Mosimane lashes out at media

2012-01-16 12:28

Rustenburg - Bafana Bafana coach Pitso Mosimane launched an emotional tirade against the SA football media after the depleted national team played to a 1-1 draw against West African giants Ghana in Rustenburg at the weekend.

GALLERY: Bafana Bafana v Ghana

The SA Football Association was widely criticised after Bafana's two home games last week were downgraded from friendly internationals to practice matches and Mosimane's third-string outfit was given little chance against Zambia and Ghana.

"How many time have you guys written an obituary for me? How many times?" Mosimane said at the post-match press conference.

"Everybody wrote an obituary for us before we started. Everybody saw us being slaughtered.

"Everybody wrote, 'they turned the game into practice matches, they're afraid, they're scared'."

Mosimane was quick to point out that his depleted squad had held their own against the Ghanaians.

The young side, without a host of first-choice players due to club commitments, injury and personal reasons, had also drawn 1-1 against Zambia in Johannesburg earlier in the week.

"Yes, another match we haven't won, but nobody cares how it even went, or who you played," Mosimane said.

"We played with a team of Free State Stars, Wits and Ajax - that's it."

Despite both visiting sides using the games as warm-ups for the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon later this month, Mosimane said his players should be commended for their performances against near full-strength international outfits.

"Who was missing from Ghana, except Asamoah Gyan? Who was missing from Zambia?

Tell me of a player who was missing - and the boys survived."

Mosimane had faced scathing criticism after a bungling of AFCON rules saw Bafana Bafana embarrassingly eliminated at the final qualifying hurdle last year.

He insisted, however, that he would not relinquish his post and his team would bounce back at next year's Afcon tournament which will be hosted by South Africa.

"The dice is loaded against me, but I fight back when it's loaded against me and that's when you get the best out of me," he said.

"I will survive and strive until the 2013 Cup of Nations."

South Africa have won only one of their last nine encounters - seven of which were official internationals - but Mosimane said the SA football media was pessimistic in its coverage of the national team.

"The Zambia coach and the Ghana coach said there's potential and we gave them a good game," he said.

"Yet, in our country we're fighting amongst ourselves, criticising among ourselves.

"Both oppositions have told you that we're organised. If you're a good journalist you can see that we're organised."

Mosimane said he was working in a challenging environment, and top foreign coaches did not have to deal with the same issues he faced.

"You can bring [Jose] Mourinho or Alex Ferguson to South Africa - big names, how many come?

"You don't understand the problem we have in South Africa. You're personalising it to one person, to the coach.

"There's too many problems in South Africa. You can bring Ferguson, maybe he will leave and say, 'what kind of football is this? You don't have players'. Then he'll leave."

After 18 months in charge, having taken over the national side following the 2010 World Cup, Mosimane believed he was the best person for the job.

"I'm a local boy and I want to do the work for Bafana," he said.

"I want to write my history, and I will soldier on."


  • Gunner - 2012-01-16 12:40

    Do the talking on the field....we will hear the same old crap from this guy when we dont qualify for FIFA 2014....SAFA to bring in new blood before the qualifiers start...

      phumudzo.magekha.dzhivhuho - 2012-01-17 11:09

      how many caoches have S.A bring? what was the results? people are quick to judge. is it because he is a local boy? who do u want in his place then?

      Cyrus - 2012-01-17 13:08

      Considering the level of players in SA or the lack of it, I think Pitso is doing pretty good. Yes he made a balls up in the afcon qualifiers but other than that he is doing a good job with the players available. We need to develop our players at club or local level before we can compete with the real african giants.

  • cihuhua - 2012-01-16 12:41

    Write my history? then he must win at will be a good starting point for a book.

  • mrmogoswane - 2012-01-16 12:48

    "We played with a team of Free State Stars, Wits and Ajax - that's it." what an insult to these teams... "The dice is loaded against me, but I fight back when it's loaded against me and that's when you get the best out of me,"... and that's why we want you gone because you're best seems to be a draw, an unfortunately that is not good enough for us, we want to win Pitso, and that should always be you're objective, You took the position knowing the pressure that came with it now deal with it. Win game's that is what you are paid to do........

      sbonelo.s.ngwenya - 2012-01-17 10:28

      when has the bafana won many games in a row?when and which coach?when Clive was still coach right?hw many more coaches are we gona fire?

  • Greg - 2012-01-16 12:55

    Why, oh why is this man still in charge?? If it was anywhere else in the world he would have been out of work long ago. Perhaps we are too used to mediocrity!

  • karabo.maila - 2012-01-16 12:58

    Very unfortunate that Mosimane is being cornered by the media... even when the odds count against him. Dont yal understand it is not his call at all... im not saying blame Safa, but its very unfair how he is being treated by PSL and the media. He is introducing new faces to the squad which is by no means an error. If we dont qualify for 2014 it will be sad and only then will i say replace the coach but for now my favour is mounted on him. Despite the very sloppy soccer we are playing, the national team needs time to find rhythm with these new players and those practice matches shud come in numbers.

      wayne.nkuna - 2012-01-16 16:08

      800.000 thousand to draw all the time......rubish

  • andre.badenhorst - 2012-01-16 13:26

    When did this country produce a national team that could take on the world's best and win..........?

      Deon - 2012-01-16 14:32

      The Proteas is 2nd on the log in test cricket and could take first price if England and NZ slip. They are also aiming for 2nd in 1 day cricket. They just need to clean up the admin.

      sikhumbuzok - 2012-01-16 21:06

      Football aint like cricket or rugby; its truly a global sport. The african continent alone is tough. To produce a winning team u need at min 10 yrs. That is a team that can truly compete wit the worlds best. We in south africa take short cuts in development; without a sound development u wont produce a world cup team.

      Cyrus - 2012-01-17 13:11

      AT Deon, u cannot compare rugby and cricket with football. Football does not have the decades of investments in developing world class players and teams. All our top schools only produce rugby and cricket players, no football development at grass root level. Thats the problem

  • Thato - 2012-01-16 14:10

    Mosimane Quickly forgets that Bafana are not playing in the coming AFCON because of his blunder!!!Don't they educate national coaches how to handle Issue's ?utterly disappointed at his response to the media.he acts like he's running his Family

  • pambilis - 2012-01-16 14:37

    This is becoming pathetic and truly embarrasing......Nxxxx

  • wayne.nkuna - 2012-01-16 16:07

    idiot is being payed 800.000 a month to draw with teams all the realy come on, do the job or give some one else the job,its as simple as that

  • sikhumbuzok - 2012-01-16 21:02

    we r under some screwed illusion dat we r world beaters. it wont matter which coach we hire; at dis point we dont hav the players with requisite skills and mental ability. Coach pitso found us wit these problems. We need to roll up our sleeves and do proper development and compete in AfricAN ccompetitions. If we dont do that our league will remain a mickey mouse league

  • Kutlo Monyeki - 2012-01-17 00:53

    pitso understands everything except fifa rules. what a disgrace, n now he want to be a cry-baby. if i can hire someone like him, I'll fire him b4 he knows it. why complain n go to work?

  • Malvern - 2012-01-17 08:41

    I,m surprised that Pitso can react to the press at all. Which press reports kindly on its Coach? The press will will always be negative in its reporting. When you lose they hand you; when you win, they are still sceptical. If you as the couach starts to rant, how do you expect your players to take criticism from fans, during a game. Remember Mphela's reaction to the fans who were calling for his removal? He scored and then ran to the section of the stadium where the fans were, and literally said to them who the f*** were you asking the coach to take off the field. Learn to take criticism, without ranting; the press will never stop, even if you win the World Cup!

      nntsasa - 2012-01-17 11:57

      true Malvern, Pitso must do his job and media will do their job

  • Tokollo - 2012-01-17 09:45

    The problem with Pitso is that he can't take criticism well. He is too focused on proving his critics wrong that he forgets his primary focus is to win games and reassure the fans that the SA football national team is heading in the right direction. Pitso really need to be level headed and give the fans and the media confidence in his ability to guide us to 2014 because right now we don't have any respect and confidence in his ability.

      nntsasa - 2012-01-17 11:55

      point said about that, i also do not like him when he defends himself, let the media talk, he must do his job to his best ability until his contract end or he is fired by SAFA, we must continue to go to the stadiums with vuvuzelas and makarapas

  • sbonelo.s.ngwenya - 2012-01-17 10:26

    Leave Pitso alone!!!!

  • nntsasa - 2012-01-17 11:52

    pitso this pitso that, bring whoever u think will win 5 games in a row for Bafana, pay him more that Pareira, the fact remains, no cream of players in SA, a bafana coach does not develop players but uses developed players,if our best players are not playing well who will win games for bafana? consistency, maturity, well developed talent is among top factors affecting Bafana, Pitso has mistakes like any coach but with what he has, he is doing his best. Afcon 2012 qualifiers have come and gone, if SA footballers are still angry then we are going no where. he used potential future bafana, no loss, people are still complaining. perhaps its high time we also stop talking and help in developing good players, so that bafana coach will be spoiled with choice. unfortunately our current talent is not good enough. period. Pitso or no Pitso

  • Ballito - 2012-01-17 12:30

    this guy is worst than my kid.shut the f.... up and start wininng u pr.... u think people wana support a losing team.we are waiting for the past 6 years for bafana to do good you get the players and you make them do well you are getting paid a salary.and also dont forget you were carlos albertos boy so you should no the ins and outs dont act dumb like you a new boy you egg head you are a old fart rememeber you were assistant coach for yrs

  • Ballito - 2012-01-17 12:37

    you dumb idiots we identified this problem 6 yrs ago when we told we have no players.than we started a devolpment program so we can be organised for the world cup .then we go aaround the world competing before the world cup and den we get knocked out first point is if you gon say we need to find players then im sad to say we will never win any games cause safa started developing players from the time we knew we gona host the world cup.shame on our fellow people saying we dont have a league it just shows we have greedy khoza dumb sono and stupid kaizer all who is stealing safa money.shame bafana bafana is no way near wining any trophy

  • Tokollo - 2012-01-17 15:46

    The fans will always be behind their national team as it is their pride. When a coach insults and belittles our local football, players and coaches then he needs to leave his post as coach of the national team as he has shown that he is not working towards Bafana’s progression and improvement but his own ego and personal goals. " I want to write my own history," Bafana Bafana is a national team not Mosimane FC. This is no way to behave, no wonder the team is lacking discipline….

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