Igesund: I'm overwhelmed

2012-07-03 07:48

Johannesburg - The South African Football Association (SAFA) and the new Bafana Bafana head coach, Gordon Igesund will be meeting shortly to finalise the composition of his technical team.

Reacting to various names that have been thrown around in the media that include that of former Bafana Bafana captain Lucas Radebe, Doctor Khumalo and Fani Madida, Igesund said he would first present his recommendations to SAFA’s Technical Committee that will deliberate the issue and come up with the names of the support staff.

“I am still drawing up a list of my recommended people whom I would like to surround myself with, I will present it to the Technical Committee and once that is done, I will sit down with the SAFA management to take the process forward,” said the new Bafana Bafana coach.

“The main priority for the nation is doing well for the AFCON 2013 and qualifying for the FIFA World Cup in 2014. I am overwhelmed by the support I have received from the nation and I will try my level best to bring back glory days to Bafana Bafana,” he added.

Igesund was appointed Bafana Bafana head coach on Saturday, 30 June 2012. He takes over from Pitso Mosimane.


  • John - 2012-07-03 08:05

    The poor guy. He is expected to get blood out of a stone. He has been set up to fail. How is it possible to turn bafana around when you have no talent to choose from.

      paulmandlankosi - 2012-07-03 09:15

      He failed anyway at Ajax thus he was fired

      Alan - 2012-07-03 09:35

      Good luck Gordon. My (White) son-in-law was an excellent and keen soccer player. He got a chance to try out for a German lower-order team. While training in Germany, he couldn't believe how hard they trained there, how exhausting the regimen was and how strong the competition was. He returned, realising he wasn't going to make it and has successfully taken a different career path. Bafana are going to have to forget about swanning around, being big frogs in a little pond here, and really throw their hearts and souls into their training and, especially, their attitude. Otherwise no coach, not even Igesund, is ever going to turn them into winners. Forget the stupid muti, it's the hard yards that will do it.

      Zambezi - 2012-07-03 11:27

      Rugby, cricket now soccer coach .........all white. When the failures come and they are bound to at least we'll still have reasons to blame these white people!

  • Ian - 2012-07-03 08:11

    Please be careful Gordon, you have seen what happens when you win series and games and world cups in this country, coaches get fired, clearly according to this useless lot no one is allowed to succeed, its been seen in rugby (2007 WC win) and cricket (Series whitewash of the windies when they could still play) You have my full support though, hope you select a team that is hungry for victory

  • Advocatus.Diabolis - 2012-07-03 08:12

    Its funny, all these ultimatums given to Gordon would have been well placed and realistic when Pitso was appointed. Now for half the money, less than half the time and less than half in confidence and self belief, Gordon is expected to achieve more than 10 times what the previous coach failed to do. I see no sense in trying to get results in less than 6 months, SAFA needs to be realistic!!!

  • Henry - 2012-07-03 08:35

    Goode lark to Mr Ingesund. He deserved it and we (as the nation) give him our much needed support. Go! Bafana Bafana, go!

      paulmandlankosi - 2012-07-03 09:14

      Hey! Lark

  • sean.bagley.50 - 2012-07-03 08:47

    My advice to you Sir,Mr Gordon Igesund,is go and get that blueprint for success from extraordinary Spanish mastermind,Vicente del Bosque and hope and pray that it all works out for you just the same as it done for the mighty Spanish coach. It's a big ask but not impossible.Spanish youth academies and winning style of attractive Football is second to none.And 3 major throphies in a row shows how hell-bent they are to succeed. Pinpoint accuracy passing,they don't let go of the ball and they make their one man advantage count when in a position to do so. Spain throughout this Euro tournament played without a recognized striker and centre forward.They played with 6 midfield players and were closing down and almost strangulating any opposition. They work twice as hard off the ball as they do when they do have the ball in their possession.A real fighting spirit they show for each other which makes them a breed apart when playing their football. Pure brilliance,pure class.Something the Bafana Bafana mentality can learn alot from if they were prepared to do so off course.

      Lunga - 2012-07-03 09:33

      Gordon has the blueprint for success imprinted in his mind. He doesn't need to look out of the country. He has done well over the years by playing South African football. The mistake we always make is trying to play a foreign brand of footy, which has never worked well for African teams. Let Gordon play the way he knows, and the glory days will return.

      sean.bagley.50 - 2012-07-03 10:28

      @Lunga You an idiot with your brand of useless African BS football.No wonder Bafana Bafana is where it is in the FIFA pecking order. Here is the top 30 FIFA ranking as on June 6,2012, and see where you morons are compared to the rest of the World: 1 Spain 1456 points 2 Uruguay 1292 points 3 Germany 1288 points 4 Netherlands 1234 points 5 Brazil 1155 points 6 England 1145points 7 Argentina 1137 points 8 Croatia 1053 points 9 Denmark 1019 points 10 Portugal 996 points 11 Chile 994 points 12 Italy 977points 13 Russia 975 -points 14 France 964 points 15 Greece 953 points 16 Côte d'Ivoire 943 points 17 Sweden 910 points 18 Republic of Ireland 907 points 19 Mexico 889 points 20 Colombia 880 points 21 Switzerland 868 points 22 Paraguay 833 points 23 Japan 822 points 24 Australia 820 points 25 Ghana 818 points 26 Norway 787 points 27 Czech Republic 771 points 28 USA 767 points 29 Bosnia-Herzegovina 756 points 30 Slovenia 742 points Only Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire from Africa are in the World's top 30,where as Europe has 18 nations in the World's top 30.Still wanna talk your BS?Get real you fool.

      tugwana.gwalagwala - 2012-07-03 11:07

      @sean, we understand you better without name calling the contributor.

      rahil.khanna.520 - 2012-07-03 12:45

      WE need to create our brand of football stop copying Europeans Brazillilans etc .. No BluePrint can help if you dont have players who wear the Bafana Shirt with pride and not take things for granted

  • dhavandran.palavar - 2012-07-03 10:19

    LOL , i bet bafoons will want an increase before they start performing.

  • rivalani.mabasa - 2012-07-03 12:18

    This moment marks the beginning of the end of Bafana struggles, but provided safa abstains from enterferring with the technical team's work.

  • rivalani.mabasa - 2012-07-03 12:18

    This moment marks the beginning of the end of Bafana struggles, but provided safa abstains from enterferring with the technical team's work.

  • dieudonne.ngoma - 2012-07-03 14:54

    Difficult task awaits this good coach: finding good players to select for BB. Some changes are needed, I suggest that Khune gets dropped as number one keeper, Moeneeb and Sandilands are better than him, in defense, we should forget Bongani Khumalo, this guy is not match-fit. The likes of Benny McCarthy should be given a second chance to score goals. Some will argue with Benni's selection, but history is there to prove that Roger Milla was selected by Cameroun in the world cup in Italy 1990, and his goals and experience helped that country to reach the QF in that tournament. In UK, there are those who are calling on David Beckham to return to the national team. Experienced players are needed in this campaign . Also, look for good SA passport holders playing abroad irrespective of the colour of their skin, select on merit, and assemble the best possible squad and who knows, we might surprise the world. There are good black and white players, select on merit: skills, form only

  • Zithulele - 2012-07-05 11:20

    Good Luck Igesund

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