Bare-breast protest slams Euro

2011-12-02 18:39

Kiev - Members of radical feminist group Femen on Friday bared their breasts in Kiev to protest sex tourism, just ahead of the draw in the city for the Euro 2012 football championships that Ukraine is jointly hosting with Poland.

The women were detained and taken to a police station after they lay on the pavement outside the Olimpiisky stadium with open legs and strategically placed footballs, holding up banners saying "UEFA attacked our gates," the group said.

"Femen demands UEFA starts an education campaign for fans about the unacceptability of sex tourism and financing the sex industry," the group said on its website, as Ukraine awaits a flood of football supporters for the event.

"Otherwise, Femen does not guarantee the safety of fans and football functionaries in Ukraine," it said.

The Ukrainian group, whose slogan is "We came, we undressed, we conquered," specialises in eye-catching stunts where they protest topless, using their bodies to draw attention to sexual exploitation.

It has repeatedly warned the football championships will lead to an increase in sex tourism in Ukraine.

Ukraine will host the Euro 2012 football championships in a hugely important image boost for the ex-Soviet country, which launched huge rebuilding projects in the four host cities, including reconstruction of the Kiev stadium.

Ukraine is a popular destination for so-called bride tours where Western men pay to travel round the country, meeting local women at specially organised events.


  • Renny - 2011-12-02 20:57

    I wish they would do more protesting like this here, go figure?

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