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As it happened: Samoa 5 Japan 26

2015-10-03 15:03
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03 Oct 17:29

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03 Oct 17:27


Japanese fullback Ayumu Goromaru is the man of the match!

03 Oct 17:26


Japan have won their second game at the 2015 Rugby World Cup and deservedly so! Once again, they have been superb on attack and defence. Samoa, it must be said, were incredibly ill disciplined throughout the match and had three players binned.

Samoa 5 Japan 26

03 Oct 17:23

77' - YELLOW CARD to Paulo!

Craig Joubert has had enough. Paulo is sent to the bin for diving through a ruck and taking out the Japanese scrumhalf. 

03 Oct 17:19

74' - The ill discipline continues as Lam takes out a Japanese player without the ball. That's 16 penalties conceded by Samoa. 

Goromaru sets up a lineout just outside the Samoan 22m area. 

03 Oct 17:17
73' - Just as Samoa look to build, another knock-on thwarts any momentum they might have gained. This time replacement Matu'u knocks on a routine pass. 
03 Oct 17:11
69' - Goromaru has a chance to add another three points as Samoa are penalised for a ruck infringement. The Japanese fullback misses out to the left. 
03 Oct 17:08
66' - Mafi is on for Japan and already racking up the metres! He is difficult to bring down. 
03 Oct 17:07

64' - TRY to Samoa!

Finally, they have their try! It comes from an attack from their own 22m area with some excellent backline play. More importantly, they managed to keep possession until Perez got over in the left-hand corner.

Pisi cannot convert as he hits the upright with his attempt!

Samoa 5 Japan 26

03 Oct 17:05
63' - Samoa surge into the Japanese 22m area, finally keeping the ball through a number of phases.
03 Oct 17:03
61' - Japan maul towards the Samoan line but the islanders do well first to stop the maul and secondly to win possession. 
03 Oct 17:02

60' - And now Thompson is pinged for hands in the ruck. That's 14 penalties to 3 now... 

Goromaru sets up a lineout in the Samoan 22m area. 

03 Oct 16:59

58' - PENALTY slotted by Goromaru!

Samoa 0 Japan 26

03 Oct 16:58
56' - Japan have another penalty as Samoa are pinged for a high tackle. Treviranus is the guilty party and Goromaru will kick at goal. 
03 Oct 16:56
55' - Yamada is replaced by Hesketh. Applause all round the stadium for the Japanese winger. 
03 Oct 16:53
55' - Yamada is down injured for Japan. He looks to have been knocked out after attempting a tackle and getting a knee in the head. 
03 Oct 16:52
55' - Once again a handling error lets Samoa down. They have been shocking in all aspects today. 
03 Oct 16:51
54' - Samoa move onto the attack but once again can't keep possession, Japan clear down into the Samoan half, but the ball is not out of play yet. 
03 Oct 16:48

50' - Japan monster the Samoan scrum once gain and win a penalty! 

 Goromaru sets up a lineout near half-way. 

03 Oct 16:46
49' - Finally some spark from Samoa as Perez and Fotuali'i combine down the blindside. Unfortunately for Samoa their hands let them down as they try to grind the ball over the line, gifting a scrum to Japan. 
03 Oct 16:44

47' - PENALTY slotted by Goromaru!

First blood in the second half to Japan as they extend their lead.

Samoa 0 Japan 23

03 Oct 16:43

45' - Samoa are once again penalised for offside. A little bit of tension erupts between the two teams as Pisi gets a little annoyed with Tanaka, the smallest man at the World Cup.

Goromaru will have another shot at goal. 

03 Oct 16:41
44' - A massive scrum by Japan wins a penalty and Goromaru will ease the pressure, setting a lineup deep in the Samoan half. 
03 Oct 16:40
43' - And again stout Japanese defence keeps them honest and Leota loses the ball in contact. 
03 Oct 16:39
42' - Samoa have an early scrum just inside the Japanese half. They will want an early score for sure.
03 Oct 16:36
40' - The second half is underway! Can Samoa get back into this?
03 Oct 16:36
Those first half stats are something else!  Japan had 68% of the possession and 73% of the territory!
03 Oct 16:23


Japan have totally dominated the first half! Samoa's discipline however, leaves a lot to be desired!

Samoa 0 Japan 20

03 Oct 16:21

40' - CONVERSION slotted by Goromaru!

Samoa 0 Japan 20

03 Oct 16:20

40' - TRY to Japan!

Yamada is over in the right-hand corner after brushing off Tuilagi! The Japanese ball retention is just superb! 

Samoa 0 Japan 18

03 Oct 16:18
39' - Unfortunately for Samoa nothing came of their attack and Japan move the ball back into the Samoan half after some excellent work by Sau. They are only 5 meters from the Samoan line.
03 Oct 16:16
37' - Some respite for Samoa as Japan are penalised for obstruction while on attack. Pisi sets up a lineout on halfway. They really will want to score before the end of the first half. 
03 Oct 16:12
Samoa have conceded 9 penalties in the first 35 minutes. Their discipline is shocking!
03 Oct 16:11

34' - PENALTY slotted by Goromaru!

Samoa 0 Japan 13

03 Oct 16:11

32' - Japan once again are able to keep the ball through multiple phases and receive another penalty as Samoa wander offside. Craig Joubert has now given Samoa an official warning regarding continual offside play. 

Goromaru will kick at goal.  This is straight out in front and a kick of around 40m. 

03 Oct 16:06
29' - Levave is back on the field after his 10 minutes in the sin-bin. 
03 Oct 16:04
27' - Excellent defence by Japan as they soak up plenty of Samoan pressure, turn the ball over through Goromaru and then clear to just over half-way.
03 Oct 16:02

24' - CONVERSION slotted by Goromaru!

Samoa 0 Japan 10

03 Oct 16:01

23' - PENALTY TRY to Japan!

The Japanese scrum was walking towards the Samoan line until Fotuali'i interfered with the ball while still under the feet of the Japanese No. 8, Holani

Samoa 0 Japan 8

03 Oct 15:57
20' - Japan pound away at the Samoan line,  Tatekawa should have scored with space to move in but unfortunately he slipped. Japan have another penalty as the Samoans are offside again. Japan opt for a scrum!
03 Oct 15:54

18' - YELLOW CARD for Taulafo!

Joubert is taking no nonsense here. He explains that he had warned Samoa and that was foul play. 

03 Oct 15:54
18' - There might be some more problems for Samoa as Taulafo has taken out a Japanese player catching an up-and-under. 
03 Oct 15:52
17' - Relief for Samoa as the Japanese are penalised for obstruction in the maul. Pisi clears to the Samoan 10m line. 
03 Oct 15:51

16' - Japan opt to set up a lineout and go for the try! The crowd erupt into applause! They have another penalty after Taulafo is penalised for collapsing the maul. 

Craig Joubert has warned Samoa and Japan set up another lineout. 

03 Oct 15:50

15' - YELLOW CARD for Levave!

That was deserved, a silly and ultimately dangerous piece of play by the Samoan No. 8. 

  • 80'

    It's all over and a fantastic win for Japan, who will need to beat the USA in their final game and hope other results go their way to make the last eight. Samoa will only have pride to play for in their clash with Scotland. They will need to be much-improved on this display. Japan might regret not getting a bonus point. Thanks for joining us!

  • 80'

    SAMOA 5-26 JAPAN!

  • 79'

    Ono loses the ball in a ruck and Samoa are able to clear. Japan run it back but Horie knocks on. We've got time for one final play.

  • 78'

    Finally Japan kick to the corner but it's a poor kick and they are only just in the 22.

  • 77'

    YELLOW CARD, SAMOA, PAULO! Teofilo Paulo takes out Hiwasa at a ruck, that was blatant. He becomes the third Samoan to be sent to the sin-bin.

  • 76'

    Good defence from Samoa and they have it back. It's scrappy and they lose the ball but they are back on the front foot again. Lam's attempted offload goes to Japanese hands and they can counter.

  • 74'

    More indiscipline from Samoa, taking out the scrum-half at a ruck. It was Atsushi Hiwasa, who was caught, having replaced the excellent Tanaka. Japan kick up to the 22. Is the bonus point still in play?

  • 72'

    Japan go early at the scrum, and Vavae Tuilagi takes the quick free-kick. Samoa look to finish on a high but Motu Matu'u knocks on in midfield.

  • 71'

    Japan have their hands on the ball again but are 40 metres out. They then knock the ball on and Samoa will get it back.

  • 69'

    Goromaru misses the relatively easy kick and that makes the decision even worse. Japan were so bold against South Africa but their conservatism here may prove costly when it comes to the group's final standings.

  • 67'

    Treviranus is penalised for going off his feet at a ruck. Japan were struggling to make ground but this will give them a penalty. Again they take the points. Very curious call with the bonus point key in this group.

  • 65'

    Good placement from Goromaru as Pisi tries to sprint out of defence and then chip over the top. The game is really opening up.

  • 64'

    Pisi's conversion comes back off the post, but that will at least save some face for Samoa. They had been under pressure on their own line but turned it over and then kept their patience to score after going the length of the field.

  • 63'

    TRY, SAMOA, PEREZ! 5-26: Perez got away on the left and then it came out to Ken Pisi on the other wing. It came back to the right and Perez beat two men before crossing. A deserved score for Samoa's best back today.

  • 62'

    Japan turn it over and Leitch is almost through. Samoa do the same and they are away...

  • 61'

    Japan look to be on the march with a maul on the 22. Thompson gets through the middle though and clamps onto the ball to earn the turnover.

  • 60'

    Kane Thompson is penalised for going off his feet at a ruck. Samoa are clearly getting frustrated at Joubert's refereeing and losing their heads a little.

  • 59'

    A big change for Japan as Amanaki Mafi comes on. He was outstanding against Scotland and has recovered from the knock he took in that game. He replaces Holani, who's had a great game of his own.

  • 58'

    PENALTY, JAPAN, GOROMARU! 0-26: Three more points for Japan as Goromaru slots the penalty. But surely they would have been better off trying to pick up a couple more tries.

  • 57'

    More indiscipline from Samoa, as Treviranus tackles around the neck. It wasn't high initially but his arm slipped up. Japan will take the three points, odd call.

  • 56'

    We're back after a long delay and Hesketh is straight into action after the scrum and hit hard by Tusi Pisi.

  • 55'

    It's try-scorer Yamada who caught a knee to the head in a tackle and hasn't moved since. That will be it for his afternoon and he's going to be stretchered off and replaced by Karne Hesketh, the hero of the opening win against South Africa.

  • 54'

    Great work from Perez under pressure, skipping out of three tackles. Samoa are back up to halfway but Taulafo knocks on. Tanaka kicks through and Nanai-Williams knocks on in the tackle. We've got a problem here though with a serious injury to a Japanese player.

  • 53'

    Jack Lam is on for Samoa and has impressed since coming on but a dropped ball in midfield allows Japan to clear.

  • 52'

    Key turnover for Samoa and they are almost away. The kick through for Perez is just too deep and Goromaru gets across and takes it into touch.

  • 51'

    Great hands from the Japanese backs and Matsushima finds some space. Eventually they kick through and Nanai-Williams is forced to hack it away into touch.

  • 49'

    The chance comes to nought after a great cover tackle from Leitch. A knock-on a couple of phases later gives Japan a scrum five metres from their line and they win another penalty.

  • 48'

    Paul Perez is through and Fotuali''i on his shoulder. Samoa now on the Japanese line...

  • 46'

    PENALTY, JAPAN, GOROMARU! 0-23: Goromaru pushes the lead out beyond three scores. Surely the priority now has to be to get the bonus point.

  • 45'

    Japan get their maul going and then Samoa are up too quickly in defence. Tanaka and Fotuali'i have a coming together in midfield but nothing much in it.

  • 44'

    A powerful scrum from Japan who earn the penalty. Impressive stuff from the Brave Blossoms.

  • 43'

    First real possession of the second half goes to Samoa who push up towards the 22. They eventually knock on though and Japan will have a scrum.

  • 42'

    A knock-on from Tanaka at the back of the ruck will give Samoa a scrum about 40 metres out. A sloppy start to the half for Japan.

  • 41'

    Japan made a change at half-time, bringing off Hitoshi Ono who looked to have tweaked a hamstring just before the break. Justin Ives has replaced him.

  • 41'

    We're back for the second half here. Japan to get us started, can Samoa somehow turn the tide?

  • 40'

    Japan back into the 22, and now just five metres out...

  • 40'

    Yamada spins out of a tackle from Tuilagi and is over. We'll go to the TMO, this looks to be a try...

  • 40'

    TRY, JAPAN, YAMADA! 0-18: Samoa were lined up in defence but Tuilagi went in for a huge hit, and Yamada slipped around him and then dived over acrobatically.

  • 40'

    CONVERSION, GOROMARU! 0-20: From the touchline, Goromaru slots the conversion and it's been a dream first half for Japan. Samoa are all over the place and the Japanese quarter-final dream is very much alive.

  • 40'

    SAMOA 0-20 JAPAN!

  • 38'

    A chance for Samoa after a kick over the top. Pisi gets back though and has the pace to hold off Matsushima and dot down for the 22.

  • 37'

    Good patience from Japan and they work their way into the 22. A mix-up sees Luke Thompson get in front of the ball carrier though and Samoa have a penalty to clear.

  • 35'

    Great tackle from Holani on Ken Pisi as Samoa try to counter. The Samoans do well to keep hold of the ball, but Taulafo then throws a forward pass and Japan will have a scrum just outside the Samoan 22.

  • 33'

    PENALTY, JAPAN, GOROMARU! 0-13: Goromaru makes no mistake from 40 metres out in front and Japan stretch their lead further. Samoan indiscipline is killing them at the moment.

  • 32'

    Japan get their hands back on the ball and Samoa are offside in defence. Joubert wants to have another word about the offside issues, next time will be another card.

  • 30'

    The game is just getting a little scrappy here. Fotuali'i knocks on from the back of the scrum, and it looks as though it came off his face rather than his hands.

  • 29'

    Sloppy from Holani who picks up fron the base of the scrum but knocks on under pressure from Kahn Fotuali'i. Possession for Samoa with a scrum on halfway.

  • 28'

    A sloppy kick from Tusi Pisi gives Japan a chance but Akihito Yamada then tries an ambitious pass out of the tackle. Samoa get it back but Census Johnston knocks on in midfield and the chance is gone. Samoa back up to 15 as Taulafo returns. They conceded seven points while down two men.

  • 27'

    Great defence from Japan and they get the turnover. Ono then clears the danger. Levave returns for Samoa who are back up to 14 men.

  • 26'

    Finally some possession and territory for Samoa, with Thompson carrying well and making a half-break.

  • 25'

    Nanai-Williams makes ground before slipping just on halfway. We've not seen enough of him so far from a Samoan perspective.

  • 23'

    CONVERSION, GOROMARU! 0-10: It's been all Japan so far and they deservedly lead 10-0.

  • 22'

    PENALTY TRY, JAPAN! 0-8: A deserved score for Japan as the Samoans drop the scrum. It was a bold call from Leitch and he's rewarded for it.

  • 21'

    Viliamu Afatia is on for Tuilagi. Can Japan take advantage of a short-handed Samoan scrum?

  • 20'

    Samoa fly up offside in defence and when Tatekawa knocks on we come back for the penalty. Japan take the scrum against the six-man Samoan pack.

  • 19'

    Japan are piling forward. Just a metre still to go...

  • 18'

    Goromaru is caught in the air by Taulafo and we're going to the TMO again...

  • 18'

    YELLOW CARD, SAMOA, TAULAFO! Another yellow card for Samoa, and it's Taulafo who's off for ten. Joubert taking no prisoners so far.

  • 17'

    Japan look to have set up well but after peeling off they are deemed to have committed obstruction and Samoa have a penalty which allows them to clear. Chance missed for Japan who have dominated so far.

  • 16'

    Zak Taulafo is penalised for collapsing the maul. Joubert has a word with Ofisa Treviranus and Japan go back to the corner.

  • 15'

    Some quick hands from Japan tries to open up Samoa, but the defence is well in place. Holani is penalised for holding on but we've got some TMO intervention and it looks like we're going to have a card for Levave.

  • 15'

    YELLOW CARD, SAMOA, LEVAVE! It was a slightly late hit on Horie, with no arms. He's off for ten minutes and Japan will take the lineout. Bold call.

  • 13'

    Almost a chance for Japan as they looked to have opened up an overlap. Kotaro Matsushima holds onto the ball though when he probably should have given. Still it will be a good chance for Japan after Nanai-Williams is forced into touch following a Fumiaki Tanaka kick over the top.

  • 12'

    First sight of Nanai-Williams as he has space to run into. He beats the first man before being dragged down. The ball comes back to him on his bootstraps a couple of phases later though and he can't quite collect, so Japan will have a scrum just inside Samoan territory.

  • 11'

    Goromaru pulls his kick just wide to the left. A let-off for Samoa, that could be key later on.

  • 10'

    Japan try to maul forward but make no ground. Kane Thompson is then pinged for swimming up the side and this will be another shot at goal.

  • 8'

    Good carrying from Michael Leitch gets Japan on the front foot again and Samoa stray offside in defence, which will give Japan the chance to kick back into the opposition half.

  • 6'

    PENALTY, JAPAN, GOROMARU! 0-3: Easy penalty to start for Goromaru but Japan will be frustrated that it wasn't more. It was the final pass from Male Sau to Goromaru that was deemed marginally forward.

  • 5'

    Ayumu Goromaru thinks he has the first try but Craig Joubert has spotted a forward pass. We'll come back for an offside in front of the posts. Goromaru can't believe it.

  • 4'

    Good continuity from Japan but after they struggle to break through, hooker Shota Horie puts in a delicate grubber. Tim Nanai-Williams ends up conceding the lineout just inside the Samoan 22. Good start for the Brave Blossoms.

  • 2'

    Japan centre Harumichi Tatekawa is slow to get up after being one of the players bumped by Tuilagi. He'll be ok to carry on though. Japan have a scrum 40 metres out after a forward pass by the Samoans.

  • 1'

    Pressure on Japan early as Samoa get up quickly from the kick-off. They eventually clear though and Samoa will have a lineout 40 metres out.

  • 1'

    A knock-on in midfield gives the ball back to Japan and Kosei Ono then bounces out of a couple of tackles. A couple of phases later he then puts in a loose kick to Alesana Tuilagi, who bursts through two tackles.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to this huge Pool B game between Samoa and Japan in Milton Keynes. Both teams have won one and lost one so defeat here would end their quarter-final hopes.

  • 0'

    Japan have had a chance for an extended rest after their two back-to-back games against South Africa and Scotland. Kosei Ono returns at fly-half, while Ryo Koliniasi Holani gets the nod at number eight, with Amanaki Mafi on the bench. Hitoshi Ono is also back to start in the second row.

  • 0'

    Samoa have also made changes from the team that was hammered by South Africa last time out. Kane Thompson will be a big addition in the second row, while Ole Avei and Faifili Levave also come into the pack. Tusi Pisi starts at ten ahead of Mike Stanley.

  • 0'

    Samoa perform the Siva Tau and it's time for kick-off. Tusi Pisi does the honours and we're off!

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Samoa Japan
  • 1 Tries 2
    • 63' Paul Perez
    • 23' Penalty Try
    • 40' Akihito Yamada
  • 0 Conversions 2
    • 23' Ayumu Goromaru
    • 40' Ayumu Goromaru
  • 0 Penalties 4
    • 7' Ayumu Goromaru
    • 33' Ayumu Goromaru
    • 47' Ayumu Goromaru
    • 58' Ayumu Goromaru
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 3 Yellow Cards 0
    • 15' Faifili Levave
    • 18' Sakaria Taulafo
    • 77' Filo Paulo
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Sakaria Taulafo
  • Ole Avei
  • Census Johnston
  • Filo Paulo
  • Kane Thompson
  • Ofisa Treviranus
  • TJ Ioane
  • Faifili Levave
  • Kahn Fotuali'i
  • Tusi Pisi
  • Alesana Tuilagi
  • Johnny Leota
  • Paul Perez
  • Ken Pisi
  • Tim Nanai-Williams
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  • 4
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  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
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  • 15
  • Keita Inagaki
  • Shota Horie
  • Kensuke Hatakeyama
  • Luke Thompson
  • Hitoshi Ono
  • Michael Leitch
  • Michael Broadhurst
  • Ryu Koliniasi Holani
  • Fumiaki Tanaka
  • Kosei Ono
  • Kotaro Matsushima
  • Harumichi Tatekawa
  • Male Sa'u
  • Akihito Yamada
  • Ayumu Goromaru
  • Motu Matu'u
  • Viliamu Afatia
  • Anthony Perenise
  • Jack Lam
  • Vavae Tuilagi
  • Vavao Afemai
  • Michael Stanley
  • Reynold Lee-Lo
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Takeshi Kizu
  • Masataka Mikami
  • Hiroshi Yamashita
  • Justin Ives
  • Amanaki Mafi
  • Hendrik Tui
  • Atsushi Hiwasa
  • Karne Hesketh

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