Pienaar: We tried as a team

2012-06-04 09:13

Johannesburg - Bafana Bafana captain Steven Pienaar was disappointed after their 1-1 draw against Ethiopia in a 2014 Soccer World Cup qualifier on Sunday but believes that they will bounce back.

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Katelgo Mphela netted a late equaliser for the hosts to ensure that the spoils were shared but Pienaar admits that they caused their own pressure on the day.

"We had a few openings but we just couldn't finish it up. As a whole as a team we put ourselves under pressure a couple of times, giving the ball away too easy and after that the goal game," he said.

"I think we created three or four chances before that and we just gave the ball away simply and we got punished.

"We tried as a whole team, we knew it was going to be tough. They were well organised as a team, and going one down, we just had to stay calm and push all the way. We knew the goal would come - it came a bit too late, but it's not all lost.

"We still have five games to go and we just have to keep our heads up and make sure the next game we don't make the same mistakes."

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  • georgebrightons - 2012-06-04 09:58

    Bad loosers from home soil. The nation is dissapointed especially Ethiopia at no. 163 fifa rankings. Pitso! It's time to call it a quit 'broer' and allow Assistant coach of Pirates to take over. Aaah Pitso! 8 consecutive looses and 1 draw. The last time Pitso won was in August 2011 and that friendly game ended up with allegations of match fixing. Forget about Brazil 2014 and I choose Zimbabwe as my favourite nation for World cup!

      poloyatonkim - 2012-06-04 10:28

      Gordon Igesund is only hope. Even God will not win if he coaches Bafana Bafana.

  • carolannbaptista - 2012-06-04 10:08

    We have got to get another coach! Pitso you have tried your best but now its time to say cheers and give somebody else a chance.

  • Theo Bulayi - 2012-06-04 10:18

    pitso must go that's it South Africa is a big name n we cant keep on loosing n hving draws like this ayi NO

  • Peter - 2012-06-04 10:33

    Absolutely pathetic. We should be beating teams like Ethiopia 10 - 0,

      daglas.goodman - 2012-06-04 17:30

      peter,we alwas tawlk but nothing

  • JaredVN - 2012-06-04 10:51

    I demand transformation for the Bafana - the blacks and coloureds in the team are clearly not up to it. Lets have some Asian and white players on the field. They can't do any worse...

      Provence - 2012-06-04 11:44

      My friend go play in the pig pen. You are obviously used to playing with pigs, this is called soccer and comment about the game not your preferred insecurities.

      morapedi.tshwarelo - 2012-06-04 12:54

      Rubbish is wat u have written in ur comment

      sean.looney - 2012-06-04 19:42

      jared has spent too much time sunning his neck out in the veld! shut up you muppet.

      ako.gutshwa.7 - 2012-06-04 20:02

      This is so true I've said this on my comment before that we need to re-introduce white players to soccer because the black players lack patriotism whereas you find it in white players, look where rugby is in terms of rankings in the world. Sprinbok is one of the most feared rugby team in the world even the local rugby league competes against the best in the world, that will never ever happen to our soccer. Sad

  • Loo - 2012-06-04 11:04

    Our national soccer is a disgrace. The Bafana players are so full of themselves and still believe they are a "player" in the International soccer scene. Meanwhile they are the "Milk cow". When will SAFA realize they are doing something wrong. Fire them all and start over I say.

      Provence - 2012-06-04 11:19

      Or could the real problem be SAFA and not the players?? MMmm...why do these same players perform oversees or with their local clubs?? Coaches don't seem to make a difference, hence we are looking toward SAFA structures.

  • Provence - 2012-06-04 11:07

    Steve, a team can only bounce back when it is on top of it's game and losers a little ground! Since Bafana have never been on top of their game how can they bounce back, UNLESS of cause they want to bounce back to where they are, at the BOTTOM of their game.

  • ako.gutshwa.7 - 2012-06-04 11:24

    \We tried as a team\ isn't that an old boring song? We are tired of this song now sing another one, as supporters we need to boycott Bafana bafana games because they are not making us happy instead they making us a laughing stock. I thought Inyanga's money was paid, what now?

      Heiku - 2012-06-04 17:23

      Really? They paid the sangoma? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA hehehehehe HAHAHAHAHA

  • zenzeleninicolas.ndlovu - 2012-06-04 13:49


      rboy24 - 2012-06-04 15:04

      He Needs to be Black..!!!!

      Heiku - 2012-06-04 17:23

      He needs to be the right shade of black too. At this moment in time the optimal would be Zulu.

  • raymond.kok3 - 2012-06-04 15:32

    thats because they will never accept that Clive Baker was and will forever be the best coach bafanna had but unfotunately he is white so he will never be picked again transform soccer now there are too much blacks that cannot play soccer in the team ,wake-up minister loverboy Fikile stop chassing woman do your job

      Mohlasedi - 2012-06-04 17:52

      When clive barker was coach,the question to ask was by how many goals we won.the likes of Ethiopia were afterthoughts.

      Mohlasedi - 2012-06-04 17:57

      When clive barker was coach,the question to ask was by how many goals we won.the likes of Ethiopia were afterthoughts.Get the man back.

  • Mampotsang - 2012-06-04 22:14

    if players of pienaar's caliber looses composure in positions of opportunity,as a nation where must we turn for deliverance?

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