Blatter: FIFA plan ref overhaul

2010-08-10 14:16

Germany - FIFA president Sepp Blatter said on Tuesday that world football's governing body were planning a refereeing revamp as he reiterated his reservations concerning the use of goal-line technology.

"The principle work in football now, I already said it before the World Cup, is refereeing," Blatter said on the German Football Federation (DFB) website.

"End October-beginning November, we're going to unveil our project on high level referees. There will be a rejuvenation ... I am for professionalisation, even if there are views against."

He added: "Concerning the help of technical means, it's more complicated. Every system must be studied in detail with a view to an eventual use."

Goal-line technology was forced back onto FIFA's agenda during the World Cup after England's Frank Lampard had a legitimate goal disallowed, while Mexico were aggrieved when Argentinian striker Carlos Tevez was clearly offside when he scored the first goal.

That incident was made worse when a replay was shown on the big screen at the stadium. Blatter later apologised for both incidents.


  • Michael Bowery - 2010-08-10 15:00

    Apologies just won't do! Blatter should be got rid of from his post and make way for a younger man who understands that soccer due largely to Blatter is one of the few major sports not using twenty-first century technology to effect a fair decision. A fair decision for both players-referee and the public.

  • Cameron - 2010-08-10 15:08

    Why don't they just let the ref watch the replay?

  • Soothsayer - 2010-08-10 15:09

    Another U turn,this man is in the stone-age.He should retire and let technology that already has existed for years to be used.He is holding football back and leaving it open for corruption based on "wrong"decisions by the refs. So much for his" we will discuss technology at the next meeting after the world cup".Another missed truth Blatter,you seem to unable to keep your word.

  • WhySoConfused - 2010-08-10 16:05

    Why do we need goal-line technology? They don't use try-line technology in rugby to see if the ball is over the line... it's pretty simple just to use TV replays. And it really isn't that expensive. Anyone got a spare PVR lying around they can send to Blatter?

  • Guy - 2010-08-10 16:27

    TV shows instant replays, so it won't waste any time during a match, if that is the excuse for not having technology, maybe its because soccer is so boring anyway!!!!!

  • jay - 2010-08-10 17:32

    I agree, TV replays are free too!! there is no doubting what happened when a tv replay is slowed down. Come on Sepp, Free technology at your fingertips!! USE IT...

  • VTIF - 2010-08-11 09:52

    Hello, I have set up an internet poll on the topic: Should video technology be used in football or not? Please all cast your votes at my special website: TY and best, VTIF! PS: Also follow the latest news regarding video evidence and goal-line cameras in football on my twitter page:

  • Dirk van Eeden - 2010-08-12 20:39

    The recent World Cup raised my interest in the wounderful game of soccer. Two requests/ observations I wish to raise to FIFA are as follows: 1. Could you not reconsider to institute TV replay support for the ref? It surely could make it easier for the refs to take control of games in a more professional way. Most sports do it and it certainly has not taken anything away; it has rather enhanced the trust that people have in the total professionality of the "game". 2. Should you not perhaps reconsider the following "rule": If a player stops the ball from going into the goal box in "illegal manner", e.g. stopping the ball with his hand(s), should one not award the goal instead of giving a penalty. Obviously this applys only to events where above all odds the goal would have been scored. Would appreciate your response. Dirk van Eeden

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