Brazil 'better' than Spain

2012-07-05 07:46

Sao Paulo - Soccer legend Pele said on Wednesday that he believed the Brazilian side which won the 1970 Soccer World Cup was "better" than the Spanish squad that won Sunday's Euro 2012 final.

"Each generation has its preferences but without doubt, if we are comparing, the 1970 generation was better," Pele said.

"The 1970 Brazil team had many more (great) individual players than Spain, which has two or three excellent players," said Pele who was part of the squad that trounced Italy 4-1 in the 1970 World Cup final.

Pele however had high praise for the free-flowing, attacking football style that enabled Spain to trounce Italy 4-0 in Kiev and to be rated currently as the best team in the world.

Pele was speaking at a press conference in his capacity as ambassador of the Copa Santander Libertadores which Argentine giants Boca Juniors are looking to win for the seventh time in the second leg of the final against Brazil's Corinthians late on Wednesday.

The two teams drew the first leg 1-1 in Buenos Aires last month.

Pele was meanwhile asked to clarify his comments in April suggesting that Brazil's Santos star Neymar was better than Argentina's Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi, widely viewed as in a class of his own.

Pele said it was unfair to compare the 20-year-old Santos playmaker with an international career of only 18 months, with "the best player in the world, who is Messi".

"Neymar has everything to be the new Messi, the new Maradona," Pele said, pointing out that Messi has 15 years of international experience.

"Imagine if Neymar had the experience of Messi, who would be better?" Pele asked.


  • dhirshan.gobind - 2012-07-05 08:38

    this guy is always arrogant and forever putting everyone down, like he did with messi a few months back! give credit where it is due idiot. you played in an era where the game was not nearly as competive as it is now. it was much easier to play back then. jealousy is a bad thing!

      christopher.millar.370 - 2012-07-05 09:25

      Couldn't agree more. I was absolutely shocked when he claimed Neymar was a better player than Messi. I'm not some die-hard Messi fan or anything but his talent and ability is undeniable. Pele does nothing but taint his image when he comes out with statements such as these, if Neymar is such a great player why not encourage him to move to one of the bigger European leagues and prove himself rather then being a big fish in a small pond in Brazil. The great man should stick to selling his impotency medication.

      stefan.pretorius.96 - 2012-07-05 10:17

      I agree with you Christopher, Note though Barcelona have already secured Neymar's signature for 2014 and have paid a certain % of the transfer fee to secure the deal. Neymar is on his way and he will be playing with Messi, now he will also have the opportunity to learn from the master and this will probably make him better. Exciting !!!!

  • nare.ledwaba - 2012-07-05 09:28

    this guy always critisise everything that is not from Brazil.....first it was Messi now Spain.....i mean really now, grow up old man

  • Lennon Chenga - 2012-07-05 14:17

    Pele was a good a player, it ends there!! The idiot lost my respect a long time ago. He is very arrogant, biased and demotivates upcoming stars!! He has criticised good players and teams that (in his big head, literally and metaphorically) threaten his achievements!! Listen here, u idiot, u can't compare two teams that played soccer forty years apart!!! Remember, when u played, there were far less athletes and leagues than there are today!! Therefore there was less competition, meaning, your Brazil team was probably playing the equivalent of a division b club today!! Let history be history!! Let us respect yr achievements without u blowing yr little horn!! Did Messi compare himself to u? Did Germany compare themselves to u? Did Spain? U r from Brazil Maradonna is from Argentina, why did it bother u so much when he became coach? The fact that u come and try and remind people of yr 70s Brazil team is because of yr inferiority complex!! U are forcing us to forget u!! For yr info, Messi is by far a better player and gentleman than u'll ever be!! Soccer was there before u, it will be there after you!!! Idiot!!

  • antonio.pisapia2 - 2012-07-06 08:21


  • zwelakhegeorge.myeza - 2012-07-06 10:02

    I'm gradually moving away from taking heed of Pele"s comments since his comparison is, most of the time, too different to most people"s ones. Pele was indeed a great player during his time but now the game has a lot of good players and one of those is Messi. Neymar hasn"t been internationally tested as yet, and is only known in Brasil. He maybe a good player as well but we are watching the space. Messi is intelligent on the field and so is Ronaldo. I don"t know Neymar. I"m sorry for those who think this unknown player is better than Messi before people see him internationally. Having got the rumours that this Neymar is going to play for Barcelona, I"m sure the comparison will be sooner than later, next season, to notice the difference between the two players.

  • dan.ngozo - 2012-07-07 19:09

    Give it up, you had ur chance - Spain is the best - we talking about modern football and not a man to man marking one!

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