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2015/09/20 | 15:30 |  Rugby World Cup | Millennium Stadium |  Full Time
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As it happened: Wales 54-9 Uruguay

2015-09-20 14:30
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20 Sep 17:27
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20 Sep 17:26
Wales score EIGHT tries on their way to a comfortable win, but take nothing away from Uruguay who gave a good account of themselves here. 
20 Sep 17:25
20 Sep 17:24
80' CONVERSION GOOD from Priestland. 
20 Sep 17:24
80' TRY WALES. Scrumhalf Gareth Davies darts over for his 2nd of the night after the rolling maul had once again done the damage. 
20 Sep 17:23
80' Penalty to Wales, who knock it into the corner to set up one last rolling maul. 
20 Sep 17:22
78' Uruguay have the ball inside their own half. They deserve a try today following their defensive efforts, but it's hard to see it happening. 
20 Sep 17:18
76' Into the last 5 minutes now. Can Wales bring up their half century? 
20 Sep 17:16
74' Uruguay are dead on their feet and they understandably make a couple of changes in personnel. 
20 Sep 17:14
72' CONVERSION GOOD from Priestland. Wales 47-9 Uruguay. 
20 Sep 17:13
71' TRY WALES. Another rolling maul. This time Justin Tipuric holds onto the ball and had no trouble scoring his side's 7th try. 
20 Sep 17:10
69' Wales have their whole bench on the field now and a scrum just outside the Uruguay 22m area. 
20 Sep 17:07
66' It's all a bit messy now and the crowd break out into a Mexican wave to keep themselves entertained. 
20 Sep 17:04
65' Lloyd Williams thinks he has scored for Wales, only to find that Romain Poite has stopped play 80m away for an infringement. 
20 Sep 17:01
61' It could get big in the last 20 minutes. The Uruguayans look like they've fought a war.
20 Sep 16:59
61' CONVERSION MISSED Priestland misses one! Wales 40-9 Uruguay. 
20 Sep 16:58
60' TRY WALES And it's too easy for Wales scrumhalf Gareth Davies, who benefits from the dominant rolling maul to score uncontested. Wales 40-9 Uruguay. 
20 Sep 16:57
60' 10 Welsh phases stopped before they win the penalty. Another lineout. Another rolling maul on the way. 
20 Sep 16:55
58' They're well out of the game, but you have to admire Uruguay's fight here. 
20 Sep 16:52
55' Wales hat-trick hero Cory Allen now leaves the field with what looks to be a serious injury. He's replaced by Lloyd Williams. 
20 Sep 16:50
54' But it amounts to nothing as they give away the penalty.
20 Sep 16:50
53' fair play to Uruguay, they bounce back with some strong phases to get the ball into the Wales 22
20 Sep 16:48
51' CONVERSION good. Priestland makes it 5 from 5 for the game and Wales lead 35-9. 
20 Sep 16:47
50' This time it's Hallam Amos who takes a ball from scrumhalf Gareth Davies, who had made the initial break after a lineout. 
20 Sep 16:46
20 Sep 16:45
49' WALES TRY DISALLOWED Justin Tupiric breaks off the back of a rolling maul only to drop the ball over the try line. Uruguay hanging on by a thread. 
20 Sep 16:42
47' Wales win the penalty from the resulting scrum and set up the lineout 25m out. 
20 Sep 16:41
46' Another Wales attack ends with an unforced error ... this time a knock-on.
20 Sep 16:40
45' Uruguay can't secure the ball from their lineout and they give Wales the ball back. 
20 Sep 16:39
44' Uruguay hanging on for dear life as they win a penalty inside their own 22m area. 
20 Sep 16:38
43' So much tackling beginning to take its toll on Uruguay now...
20 Sep 16:37
42' Priestland goes for the little chip over the top off the scrum but it amounts to nothing and Uruguay can clear their lines. 
20 Sep 16:36
41' Immediately Wales have a scrum 22m out. 
20 Sep 16:35
We're off again as Wales get the second half started. Wales 28-9 Uruguay with a Cory Allen hat-trick. 
20 Sep 16:28
Sport24 will be back to bring you the 2nd half in a few minutes...
20 Sep 16:26
The rolling maul has been the highlight of Wales' game so far, but they are still making a lot of unforced errors. That will be what they hope to eradicate from their game in the 2nd half. 
20 Sep 16:22
Again, Uruguay battle to cope defensively when Wales swing the ball wide. It hasn't been the most convincing performance from Wales, but the scoreline suggests that all is well in Cardiff! 
20 Sep 16:21
CONVERSION from Priestland is good and Wales lead 28-9 at half time. 
20 Sep 16:20
40' TRY WALES! Cory Allen dots down for his hat-trick and Wales' bonus point try. 
20 Sep 16:17
39' Welsh scrum on the half way line ... can they secure the bonus point before half time? 
20 Sep 16:14
37' Uruguay win the ball back again after a Welsh obstruction. They're just about holding on here. 
20 Sep 16:13
36' Welsh fullback Liam Williams off injured and replaced by Matthew Morgan.
20 Sep 16:12
35' Rolling maul is well stopped by Uruguay and they win the ball back as Sam Warburton puts a foot into touch.
20 Sep 16:11
34' Uruguay defence holds, but they give away another penalty for offsides as Wales opt to set up another lineout. 
20 Sep 16:09
33' Wales penalty and again they set up the lineout ... about 15m out from Uruguay line. 
20 Sep 16:07
31' CONVERSION from Priestland is good. It's Wales 21-9 Uruguay. 
  • 80'

    TRY, WALES, DAVIES! 52-9. Another attack from a maul inside Uruguay's 22 brings Davies his second try. He sells the defence a dummy, when he spots a gap, and dives over!

  • 80'

    CONVERSION, WALES, PRIESTLAND. 54-9. Priestland adds the final nail to Uruguay's coffin with another two-pointer! The final whistle goes shortly afterwards and Wales have got the job done. Uruguay tried their best but in the end they were outmatched by the superiority of the Welsh, who are deserved winners!

  • 80'

    Wales 54 Uruguay 9

  • 77'

    Wales are trying their utmost to get another try in an effort to bring up their half century. The ball comes to Amos, who offloads to Williams but they are called back for a forward pass.

  • 74'

    Wales attack just inside Uruguay's 22 but it all comes to nothing as Matthew Morgan throws a poor pass yo Alex Cuthbert who knocks on.

  • 72'

    CONVERSION, WALES, PRIESTLAND. 47-9. Priestland adds another two-pointer to push his side further in front.

  • 71'

    TRY, WALES, TIPURIC! 45-9. Wales launch their umpteenth drive from a line-out inside Uruguay's 22 and Tipuric makes up for his botched effort from earlier, as he dives over from close quarters!

  • 69'

    Wales launch another drive with their forwards but concede a turnover and Corral is away! He is eventually hauled in by Tom Francis just outside Uruguay's 22.

  • 66'

    This time it's Williams who takes the ball up but Vilaseca is equal to the task and stops his opposite number in his tracks!

  • 63'

    Uruguay make a rare attack and Andres Vilaseca hits the gain-line where he is met head-on by Williams!

  • 60'

    TRY, WALES, DAVIES! 40-9. Wales attack with another rolling maul at a line-out inside Uruguay''s 22. Davies sees that all his opponents'' defenders are trying to stop the drive and calls for the ball before breaking around the fringe of the maul and dives over! Priestland misses with his first attempt at goal.

  • 58'

    Wales power through the middle with their forwards and are inside their opponents' 22. They then attack with their backs and Williams takes the ball into contact.

  • 56'

    Amos gathers the ball inside his 22 and decides to attack. He beats the first defender but is tackled into touch close to his 10-metre line by Matias Beer.

  • 54'

    Uruguay are on the attack inside Wales' 22 after a strong carry by Mario Sagario. It all comes to nothing though as Carlos Arboleya is pinged for side-entry at a ruck.

  • 51'

    CONVERSION, WALES, PRIESTLAND. 35-9. Another two-pointer from the kicking tee by Priestland extends his side's lead to 26 points!

  • 50'

    TRY, WALES, AMOS! 33-9. Wales launch another attack from a line-out. Gareth Davies makes a break and offloads to Amos who gets over for his first Test try!

  • 49'

    Wales go on the drive from a line-out deep inside Uruguay's 22 and Tipuric goes over the tryline! Referee Poite checks with his TMO if the try was scored, but the replay shows that Gibernau has knocked the ball from the Wales flanker's grasp as he goes over the line.

  • 46'

    Uruguay are pinged for illegal scrummaging. Priestland tries to put his side on the front-foot with his touchfinder, but the ball isn't out! Gibernau gathers and puts the ball out on close to Wales' 10-metre line.

  • 43'

    Wales take the ball through the phases and are soon inside Uruguay's 22. Jake Ball, Sam Warburton and Baldwin are prominent ball carriers!

  • 41'

    Priestland gets the second half underway! His kick is gathered by Joaquin Prada, who goes to ground inside his 22 after a tackle from Amos.

  • 40'

    TRY, WALES, ALLEN! 26-9. Priestland throws a long pass to Justin Tipuric close to the halfway line! He offloads to Amos, who sets off down the left-hand touchline before throwing an inside pass to Allen, who gets over for his hat-trick!

  • 40'

    CONVERSION, WALES, PRIESTLAND. 28-9. Priestland maintains his perfect goal-kicking record to extend his side's lead. That's the final act of this half as referee Romain Poite blows his whistle shortly afterwards to indicate half-time. It's been an entertaining affair and although Uruguay started brightly Wales have, as expected, taken control of proceedings and already have their bonus-point. It's now just a matter of how big the winning margin will be.

  • 40'

    Wales 28 Uruguay 9

  • 37'

    Wales are on the attack inside Uruguay's 22 again. Priestland takes the direct route but Wales are penalised when Baldwin takes out a defender illegally at the ensuing ruck. Berchesi kicks for touch and puts the ball out close to Uruguay's 10-metre line.

  • 35'

    Wales are hammering away at Uruguay's tryline but they are met by a wall of blue defenders! Los Teros are eventually pinged for offside play and Priestland puts the ball into touch on their five-metre line.

  • 33'

    Alejo Corral is pinged for dropping his bind at a scrum. Priestland puts the resulting penalty out deep inside Uruguay's 22.

  • 31'

    CONVERSION, WALES, PRIESTLAND. 21-9. Priestland makes no mistake from the kicking tee to extend Wales' lead.

  • 30'

    TRY, WALES, ALLEN! 19-9. Scott Williams makes a telling break and is soon inside Uruguay's 22! He draws in the final defender before offloading to Allen who gets over for his second try under the posts!

  • 27'

    Uruguay are put under huge pressure at a scrum on their 10-metre line, but Alejandro Nieto does well to regather at the back of the back-pedalling set-piece before going to ground.

  • 24'

    PENALTY, URUGUAY, BERCHESI. 14-9. Berchesi adds his third penalty after Jake Ball is pinged for a high tackle on Rodrigo Silva.

  • 22'

    Wales lose possession close to the halfway line and Santiago Gibernau boots the ball ahead! He gives chase but Priestland drops back and gathers the ball inside his 22.

  • 20'

    CONVERSION, WALES, PRIESTLAND. 14-6. Priestland makes no mistake from the kicking tee to extend Wales' lead.

  • 19'

    TRY, WALES, ALLEN! 12-6. Wales attack just outside Uruguay's 22, and Priestland delivers a perfectly-weighted chip kick which Allen gathers before getting over under the uprights!

  • 16'

    CONVERSION, WALES, PRIESTLAND. 7-6. Priestland adds the extras and, for the first time, Wales hold the lead.

  • 15'

    TRY, WALES, LEE! 5-6. Wales go on the drive from a line-out on Uruguay's five-metre line. Samson Lee is is in possession at the back of the rolling maul and he gets over when he sees the tryline!

  • 13'

    Wales are on attack inside Uruguay's half and Scott Baldwin and James King impress with impressive carries. Uruguay's defence soon go offside and Priestland puts the resulting penalty out close to Los Teros' five-metre line.

  • 10'

    PENALTY, URUGUAY, BERCHESI. 0-6. Berchesi dusts himself off after a high tackle from Luke Charteris and doubles his teams lead from the kicking tee!

  • 8'

    It's all Uruguay at the the moment! They are on the attack, just inside their half, and Agustin Ormaechea launches a box kick but Hallam Amos gathers easily and calls a mark inside his 22.

  • 6'

    Cory Allen is pinged for holding onto the ball on the ground, close to the halfway line. Berchesi lines up a shot at goal from about 62 metres out! He gives it a good whack but the ball falls about three metres short of the cross-bar.

  • 3'

    PENALTY, URUGUAY, BERCHESI! 0-3. First blood to Uruguay! Berchesi strikes the ball cleanly from the kicking tee, after Williams goes off his feet at a ruck!

  • 1'

    After belting out their respective anthems, Felipe Berchesi gets us underway! His kick is gathered by Scott Williams, who offloads to Rhys Priestland. He boots the ball upfield.

  • 0'

    Good day and welcome to our live coverage of this Pool A Rugby World Cup clash between Wales and Uruguay from the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. We'll be back soon with team news.

  • 0'

    Wales welcome back Scarlets duo Liam Williams and Samson Lee from injury for this fixture. Williams starts at full-back and will form a back-three alongside Alex Cuthbert and Hallam Amos. Cory Allen and Scott Williams make-up the midfield partnership. Rhys Priestland will play in his second Rugby World Cup and starts alongside former regional team-mate Gareth Davies. In the front-row, Lee returns at tighthead and features along with Ospreys duo Paul James and Scott Baldwin. Jake Ball and Luke Charteris pack down in the second-row whilst there is a new look back row with captain Sam Warburton starting at blindside flanker alongside Justin Tipuric and James King at number eight.

  • 0'

    Uruguay head coach Pablo Lemoine has named his team which will be captained by lock Santiago Vilaseca. The most experienced player in the starting line-up is hooker Carlos Arboleya, who will be making his 51st test appearance.

  • 0'

    This is the first ever meeting between these two sides. Wales need only another 81 points to become the sixth team to crack the 1,000 points barrier at the World Cup. That is their highest total in a game at the Rugby Wold Cup finals, against Namibia (81-7) in New Plymouth four years ago. Los Teros have conceded on average 50 points per match in each of their previous six appearances at two World Cups. All 15 players in Uruguay's starting line-up will be making their World Cup debut with another possible eight debutants coming off the bench. Wales boss Warren Gatland will equal a record with his third World Cup participation as a head coach. He will join Graham Henry, Eddie O'Sullivan and John Kirwan having coached Ireland in 1999 and Wales in 2011 and now 2015. This game will feature the squads that are both tallest and heaviest at this World Cup (Wales) and the smallest and lightest (Uruguay). Wales' current squad averages 1.89m in height and 107kg in weight, whilst the Uruguayans are the only squad at the tournament which is on average lighter than 100kg. Their squad averages 1.82m in height and 96kg in weight.

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Wales Uruguay
  • 8 Tries 0
    • 14' Samson Lee
    • 18' Cory Allen
    • 29' Cory Allen
    • 40' Cory Allen
    • 49' Hallam Amos
    • 58' Gareth Davies
    • 70' Justin Tipuric
    • 79' Gareth Davies
  • 7 Conversions 0
    • 15' Rhys Priestland
    • 19' Rhys Priestland
    • 29' Rhys Priestland
    • 40' Rhys Priestland
    • 50' Rhys Priestland
    • 71' Rhys Priestland
    • 80' Rhys Priestland
  • 0 Penalties 3
    • 1' Felipe Berchesi
    • 8' Felipe Berchesi
    • 23' Felipe Berchesi
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Paul James
  • Scott Baldwin
  • Samson Lee
  • Jake Ball
  • Luke Charteris
  • Sam Warburton
  • Justin Tipuric
  • James King
  • Gareth Davies
  • Rhys Priestland
  • Hallam Amos
  • Scott Williams
  • Cory Allen
  • Alex Cuthbert
  • Liam Williams
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Alejo Corral
  • Carlos Arboleya
  • Mario Sagario
  • Santiago Vilaseca
  • Jorge Zerbino
  • Juan Gaminara
  • Matias Beer
  • Alejandro Nieto
  • Agustín Ormaechea
  • Felipe Berchesi
  • Rodrigo Silva
  • Andres Vilaseca
  • Joaquin Prada
  • Santiago Gibernau
  • Gaston Mieres
  • Ken Owens
  • Aaron Jarvis
  • Tomas Francis
  • Dominic Day
  • Dan Lydiate
  • Ross Moriarty
  • Lloyd Williams
  • Matthew Morgan
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • German Kessler
  • Óscar Durán
  • Mateo Sanguinetti
  • Franco Lamanna
  • Agustin Alonso
  • Juan De Freitas
  • Alejo Duran
  • Francisco Bulanti

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