Pitso bemoans striking options

2011-11-14 11:37

Johannesburg - National coach Pitso Mosimane says he can do little about the team's poor strike rate given the players at his disposal.

South Africa, who scored four goals in six AFCON qualifiers, played to a 1-1 draw with Ivory Coast in the annual Nelson Mandela Challenge at the weekend.

Bafana hitman Katlego Mphela netted his 22nd international goal with a superb free-kick, cancelling out a first-half own goal from makeshift left-back Siboniso Gaxa.

Mosimane admits he is no closer to solving the goal problem.

"I will make sure that the team is organised. I will make sure that the team is tactically disciplined. I will make sure that the team play at a high level," he was quoted as saying by the Cape Times.

"If this team doesn't have structure, I will put my head on the block and you can question me on that, but don't question me on the scoring. I can't do anything about that."

He continued: "The game could have gone either way, we could have taken it. But it's the old story - nice build ups but no goals. OIf they had these chances they would have buried us.

"But there is hope, we are a good team, we just need to score more goals."

The former SuperSport United mentor also rose to Mphela's defence after the Sundowns man, the PSL's leading scorer, was jeered for missing a one-on-one chance earlier in the game.

"They blame him for our lack of goals, but at the end of the day he is the only one that scores. He was upset after he scored and I had to calm him down."


  • Greg - 2011-11-14 11:59

    After reading this article I am know convinced we need a real coach.

  • Sidima - 2011-11-14 12:29

    I feel you on that Greg. This guy claims RSA has no stikers. But how can he expect to win games when he is only playing one stiker upfront. Play two or even three stikers (if scoring is the concern). I dont think scoring goals is our problem. i think creating goals in the problem, Shabalala, KG, Yeye and Pinaar are just not creating enough clear chances for Mphela. Pinaar hasnt played in months for his club due to injury and he gets picked for Bafana. We also need our boys to start takign shots at the goal keeper instead of trying to walk the ball into the net. The coach can also try to think outside the box and perhaps bring a striker from the Mvela devision. surely the quality cannot be worse

      Bob - 2011-11-14 12:43

      Sidima, I don't think you would be too hot as a coach yourself, advising your strikers to take shots AT the goalkeeper is probably not good advice.

      Sidima - 2011-11-15 08:49

      Bob if you actually watch the Bafana games (analytically) you'll see that everytime they get near the 18 yard area they alway try to get a "clever" pass which either the keeper or the defence intercepts. Also most of their passes in that area end up going outside the by line. So i'm suggesting; next time Shabba, Shillo or Yeye gets close enough to the 18 yard area, they should at least test the keeper. They're trying to play like Barcelona or Arsenal when they should be playing more to their strengths. This is constructive criticism Bobby. I'm not trying to be a smart@ss

  • Collen - 2011-11-14 12:38

    Mphela is a good striker. In football, missing great chances happen. That does not mean it is the end of the world. I really liked the boys' perfomance on Saturday. All the boys (back, middle, front) came to the party. It was just unfortunate to concede that on-goal, which was not anyone's fault - if you really watched closely what happened. Good luck boys, all the way. Love that kit by the way, it's better than the one that was revealed earlier on.

  • Thabiso - 2011-11-14 13:22

    We have more problems that actually scoring goals when a senior national team coach cannot do anything about the lack of goals. We have people who can kick the ball into the net, what we do not have is a system that affords these players enough created chances to do as such. Now in any footballing school, they will tell you that the coach lays out the plan, which you Mr Mosimane has to come up with. Just a lay man's opinion, playing Yeye, KG and Khuboni isn't going to create us scoring chances, time for a new plan and formation.

  • Fran - 2011-11-14 14:00

    Pitso, don't make irrisponsible statements like Dolezar once did, you know that you can be replaced just like that. You have 10 players on the field and anyone of them can score goals as it is not elligal to do so now is it? You are talking like your former boss Jomo Sono whom said people should now shut up after SA drew with Spain at the World Cup in 2002. Don't ask us what you must do with scoring goals issues, make sure your guys score goals. If you don't have strikers then select some. We have so many wealth when it comes to players an is not our fault that you are too blind to see it. If Katlego Mphela is the best why is he still playing in SA? Why was he rejected at a second graded league overseas? Don't you watch local soccer? And if you do; don't you see who scores goals at other teams? Maybe you should call up Benni to help Killer because shooting your mouth is about to get you fired. You are not hired to do your own PR work but for you and Bafana to win matches by scoring goals, on how is going to be done; well you are the coach, make a plan and make sure it happens.

  • Sphoenogon.Draix - 2011-11-14 14:22

    What are coaches for???? This guy really pisses me off

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