Bafana break into Top 50

2010-11-17 11:46

Johannesburg - The November edition of the FIFA world ranking contains only one change from the previous month inside the Top 10.

While Spain, the Netherlands and Brazil have retained their positions out front, Egypt are back among the 10 best teams at the expense of Russia.

Meanwhile, another African team is on the up, namely the hosts of this year’s SWC, South Africa, who have moved up two places to enter the top 50 for the first time since February 2006.

However, the biggest winners all hail from the Caribbean, with the numerous matches played at the Caribbean Cup, which also serves as a qualifying tournament for the Concacaf Gold Cup, bringing some participating teams major gains in terms of points. These include Trinidad and Tobago (78th, up 28), Guyana (86th, up 12) and Grenada (91st, up 34), who are the highest climbers in the entire ranking.

Outside Concacaf, only Botswana (67th, up 12) and Cambodia (170th, up 12) have moved up more than ten places. Inside the top 50, however, the situation has remained relatively settled, with no teams climbing more than two places and only one (Burkina Faso, 41st) dropping four.

The results of 34 new 'A' international matches were factored into the current edition of the world ranking, bringing the total number of matches taken into account this year to 673.

Almost half of the matches played this month (16 games) were qualifiers for the Gold Cup, meaning that it was mainly teams from the Caribbean who enjoyed big gains in points and places in the November edition of the ranking.

Top 50

1 Spain
2 Netherlands
3 Brazil
4 Germany
5 Argentina
6 England
7 Uruguay
8 Portugal
9 Croatia
10 Egypt
11 Greece
12 Norway
13 Russia
14 Italy
15 Slovenia
16 Chile
17 Ghana
18 Slovakia
19 Côte d'Ivoire
20 Australia
21 France
21 Switzerland
23 Paraguay
24 USA
25 Serbia
26 Montenegro
27 Denmark
28 Mexico
29 Turkey
30 Japan
31 Czech Republic
32 Republic of Ireland
33 Nigeria
34 Algeria
35 Sweden
36 Ukraine
37 Gabon
38 Cameroon
39 Korea Republic
40 Belarus
41 Burkina Faso
42 Northern Ireland
43 Hungary
44 Tunisia
45 Bulgaria
46 Lithuania
47 Colombia
47 Guinea
49 Austria
50 South Africa


  • jaxuys - 2010-11-17 11:51

    Mooi Bafana!

  • boreas - 2010-11-17 12:07

    Top 40 apparently if we beat USA. Go Bafana!

  • Lucky - 2010-11-17 12:17

    we need to work boyz , we must be no the top 20 in the ranking

  • djmilano.26 - 2010-11-17 13:01

    Thats good news,we will be the best again

      Gavin - 2010-11-18 10:26

      Hahahaha,when were we ever the best?

  • AGENT - 2010-11-17 16:07

    Go for it Bafana Bafana !!! you can do it !!!

      Gavin - 2010-11-18 10:27

      Hahahaha,do what?

  • Sydney - 2010-11-17 17:22

    I don't know this is worth any my book, we haven't done anything out of the ordinary yet; it goes to show that these fifa are nothing else but fluke. We lose one game and we go down ten places. If I were Pitso I wouldn't read too much from this...the road is still long and winding ahead. Banyana Banyana, our girls did better than Bafana, at least they reached quarter finals and won the bronze medal. Let's stop celebrating mediocrity, our boys haven't reached that all conquering stage yet!! Sorry to blow your fuse guys...

  • dylanswanie - 2010-11-18 13:22

    Yeah! Getting there.:)

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