Nunes happy with debut

2012-10-13 18:01

Warsaw - Speaking to website, Bafana Bafana recruit Ricardo Nunes says he was pleased with his debut for the side in the 1-0 friendly international loss to Poland on Friday night.

The former Portuguese junior international looked good going forward and produced a number of excellent set-pieces, but the Polish made hay down his wing and his defence will surely have to improve if he is to be a regular feature in the side.

But the Zilina star, who was born in Johannesburg but left for Portugal when he was eight, says he has enjoyed the experience so far.

“It was a game that I knew would be special because it was my first for the team,” he said. “In the first half I felt good, we were taking some counter-attacks from them but we did OK. We had some good chances too.

“The second half was more difficult, I did not want to go forward so much and after 65 minutes I started to feel a bit of tired so I stayed behind more.”

He says he has been well received by all his new teammates, though he has had some difficulty learning everybody’s name!

“I have been received well, everybody has tried to make me feel part of the group, everything is going well,” He says. “I am just trying to learn the names now, there are a lot of people and some of the names are very difficult!”

It was perhaps telling that even Nunes himself suggested his biggest asset as a left-back was his delivery from set-pieces.

“Normally I am useful for my teams from set-pieces, I try to do the best I can and I hope we can take good things from them.”


  • jackie.stone.501 - 2012-10-13 21:49

    Jackie - October 13, 2012 at 21:31 Report commentComments Policy "...The former Portuguese junior international..." Someone please enlighten me, does he qualify to play for bafana or the rules applies only when you have played for the senior team only

      mbuso.zondo.9 - 2012-10-13 23:36

      only when you played for the seniour team and he was cleared by FIFA that's why he was not playing for Bafana Bafana, he had a choice of playing for other countries that he was elligible to play for but he chose South Africa

      steve.luckie - 2012-10-14 11:09

      @Jackie, to answer your question..a youth international is eligible to play for a senior national team if his parents were born in that particular country. A player can play for his adopted country as long he didn't play for his bona fide country. Hope it make sense!

  • Collen Seoka - 2012-10-14 07:02

    Nunens did not know names of fellow Bafana players, this clearly indicate that he was less interested in Bafana's affairs all along, we are not desperate: lets use what we have and stop going all out to find long lost relatives!

      steve.luckie - 2012-10-14 11:13

      @Collen i don't agree with what you just posted. The fact that he doesn't know the names of his fellow team mates doesn't make him less S african. He's a newbie in the national team..give him a break!!

      ajdfrancisco - 2012-10-15 08:39

      Collen dont come here with your foot foot nonsense man..Give the boy a chance...When will u ppl learn to live like human beings?

  • watsongeorgejan - 2012-10-14 09:08

    What Gordon has to do is play Nunes

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