Mosimane challenges Gould

2010-08-12 13:31

Johannesburg - Bafana Bafana coach Pitso Mosimane believes that Morgan Gould needs to work on his distribution from defence.

The SuperSport United central defender started the encounter against Ghana at FNB Stadium on Wednesday, playing alongside two different partners in Aaron Mokoena and Siyabonga Sangweni.

Mosimane feels that the partnership between Gould and Sangweni did not work and has challenged the former to work on his game.

"I think Morgan played well, but his distribution needs to improve," the former Bafana Bafana assistant coach said at a press conference after the match. "He still has to learn some of the things.

"He always takes the ball back all the time and I think that Morgan and Siyabonga Sangweni didn't play well together in central defence.

"It was better when it was Aaron Mokoena and Morgan, but things will get better."

Mosimane was pleased with the performance of his attackers on the night, stressing the point that Katlego Mphela is not a lone forward.

He added: "I'm a little bit happy because we have firepower upfront.

"I said earlier that I will put more firepower upfront, because I don't like Katlego (Mphela) isolated, so there are a lot of positives going into the future awaiting our first AFCON qualifier against Niger on September 4." 


  • Andy - 2010-08-12 14:32

    Now i will start suppoting Banana Banana not only because they started their winning ways only because Teko modise was not there. I am also delighted that Pitso saw that Teko is not the Banana Banana material, he must be droped immidietly and go to soweto. Pitso relax Morgan is coming and remember that he is coming from injury.

  • Reuben - 2010-08-12 15:26

    This is the right time to build our squard so that when AFCON or World Cup come you do not have to give excusses after lossing in the first round, i mean only if will qualify. Someone who has ever drive a horse or cow's kat will know what i'm talking about. You can't put old horses together with young ones and expect them to run on the same pase. And you can't say the you ones will pull the old ones. They will make them lizy and tired too. Wake up South African coaches. Pitso you are still young to think like old people man!

  • jb - 2010-08-12 15:46

    Good play Bafana

  • MABEL - 2010-08-12 16:26

    gud play BAFANABAFANA,u have made us proud,keep it up

  • LETONA - 2010-08-13 08:58

    Pitso is busy strengthening and shaping up Bafana Bafana while NONENTITIES like Andy are destroying the moral of players.These morons tell Pitso what 2 do and who 2 select.Why are supporters playing the MAN instead of the game?Players like Benny,Mbazo,Teko,etc are been bad named and wonder why?These players got feelings like us.Where is our sportsmen spirit?The good that a man does die with him,the bad that he does lives with him.I urge all REAL Bafana Bafana supporters to rally behind Pitso and the boys irrespective of who he selected.Wish Pitso luck in his leadership.

  • David - 2010-08-13 10:22

    I am disappointed with the manner in which south africans support their team. I think the Teko saga is ' Kgomo ya moshate' if he is playing there will be talks arround him and even when he is not playing. I think we are creating another Bennie here so please focus on the players that were on the field and more over remember Teko doesnt pay to be selected. If you have a problem with his selection speak to pitso. I think he will bounce back and somebody will need him badly.

  • lebogang - 2010-08-13 10:22

    Andy, I doubt whether you've played any sport your entire life. The way you and your like-minded gang are rubbishing our players like Teko is not in the spirit of the beautiful game and the national team in particular. Please stop this negativity, you are destroying our young fellas and that is to you if you are a true patriot!

  • DJXcie - 2010-08-13 11:38

    Pisto, one thing that can give us proud is to know our winning squad but when you chop and change players on friendly games instead of giving them a 90mins run, and they must prove to us that they can stand for any match. Do not give players a friendly game previllages, do only a forced change like technical or injury and only three players. You players must stand one or two men down on friendlies, that will give us a hope otherwise friendlies will not work for us; we can win them like it happened before, you know it then come to the real matches, our players can only stand for 45mins. As a coach can you change seven players as you use to do: NO, so why are we waisting time, money and opportunities to grow in this game. I can not teach you, you're Professional than me but take my advice, you gonna fly. All I am saying do not practise wrong tricks.

  • Eddy Banda - 2010-08-13 13:53

    To DJXCI DJXCIE, I disagree with you for telling Pitso that he needs to let his players play full 90 minutes in friendly games. Remember these players come from different clubs, and Pitso has to find the right combination that fits his play pattern. Every coach in the world does what Pitso is doing. I mean he has to test partnership of every player until it fits what he wants to be done. DJCIE, I think you are wrong if your advice. You got to understand how soccer is being played. It is touch to coach the national team. Some players think they know better --but you got to let them know if they don't listen there is always someone waiting to take their spot. Eddy Banda (USA)

  • @andy - 2010-08-17 08:08

    Banana banana r ur balls

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