Africa keeps its SWC slots

2011-03-04 11:47

Johannesburg - Africa has retained its five places at the Soccer World Cup after the FIFA executive committee met for the first time this year in Zurich.

There had been concerns that Africa would lose one slot for the next tournament after the CONCACAF region requested it be allocated another place at Brazil 2014.

Apart from Ghana, Africa's representatives were disappointing performers at the World Cup in South Africa last year, hence the fears that the continent could be the one to lose out.

But following the meeting in Zurich, FIFA has announced that the six continents will keep the same amount of participants at the next World Cup.

The only amendment to the qualifying process will be in regard to the play-offs, where an open draw will decide the play-off rounds, instead of pre-arranged qualification matches.

In the past, South America's fifth-place qualifying team played against CONCACAF's fourth-placed qualifying team to determine who would play in the World Cup.

Uruguay defeated Costa Rica to qualify for South Africa 2010.

But CONCACAF appealed for a change to the system, hence the new open draw procedure.

"CONCACAF was not so eager to play again in a play-off with South America," FIFA president Sepp Blatter said.

"That's why it has been decided there shall be a draw."

Also at the meeting, FIFA claimed that goalline technology is still on the agenda.

FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke said new tests were scheduled to be carried out.

"The decision is: Do we extend the tests which we at FIFA are ready to do and ready to pay for?" he said.

"Maybe we will do the next tests in England and in a stadium.

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  • Allain - 2011-03-04 13:23

    Africa has over 55 countries, only 5 of them in the WC. North. Central and South America combined have less country than Africa but yet they have more representatives at WC. That's injustice!!!! Africa will always be considered inferior or even the least out of all the other continents.

      Bernard - 2011-03-04 13:35

      On the whole African international sides are well below those of Europe and S. America. They prove this every world cup. Great individuals, but the teams aren't great. At most Africa should have 3 teams. This will lift the overall standard of the world cup, making it much more watchable.

      rimmoah - 2011-03-04 14:28

      your logic is on par with that of the Anc - the greater the number the greater the representation,regardless of quality or skill level.considering africa's performance in the 2010 wc we should only have one representative in the next one and that is Ghana.the only team to make it past the group stages.

  • Leviathan - 2011-03-04 22:28

    how can u allocate qualification slots on how many countries u hav on ur continent? Really. Africa is lucky to hav kept 5 spots. Ive got a stat do u know there has never been 2 african teams to make into the knockout stages during one single WC, while even Asia has been performing better than africa in the past 3 WC. so i would b grateful to hav 5 slots even though we dont deserve it

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