimberley and Bloemfontein would also stage Chan games.

Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula, who had previously given assurance that government would assist with costs, said a task team would finalise procedures with the SA Football Association next week.

"The issue of budgets is not a problem," Mbalula said.

"Understand that this is not a 'spaza shop', we still have to sit down and look at overall costs.

"We have stopped the LOC from running to the cities. Now all issues will be forwarded to the centre (task team).

"If Johannesburg, for instance, has a problem, we will account to that."

To generate maximum income from the tournaments, Mbalula hoped that CAF would loosen some of its stringent requirements, and be allowed to bring sponsors on board that would help in cutting expected government costs.

"Private companies will also come in," he said.

"We will need to pursue negotiations with CAF to ensure that this happens.

"We agreed that if CAF comes to the party, then gate takings should be shared between CAF, hosting cities and government."


  • Anthony - 2012-05-04 13:34

    thank God...............just more money wasted

      Andrew - 2012-05-04 14:26

      Patricia, you darling!!!

      Dawood - 2012-05-04 14:26

      @ Sean Thank god.thats great news.When are u planning to leave.

      Sean - 2012-05-04 14:35

      The ANC is spitefully trying to isolate Cape Town because its DA controlled.Someting more sinister is going on than just forking out the money in order to pay for it. This is what you get from a vengeful ANC criminal government. The fools just lost a by-election in Kirkwood, Manenberg, Heideveld, Gugulethu and Grabouw and now they showing their disgust. Wonder how much more pathetic the ANC can get than this. Sure it cost money to host the CAF event,but like Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula says "that government would assist with costs". This is no major setback for the Cape.Cape Town still host many other important events throughout the year and is in line to host a F1 Grand Prix in 2013.So how about that.You go Cape Town.Capetonian till I die.

      wynand.bothma - 2012-05-04 15:29

      Lerato, you don't need "special skills"... just commonsense and a little bit of brains :)

      Andrew - 2012-05-04 16:55

      @sean...leave now and please understand that once you gone you lose the right to coninue to compain and whine about SA on news24. There is nothing worse than an expat that thinks he or she has the right to come to these forums and slate the country from all expats that do this...thank goodness you left now please shut up!!

      Burtfred - 2012-05-05 08:50

      Who cares? Own banana banana team didn't qualify for the finals because of arrogance and stupidity. The coach hadn't read the rules. They are only playing because SA is the host nation. Why should the government, ie the taxpayers, once again foot the bill for this event?

      Peter - 2012-05-05 11:07

      Nigel - Just came from Germany with 5% unemployed vs SAfr 45% - Dont you read The Economist.

      Zukisani - 2012-05-06 19:30

      @ sean bye don't let the airplane door hit u on your way out . i like people like you. you don't just complain you find a solution to your problem . i heard the weather in Australia is fine as hell , trust me you will adapt quickly down under. don't forget to take your family and friends

      Bambanani - 2012-05-08 12:18

      cape town is a rugby city.

  • sean.redmond3 - 2012-05-04 13:36

    Would love to see the contract that needs so many changes to make it legal for CT

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-05-04 13:37

    Morne for president

  • Loo - 2012-05-04 13:39

    SEE friends . .this I call responsible governance. Rather walk away from prestige if it is going to have a negative impact on its citizens .. WELL DONE CAPETWON

  • goyougoodthing - 2012-05-04 13:40

    Who in Durban gave approval for this, and who is paying, I am sic of paying for stuff without being consulted.

      Hugo - 2012-05-04 13:57

      check your mail

      Koos - 2012-05-04 14:08

      Don't worry, government is paying :)

      goyougoodthing - 2012-05-04 14:09

      nothing in my mail?

      Mike - 2012-05-04 14:53

      @koos and where does government get the money from - you and me - so it is still been paid by the people. So approval is required to spend so much money with no return - agree

  • Loo - 2012-05-04 13:41

    """ The issue of budgets is not a problem," Mbalula said. """ SEE, this is the type of comment that is sinking RSA

      Tommy - 2012-05-04 15:16

      Picked it up too - and "we still have to sit down and look at overall costs", don't go buying a car without looking at my overall budget, why should it be different for government.

  • Sonja - 2012-05-04 13:46

    THANK GOD ..... I hope those other cities are prepared to pay millions for NOTHING!

      Sonja - 2012-05-04 13:47

      The DA questions fell on deaf ears - probably because the ANC reader couldnt read.

  • nomvete - 2012-05-04 13:46


      Koos - 2012-05-04 14:15

      The people who matters (read ratepayers) are not disappointed.

      Attie - 2012-05-05 13:24

      With good reason...Let d blind lead d blind!!Tx CT for ur stance.Keep it up.Dey can fool sum ppl sumtyme but not all d ppl all d tym!!

  • John - 2012-05-04 13:46 is watched world over and the African cup is now a lot bigger, DA should not take the public for granted and become arrogant......

      Tommy - 2012-05-04 15:37

      But that is exactly what they did, they looked at the people...then at the soccer, and back at the people - and want to know what they saw...people need responsible good governing more than an expansive soccer party that only lasts for a couple of days. It can be compared to buying a good expensive bottle of whiskey/brandy/wine - fun while drinking (problems gone), but the next morning you wake up with a big headache and no money to pay for your food/rent.

      John - 2012-05-04 17:16

      Its called social responsibility.......

      Peter - 2012-05-05 11:11

      John, What is SA's rating in the soccer world?

  • Tumisang - 2012-05-04 13:48

    Minister Fikile Mbalula doesnt take any nonsense from anyone,Cape Town had been vocal about possible high costs of holding matches now that they have been releaved of high costs they are complaining......They pulled of the bidding process and the minister excluded them because they pulled out not they complaining.Well done Minister

      Anthony - 2012-05-04 13:54

      wake up man CAPE TOWN was not and i repeat not willing to fill his back pocket with money and thank God for that.

      Peter - 2012-05-05 11:18

      Thanks Cape Town! The tax payer will benefit! Let's rather attend rugby games in the Cape than a game in which SA is rated 100'th or is it 75'th in the world. No African country ever won the soccer world cup, and will never.

  • Bzeng - 2012-05-04 13:50

    CT residents come first in City of Cape Town budget thanks to intellegent administrators. Government just had to accept this international event for fame forgetting it comes at a cost. No money problem taxpayers will pay later.

  • dentamokhabz - 2012-05-04 13:53

    Da run cape as a republic so stop annoying us. We know anything that the government do it oppose so just keep your cape.

      Sean - 2012-05-04 14:04

      Obviously another brainless idiot !!

  • JC - 2012-05-04 13:55

    Thanks Patricia. Let them go forth and waste someone else's money.

  • catgirl1971 - 2012-05-04 14:11

    Thank goodness.

  • Frank - 2012-05-04 14:14

    No wonder why you are not hosting... You guys in cpt are full of crap.. Good choice safa.. Soccer fans in cpt blame that apartheid gvt running cpt for not getting the rights to host afcon;(

      PeteWalshZAR - 2012-05-05 13:23

      @Frank We like the way things are here. Ask the residents of Guguletu, Grabouw etc what they think too! Cape Town has clean streets, buses that run on time, great hospitals, no potholes, great government, government call centers that take your calls / fix your problem and call you back, robots that work, garbage that gets picked up, mountains, sea and very little pollution......... Where do you stay again?

  • Hermann - 2012-05-04 14:18

    Hurray! Cape Town 1 CAF 0

      Hugo - 2012-05-04 14:47

      that means we have to haul ass to GP for the footsie,sad

  • Sean - 2012-05-04 14:32

    The ANC is spitefully trying to isolate Cape Town because its DA controlled.Someting more sinister is going on than just forking out the money in order to pay for it. This is what you get from a vengeful ANC criminal government. The fools just lost a by-election in Kirkwood, Manenberg, Heideveld, Gugulethu and Grabouw and now they showing their disgust. Wonder how much more pathetic the ANC can get than this. Sure it cost money to host the CAF event,but like Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula says "that government would assist with costs". This is no major setback for the Cape.Cape Town still host many other important events throughout the year and is in line to host a F1 Grand Prix in 2013.So how about that.You go Cape Town.Capetonian till I die.

      Hugo - 2012-05-04 14:47

      easy sean,easy

      Mhluleli - 2012-05-04 15:46

      @sean....mxim I fail to understand why everything must be politics involved thats pathetic.

  • twellington3 - 2012-05-04 14:42

    DA refused to host the event at first, so there is no need for them to complain now about their exclusion, they actually refused to sign that document. This has nothing to do with the fact that CT is ruled by DA.

      djmain1 - 2012-05-04 15:05

      They refused to host UNTIL they had their questions answered RE costs - that wasn't forthcoming. How on earth can you agree to host before knowing what it will cost?? That's cANCer logic for you. I guarantee that in a few months time, these same municipalities will have no funds and will be begging for a bail-out.

  • Pedro - 2012-05-04 15:12

    Gauteng spent the most on the 2010 soccer world cup, to recover the cost for the next few years they had to resort to drastic measures like the e-toll and the highest fuel levies...remind me again which province taxes their people the most...prepare for more TAXES AND LEVIES. how many of you "soccer supporters" on this forum will actually be able to afford attend the games with taxi, train, bus and fuel costs being so high.

  • jmasha3 - 2012-05-04 15:31

    Cape Town should not hav even bothered issuing a statement. This micky mouse tournament won't bring anything to our country is just a waste of money and another plan for Bafana baspoiled to a backdoor participation in a major tournament.To hell with CAF now that is South Africa they put strict conditions like 5 star accomodation for their officials, that is nonsense who must pay for that.we are sitting with e-tolling saga but someone stil gives those incompetent CAF officials 'who can't even raise sponsorship funds for a continental tournament'financial guarantees.Well fasten ur seatbelts the gravy train(Zuma express)will depart soon from Cape to Cairo...siyahamba manje

      Clive - 2012-05-04 18:19

      Dead right - only the hotels and whores will make money.

  • Faizie - 2012-05-04 16:14

    So now we pay for this with our rates and taxes, plus pay for match tickets at what cost. If we can win on Etoll then lets leave the stadiums empty. Funny the government has no problem with this budget.

  • gift.rode - 2012-05-04 16:33

    JHB the home of african immigrants is not hosting I wonder who will attend those matches in other provinces

  • Neville - 2012-05-04 19:04

    The only way SA can play in the finals

  • Roger - 2012-05-04 23:32

    It would seem that Mr Mbalula regards taxpayers' money as an unlimited fountain. Hooray for Cape Town and good fiscal governance!

  • MichaelThekiso - 2012-05-05 06:27

    Funny how we just manage to politicise everything! Whey is it going to end?

  • noksn83 - 2012-05-05 07:46

    Citizens of Cape Town what the hell is that?

      Clive - 2012-05-05 09:17

      What the hell are you getting at?

  • Sekalf - 2012-05-05 09:36

    The fact that Cape Town is not hosting some of the games is very sad - and shows the reluctance to develop Cape Town Stadium to a center of sport and culture.

      Raymond - 2012-05-06 12:04


  • cheslin.white.7 - 2012-05-05 09:37

    A quadrangular tournament including kaizer chiefs, ajax ct, liverpool and chelsea would probably be a better idea for cpt to host. People would actually be bothered to watch it then some CAF drivel.

  • Clive - 2012-05-05 10:40

    Don't shed any tears, Patricia; SAFA is run by a bunch of clowns beholden to the ANC, so they will do anything to discredit Cape Town, even if anyone with just half a brain will see that it's SAFA which is now looking even more idiotic.

  • Selma - 2012-05-05 11:34

    @Sean - Both Cape Town and Durban submitted in bids to host COP17. Rumour has it that the ANC were instrumental in Durban winning the bid. Comparing Cape Town with Durban is comparing a race horse to a mule.

  • Franklyn - 2012-05-05 16:40

    For crying out loud....the DA admin was concerned about having to fork out millions of its Western Cape taxpayers monies to fund a massive event that didnt have ANY financial plan to bring to the table,here in the Western Cape the politicians do actually care about meeting budgets and good accountable governance,the rest of you are welcome to throw your money away if you wish.

  • Serame - 2012-05-05 19:10

    @@Sean..did i hear u say "once beautiful country"..u are a real laughing stock..can i volunteer to help u pack your bags??Good luck..hahhaHahh..

  • zwidekaufela - 2012-05-06 11:49

    problem,problem 4 republic of cape town,,,they wnt thnx to be dne their way,u can be big but nt bugger than the country,,,"last warning u de zill n de lill"

  • Azanian - 2012-05-06 12:06


  • Azanian - 2012-05-06 12:10

    zille n lille ur stil in south africa so u hev to follow the rules,,otherwise u wl nt b remembered soon,,the minister made the decision based on cities wnted to host n CT was refusing 4 their own gud now they cme to the media to cmplain,,,go to hell wth ur apartheid state n politic dnt mix let ppl enjoy futbal n u mst enjoy politics nw poor ppls wl suffer jst bcoz u wnt to proof a point that ur the boss of CT

  • ismail.lunat.35 - 2012-05-08 09:07

    Now they (the capetonians) complain!! But when negotiations were going in, they were all commenting, we dont want the AFCON coz we the capetonian tax payers will be paying from our coffers for the event and how the AFCON is a free entry to all the african refugees to the City. Now that they have been excluded from all the tourism promotions to the wealthy african markets, they are crying foul. First they say they dont want it, now that they get what they wanted, they are moaning... What is it that you want, my fellow capetonians??

  • maria.phieros - 2012-05-08 09:17

    So our boys didn't qualify for AFCON, and now we have to bring the whole damn tournament over here just so that they can play? Please Mr. Sports Minister, the rest of Africa is laughing at you, as they watch you scramble on all 4's to put this tournament together. You are also obviously willing to go "the extra mile" to all officials with your "budget is no problem" attitude. How much did the rest of Africa charge you to host AFCON?, because you are seen to be in a vulnerable position to want to host AFCON so desperately, bcos of your mathematical blunder in the Qualifiers!! Sometimes instead of scrambling like a mongrel, clutching at straws because your mathematical genius earned us a draw and eventual non-qualification at AFCON, we should step back, realise you lost and regroup and strategise for the next tournament. I know you believe in our boys, and that they do deserve AFCON status, but you screwed up, and screw ups cost more to fix than if you had did it right the first time, and now the nation must pay for your bumbling error?!

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