Bring back Morris - Tovey

2009-11-04 11:37

Johannesburg - One of the first names newly re-appointed Bafana Bafana coach Carlos Alberto Parreira must have in his squad which he names on Thursday to face Japan and Jamaica in two home friendly internationals, is that of Spanish based defender Nasief Morris.

That is the view of former Bafana captain and now coach of KwaZulu-Natal based Premier Soccer League outfit AmaZulu, Neil Tovey.

"We need our best players and Morris is top class and we need him.

"The criteria for selection should be merit, ability and form and Morris has all of that."

Tovey also said he had no problems should Parreira, who was brought back to take charge of Bafana last month to replace his Brazilian countryman Joel Santana, select Blackburn Rovers striker Benni McCarthy.

"If Benni is committed to the cause, then there is no reason not to bring him back into the Bafana set up. We are going to need all the experience we can get as we build up to the 2010 World Cup finals next June."

Both "bad boys", McCarthy and Morris, were dropped by Santana for disciplinary reasons before the start of the Confederations Cup in June.

Bafana managed to reach the semi-finals of that tournament without Morris and McCarthy but there have been calls for Parreira to wipe the slate clean.

It was Parreira who persuaded Blackburn Rovers striker McCarthy to end his self imposed international isolation when he took charge of Bafana for the first time in 2007.

McCarthy, 31, has 76 caps and is still Bafana's leading goal scorer with 31 goals, while Morris, 28, who plays for Racing Santander and came through the international youth ranks from SA Under-17 to Bafana, has played 37 times for his country.

But now that Santana's shackles are off, there is nothing to stop Parreira pardoning both players and returning them to the national team.

Both players, but especially McCarthy, are being tipped to be in Parreira's first squad which he will announce on Thursday.

The former World Cup winner with Brazil in 1994 is expected in the country to name his squad in person. But having been away from South African soccer for more than 18 months, he will have to rely on assistant coaches Pitso Mosimane and Jairo Leal for advice.

Tovey said he would have preferred a South African born coach to have replaced the out of touch Santana who quit last month after losing eight of his last nine matches in charge of Bafana.

Said Tovey: "I still believe a local coach should have been appointed, but having said that, if SAFA (the South African Football Association) decided on a foreign coach, then I reckon Parreira is the best bet as he has coached Bafana before and knows the players and what to expect.

"The best thing we can do as a nation is support him as he has eight months to prepare the squad, and hopefully he will consult the PSL coaches and get some information and involve us, unlike Santana.

"He needs to get the right blend, but he has time to do that."

Bafana host Japan at the Rand Stadium on November 14 and Jamaica at the Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein on November 17.


  • Madoda - 2009-11-04 12:05

    Maybe Tovey you must form your own Bafana and include these bad boys and send your team to the World Cup.As it is Benni is not wanted at Blackburn and they want to offload him to Portsmouth.Morris is responsible for a lot of goals Bafana has conceded over years along with his never steady defender Mbazo Mokoena who must be fired himself. Morris is a very arrogant individual,it doesn't matter which team he's playing for. Do you think Gary Neville is one of the best defenders in England? NEVER!! but he plays for Man Utd,the other players make him look good, so screw the argument that says players from big overseas clubs must get automatic call up,they must prove themselves worthy.

  • OAGEE - 2009-11-04 12:15

    They are starting with their loud mouth again.Let the man do what he is paid to do.

  • rbgguy @ Tovey - 2009-11-04 12:19

    What?? Morris is too old and too slow

  • JULIUS MALEMA - 2009-11-04 12:49

    Madoda 11/4/2009 12:05 PMare you stupid. so in what you are saying is that mphela must not be choosen because his team make him look good. you really know nothing about football. please. you are a real idiot.

  • Nkosinathi - 2009-11-04 13:01

    Yes Neil you got it right, Parreira must call these two players bcoz we need experience and leadrship on the field. Mbazo must go pliz and give the youngsters from under 20 the exposure of international.

  • kb - 2009-11-04 13:17

    i wonder if all this benni nonsens will end, how can you say "criteria for selection should be merit, ability and form", and then talk about benni must come back when he is the opposite of all these things and playing only 5minutes in blackburn games?

  • DUMZA - 2009-11-04 13:55

    I hear you guyz, another player who deserves to be recalled into the national team is Mbulelo Mabizela I think he has been playing very well lately, Plus he is one of the best sweepers this country has.

  • RD - 2009-11-04 14:35

    Pity Sweswe is Zimbabwean.... Hopefully he also consults Hunt! The best coach in SA!

  • SA 4 LIFE - 2009-11-04 15:52

    I have always maintained that for a player to be called to the national team they must have played in their respective teams last five games (with an average of 50 minutes per game), regardless of which league he is playing at. With that we will have players who will be fight hard in their teams to be in the national team thus we will have competitive league and players playing abroad will know that if they sit on the bench for their teams they won't be called to the national team. We will also develop a mentality of consistency within our players and bring back hunger for success to our players.

  • Dlobeni - 2009-11-04 15:55

    Guys, to those who do not know what to say, they myst distance themselves from commenting. If you know that you've never been on a soccer pitch or never followed footbal in your life or dislike other successful stars, rather say nothing. Benni is undoubtadly one of the best strikers we had in the past decade and he is still the best. Nasief moriss is always in the first team (in spain), which is regarded as the best league in the world. We have to aknowledge that Bafana Bafana has more that 50 million coaches, including the ones who do not understand soccer. I would be happy if Parreira select the likes of Moriss, Benni, Masilela, Bongani Khumalo, Mabizela, Mphela, Nhleko, Pienaar, Modise (but he is losing it), Gaxa, Dikgacoi, Sibaya, Shabalala, Baron, Bartman, Booth, and a few others. but the defence must be controlled by Mabizela, and in the middle being Pienaar and Sibaya/Dikgacoi and Benni upfront, respectively.

  • Dumisani Xulu - 2009-11-04 16:16

    Those who do not know football must not comment about soccer pliz. A person who says Morris is slow does not know football. A person who says Morris is responsible for the goals Bafana have conceded also does not know football. Morris is only responsible for one goal (the second goal scored by Chris Katongo for Zambia when we lost 3 nil) and this is because he plays with Mbazo in the defence. Apart from that goal he is a brilliant defender and no one has never made a mistake. There is a defender who always cost us games and is always selected and given a leadership role. Look at Thabang Rooi at chiefs, he had a bad game against Sundowns because of other bad defenders and he had a brilliant game against Arrows and Pirate when he had other equally good defenders. So guys please open your eys and see the weakest link in our defence and he must go. Mbazo must go. We played well againts Brazil in confed and guess who gave away a silly free kick in the last few minutes. The goal was scored by Danny Alves. As a good coach myself I think we need Morris back and we have never needed Mbazo. Mbazo must go back to Cosmos where he belongs.

  • vinzo - 2009-11-04 16:17

    guys its enough,B2 playe lot of games without a win, so now its good that we can be with a change in the squard and forget about the fevourates,the only that can make our boys do what they ve choosen lets leave thecoach with the boys without interfearing any thing there,that coach he knows all the guys playing in bafana, theres no use that he must be under pitso from the friedly game which they ill play soon,let guy do his job now that to delay him from the scrach,you hired him to coach,how can you hire driver and tell him how to drive, that means you to drive why not go ahead instead,you guys there you full of kak that`s why bafana dont progress fine, if you dont stop that we still going to face the problem,

  • Xola - 2009-11-04 18:27

    We need to select a few players from the U/20 nationa l squad Serero,classen,Erasums nd the 2 central defenders are players tht come to my mind...Secondly we need to Remove Aron Mokoena from starting line up..thirdly, Teko must start competing for a place with Pienaar ..This would be my selection...a 4-1-2-1-2 formation....Defence.Masilela,Booth,Gould/khumalo, Moon...Mid: Mabizela,Zothwane,Benedict Vilakazi, Pienaar..Strikers...Mphela,Kermit Erasmus.....this team has all the potential to make us proud in 2010....

  • kb - 2009-11-05 07:54

    @DLOBENI... please dont come here with that sort of arrogance by saying people do not follow soccer or have not played, as the same can be said about you. please explain to us what sort of form and game time benni has been having ni the past 18 months to 2 years except scoring penalties? even when he was called by parera last time, please tell us again what he added to bafana? i think he scored 1 or 2 goals in the games he played. he was the best striker in the past, and has been out of favour with 3 of his club coaches in a row due to lack of form, lack of goals, and overweight. bafana is not an advertising board for him to try regain his place in his club team or for other clubs to come for him, it works the other way round, show form of club then make it to national team. if you claim to be such a soccer expert DLOBENI, please back up your comments with some sort of facts and not just speculate!

  • Dlobeni - 2009-11-05 10:11

    @kb, I would not argue much abt wht tyhe way you see things. Benni is a striker and must be scoring goals, but also must create a opportunities for other strikers to score. Would you say David Radebe was/ is not a good striker because he was not scoring goals? While he was at chiefs, he was the creating opportunities for other strikers to score. and that to me is a good player. Also the style of football that is played by the team also contribute to the strikers to score goals. When Benni got the golden boot in AFCOn 98, was he scoring goals for Ajax then or was he coming on as a sub? If my memory serves me correctly he only scored 9 for Ajax then, and was transfered to C.Vigo, but had a very good year at Ajax. Two/ three seasons ago, he was amongst the leading goal scorers in the english premier league. People were also complaining when Surprise Moriri was not included in the squard while scoring goals for the Sundowns, and recently it was the same with Richard Henyekanye of Golden arrows. They were called for national duties but did they shine as they did in their respective teams. The point that I am trying to prove is that some players are good in creating opportunities for themselves and for their partners, while others have ove of the two. Benni has both, If you watched their match against Manchanster you will cuncur with me. Mfwethu, I sometimes agree with you sometimes but old players who have experience cannot just be ignored because they can always surprise an opponent. Modise is out of form these days, do you think he should be left out of th team? No, I do not think so because we know what he is capable of.

  • Gudlabantu Msimango - 2009-11-05 11:51

    @Dlobeni-you write a lot of garbage.You admit yourself that Teko is off form but you insist on his inclusion,WTF?? Are you really that doff?? There is a difference between winning and losing experience,are you still with me? Sounds like you know very little about football yourself,why comment here? @Dumisani Xulu-I feel sorry for the pre-school kids you are coaching seeing you know very little about this game,Nassief contributed very much in us losing that Zambia game,often he tries to kick the ball and he misses it and is found wanting for pace when he has to check back and HE'S THE MOST ARROGANT INDIVIDUAL TO HAVE GRACED OUR NATIONAL TEAM.

  • Dumisani Xulu - 2009-11-05 15:02

    @ Gudlabantu Msimango, Even in the classroom there are slow learners. It seems like you are one of those. What you're saying about Nassief Morris in the Zambia game is 50% true, he had a bad game and that is the only bad game he ever had. How many bad games have your captain Mokoena had but he is always given a chance. Even the pre-scholers that I am coaching canc see that there is only one wrotten potato.

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