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As it happened: Samoa 33 Scotland 36

2015-10-10 17:30
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10 Oct 17:31

Now the small matter of Australia v Wales to see who plays the Springboks in the quarter-finals. 

10 Oct 17:25


Samoa 33 Scotland 36

Scotland are into the quarter-finals at the Rugby World Cup 2015!

Laidlaw the hero with 26 points on the day. 

10 Oct 17:24
79' - Scotland opt to kick very deep from the restart. Samoa move the ball through the hands and make 30 metres but Levave knocks on.
10 Oct 17:23

77' - TRY to Samoa!

Matu'u forces his way over after receiving an inside pass from Lam. Converted as well!

Samoa 33 Scotland 36

10 Oct 17:21
76' - Samoa are just a metre short, Scotland penalised for sealing the ball off. 
10 Oct 17:19
76' - It's not over yet. Samoa have a 5m scrum after Maitland is forced to take the ball over his own line after an excellent kick in behind the defence by Faapale.
10 Oct 17:18

73' - TRY to Scotland!

Massive Scottish scrum allows Laidlaw to snipe from close and he stretches through the tackle to score!

Laidlaw converts and you feel that is the ball game...

Samoa 26 Scotland 36

10 Oct 17:15

72'Fotuali'i looks like he managed to get his knee under that... he has! Brilliant work by the Samoan captain. Scotland have a penalty however as Samoa were offside. 

They opt for a scrum!

10 Oct 17:14
72' - Nel is over but Peyper is going upstairs to the TMO.  
10 Oct 17:13
71' - Denton and Nel go close, Scotland are just a metre from the line...
10 Oct 17:11

71' - Another penalty to Samoa, this time for side entry into the maul

Jaco Peyper has now issued a warning. Next one will be a card you suspect. 

Scotland will have another lineout, this is just 6m from the Samoan line. 

10 Oct 17:10
70' - Sean Lamont is on for Scotland, this is his 100th international!
10 Oct 17:10
69' - Scotland win yet another penalty, this time for Samoa playing the ball on the ground. Russell sets up a lineout just inside the Scottish 22m area. 
10 Oct 17:09
68' - Lamont makes a brilliant midfield break for Scotland he is eventually brought to ground, Samoa turn the ball over, Autagavaia busts down the left-wing, kicks ahead, collects but Scotland somehow bring him to ground and come away with the ball... unbelievable passage of play!
10 Oct 17:07
66' - Scotland just outside their own 22m area, they rumble the ball to the 10m line before Laidlaw kicks, but its too far, the Samoans collect and come charging back at Scotland. They eventually run out of space and are tackled into touch. Great defence by Scotland. 
10 Oct 17:01
63' - Laidlaw has missed out to the left... will that be costly?
10 Oct 17:01
62' - Levave is penalised for clearing out Denton by pulling him by his neck. Scotland set up a lineout and win another penalty when Samoa take out the Scottish jumper in the air. Laidlaw will have a chance to further extend the Scots lead. 
10 Oct 16:56
58' - Another penalty but against Scotland at the breakdown. Denton the man penalised and Pisi will set up a lineout in the Scottish 22m area. 
10 Oct 16:55
56' - Laidlaw cannot extend the Scots lead, his kick has the distance but drifts past the uprights. 
10 Oct 16:54

54' - Scotland turn the ball over and both Nel and Hardie are smashed back by two HUGE tackles! Pisi the man making the second one. 

Scotland win a penalty at the breakdown yet again.  That's 7 penalties in 15 minutes in the second half concede by Samoa. It's going to cost them. Laidlaw will kick at post. 

10 Oct 16:51

53' - PENALTY slotted by Laidlaw!

Scotland lead for the first time today...

Samoa 26 Scotland 29 

10 Oct 16:51
52' - A chance for Scotland to take the lead as Samoa are pinged yet again. They need to work on their discipline here.
10 Oct 16:48

50' - PENALTY slotted by Laidlaw!

Samoa 26 Scotland 26

10 Oct 16:48
49' - Scrum penalty won by Scotland as Samoa are deemed not to be pushing straight. Laidlaw will finally kick at goal. 
10 Oct 16:45
47' - Samoa giving away a few too many penalties so far this half. Russell sets up a lineout in the Samoa 22m area. Scotland maul, Samoa defend well and win the turnover. 
10 Oct 16:44
45' - Another incredible brilliant break by Lee-Lo but he unfortunately passes to a Scottish player instead of one of his own. 
10 Oct 16:43
44' - Samoa are elated as they win a penalty, Scotland guilty of 'changing lanes' in their execution in the maul. Pisi clears. 
10 Oct 16:41
43' - Samoa manage to stop the maul, but Maitland is taken down by a high tackle. Another penalty, another lineout and I am sure there will be another maul. 
10 Oct 16:40
42' - Samoa gift Scotland a penalty with some silly cross-running, causing obstruction. Russell sets up a lineout in the Samoan 22m area. They going to try to maul it over for sure!
10 Oct 16:39
40' - Scotland are pinged for not releasing so Samoa can ease the early pressure. Faasavalu was down injured but it looks like he will carry on. Pisi sets up a lineout on halfway. 
10 Oct 16:37
40' - Russell gets us underway, Samoa cannot control and Scotland are immediately onto the attack. 
10 Oct 16:37
The teams are back out on the park for the second half.
10 Oct 16:23


That was one of the best halves of rugby at this year's World Cup! Incredible stuff! 5 tries, 3 to Samoa and 2 to Scotland!

What a humdinger!

Samoa 26 Scotland 23

10 Oct 16:21
40' - Samoa have another kickable penalty as Scotland collapse the Samoan maul. They will not kick at goal, they opt to run it! They knock-on and that's half-time!
10 Oct 16:19
38' - Wilson is back on for Scotland. 
10 Oct 16:18

37' - PENALTY slotted by Pisi!

Samoa 26 Scotland 23

10 Oct 16:17

35' Taulafo is over but the TMO is involved again. A Samoan player was holding back a defender illegally. Samoa will have a penalty advantage was been played as Scotland were offside.  Pisi will have a shot at goal. 

10 Oct 16:14
34' - This game is been played at a relentless pace. The Samoans are straight back onto the attack, just 5m from the Scottish line. Again Lee-Lo is cutting the Scottish defence to shreds. 
10 Oct 16:12

31' - TRY to Scotland!

An excellent rolling maul by the Scots as they rumble that over the line! Hardie is the man that gets up with the ball. Laidlaw converts.

Samoa 23 Scotland 23

10 Oct 16:11
30' - Another penalty to Scotland for offside play by the Samoans. They opt for to setup a lineout in the Samoan 22m area. 
  • 80'

    And that's it, Laidlaw boots it out and Scotland have won it. Samoa will look back at the first half where they should have been much further clear. The Scots then controlled the second half and did just enough despite a late fightback. Thanks for joining us.

  • 80'


  • 79'

    Levave knocks it on and Scotland just need to see this out. Samoa desperate but there's no way of getting it back.

  • 78'

    CONVERSION, FAAPALE! 36-33: Over goes the conversion and it's on a knife edge with time ticking away.

  • 77'

    TRY, SAMOA, MATU'U! 36-31: Scotland concede a second penalty for not rolling away and replacement Motu Matu'u crashes over from close range.

  • 76'

    Samoa are on the line and Scotland dive off their feet and concede the penalty.

  • 75'

    Scotland have been awful at restarts today and another one lost ends with Maitland having to carry the ball over his own line and concede a five-metre scrum. Is there a sting in the tail?

  • 74'

    CONVERSION, LAIDLAW! 36-26: The captain adds the extras and it's a long way back now for Samoa.

  • 73'

    TRY, SCOTLAND, LAIDLAW! 34-26: Surely that's the moment that sends Scotland into the quarter-finals. After earning a penalty from the scrum, Laidlaw has a dart and just stretches out to dot down.

  • 72'

    Willem Nel looks to be over but we'll go to the TMO to see if he got it down...

  • 72'

    Great defence from Fotuali''i to get under the ball and prevent the try. Scotland had advantage though so they will have the simple shot at goal from in front but instead they go for the scrum.

  • 71'

    Samoa deal with the maul but Scotland are just a metre out...

  • 70'

    That's it for Hogg who has been struggling for a while. Sean Lamont replaces him for his 100th appearance.

  • 70'

    Last warning for Samoa for a penalty at the maul. Scotland. Again Scotland kick for the corner rather than taking the three points.

  • 68'

    Russell shrugs off one tackle and then puts Maitland away. Scotland have a huge overlap but Fraser Brown cuts inside. Samoa get it back and Autagavaia gets away on the left. He beats Hogg twice but the cover gets back and Scotland survive, eventually earning a penalty when Hogg is tackled without the ball.

  • 67'

    A hint of danger as Nanai-Williams tries to wriggle through but he's scragged by Denton and then Samoa are forced into touch.

  • 66'

    The Scottish defence has been much-improved in the second half and Samoa struggle to find a way through. A loose pass puts Scotland under pressure though after Pisi kicks it away.

  • 64'

    Lots of possession for Scotland but they can't find a way through. Eventually they go wide and Hogg wasn't expecting the ball from Russell and knocks on. Samoa will have a scrum about 30 metres out from their line while Hogg stretches out his calf.

  • 63'

    Laidlaw's kicking has just gone off the boil after being flawless for much of the game. He pulls this one to the left and the lead remains at three.

  • 61'

    And another Samoan penalty as Levave catches Gray in the air in a lineout. Laidlaw will gladly take the three points.

  • 60'

    Samoa are on the wrong side of Jaco Peyper here, with a clearout round the neck from Levave costing his team a penalty. Richie Gray had got away with slowing the ball down at the previous ruck.

  • 59'

    Great work from Scotland to shut down the Samoan maul and then turn it over. That was a chance missed for Samoa and they end up conceding a lineout as replacement prop Viliamu Afatia is forced into touch.

  • 57'

    Scotland have had more of the possession in the second half and looked to be on the move but Denton is then isolated and Samoa can get some territory as they kick into the 22.

  • 56'

    A first miss of the afternoon from Laidlaw from just inside the Samoan half.

  • 55'

    Some good continuity from Samoa before Stuart Hogg gets a vital turnover. Fa'asavalu is then penalised for hands in the ruck and Samoan indiscipline is killing them. Laidlaw can stretch the lead to six here.

  • 53'

    PENALTY, SCOTLAND, LAIDLAW! 29-26: Scotland lead for the first time in the game thanks to their skipper, who becomes the tournament's top scorer in the process.

  • 51'

    A huge slice of fortune for Scotland from the restart as Russell is half charged down but it bounces straight into Wilson's hands in open field. They lose it again after a loose pass but Samoa are penalised for holding on which will give Laidlaw a chance for three more points and the lead.

  • 50'

    PENALTY, SCOTLAND, LAIDLAW! 26-26: The teams are level once more as Laidlaw adds the three points. The momentum seems to be with Scotland.

  • 49'

    Scotland put the Samoan scrum under huge pressure but Samoa get it out and Autagavaia runs it away before knocking on in the tackle from Hardie. Scotland then earn a scrum from the next penalty and finally decide to kick for goal.

  • 47'

    Well-defended by Samoa who stopped the initial drive, and when Scotland tried to go again, they stopped the ball emerging to earn the scrum. Should Scotland have taken the points on one of these penalties?

  • 46'

    Scotland with a lineout 40 metres out earn another penalty from the maul. They stick to their tactic of kicking to the corner and turning down the three points.

  • 45'

    Samoa almost in again as Rey Lee-Lo goes clean through after an offload from Fa'asavalu. He has Perez outside him but instead finds Tommy Seymour and the chance goes begging.

  • 44'

    The maul was so effective in the first half, but they get it wrong here and it's obstruction. Samoa can clear their lines but Pisi only just gets out of the 22.

  • 43'

    Good maul defence from Samoa but Maitland is then caught high. Not a great deal in it, but a definite penalty. Scotland turn down the three points to kick to the corner. Bold call.

  • 42'

    Better organised defence from Scotland and Samoa are penalised for crossing. Russell kicks to touch and Scotland will try to maul this over. It's been their best weapon so far.

  • 41'

    We're back for the second half. Can it top what was a breathless first 40 minutes? Finn Russell to get us back underway.

  • 41'

    Faosiliva loses the ball from the restart but then Scotland are isolated and concede a penalty. There's a short delay as Maurie Fa'asavalu gets some treatment after a stinger on his shoulder. He's been in the wars after being the victim of the Wilson stamp earlier.

  • 40'

    Scotland having one final dash here. Oh dear, it is untidy from the home nation and they are penalised. Samoa find a good touch. There could be more drama now.

  • 40'

    Samoa get a penalty again and take the tap. They should have taken the points. Scotland off the hook and Samoa filled with regret. Should have taken the points.

  • 40'

    HALF-TIME. 23-26. Samoa lead.

  • 38'

    PENALTY, SAMOA, PISI. 23-26. Ref takes it back for a penalty to Samoa anyway. And they have reestablished the lead.

  • 37'

    Well, so much for this match slowing down. Samoa are at it again. Scotland being stretched again. Lee-Lo makes some ground and Taulafo crosses the whitewash. However, there is some foul play and Samoa do not get the try. What a pity.

  • 32'


  • 31'

    Well, that TMO review of the incident at least slowed the game down a tad.It has been a busy first half. Scotland have a lineout close to the Samoan tryline now. Expectations are high. What will they do?

  • 31'

    TRY, SCOTLAND, HARDIE. 21-23. As expected, they drive it over the line. Scotland are back in this contest now.

  • 28'

    PENALTY, SAMOA, PISI. 16-23.

  • 27'

    One of these two teams needs to get some control here. Samoa might have an opportunity to launch another attack...which they do. Scotland are scrambling again. Lee-Lo drops it. Ah man. That looked like a sure try.

  • 27'

    YELLOW CARD, SCOTLAND, WILSON. Guilty of stomping it would seem. This is dramatic.

  • 24'


  • 23'

    Scotland have the scrum but it is going nowhere slowly. They attack nevertheless. Samoa are caught offside. Penalty Scotland.

  • 22'

    Pisi missed the conversion again. This might come back to bite his team later in this fixture.

  • 20'

    TRY, SAMOA, LEE-LO. 13-20. Samoa break through the Scotland defence with considerable ease once again. Credit for scoring but this is seriously weak defending.

  • 19'


  • 18'

    Scotland on the attack now. Samoa feeling the pressure and they concede another penalty. What will Scotland do? They go for posts.

  • 17'

    Pisi missed the conversion attempt, and we finally have some room to breath. Both teams need to learn how to tackle. What is clear is that this will not be straightforward result for Scotland.

  • 13'

    TRY, SAMOA,Leiataua. 10-15. Some poor defence by Scotland really. That try was too easy.

  • 12'


  • 11'

    CONVERSION, SAMOA, PISI. 3-10. Wow, this puts a spanner in the works.

  • 11'

    TRY, SCOTLAND, SEYMOUR. 8-10. Straight off the kick-off. Samoa tried to run it in their own 22. An errand pass finds Seymour waiting on the wing. Soft try.

  • 10'

    TRY, SAMOA, PISI. Samoan players break a series of tackles and catch Scotland off guard. Pisi is finally set free, before scoring a great try in the corner.

  • 9'


  • 8'

    Scotland have had enough of this. Here comes an attack of their own. Samoa have turned it over. Interesting! Scrum Samoa. Players struggling with their footing here. This is messy. Scotland get the penalty.

  • 5'


  • 4'

    Throughout this tournament Scotland have weathered the early storms. They are showing more of that early patience today. Samoa get the first chance for points this afternoon. Will they take them?

  • 2'

    Samoa get the ball straight back off the kick-off. Pisi kicks possession away but Scotland give it straight back. Samoa running from their own 22 here. Now they enter the Scotland half. Good ball retention. And we have our first stoppage. Line out Scotland.

  • 1'

    And Samoa get us under way here at St. James' Park.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our coverage of this Rugby World Cup clash between Scotland and Samoa. It's a hugely important game for Scotland, who must win to secure a place in the quarter-finals as runners up in Pool B.

  • 0'

    Scotland coach Vern Cotter has rung the changes in his Scotland team with eight alterations made. Finn Russell is fit and comes straight back into the side at fly-half, where he will link up with captain Greig Laidlaw. Elsewhere in the backline Sean Maitland is preferred to Tim Visser on the wing, with Mark Bennett and Matt Scott forming a new centre partnership. There are two changes in the back row, with starts for John Hardie and Ryan Wilson on the flanks, while in the front row Ross Ford and Alasdair Dickinson come in.

  • 0'

    Samoa head coach Stephen Betham has made even changes made to his starting XV. Rey Lee-Lo and George Pisi combine for the first time in a Test, as do Maurie Fa'asavalu, Jack Lam and Alafoti Fa'osiliva in the back row. Neither Fa'asavalu nor Fa'osiliva have played since Samoa's opening 25-16 win over the USA. Scrum-half Kahn Fotuali'i will captain the team in the absence of back-row Ofisa Treviranus, who is not in the matchday 23. Fa'atoina Autagavaia, whose only previous RWC 2015 game time was the final eight minutes of the USA match, will play on the left wing in place of the suspended Alesana Tuilagi. The final change is hooker Manu Leiataua, who will make his RWC debut. Leiataua also made his Test debut off the bench against Scotland, in Samoa's only ever win, 27-17 during the 2013 Quadrangular Tournament in South Africa.

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Samoa Scotland
  • 4 Tries 3
    • 10' Tusi Pisi
    • 13' Manu Leiataua
    • 20' Reynold Lee-Lo
    • 77' Motu Matu''u
    • 11' Tommy Seymour
    • 31' John Hardie
    • 73' Greig Laidlaw
  • 2 Conversions 3
    • 10' Tusi Pisi
    • 77' Patrick Fa''apale
    • 12' Greig Laidlaw
    • 32' Greig Laidlaw
    • 74' Greig Laidlaw
  • 3 Penalties 5
    • 4' Tusi Pisi
    • 28' Tusi Pisi
    • 37' Tusi Pisi
    • 8' Greig Laidlaw
    • 19' Greig Laidlaw
    • 24' Greig Laidlaw
    • 50' Greig Laidlaw
    • 52' Greig Laidlaw
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 1
    • 27' Ryan Wilson
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Sakaria Taulafo
  • Manu Leiataua
  • Census Johnston
  • Filo Paulo
  • Kane Thompson
  • Maurie Fa'asavalu
  • Jack Lam
  • Alafoti Fa'osiliva
  • Kahn Fotuali'i
  • Tusi Pisi
  • Fa'atoina Autagavaia
  • Reynold Lee-Lo
  • George Pisi
  • Paul Perez
  • Tim Nanai-Williams
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Alasdair Dickinson
  • Ross Ford
  • WP Nel
  • Richie Gray
  • Jonny Gray
  • Ryan Wilson
  • John Hardie
  • David Denton
  • Greig Laidlaw
  • Finn Russell
  • Tommy Seymour
  • Matt Scott
  • Mark Bennett
  • Sean Maitland
  • Stuart Hogg
  • Motu Matu'u
  • Viliamu Afatia
  • Anthony Perenise
  • Faifili Levave
  • Vavae Tuilagi
  • Vavao Afemai
  • Patrick Fa'apale
  • Ken Pisi
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Fraser Brown
  • Gordon Reid
  • Jon Welsh
  • Tim Swinson
  • Josh Strauss
  • Henry Pyrgos
  • Peter Horne
  • Sean Lamont

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