Pitso outlines his plans

2010-07-22 16:01

Johannesburg - New Bafana Bafana head coach Pitso Mosimane believes, in order for the national team to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, local soccer needs a major overhaul.

But the obvious question facing his bosses at the South African Football Association is who will fund the much-needed and far-reaching reforms?

That question could easily be answered by SAFA president Kirstin Nematandani whose body has benefited by a whopping R1bn from FIFA after staging of the World Cup.

When asked if this windfall would be used to sponsor a PSL Reserve League, one of Mosimane’s requirements to streamline and develop soccer in SA, Nematandani side-stepped the issue stating that soccer needed corporate sponsors for such a venture.

But surely the entire R1bn which is earmarked for development could make all Mosimane's dreams and hopes come true?

The PSL started the ball rolling before the World Cup when they announced all First Division clubs next season would comprise a minimum of five under-23 players in their starting line-ups and had put up R70m to bank roll the new-look First Division.

The ball is now in SAFA’s court. That R1bn must not be allowed to burn a hole in SAFA’s pocket. The spirit and legacy of one of the most successful World Cups in history must not be squandered. Bold and innovative decisions, which Mosimane outlined, need to be implemented as a matter of urgency.

Nematandani did pledge his full support for his new head coach.

“Pitso does not need to doubt SAFA. We will support him in his vision for 2014 and do whatever to takes to make sure Bafana succeed in their goal of reaching Brazil.”

Speaking a week after he was named as Brazilian coach Carlos Alberto Parreira’s replacement, Mosimane stressed while he would not change Bafana’s playing style there was plenty of room for improvement.

Mosimane said he had taken the initiative and held two informal meetings with the PSL management. He has also proposed holding regular meetings with PSL coaches and working more closely with them.

“We need to work closely with the PSL and I have opened up channels of co-operation,” said the new coach.

He added he'd learnt a lot from Parreira.

“He was good to me and helped me develop as a coach. But I want to do things differently.

"I want to do it my way and be successful. I have worked hard for four years as an assistant and now is the right time for me to take charge of Bafana.”

He also stated that if Bafana are to continue to keep alive the spirit they showed in the recent World Cup, the country’s soccer structures need a big shake-up.

“We need to reduce the foreign quota of players in the PSL from five to three players per team and force clubs to play two or three local under-23 players in every starting line-up.

"We need to form regional, provincial and national under-20 leagues. I do not want to be stuck with a bunch of old players in 2014.”

Mosimane said he did not want South Africa to fall into the hole both England and Italy found themselves in at the World Cup. Both the defending world champions Italy and 1966 champions England flopped in South Africa in June.

Italy crashed in the first round and England went out to Germany in the second round.

“England may have the best league in the world but the league is full of foreign players. Development has been neglected and it showed at the World Cup. The same goes for Italy.”

Mosimane faces a tough baptism when he leads Bafana against Ghana in a friendly in his first match in charge at Soccer City on August 11 in preparation for the opening African Nations Cup (Afcon) qualifier against Niger at home on September 4.

Bafana are in a tough qualifying group which also includes African champions Egypt and Sierra Leone for a place in the 2012 finals to be played jointly in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

“I have a performance clause in my contract which I am happy with. I am not scared. I would not have taken on this job if I was not confident of succeeding. But, for me, the key is qualifying for the 2013 Afcon finals.”

Mosimane said he would use the annual Cosafa Cup (a regional tournament competed for by the 13 members of the Council of Southern African Football Associations) and the African Nations Championship to groom future Bafana players.


  • Taz - 2010-07-22 16:14

    You must get rid off Teko Modise and Mbazo

  • nyathi - 2010-07-22 16:18

    Easier said than done. You need to impress your paymasters and don't forget 'talk is cheap.'

  • lolo - 2010-07-22 16:24

    I just hope our local coaches and clubs respectively will play ball. Usually they are the ones who frustrate our development process. And they are the first to complain about the lack of development from SAFA.

  • pitso - 2010-07-22 16:26

    All the best Pitso,,,,, Lets hope for the best

  • @Taz - 2010-07-22 16:27

    I am 150% with you...Teko must top the list

  • Will - 2010-07-22 16:29

    I really like the direction that Bafana is heading, also the new look first division rules are great for our future. Couldn't attend a game at Soccer City during the World Cup, will definately go to the Ghana game, and finally Morne du Plessis has revealed that Bafana Bafana is coming to Cape Town (probably November) AWESOME!!

  • thabo - 2010-07-22 16:40

    etlare ha rere dipitse, redi bone ka mabala!!

  • justus - 2010-07-22 16:44

    Mr. Pitso good thought but you need to conquer Africa before you think of 2014

  • erewhon - 2010-07-22 16:51

    It is imperative that not one cent of the R1bn from F.I.F.A. goes to the officials in S.A.F.A. They earn enough and in fact did little to help. Keep your eyes on the usual suspects who will probably try to vote themselves a bonus...

  • GT - 2010-07-22 16:58

    Di retwa di boa mokatong.

  • Ma-always - 2010-07-22 17:00

    He is already laying the foundation for excuses, excuses, excuses. So that when he fails, he has the PSL to blame. Just do your job, enjoy the ludicrous salary and ensure qualification for finals of ACN and 2nd round Brazil 2014.

  • momo - 2010-07-22 17:09

    Pitso has set the tone for his plans and that is good. SAFA need to play ball (no pun intended) and also share their plans with the nation. Having a plan shows committment and can get the fans behind the team. I just hope that the best players are chosen on merit and not on reputation.

  • Michael Bowery - 2010-07-22 17:30

    This one's for Pitso `You are old Father William the young man said and your hair is increasingly white, And yet you consistently stand on your head, do you think at your age its quite right!' I was in soccer for forty years so Father William is about right, when describing me.. If you really want to change the face of soccer in South Africa then you must embark on the following. Encourage this government to see the value of public playing fields instead of financial development prospects. Not just for the previously disadvantaged but countrywide and encourage the growth of junior soccer leagues within districts of the provinces. Any colour is fine, including white. Take it forward to senior leagues at different levels and you wil find just how much talent is out there regardless of colour. Initially it calls for government input of playing fields /facilities and the birth of small clubs. UK governments forgot this, and did away withg playing fields and their nursery of young soccer beginners ceased. This is why England has few world class players and imports better foreign players to almost all the Premier league clubs. Its a greatg opportunity for South Africa after the SWC to get something right from scratch.

  • Idea - 2010-07-22 17:37

    If they develop the regional, provincial and national leagues for the under 20s as they say..we might see a mass talent come by. For now, lets see if a step in that direction is taken in the next couple of months, and then we can start talking! And I agree with some of you that Teko Modise and Mbazo must go!

  • tman - 2010-07-22 19:04

    let's give this man a chance to show up, in my humble opinion i think is perfect 4 dat position. take Bafana high man, dnt let us down.

  • BAFANA - 2010-07-22 19:29

    I am not feeling Pitso. I donot understand why SAFA appointed him without any competition or others to also contest for the job. The man was give the job for FREE. Beign assistant coach for 5 years, being coach of supersport that only beat Chiefs in cups. The interview on radio on thursday, Pitso had to defend himself so much i.e repetitive mention of how long he waited for the job, repetitive mention of how the likes of Germany/Barcelona use continuity, having to mention that he aced the UEFA coaching licence, going on and on and sounding a little unsecure.

  • tk - 2010-07-22 20:43

    Pitso sounds like he may want to "do things his way" for the mere reason of paving his own way as a coach. I know this is something you have worked years to get, but if the current formula is working, don't change it for such a selfish reason. Otherwise you have my support.

  • nicole - 2010-07-22 20:56

    No no no, please don't go and change everything now! It really looked like Parreira was on to something, I seriously think that Pitso needs to just continue from where Parreira left off instead of starting over from scratch again. Bafana Bafana were doing great, don't fix what isn't broken. But I guess if Pitso absolutely insists on change he can get rid of Modise for a start. :P

  • tsau - 2010-07-22 21:27

    Pitso is the best candidate,lets continue with the brazillain style cos Parreira helped us,we had lost our style long time ago with this thing of changing coaches.Viva Pitso viva

  • Babyshoes - 2010-07-22 22:22

    Please give him chance ,Teko has lost the form ,i'm a true Bucaneer, and its seems he will never retain it,his been trying but nothing is happening. Please Pitso ,give us some new guys who wants to make their name in the game!!!!!

  • TARONE - 2010-07-23 06:32

    Change, yes!!! only if it means leaving the dissappointing Teko Modise out.

  • Thebe - 2010-07-23 07:22

    Let us focus on building for 2014,to do so Aaron must make way and invest in Bongani Khumalo as ur new for creative players we must still wait n c wat this season has in store for us because clearly we can not afford to make the same mistake carlos did of puting all de trust in Teko.

  • Lebza - 2010-07-23 07:25

    I think that Pitso feels us as SA citizens the PSL must change the way they do things especially with the number of fereign players in the PSL, almost all of our local clubs have feriegn strikers and midfilders and this is showing on our scoring eforts as the national team, I think pitso is on to something here which is what we always needed from a loacl coach, we will just wait and see.

  • 06 - 2010-07-23 07:28

    Pitso is the best we have, nobody else has international experience. And about development. It is the PSL club's responsibility to create 0/21 and younger teams, because they are already housed all over the country.

  • oupa kau - 2010-07-23 07:47


  • POLLY - 2010-07-23 08:05

    Until we realise that we have to develope kids of all races we will continue with a lopsided development programme. Why are their not more coloured,indian and white kids being developed through the system.I noted at a Fifa referees clinic held in Potchefstroom there were no white refs. I noticed one coloured ref and 99% black refs. For years we were told about all these talented black players living in the townships that were world class but not being given an opportunity. They have been given opportunities for the last 20 years. Why are we not dominating African football and a factor in world football. Makes you think??????

  • mash - 2010-07-23 08:21

    give that man a chance guys he will prove you wrong.....

  • SoccerFAn - 2010-07-23 08:28

    He is only interested in the players that belong to his sports agency. You will see Bongani Khumalo out the team, Aaron dropped, Teko made captain. He is a joke of a coach and has nothing on Gavin Hunt. And as for the money, it will line the pockets of the fat cats once again. So the young footballers can suffer as usual with no proper fields or soccer equipment. Time to take the blinkers off South Africa. Join the real football lovers around the country and go and coach a local team and put your own money in, then maybe you will see how hard it is to keep a side going, without any help from SAFA. Easy to sit behind a PC and make useless comments.

  • NOBUNTU - 2010-07-23 08:40

    The first thing you must do to see change in the team is to get rid off Teko Modise. The guy always fails to rise to big occasions and that's not good, coz he drags the rest of the team down with him.

  • Thabo Mbeki - 2010-07-23 09:30

    This Pitso is full of xenophobia. He is saying England, Italy and France failed in the WC because of too many foreign players in their leagues. When Italy won 4yrs ago there were still foreign players in italy and no body complained. Spain won this time and the best player in spanish football is a foreigner and there are more foreign players in spain than in South Africa. This simply show you that South African have xenophobia in their blood. They will never will the WC even if all these stupid ideas are implemented. If they don't want foreign players South africans should not be playing abroad bcs they are also foreigners where they go and they take the spot of a local player. 3 foreigners per club, what a stupid idea.

  • King - 2010-07-23 10:53

    You sound like a foreigner yourself Thabo Mbeki.......why are you so defensive ? let the men do what he does best for heaven's sake and he will lead us to Brasil 2014.

  • False-ID - 2010-07-23 14:12

    Ukuba lendoda igxothe uTeko Modise, nalenkxixhosholo ingu Mokoena, ifake amadoda akwaziyo ukuyidlala ibhola kwezandawo zabo kungangcono. Okwesibini, ukuba ingangoyiki uku-introdusa imilenze emitsha pha na pha ukuze ezi zincinane iintwana ziqhele, zidibane nezi zindala. Siyakuphakamisela Pitso, noba asiyazi uba ukhethwe xa ubuthelekiswe noobani. Ngxasho Ntoo zakuthi!

  • De villiers - 2010-07-23 14:14

    Stop blaming foreigners for everything. SA should make use of foreign players wisely as germany has done. This was a political solution to a sporting problem, other coaches should have been given a chance to apply. Bring back Clive the only coach to have won a trophy with bafana.

  • sonntag - 2010-07-23 14:19

    Hey Teko is gonna stay he is just good for the team, and Pitso please do not even listen to this people or you will be a mickey mouse to this hateful people Teko is not an old man like yourselves just leave the boy alone. You can start forming the mkhulus club like the limpopo gogos team and that will keep you busy and you will forget about Mbazo and Teko.

  • sonntag - 2010-07-23 14:20

    Hey Teko is gonna stay he is just good for the team, and Pitso please do not even listen to this people or you will be a mickey mouse to this hateful people Teko is not an old man like yourselves just leave the boy alone. You can start forming the mkhulus club like the limpopo gogos team and that will keep you busy and you will forget about Mbazo and Teko.

  • False-ID - 2010-07-23 15:51

    Manene, Andisiboni isidingo sokuba sikhankanye imiba yepolitiki ku-iNdaba24, ukuba unengxaki nabaphathi boMkhonto WesiZwe yiya kwicala lePolitiki, zokhona kwalapha kwi-Ndaba24. Amakhwenkwana angoMbeki akangeni ndawo ekutyunjweni kweliqhawe, mnikeni ithuba azibonakalise, ungcono yena noko, akazunityabula kakhulu kungxowa mali. Ngxe nto zakuthi, masiqiqe phambi ko kwenza. Engandivanga indoda iyawubhatala itolika ke Nto Zakuthi, ubhodlile uNyathi. . . Ngxasho MaXhosa.

  • Koos Nel - 2010-07-23 19:50

    Comments on foreigners in the PSL will rob South Africa of quality players. No quality player will like to ply his trade here with such comments. Luckily most West African players are now going to Israel, Egypt, Quatar, Tunisia etc as a stepping stone to Europe, if they don't crack it in European teams. The Spanish league is full of South American players and others including coaches which has taken them where they are. No body companined of Johan Cryuff, Ronald Koemann, Ben Schuster, Frank Riljkard and even Steve Mclaren won the league in Holland. Just get the youth development and school playing culture in SA up to scratech like Rugby( Craven week) and Cricket( bakers and Majola week) and the results will start showing at the PSL clubs. We cannot have a nationa; team with players of Jburg, Pretoria and KZN teams. Look Dale Steyn came from Palabora for the Proteas and Makhaya from Mdingi in the Eastern Cape..

  • Rayale - 2010-07-26 09:07

    These comments are xenophobic to say the least. Lets stop blaming foreigners when our players are lazy and ill- disciplined that's why most of them cannot make it overseas.

  • PAI - 2010-07-26 09:48

    Ja Pitso,tell us things we do not know.Baxter and Queiros had the same road map for SA football and 10yrs down the line it still has not changed. If I was an owner of a pro team their is no way that I will play with 5 u/23's in my team Foot ball is a bussiness and not a academy.It is SAFA responsibility to develope and create structures for young players and not the owners of teams.If I was an owner I will challenge SAFA in a court of law to these regulations.

  • Lutendo - 2010-07-26 10:07

    Lets watch and learn

  • The Sequelist - 2010-07-26 11:38

    Yes, PAI is rigt. I think Pitso is preparing excuses in case he fails. Big ideas, radical changes, imposing number of under 23 players, reducing number of foreign player, seem too radical for me. Let Pitso prove his coaching credentials on the pitch with the players he has at his disposal. How much is he earning by the way, does any one has an idea?

  • TUMELO RICHARD THEKA - 2010-07-28 13:14

    it is easy to talk and talk whereas the implimentations is a difficult assignment to the eyes of the talkatives, Pareira promissed so many things but you have seen in your own eyes of what happened,so actions is better than preaching always preaching, the appointed Bafana coach need to relax and not talk too much , let's all support him through till the coming FIFA world cup in Brazil, Ayoooooooooba!

  • TUMELO RICHARD THEKA - 2010-07-28 13:15

    assignment to the eyes of the talkatives, Pareira promissed so many things but you have seen in your own eyes of what happened,so actions is better than preaching always preaching, the appointed Bafana coach need to relax and not talk too much , let's all support him through till the coming FIFA world cup in Brazil, Ayoooooooooba!

  • chilizer - 2010-07-30 10:19

    Pitso the entire SA is behind you and we will give you enough support.

  • Bulldog - 2010-09-09 13:29

    Bafana Bafana - just wasting our tax payers money.

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