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2015/09/20 | 13:00 |  Rugby World Cup | Brighton Community Stadium |  Full Time
World Cup

As it happened: Samoa 25-16 USA

2015-09-20 10:23
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20 Sep 14:53


And that's it folks. The final whistle sounds and Samoa win 25-16

Next up? The Springboks...

20 Sep 14:44

75' - The conversion is away to the left

Samoa 25-16

20 Sep 14:43

74' - And the man to emerge with the ball is replacement Chris Baumann

20 Sep 14:43
74' - TRY!
20 Sep 14:42

73' - USA inches away - and they think they have scored!

Ref asks TMO to rule

20 Sep 14:41
72' - Deliberate knock-on ruled by Samoa, giving the USA the chance to set up a lineout 5m from the Samoan tryline
20 Sep 14:39
With 10 minutes to go, Samoa look to have the match sewn up
20 Sep 14:38

70' - Penalty OVER!

This time by replacement Mike Stanley

Samoa 25-11

20 Sep 14:36

67' - Both sides defending for all their worth

But a penalty awarded to Samoa. Will they take the points or try score their third try?

Points it is...

20 Sep 14:33

65' - Action in short supply at the moment.

But hang on, the USA break out of their 22m area with Takudzwa Ngwenya to the fore.

20 Sep 14:29
60' - Ofisa Treviranus leading by example and he powers over the halfway line, but his good work is undone by scrumhalf Kahn Fotuali'i who kicks out on the full
20 Sep 14:28
58' - USA Eagles need to up the tempo if they wish to get anything out of this game
20 Sep 14:22
55' - A number of substitutions for both sides as the blood flows in Brighton!
20 Sep 14:21

53' - MacGinty narrows the deficit with a penalty.

Samoa 22-11

20 Sep 14:19

52' - USA refuse to roll over and die as they surge into the Samian half.

Ref awards them a penalty in front. What will they elect to do... ?

20 Sep 14:17

50' - Samoa's strong to the second half continues as they stretch their lead thanks to another penalty by flyhalf Tusi Pisi

Samoa 22-8

20 Sep 14:16
48' - Samoa gain good field position after yet another penalty
20 Sep 14:13

47' - Conversion attempt rebounds off the right-hand pole

Samoa 19-8

20 Sep 14:12
46' - TRY awarded to skipper Ofisa Treviranus
20 Sep 14:12
46' - Checking for a possible knock on
20 Sep 14:11

46' - Or is it... ?

Referee will check. Samoa may have second their second try of the match

20 Sep 14:11
46' - TRY!
20 Sep 14:09

USA with it all to do in the second 40

20 Sep 14:09


20 Sep 13:49


The whistle sounds for the half-time break.

Samoa lead 14-8

20 Sep 13:47


This match just became super important for the Boks.

Here's hoping Heyneke Meyer is watching closely.

20 Sep 13:46

38' - Tusi Pisi stretches the Samoan lead with a penalty.

Samoa 14-8

20 Sep 13:46

37' - Closing in on half-time.

A try either way will be useful.

Instead it's a penalty to Samoa who will have a chance to extend their lead

20 Sep 13:44

35' - MacGinty's conversion is away to the left.

Samoa 11-8

20 Sep 13:43
34' - USA score one of the better tries at this year's torunament after they steal a lineout on their own 22m, the clearance kick rebounds off a Samoan and they spread it like filth before skipper Chris Wyles scores!
20 Sep 13:42
34' - TRY!
20 Sep 13:39

31' - Alan MacGinty will have a chance to narrow the deficit - and he does just that!

Samoa 11-3

20 Sep 13:38

29' - USA onto the attack after Nanai-Williams drops the ball cold.

Into the Samoan half they surge - and are awarded a kickable penalty. Which they opt to take at posts.

20 Sep 13:36

27' - Tusi Pisi stretches the Samoan lead with his second penalty of the match

Samoa 11-0

20 Sep 13:35

26' - USA hanging on - but only just - as Samoa break free through flank Jack Lam

Another penalty awarded to Samoa

20 Sep 13:30
23' - The player down is skipper Ofisa Treviranus
20 Sep 13:29

23' - Samoa showing great enterprise on attack. Some very large men!

But one of them is down after a head-knock. Referee stops the clock.

20 Sep 13:27

21' - The conversion is away to the left

Samoa lead 8-0

20 Sep 13:27

20' - Always rated Nanai-Williams highly. Special player.

The Boks will have to watch him closely next Saturday...

20 Sep 13:26
20' - Samoa score the first try of the match through fullback TIM NANAI-WILLIAMS
20 Sep 13:26
20' - TRY!
20 Sep 13:25


MacGinty is fine - predictably - and play resumes with a penalty to Samoa

20 Sep 13:24

18' - Oh dear. Play stopped as USA No 10 Alan MacGinty goes down in a heap after running into a Samoan player.

Refs have been instructed to be extra vigilant on diving. But how do you determine if a player is genuinely injured?

20 Sep 13:22
16' - Samoa miss with a penalty at goal, but are soon back in possession and Tim Nanai-Williams sets off on an electrifying run
20 Sep 13:21


Just to confirm, Samoa do NOT perform a 'haka'

Their challenge pre-match is called Siva Tau

20 Sep 13:17

13' - USA doing themselves no favours with a skew throw-in to the lineout.

20 Sep 13:16

11' - USA flyer Takudzwa Ngwenya sees stars as he's hammered in the tackle by man-mountain Alesana Tuilagi

Hurt just to watch!

20 Sep 13:14
10' - Samoa able to clear without much pressure down to the halfway line from the restart
20 Sep 13:12

8' - Flyhalf Tusi Pisi opens the scoring.

Samoa lead 3-0

  • 80'

    Al McFarland is pinged for playing the ball on the ground. Stanley puts the ball out deep inside the USA's 22.

  • 80'

    The USA attack from inside their 22. They make little headway and soon knock on. Referee George Clancy blows the final whistle shortly afterwards. The Samoans will be happy with that effort as they were the dominant side for most of this match. The USA were competitive throughout but they might regret that they failed to secure a bonus point, later in the tournament.

  • 80'

    Samoa 25 USA 16

  • 77'

    Motu Matu'u is pinged for holding onto the ball on the ground just outside the USA's 22. MacGinty kicks for touch and puts the ball out on Samoa's 10-metre line.

  • 75'

    TRY, USA, BAUMANN! 25-16. The USA are camped close to Samoa's tryline and take the ball through several phases. The Samoans defend resiliently until Chris Baumann uses his strength to power over!

  • 72'

    The USA take the ball through the phases and Cam Dolan does well with a powerful run! He tries to offload but Tuilagi knocks the ball on deliberately and is penalised for his efforts. MacGinty kicks for touch and puts the ball out inside Samoa's 22.

  • 70'

    PENALTY, SAMOA, STANLEY! 25-11. Stanley puts more daylight between his side and their opponents with a sweetly-struck penalty from close to the touchline!

  • 67'

    Tuilagi finds the ball in space down the left-hand touchline and bumps off Blaine Scully! He offloads to Lee-Lo inside the USA's 22 but he knocks on after a challenge from Wyles.

  • 65'

    Ngwenya gathers a loose ball just outside his 22 and sets off on a blistering run! He's electrifying pace takes him away from several defenders but he is eventually brought to ground by a text-book tackle from Paul Perez on Samoa's 10-metre line!

  • 62'

    Samoa take the ball through the phases before striking out wide with their backs. They make little headway, however, as Lee-Lo is stopped in his tracks by a huge hit from Ngwenya!

  • 60'

    Census Johnston is pinged for dropping his bind at a scrum. MacGinty kicks for touch and puts the ball out on Samoa's 10-metre line.

  • 58'

    Samoa are on the attack close to the USA's 22-metre line and Fotuali'i offloads to Nanai-Williams, who fails to hang on as the pass is close to his bootlaces.

  • 56'

    Samoa go on the drive from a line-out on the USA's 10-metre line. Kahn Fotuali'i then makes a break and throws an inside pass to Ken Pisi who knocks on!

  • 53'

    PENALTY, USA, MACGINTY. 22-11. MacGinty narrows the gap to 11 points after Trviranus is penalised for offside play on defence.

  • 50'

    PENALTY, SAMOA, PISI. 22-8. Pisi succeeds with another three-pointer, from the kicking tee, after Andrew Durutalo is pinged for a high tackle on Treviranus.

  • 47'

    TRY, SAMOA, TREVIRANUS! 19-8. Nanai-Williams and Takudzwa Ngwenya compete for the ball, inside the USA's 22, but both fail to gather and it spills backwards. Tuilagi gathers the loose ball and sets up a ruck close the Americans' tryline. Ofisa Treviranus then runs onto a pass from Ken Pisi and charges over!

  • 45'

    Several USA forwards go off their feet at a ruck on Samoa's 10-metre line. Pisi kicks for touch and puts the ball out close to the USA's 22-metre line.

  • 43'

    Pisi looks to get his team onto the front-foot with a touchfinder, from just inside his half, but his effort is over-cooked goes directly into touch.

  • 41'

    Pisi gets the second half started with a high, hanging kick which Smith gathers just outside his 22 where the USA's forwards set up a maul.

  • 40'

    The USA take the ball through the phases and make good progress to get into Samoa's half. Manoa then takes the ball into contact but knocks on after a tackle from Jack Lam. The half-time hooter goes and the sides head into the sheds for a deserved break. Samoa have had the better of the early exchanges but the USA have fought back well during the latter stages. As the scoreline suggests, it's been an even contest. We'll be back in 10 minutes with the second half.

  • 40'

    Samoa 14 USA 8

  • 39'

    PENALTY, SAMOA, PISI. 14-8. Pisi extends his side's lead after Hayden Smith is pinged for a ruck infringement.

  • 37'

    Mike Petri looks to put his side onto the front-foot with a box-kick, just outside his 22. It's a poor effort, however, and sails directly into touch.

  • 34'

    TRY, USA, WYLES! 11-8. The USA have just scored a wonderful try! MacGinty makes a break from just outside his 22 and offloads to Seamus Kelly close to Samoa's 10-metre line! He is brought to ground inside Samoa's 22 but frees his hands and gets a pass out to Wyles who gets over for his side's first try!

  • 31'

    PENALTY, USA, MACGINTY. 11-3. MacGinty opens the USA's account with a well-struck penalty after Zak Taulafo is pinged for offside play on defence.

  • 28'

    PENALTY, SAMOA, PISI. 11-0. Pisi adds another three-pointer from the kicking tee, after Peterson is pinged for holding onto the ball on the ground.

  • 25'

    McGinty launches a cross-field kick and Wyles gives chase. Nanai-Williams has little difficulty in dealing with though and hits the deck close to his 10-metre line.

  • 23'

    Nanai-Williams throws an inside pass to Tekori who is in the clear! He offloads to Fa'asavalu, but it's a poor pass and the big number six knocks on just outside the USA's 22.

  • 21'

    TRY, SAMOA, NANAI-WILLIAMS! 8-0. Samoa set up a ruck deep inside the USA''s 22. The ball comes out to Pisi who stabs a grubber kick through and Tim Nanai-Williams dives onto the ball behind the tryline!

  • 19'

    Manoa is penalised for a high tackle on Pisi. The pivot gets up and puts the kick out close to the USA''s 22.

  • 17'

    Pisi lines up a shot at goal, from 49 metres out, after Greg Peterson is pinged for going off his feet at a ruck. The kick has the direction but not the distance and falls just short of the cross-bar!

  • 14'

    Maurie Fa'asavalu gathers a loose ball and sets off on a run! He's in the clear and soon inside the USA's half but McGinty does well to bring him to ground on his 10-metre line with a solid hit!

  • 12'

    Samoa attack from the back of a line-out and Samo Manoa takes the ball in to contact. It takes three defenders to bring him to ground on Samoa's 10-metre line. The ball is recycled and eventually comes out to McGinty who spots a gap behind his opponents' defence and delivers a perfectly-weighted kick which rolls in to touch about seven metres from Samoa's tryline!

  • 10'

    The USA launch an attack close to the halfway line and Chris Wyles joins the line at pace! It all comes to nothing though as he passes the ball directly into touch!

  • 8'

    PENALTY, SAMOA, PISI. 3-0. Tusi Pisi opens the scoring from the kicking tee after the USA are pinged for straying offside on defence.

  • 5'

    Samoa are on the attack just outside USA's 22. Paul Perez, Tuilagi and Joe Tekori are prominent ball carriers.

  • 2'

    There's some concern in the Samoan camp as Rey Lee-Lo stays down after being bumped off my Thretton Palamo. Lee-Lo receives some medical attention and soon leaves the field for a concussion test and is replaced by Mike Stanley.

  • 1'

    AJ MacGinty gets us underway after the respective anthems and a stirring version of Samoa's Siva Tau led by Alesana Tuilagi. The Samoans fumble the kick off and the USA are immediately on attack inside Samoa's 22.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of this Pool B Rugby World Cup encounter between Samoa and the USA from the Brighton Community Stadium in Brighton. That's of course the same venue as yesterday's epic clash between Japan and South Africa. Don't go away! We'll return shortly with team news from both sides.

  • 0'

    Samoa head coach Stephen Betham has named a full-strength team for this match. Ofisa Treviranus leads the team in an experienced back row that also features Maurie Fa'asavalu and Jack Lam. Kane Thompson is suspended in the second row, but Joe Tekori might be an upgrade, replacing him, while up front Zak Taulafo, Ole Avei and Anthony Perenise have plenty of top flight experience in Europe. In the backs there are few surprises, with Tusi Pisi starting at fly-half as expected, while Tim Nanai-Williams gets the nod at full-back. Ken Pisi and Alesana Tuilagi provide very different threats on their respective wings, and on the bench the USA will have to watch out for Census Johnston, who came out of retirement to join the squad following Logovi'i Mulipola's injury.

  • 0'

    Saracens winger Chris Wyles will lead the USA today. Wyles has been named on the left wing by USA head coach Mike Tolkin, opposite Biarritz flyer Takudzwa Ngwenya, with Blaine Scully completing a pacy back three. Mike Petri and AJ MacGinty will combine in the half-backs, while up front Samu Manoa will be expecting to provide plenty of ball-carrying at number eight. Elsewehere, young tighthead Titi Lamositele gets a start alongside Zach Fenoglio and Eric Fry in the front row, with Hayden Smith and Greg Peterson completing the tight five.

  • 0'

    These two teams have only met on four previous occasions with Samoa winning every time. They last faced off in July during the Pacific Nations Cup, with Samoa winning 21-16 in San Jose. Five players started Samoa's last RWC match, a 13-5 defeat by South Africa four years ago. Sakaria Taulafo, Mauri Fa'asavalu, Fotuali'I, Tusi Pisi and Tuilagi make up that quintet. Fly-half Pisi needs to score 29 points to overtake Earl Va'a's Test record of 174 for Samoa. With a total of 306 caps, this is one of the more experienced Samoa teams to start a RWC match, beaten only by the line-up which started against South Africa at RWC 2011 and contained 316 caps. Captain Chris Wyles, Mike Petri and Takudzwa Ngwenya will all appear in their third Rugby World Cup for the USA. The three thereby equal the team record shared by Mike McDonald, Paul Emerick and Alec Parker. Two other Eagles squad members who could play in their third RWC, Mate Moeakiola and Louis Stanfill, are not in the matchday 23 for today's match.

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Samoa USA
  • 2 Tries 2
    • 19' Tim Nanai-Williams
    • 45' Ofisa Treviranus
    • 33' Chris Wyles
    • 73' Chris Baumann
  • 0 Conversions 0
  • 5 Penalties 2
    • 7' Tusi Pisi
    • 27' Tusi Pisi
    • 38' Tusi Pisi
    • 50' Tusi Pisi
    • 69' Michael Stanley
    • 30' Alan MacGinty
    • 52' Alan MacGinty
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Sakaria Taulafo
  • Ole Avei
  • Anthony Perenise
  • Filo Paulo
  • Joe Tekori
  • Maurie Fa'asavalu
  • Jack Lam
  • Ofisa Treviranus
  • Kahn Fotuali'i
  • Tusi Pisi
  • Alesana Tuilagi
  • Reynold Lee-Lo
  • Paul Perez
  • Ken Pisi
  • Tim Nanai-Williams
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Eric Fry
  • Zachary Fenoglio
  • Titi Lamositele
  • Hayden Smith
  • Greg Peterson
  • Al McFarland
  • Andrew Durutalo
  • Samu Manoa
  • Michael Petri
  • Alan MacGinty
  • Chris Wyles
  • Thretton Palamo
  • Seamus Kelly
  • Takudzwa Ngwenya
  • Blaine Scully
  • Motu Matu'u
  • Viliamu Afatia
  • Census Johnston
  • Faifili Levave
  • Alafoti Fa'osiliva
  • Vavao Afemai
  • Michael Stanley
  • Fa'atoina Autagavaia
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Phillip Thiel
  • Olive Kilifi
  • Chris Baumann
  • Cameron Dolan
  • Daniel Barrett
  • Shalom Suniula
  • Folau Niua
  • Brett Thompson

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