Angry Ferguson to wield axe

2010-01-04 07:12

England - Furious Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson threatened to wield the axe after his star-studded side slumped to a shock FA Cup defeat against fallen giants Leeds.

United were beaten 1-0 by third-tier Leeds in the third round at Old Trafford on Sunday and Ferguson has pledged to shake things up when his team face Manchester City at Eastlands on Wednesday in the League Cup semi-finals.

"We have a semi-final on Wednesday and a lot of these players today won't be playing. You have to view that performance in the right light. But we have to get ready for Wednesday now," said the United manager.

"I had the team in mind but there may be one or two changes now."

Ferguson's mood was not helped by the mystery surrounding his defender Nemanja Vidic who pulled out of the Leeds game after claiming he felt an injury during the warm-up.

The United manager reacted angrily when asked about his experienced centre-half. "I couldn't tell you what the situation is with Nemanja," he said.

But Ferguson was far more forthcoming when asked about the performance of his side after he had overseen his first FA Cup defeat against a team from a lower division, with Leeds, the third division leaders, winning thanks to striker Jermaine Beckford's 19th minute goal.

"I didn't expect that," Ferguson said. "The preparation was very good. I was shocked at the performance. We didn't start right and Leeds did start right. "It's a disappointment. Human beings can always surprise you, but we didn't expect that.

"I don't think any of them (United players) can say they had a good day. Only Antonio Valencia when we got the ball to him but it took us about 10 minutes to do that."

Beckford scored his 20th goal of the season after running on to a 50-yard ball from Jonathan Howson, outpacing United defender Wes Brown and sliding a shot past Tomasz Kuszczak.

"Yes, we spoke about it before, Beckford has got a lot of pace," said Ferguson. "They were caught napping. It was a bad goal for us to lose but the whole performance from us was bad in the first-half.

"We never got going and the quality of passing - the whole performance was bad."

He added: "You always expect us to get a goal at Old Trafford, the intensity of the game improved a little bit.

"We had a lot of chances in the box but we didn't take them."

Ferguson also risks fresh disciplinary action by the Football Association with a bizarre blast at referee Chris Foy after his side's shock loss.

Ferguson is already under a two-game suspended sentence until the end of next season for his remarks concerning referee Alan Wiley's supposed lack of fitness, made earlier this term.

And the FA could well take a dim view of Ferguson's amazing complaint that Foy "only" played five minutes injury-time at the end of his team's stunning loss.

"The referee gave five minutes of injury-time. That is an insult to the game and to the players out there," Ferguson insisted.


  • Red Devil - 2010-01-04 07:24

    Oh Fergie....It was truly embarrassing to watch United yesterday. Wes Brown is not a United player....He simply does not have the quality. The woes that United have had with the defence is compounded by the poor players we have on the bench. Well done to Leeds and I hope they go on to win it....

  • Jack - 2010-01-04 07:40

    Hahahahaha The referee only gave 5 minutes of extra time. It amazes me how ManUtd fans always expect refs to give them 20mins of extra time to ensure they win. Leeds won, and they deserve it 100000%

  • Brian - 2010-01-04 08:04

    I don't which I enjoyed more - Sir Alex's face during the game or the game itself.

  • Russ - 2010-01-04 08:14

    I've always said that there's MORE than one United.

  • AL - 2010-01-04 08:17

    I reckon Neville and Berbatov should be the first on the chopping block. Respect to Neville but he`s past it and Berbatov is just plain useless. That Obertan was nowhere either last night.

  • Peter Scott - 2010-01-04 08:25

    Only United can complain about only getting 5 minutes of added time,pity they couldn`t score in the 90 that they were given-poor losers

  • Jeff - 2010-01-04 08:27

    Fergie, I am embarrassed to be a Man Untd supporter! I hope my faith will be be restored on Wednesday night.

  • Carl - 2010-01-04 08:32

    What a great day for Leeds fans. A victory that will be talked about for a long long time. They showed no "respect" for the big names and their reputation. I was glued to the TV, and as a Leeds fan, will watch that game over and over. See ya in the Premier league in two years time Man U fans. And we will do it again.

  • Stephen - 2010-01-04 08:33

    Love it, the Man U fans are always so full of it, its about time they and Fergie where brought down to earth. Hope Man City beat them on Wednesday as well.

  • SERGBAT - 2010-01-04 08:56

    Its about time some team gives Manu a lesson of their own. Wasting time and cheating. They always have something to say when they are losing. Well done Leeds . You deserve it. I hope Manu lose to Man City and let it be Tevez who scores all the goals. That will surely piss off Ferguson. Manu do not have a team , or should I say player. Player as in Ronaldo. While Ronaldo was there HE WAS MANU. No one did anything. Rooney is just a wimp, short tempered and full of freckles.

  • Damn - 2010-01-04 09:10

    It was sad to see the game yesterday - a loss to Leeds, Man United is way better than that. Fergie needs to buy central defenders because that is where the problems are. Putting in a make shift squad and expecting the best, does not work at all. The transfer window is opened or opening soon - make use of it Man United because we really need a winning team again

  • Naz - 2010-01-04 09:10

    Oh the United haters will be gloating about this loss, forever and a day. Yes, we had a miserable performance and I really believe the United board should be putting a tad more pressure on Sir Alex as admittedly, we are losing far too many 'easy' games against sides who are usually considered 'also-rans'. Sir Alex has already started doing likewise with the players who are also not doing their bit as expected. However, as every great side will no doubt do, is that we will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get on with it. Glory Glory Man United...

  • Unhappy - 2010-01-04 09:22

    I'm sorry Ferguson, but MU's losses this year must fall squarely on your shoulders due to your, more often than not, crap selections and game plans. Neville should have been put out to pasture two years ago and Brown should be benched for life. Berbatov was a total waste of money. Why on earth play Obertan on the right in the first half when he is a left winger. Anderson is overrated and, although Darren Gibson might have scored 3 goals this season, he still fails to impress as does Johnny Evans. I think MU needs a thorough clean-out. Just my 2c worth

  • Anonymous - 2010-01-04 09:30


  • Harold - 2010-01-04 09:32

    Well done to Leeds United! Neville is past his best and Berbatov must be one of the laziest players to put on a Red Devil shirt. He prefers the ball to be played to him instead of attacking the ball. I always feel United play with 10 men when he is in the team. Fergie should offer him to Wolfsburg in exchange for Dzeko. His style should be suited to the Premiership.

  • sachin - 2010-01-04 09:36

    bwahahahaha glory glory man who ????? man who ????bwahahaha

  • Talent - 2010-01-04 10:17

    I'm a die hard Manu supporter, but yesterdays performance was very poor. Neville must retire and i wonder what the assistance coach's job is at Manu. Fergie got it all wrong with team selection and he always takes chances each we play a small team. He was given a lesson of a life time. Once a Manu Supporter, alway one. Viva Man U.

  • Pool Fan - 2010-01-04 10:37

    United have lost AGAIN ??? Ref's fault AGAIN. United have done well in the premiership league. The supports must realise, they have come to the end of an era. Just like Liverpool. Be magnanomous guys. Get used to losing games. Don't cry like Ferg baby. You win some, you lose some.

  • Anon - 2010-01-04 11:11

    Methinks the lads were "babelaased" after the New Year celebrations. Take nothing away from Leeds though - they were deserved victors at match-end. I have never seen so many stray passes being offered by United than at this game and the lads just watched the ball after losing it in the middle of the park. Well we are out of the FA cup - cannot change that, now please Fergie do not ruin the opportunity for another final (last years FA Cup semi against Everton) and put out a decent side to play on Wednesday. Also, dont be afraid to take out the cheque book during this transfer window - we are in serious need of a quality defender and a quality attacking midfielder. GGMU.

  • Marc - 2010-01-04 12:07

    Cant exactly blame Vidic for wanting to move to a bigger club, can you?

  • ManU - 2010-01-04 13:38

    @SERGBAT... You are such a moron! Ronaldo never made UTD, UTD made him, doos! By the way, Rooney is a fantastic player and has been UTD's best player so far this season. I suggest you learn what soccer is about before you open your BIG mouth! Stick to Netball you wus! To all of you slagging UTD, we cannot win every game and trophy, don't even think your own teams can do it as well! You guys are over your heels and i would love to see the egg on your faces when Utd win the league. Fergie is the best Manager in football and will turn things around! I supose all you fake soccer pundits will be Leeds supporters until you find someone else to support next week and the week after and so on... I don't dispute that Leeds played great and deserved to win, they should be playing in the Premiership for sure!

  • MTHABISI NGWENYA - 2010-01-04 13:44

    perfect win for leeds well done boys,Man utd sorry guys not your day.

  • AL - 2010-01-04 14:38

    @ManU: Seems like all these losers are actually shocked when UTD lose a game - how strange. There was even some ADVICE from a.......wait for it........Liverpool supporter.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! They barely drew in their game and are playing for one cup this season. Again.......HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • ManU - 2010-01-04 15:14

    @AL: Good one, I think Pool Fan is a real fan of snooker or cleaning Pools! How can anyone support a looser team like that! Pool Fan speaks about "Refs Fault AGAIN" Liverfool supporters are quick to forget about how the REF helped them against Birmingham, when one of their useless players dived for a penalty! @Pool Fan, unlike you bunch of no hopers, we will never enter the culture of loosing and entering an era you guys have been in for 20 years! And get this... UTD is nothing like Liverfool, we do not loose week in week out! and we still know where Europe is! and UTD can see the light at the top of the premiership table! you guys can see the light at the championship league!

  • Man United for life - 2010-01-04 20:46

    @ ManU, I agree 100% about your comments regarding Ronaldo & Rooney. @ SERGBAT, you tosser did you even watch the game or any other united games for that matter. How many times was Rooney the one at the back defending and clearing balls from danger, working hard as hell. Unlike that doos Ronaldo who thawt he was on the catwalk, diving, complaining and strolling around after he loses the ball. I really miss Teves for his high work rate, but ja I suppose we've lost him for good. Back to the game, congrats Leeds, that's how you win a game, ruthless agression in defence and good attacking play. As for Neville & Brown, bow out gents. Your time's up. The rest of the boys also need to pull up their socks very quickly. For the youngsters in the team, I really hope they come to the party as well, cause that's where the future of united lies. Fergie, come on dude, with all due respect, you're the greatest manager who ever lived but its time to go BIG or go home. Stop messing around with team selections and field the best team at all times.

  • A Gunner - 2010-01-04 20:56

    Sir you need your usual seven minutes extra time, not this time you had 90mins and Leeds utilised their 90mins and you did not hence you lost the game. Excuses all the time when you loose............ accept 3 results in sport win, loose or draw that is what real champions are made of. Watch out City still has to prove a point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tito - 2010-01-04 22:50

    GLORY GLORY LEEDS UNITED!!! GLORY GLORY LEEDS UNITED!!! You got knocked out by a 2nd division team and still you idiot have a right to win Man wanker fans want to blame everyonew but your over the hill players.

  • ManU - 2010-01-05 08:31

    @A Gunner: You and the other morons that make comments about the injury time we got against Man City actually sounds dumb! You CHOPS need to realise quickly that Man City also played the game for 96 min and lost!! Go play marbles or something like that and let the real soccer fans talk about football! Supose supporting the Gooners is the same as playing marbles hey! @Tito: You must be a confused moron because every Man Utd fan here has spoken about the dubious players Utd have at this point in time, so i suggest you learn to read first before you open your TRAP! And we also gave Leeds the credit they deserve you fairy!

  • AL - 2010-01-05 10:09

    @Tito: Stick to the PSL dude. The level of their soccer is like your mentality.

  • True-Blue-4-life - 2010-01-05 13:12

    Alex! Alex! Alex! the old man can't learn his lesson for blaming the Refs all the time for his own getting old tactics. the loss truly proves that Man U was a one man team built around Ronaldo who is now gone. strangely the man complains about 5 extra minutes as too small, but when their opponents are given more time as 6 - 7 minutes to equalise he complains about too much extra time given......what a hypocrite. The fact is they are going down to number 4 by the end of this season, unless they go & buy Ronaldo back from Madrid @ R2Billion.

  • Ebi - 2010-01-05 13:52

    @true-blue - lol, you are downright,and plainly stupid, to put it kindly. If Man Utd was a one-man team last season, then why couldn't chelksi beat them? So the ENTIRE chelski team was worse that ONE man?? Sies. So chelski is a bunch of girls then? And if they've lost that one man now, it would make them nothing, yet chelski are only two points ahead of them in the league? So what you're actually trying to point out is how pathetic chelski is? Hey, it might not be too late, try to grow a brain.

  • ManU - 2010-01-05 14:48

    @Ebi: Well put man! Tired of dweebs like True-Blue-4-life stating that Utd was a one man team when Ronny was with us. All of a sudden there is an avalanche of Chelsea supporters which shows how shallow their supporters are! Soon those very same supporters will be supporting Man City! @True-Blue-4-1 season: How many managers have the Chelsea Buns had in the last 2 seaons? Just shows you what a pathetic club Chelsea is! You idiot!

  • OBJECTIVE - 2010-01-05 16:26


  • ManU-from-SA - 2010-01-05 18:32

    I just cannot understand what SirAlex sees in Berbatov. I used to think he was awesome when he played for Tots - but now? Why doesn't he give the guy away. Owen is a far better prospect (IMHO) and will do better if he is given more game time. The selling of Ronaldo made me unhappy but even without him we are sitting quite nicely poised on the Log.

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