SAFA settles Sangoma debt

2012-06-01 07:37

Johannesburg - Sangoma S'bonelo Madela claims that the South African Football Association have settled his debt, according to a report on KickOff's website.

Madela is the sangoma who alleged that SAFA reneged on a deal post the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup, but now he is a happy man.

Madela claimed last year that he "worked" on the stadium in Bloemfontein, where Bafana beat France 2-1 and he was paid R10 000 instead of the R100 000 the two parties allegedly agreed on.

  • Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-06-01 07:49

    R100 000? SAFA have money to waste.

  • hc12345 - 2012-06-01 08:00

    Please ask this person why he does not work the stadiums where Bafana Bafana play so the they would at least make the CAF finals for a change. This is exactly why our country is in this state because these people believe that ancestral spirits help the. Help them to do what, stay poor? This is why the municipalities give employees R600 000.00 funerals because they think if they do not these spirits will make their lives difficult...

  • SongzJ - 2012-06-01 08:04

    To think that the players are paid soo much and yet they depend on some Sangoma to win games! And we have countries in Africa that don't have the luxuries these \boys\ have and they perform sooooooo much better! Where is talent SA? U cant BUY talent!

  • Melusi - 2012-06-01 08:26

    u just gotta love this diverse country!

  • nkosinathi.dyantyi.9 - 2012-06-01 08:34

    Safa is waisting money we ddnt even reach quater final if sangoma is good why we ddnt won world cup no safa u waising maan intsead u develop rural ereas with this money wasted sad!!!

  • tsietsi.koza - 2012-06-01 10:05

    We don't need a sangoma to play football nd to win only the legs, this is pure nuisance nd a disgrace to SAFA whch means all these years such acts were undercarpet.

  • malcolm.oconnor.58 - 2012-06-01 10:17

    What a joke & we'd like to believe that we can compete against the best,give the sangoma a pair of boots , no let him play barefoot can only be an improvement.Wot did he do , sprinkle muti , wee in goalmouth,sprinkle "dem" bones unbelievable ,sounds like a scene out of a Leon Schuster blockbuster ,only in SA.........

  • nkazimulo.sibisi.1 - 2012-06-01 10:19

    No this good maybe abafana sebezokwenza kahle

  • tlethwane - 2012-06-01 11:54

    lol SAFA owning money to witchdoctors, wow it explains quite a few wonder y football here ridiculous.

      Whitemist Blackmist - 2012-06-01 20:37

      WHAT a shame!! Stupid SAFA...Idiots!! Total Idiots..Unbelievable!! Imihlola yonke le!!

  • Chipo - 2012-06-02 10:27

    France game was the last one in the group? Why didnt they use him from the first game? Idiots.they also paid for their perdonal probs he solved for them with that money

  • tsietsi.koza - 2012-06-04 01:04

    Jst wonder when will Pitso nd his boys win a game, thy paid the sangoma his debt nd still we aint gtg good results.

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